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Fluoride is a poison. Fluoride was poison yesterday. Fluoride is poison today. Fluoride will be poison tomorrow. When in doubt, get it out.

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Sunday, January 31, 2016

The CIA and The Drugs Trade from American Budha and bibliotecapleyades.net

from American-Buddha Website

"No one knows what is really going on.
If they ever did, it would make Watergate
look like Alice in Wonderland."
ex U.S. Defence Intelligence Agency

"It is ironic, to say the least,
that America's heroin plague
is of its own making."


Under the guises of national security, patriotism and protecting democracy, normal boundaries of ethics and morality have been consistently transcended by the Central Intelligence Agency in its ideological war of defeating communism.
The Agency has resorted to any means it considers necessary, and allied itself with any person or group it considers necessary, to help it achieve its ends.
As ex-CIA agent Victor Marchetti put it:
"The Agency would hire Satan himself as an agent if he could help guarantee the national security."
The United States government has willingly made drug networks an essential ally in the covert expansion of American influence abroad.

75. So Fervently Do We Believe: The Underground History of American Education by John Taylor Gatto from archive.org

Chapter Six 

The Lure of Utopia 

Every morning when you picked up your newspaper you would read of some new scheme 
for saving the world. ..soon all the zealots, all the Come-Outers, all the transcendentalists 
of Boston gathered at the Chardon Street Chapel and harangued each other for three 
mortal days. They talked on nonresistance and the Sabbath reform, of the Church and the 
Ministry, and they arrived at no conclusions. "It was the most singular collection of 
strange specimens of humanity that was ever assembled, " wrote Edmund Quincy, and 
Emerson was even more specific: "Madmen, madwomen, men with beards, Dunkers, 
Muggletonians, Come-Outers, Groaners, Agrarians, Seventh-day Baptists, Quakers, 

Top 5 Essential Oil Pairs for Gut Health Posted by: Dr. Eric Zielinski

Top 5 Essential Oil Pairs for Gut Health


The path to a man’s heart may lead through the stomach, but the path to anyone’s wellness moves through the gut. Immune, cognitive, emotional, and (of course) digestive issues all stem from the condition of the gut. Therefore, the essential oils that protect and heal the digestive tract can be viewed as partners for whole-body wellness, from the inside out.

A Healthy Gut is the Key to Wellness

Evidenced by our overuse of antibiotics (we’ll get to that in a little bit), the idea that bacteria isn’t all, or even mostly bad is a major paradigm shift for this generation. Who among us doesn’t expect a commercial disinfectant or hand sanitizer to kill 99.9% of bacteria?
All the while, our bodies have been carrying, partnering with, and generally functioning well because of bacteria. Within this symbiotic relationship, bacteria form a core component of our body’s basic functions – including digestion and immune responses.
This understanding should always be a precursor to wellness formulations, because a remedy, medication, or even diet and lifestyle function should always prioritize the bacterial balance in the gut above all else.
When it comes to healing your gut, essential oils can function as symptom relief, prevention, protection, and healing. And much like our mutually beneficial relationship with bacteria, pairs and blends of oils work well together to enhance their respective actions.

Top 5 Essential Oil Pairs for Gut Health

George Orwell's 1984 -- Chapter 5 from KI Media

George Orwell's 1984 -- Chapter 5

Nineteen Eighty-Four is a rare work that grows more haunting as its futuristic purgatory becomes more real. Published in 1949, the book offers political satirist George Orwell's nightmare vision of a totalitarian, bureaucratic world and one poor stiff's attempt to find individuality. The brilliance of the novel is Orwell's prescience of modern life--the ubiquity of television, the distortion of the language--and his ability to construct such a thorough version of hell. Required reading for students since it was published, it ranks among the most terrifying novels ever written. 

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4


 Chapter 5

In the low-ceilinged canteen, deep underground, the lunch queue jerked slowly forward. The room was already very full and deafeningly noisy. From the grille at the counter the steam of stew came pouring forth, with a sour metallic smell which did not quite overcome the fumes of Victory Gin. On the far side of the room there was a small bar, a mere hole in the wall, where gin could be bought at ten cents the large nip.

'Just the man I was looking for,' said a voice at Winston's back.

Americans are eating themselves INSANE... causes of mental insanity identified in factory foods by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

Americans are eating themselves INSANE... causes of mental insanity identified in factory foods

Heavy metals

(NaturalNews) I've spent the last two years running a heavy metals analysis science lab (labs.naturalnews.com) and writing a detailed, heavily researched book on forensic food analysis. To my horror, I've come to the conclusion from all this that humanity is driving itself insane with relentless chemical contamination and heavy metals pollution that's driving human minds to clinical madness.

