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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations: Ch 14 America is not a "Homeland" by Dr. John Coleman

America is not a "Homeland"

The United States of America has long been the most fertile ground for the wholesale spread of propaganda, its people having been connived, lied to, cheated, at which the British have always led the world, the premiere mind control-brainwashing and propaganda center in the world being the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations.
Its forerunner was the organization put together by Lord Northcliffe, who married into the Rothschild family, and who was ably assisted by Lord Rothmere and the Americans, Walter Lippman and Edward Bernays.
From this modest beginning in 1914 grew the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, which has no peer when it came to creating propaganda. Tavistock is a facility dedicated to the propagation of propaganda to suit every aspect of life. Tavistock approached propaganda as if it were going into battle, and in a sense, it was. There are no half-measures; it was a war where anything goes as long as it assures victory.
Surveying the political scene one cannot escape the fact that in the past two decades, the increase in depth and volume of propaganda, and more especially, mind control, has become all pervasive. The correct application of propaganda to any theme, whether it is economic, or political, is an essential element in the control-mechanism of government.
Stalin once said that if one wanted a docile population then fear and terror had to be unleashed against them. In a sense that is what happened in the United States and Britain.
The Second World War provided unlimited opportunities of developing propaganda into a fine art. Looking back on the efforts made by the Roosevelt administration to cause the American people - who were 87 percent against going to war in Europe change their minds, we find that in spite of everything, Roosevelt did not succeed. The American people rejected entry into the war in Europe.
It took a contrived situation, a contrived pre-chosen pretext, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, to reverse public opinion in favor of America's entry into the European war. Roosevelt held out that America was fighting for democracy and its very way of life, neither of which bore the slightest resemblance to the truth; the war was fought to advance the cause of International Socialism toward its goal of a New World Order inside a One World Government.

Successful propaganda

Propaganda, to be successful, must be aimed at the total population and not at individuals or individual groups, the purpose being to attract the widest possible attention. It is not intended as personal instruction. Facts play no role in propaganda which is always to create an impression. It has to one-sided systematic, sustained indoctrination that what the Government, the media and political leaders are saying is the truth. And it has to be pitched in such a manner that the people feel that it is their thinking.
Thus, propaganda has to be directed at mass audiences where its message will make its mark. Let us take a recent example of the type of propaganda that would usually be embraced by a receptive audience. In the wake of the World Trade Center disaster, President Bush created a new Government agency, which he called the Office of Homeland Security, and appointed a director to oversee the agency.
Now this sounds very comforting and very soothing until we look at the 10 Amendment, which reserves all such powers as Mr. Bush proposed to seize, to the several States.
The fact that Mr. Bush cannot overrule the 10th Amendment was blithely ignored. The propaganda blurb says he can, and since it was directed to the masses, they believed the blurb, rather than their Constitution, and so there was little effective opposition to this gross violation of the Constitution, particularly the 10th Amendment. Bush appears to have been operating under the Stalin directive: "If you want to control the people, first terrorize them."

Homeland Security Act - violation of The Constitution

Those who opposed the "Homeland Security" quasi-law, were dubbed, "unpatriotic" and "favoring terrorism." Again, the absolute fact that this bogus act is no law at all and is sheer propaganda was never called into question, but was accepted by the "rah-rah" unthinking public.
Public opinion is made in this way and public opinion is what swayed legislators to vote for "Homeland Security" or any other bogus laws, as Bernays and Lippmann both asserted in the very early days of Wellington House.
The legislators vote along party lines as in the British Parliamentary system, and do not vote on the basis of the U.S. Constitution. They knew that to oppose the President, they stand a good chance of losing a cozy job at the next election, or face being smeared by some sleazy muck-racking "administration" man.
America is not one "homeland" but 50 distinct and separate States. In any case the word "homeland" comes straight out of the Communist Manifesto. Since the ultimate goal of government is to establish a New World Order International Communist One World Government, the choice of this word to title Communist legislation, should not surprise us.
The power to control Education, Welfare and Police Powers belongs to the States where it has always resided, and it was not taken away from the States at the time of the covenant. Neither President Bush nor the House and Senate have any power to change that, which the newly created office proposed to do. It was only through the exercise of sustained, systematic, repetition of propaganda that the people of the States accepted this gross violation of the U.S. Constitution.
The drumbeat of propaganda continued through numerous articles about the background and experience of the "Homeland Director" and what his job is etc., but there is not one word about the blatant unconstitutionality of the new department. It will not escape your notice that the very title: "Homeland Security" is a clever little bit of propaganda. The people are now convinced that not only is the new agency constitutional, but that it is also necessary. The mass of people has now been successfully "mind controlled" (brainwashed.)
Those who wish to study the matter instead of merely watching the CBS Evening News will find something quite different from an account of an independent commentator and the accounts in the press. As always, such person will be in the minority, so that his opinions, even if expressed, will not alter the purpose and intent of setting up the new agency. I say to you that the United States is forbidden by its Constitution and the constitutions of the separate 50 States from having any central Federal control mechanism imposed upon them. The so-called "Homeland Security" bill is a travesty, because it destroys the Republican form of government granted to the original states in the 10th Amendment, and which cannot be taken away from them.
The so-called "Homeland Security Act" is therefore, null and void and no law at all. Yet, the brainwashed inner-directed victims of Tavistock will obey it as if it were law.
In short the Homeland Security agency is a deception and it cannot be made law. No measure that is unconstitutional can be enacted into law and the Congress has urgent duty repeal the "law" that gave illegitimate birth to the "Homeland" and "Patriot" Acts forthwith.
The cardinal point to remember is that propaganda and mass brainwashing must always be viewed in relation to the end it is intended to serve. In this instance it convinces the populace, that liberties must be sacrificed in exchange for "protection." Henry Clay, the greatest constitutional scholar who ever lived called the ploy "a doctrine of necessity, a doctrine from Hell" and utterly condemned such attempts.

