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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

9/11,Oil and The Brute Squad (Part III) (Project Anthrax)

          9/11, Oil and the Brute Squad (part III)
                              (Project Anthrax)

     Events on 9/11/01 brought a certain amount of discomfort to most peoples lives and has been discussed in Templeton Times blog in part I and part II of this series 9/11,Oil and The Brute Squad.  Like most people, an avoidance of this topic of 9/11, was shared by this blogger.  In my opinion 9/11 was a planned Psy-Op or an event so traumatic we would voluntarily give up our rights for security. This trauma is discussed in the link below.   
     As we as a nation were being traumatized by 9/11 we as a people were suddenly exposed to yet another atrocity, anthrax. This blog will focus on that anthrax and who was allegedly behind that attack.
     A timeline concerning the anthrax murders has been put together at Rense.com the link follows.
     This timeline gets the reader familiar with some of the players involved.  It appears from the timeline that some of the nineteen alleged highjackers may have been exposed to anthrax.  This exposure to anthrax would eliminate the official story of the “lone nut theory” involving first Dr. Ayaad Assaad then Stephen Hatfield and eventually settling on Bruce Ivins.  An important item on the timeline is this:
December 10th, 2001

The Federation of American Scientists come to the conclusion, that the Anthrax-Strain must have been produced, possessed and treated in one of 16 mentioned US-Laboratories, including the US Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases (Ft. Detrick, MD), Battelle Memorial Institute (Ohio), University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center, Albuquerque or in addition the CDC, NIH

     Shortly after the arrival of the anthrax a rash of scientists began having serious health problems.  Here is their story.
     It is possible these sixteen deaths were just one big coincident and the odds are given at the end of the preceding link for gambling fans to this blog on the odds involved with those sixteen deaths.
     Project Jefferson and Battelle Memorial Institute (Ohio) seem to pique the interest of amateur investigators, more on that later.    

      In his book An Independent Investigation of The True Culprits Behind 9-11, Stranger Than Fiction (STF) author Albert D. Pastore writes that the FBI was interrogating Egyptian-American scientist Dr. Ayaad Assaad at FBI headquarters in Washington D.C.  It was not yet known that a pair of letters containing deadly anthrax had been mailed to NBC Newsman Tom Brokaw and US Senator Tom Daschle.  Five people would die as a result of the anthrax mailings, which had been posted from New Jersey. One of the first deaths would come from South East Florida a Mr. Bob Stevens a photo editor who worked for America Media Inc., which published the National Enquirer, The Sun, and Globe Tabloids. President Bush had attacked this news organization in 2000 for negative coverage of his daughter. 
     The Sun newspaper was started by Mike Rosenbloom in 1983 and sold to allege Mossad agent Robert Maxwell in 1990.

      It appears that Mr. Maxwell died shortly after the purchase in a swimming accident after experiencing accounting problems with his firm Mirror Group Newspaper Ltd. Mr. Maxwell was believed buried in Israel.   It should be noted that some media groups have experience some inclusion from intelligence groups such as the CIA and Mossad in the past and present.  It is believed that American Media International quickly absorbed Mirror Group. Mr. David J. Pecker appears to be in charge of running the day-to-day operation of AMI.  Here is Mr. Peckers link.
     At the time of the anthrax murders it appears AMI controlled the Sun.
Here is what AMI has for sale in reading.
    It is believed that a property division Radar Online is included with AMI holdings. 
     Gloria Irish wife of Mike Irish editor of the Sun rented to some of the highjackers that may have been involved with the anthrax murders. It is not known if Gloria worked for Radar Online a property division of AMI.       
     An obviously fraudulent letter had been sent to FBI implicating Assaad on September 25 2001 prior to Anthrax breaking onto the scene.  Assaad had worked at Ft. Detrick, Maryland where the strain of anthrax, the Ames Strain (named after FDA lab in Ames Iowa), was believed to have come from.  According to Pastore in STF Assaad had been bullied out of his job by fellow workers including, Dr. Lt. Col. Philip Zack.  It is believed by Pastore that Assaad’s Muslim heritage may have been involved concerning the bullying.  
     In an unrelated matter Dr. Mary Beth Downs told army investigators that on several occasions someone (Lt. Col. Philip Zack) in January and February on 1992 had been conducting anthrax research after hours.  This short segment may fill in some details.
     It appears that Dr. Zack has friends in high places such as academia and the media that protect him.  
     One Barbara Rosenberg, a Jewish environmentalist, professor and political activist with no expertise in bio-warfare, quickly directed suspicion for the Anthrax murders away from Zack and to an innocent Dr. Stephen Hatfield.  She was supported in this effort by another Zionist New York Times journalist named Nicholas D. Kristof, who openly called for the arrest of the innocent American scientist Dr. Hatfield, according to Pastore in STF.
    Dr. Hatfield was ruined personally from this bearing of false witness but was able to win a five and one half million-dollar settlement against the government.  
     The Anthrax trail does not end here.  Mohamad Atta the alleged mastermind of events on 9/11 had tried to associate the anthrax with Iraq using several odd techniques as described by Dr. McQueen in the segment below.  By using Mohamed Atta as the pilot of flight 77 that “allegedly” struck the Pentagon on 9/11 and his association with the anthrax whose warning letters are believed to have been dated on 9/11, the “Brute Squad” could make the case for a working relationship between Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.   
     This link by Dr. Graham McQueen is an eye opener concerning the link between the terrorists and the anthrax.
     According to Dr. McQueen in his lecture, it appears that the southeast coast of Florida was a terrorist hot spot concerning both anthrax and learning how to fly planes into buildings. 
     It is worth mentioning a company by the name of SAIC or Science Applications International Corporation that worked with anthrax and also employed Stephen Hatfield.  The History Common has this on SAIC.
      Like the PNAC papers or Mr. Zelikow’s Catastrophic Terrorism Kennedy School of Government paper, Mr. Hatfield was very knowledgeable on anthrax and had help write a twenty-eight page document for SAIC on the subject of anthrax.  Mr. Hatfield had been in the anthrax business a long time.  Here is more info on people who know their anthrax.
     Project Jefferson is mentioned again in the above link and below is more information on that covert operation as described by Mr. Barrett.

      Anthrax has come a long way in the military industrial complex as a bio-weapon of choice.  The following segment by the US Army will help you get to know the anthrax organism better.
     What is interesting about the preceding link on anthrax is the timing of the military in its response to anthrax and the mention of Mideast countries as possible sources.
     The strain of anthrax used to terrorize the United States was homegrown not brought in from Iraq. 
    Bruce Ivins a scientist at Fort Detrick who had passed a lie detector test at the beginning of the anthrax investigation and who had written pro Zionist literature to local newspapers (Piper AFP) was eventually accused of being the lone nut that pulled off the anthrax murders.  While being investigated and just a short time before trial Mr. Ivins overdosed on medicine.  It is possible Mr. Ivins somehow got caught up in the intrigue surrounding this terrorist act.
     It is estimated by scientists that the time needed to make this batch of very highly effective anthrax was on the order of eight thousand hours.  It was suggested Mr. Ivins might have put in thirty-four hours in his lab after hours.   
     Who ever had the time, method, money, political clout and the desire to terrify a nation was most likely, not, Mr. Bruce Ivins.
     It is very doubtful this case has been solved.
     Project Anthrax has Military Government Industrial Complex written all over it and this team appeared to work hand in hand with the Brute Squad.
      It is hard to believe the main -stream media didn’t make more of the connection.