Individual rights have to be sacrificed for the good of all

H.V. Dicks taught at Tavistock. He stated that individual rights have to be sacrificed for the good of all! That includes the measure violating the highest law of the land! It must be accepted because it is for the good of all! This is better explained if we take as an example, the propaganda and brainwashing that accompanied President Roosevelt's desperate efforts to involve the United States in the war going on in Europe, via Japan.
When the anticipated attack on Pearl Harbor happened, (Roosevelt knew the day and the time it would take place) announced in his speeches written for him by the Tavistock Institute, that the American people would be fighting for the highest and noblest of causes, the defense of the nation, defense of freedom and for the future security and well-being of the nation. As is usual in such cases, the facts spoke of a far different set of objectives.
Roosevelt did not say that the American people were going to war to fight for the advancement of International Socialism and for the goals of the New World Order - International Communism, One World Government.
The American people were told that Germany intended to enslave the world. This was a very good line because even the most poorly educated of people realize that slavery is one of the worst fates that mankind could be called on to suffer. By introducing the word "slavery" a sympathetic chord was struck.
Once again, propaganda bore no relationship to the facts. Thinking persons, not susceptible to propaganda, would have realized that a small nation like Germany could not possibly enslave the world even if had wanted to do so. The resources and manpower were just not there. Germany did not possess the vast maritime fleet to make such an attack on the United States a real possibility.
The promoters of the war realized from the very outset that for momentum to be maintained, a sustained blast of propaganda would be necessary. The same principle was followed by Vice President Cheney in the weeks preceding the U.S. attack on Iraq; he distorted facts, delivered blast after blast of "fear rhetoric" and twisted intelligence information to fit his purposes. Nobody worked harder than Cheney to ensure that war with Iraq would not be prevented at the last minute.
It was important that Roosevelt attract the attention of the masses the "issues" and bring them home to the people, hence the endless press reports, the "newsreels" shown endlessly at cinemas and the endless brainwashing speeches of the politicians.
Propaganda has to be in a medium easily understood by the lowest level of intelligence among the nation, such as posters depicting workers in munitions factories, shipyards; aircraft-assembly plants all working on the "home front" for the "war effort" and so on.
In the aftermath of the WTC tragedy, much of that type of mass-brainwashing propaganda was revived: "America at War", "the front line", "and munitions dumps", "enemy troop positions" appeared as sub headings on almost everything televisions screened.
The fact that the United States was not at war because war had not been declared, and that there were no enemy "troops" other than loosely knit guerilla groups, was of course omitted.

War can only be declared against sovereign nations

Dictionaries define troops as "a body of soldiers; an army, generally in the plural." The Taliban had no army, and therefore, no troops. Besides which, war could not be declared on "terrorism" or "Bolshevism" or any other "ism." War can only be declared against sovereign nations, this according to the U.S. Constitution.
War can only be declared on a country or a particular nation of people inhabiting that country. Anything else is Tavistock balderdash dished up on a platter decorated with waving flags and to the accompaniment of martial music. To say that the United States is at war with the Taliban is the height of deception. To be at war, of necessity, demands a prior declaration of war. Without a declaration of war it is deception, in effect no war at all.
A new dimension was added. President Bush, denied war-making powers and law-making powers by the U.S. Constitution, was suddenly imbued with powers, which didn't exist in the U.S. Constitution.
He began to be called "the commander in chief," when he was not entitled to the temporary title, which can only be conferred by the Congress in the wake of a full declaration of war. That never happened.

Enemy combatant - a fake notion

He was mystically "declared" as having the power to label any person he so chose an "enemy combatant." That there is no such empowerment in the U.S. Constitution, nor is it expressly implied, did not faze Mr. Bush for a moment: As far as he was concerned from then on, he was the law.
Thus, the illicit, unconstitutional seizure of powers by a sitting U.S. President that began with Woodrow Wilson "taking" ten additional powers to which he was absolutely not entitled, expanded with Roosevelt "taking" thirty and G.W. Bush taking thirty-five (and counting) powers denied by the U.S. Constitution.

United States has become a lawless nation

Indeed, the United States has become a lawless nation under the expert guidance of the Tavistock Institute whose "inner- directional conditioning and long-range penetration" brainwashing of the American public made it all possible.
In passing let me add that the British propaganda establishment used the self-same language of lies against the Boers in South Africa in the war launched by the British to take control of the massive gold deposits in that land. The British press was full of accounts of the "Boer Army" when the Boers had no army, only a farmer citizen guerilla force.
Like Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1913/1914, Paul Kruger, the God-fearing patriarch of the Transvaal Republic was demonized in the British press as a vicious tyrant who brutally repressed the black population, none of which bore the slightest resemblance to the truth.
Eventually, a formula was arrived at through a series of trials and errors in WWI and WWII, and it was revived and adapted for use in the U.S. attack on Afghanistan. It was enough to catch the fancy and the attention of the bulk of the American population because it was pitched to their psychological level. The lessons learned in the art of propaganda in the two World Wars were simply switched from the European theater to mainstream USA, and later, to Iraq, Serbia and Afghanistan.
The brainwashing was kept strictly to bare essentials, embodied in simplistic slogans, catch-phrases using stereotyped formulas first developed by Lord Northcliffe at Wellington House in London in 1912. The British people had to be educated that the German people were "the enemy." Everything evil and cruel was imputed all things German, so that the mass of British people began to believe that the Germans actually were cruel barbarians who would stop at nothing. Posters depicting the "Boche butchers" killing Belgian women and children sprang up all over the place.

The Media's role in propaganda


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