The real reason society is so incredibly insane at every level is rooted in the consumption of toxic heavy metals through food, water and other environmental sources. It's exacerbated by the poisonous heavy metals being fed to factory farmed chickens (and other animals) whose poop is harvested and spread on soils that are used to grow foods for humans. Once humans eat the contaminated food that's laced with lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic, their own feces is "recycled" and turned into "bio solids" that are placed back onto commercial farm lands as "fertilizer."

This cycle of metals accumulation results in a steady rise in the concentration of toxic substances in our environment and foods. As people consume these foods (and other toxic substances such as mercury in dental fillings and fluoride in municipal water supplies), they are driven to the brink of madness.

EMF Controversy Exposed by Dr. Mercola

EMF Controversy Exposed

January 20, 2016 | 54,020 views

By Dr. Mercola
Cell phones were first introduced in the 1980s, became widely available in the U.S. during the 1990s, and today we’re living in a society where cellphone-only households are no longer the exception; they’re the norm.1
The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), which classified cell phones as possible carcinogens in 2011, suggested during the late ‘90s that a study looking into the relationship between cell phones and cancer made sense. In 2000, the Interphone study was initiated.
When its results were finally released (years behind its scheduled completion date), there was controversy over the results.
However, the Interphone Study Group did eventually acknowledge that "heavy users" of cell phones had an approximately doubled risk of glioma, a life threatening and often-fatal brain tumor, after 10 years of cell phone use.
The most shocking part of their finding is their definition of a "heavy user" —someone using a cell phone for two to two and a half hours per month!
I would suggest it’s not unusual for Americans to spend that long on their cell phones every day in 2016, although a 2014 Nielsen study put average usage at about 34 hours a month.2
Suffice to say, people are using their cell phones a lot and starting at ever-younger ages. Meanwhile, increasing research suggests cell phones are linked to health consequences that are just now beginning to be understood.
At the very least, caution is warranted in their use. Even the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) echoed this in 2014, stating, “We recommend caution in cellphone use.”3 Except, if you were to look for this language from the CDC today, it would be nowhere to be found.

CDC Backpedaled on Their Cell Phone Warning

The Likely Monsanto-Syngenta Merger and the Chinese Factor By Carmelo Ruiz Global Research,

The Likely Monsanto-Syngenta Merger and the Chinese Factor

 9  0
360b / Shutterstock.com
Monsanto, the US-based biotech and agribusiness colossus, is seeking a merger with its European competitor Syngenta. Such a transaction would create a gargantuan corporation that would control 45% of the world’s commercial seeds and 30% of the farm chemicals market. This is a time of major mergers in the ag sector. The largest of these took place last November, when two of the largest US players, Dow and Dupont, agreed to merge. The resulting spawn of both will have no less than 25% of the world commercial seed market.
The much-talked about Monsanto-Syngenta merger is likely but not inevitable. Monsanto began 2016 with its third buyout offer to the European corporation in less than a year. Syngenta’s management announced it will not decide on Monsanto’s latest bid right away because it is considering other offers. In a conference in Switzerland in mid-January, company chairman Michael Demare said it is evaluating proposals from German companies BASF and Bayer, which are also world leaders in the agricultural biotech and pesticide sectors, and from ChemChina.
Although not very well known in North America and Europe, the Chinese state-owned ChemChina is one mammoth of a corporation. With $45.6 billion in annual revenues and some 140,000 employees, it ranks 265th in the Fortune 500 index.

10 Things They Won’t Tell You about the Flint Water Tragedy. But I Will. By Michael Moore Global Research,

10 Things They Won’t Tell You about the Flint Water Tragedy. But I Will.

 7  5
Flint resident holds lost hair and contaminated running water
News of the poisoned water crisis in Flint has reached a wide audience around the world. The basics are now known: the Republican governor, Rick Snyder, nullified the free elections in Flint, deposed the mayor and city council, then appointed his own man to run the city. To save money, they decided to unhook the people of Flint from their fresh water drinking source, Lake Huron, and instead, make the public drink from the toxic Flint River. When the governor’s office discovered just how toxic the water was, they decided to keep quiet about it and covered up the extent of the damage being done to Flint’s residents, most notably the lead affecting the children, causing irreversible and permanent brain damage. Citizen activists uncovered these actions, and the governor now faces growing cries to resign or be arrested.
Here are ten things that you probably don’t know about this crisis because the media, having come to the story so late, can only process so much. But if you live in Flint or the State of Michigan as I do, you know all to well that what the greater public has been told only scratches the surface.

Zika Outbreak Epicenter in Same Area Where GM Mosquitoes Were Released in 2015 from Activist Post

Zika Outbreak Epicenter in Same Area Where GM Mosquitoes Were Released in 2015

By Claire Bernish
The World Health Organization announced it will convene an Emergency Committee under International Health Regulations on Monday, February 1, concerning the Zika virus ‘explosive’ spread throughout the Americas. The virus reportedly has the potential to reach pandemic proportions — possibly around the globe. But understanding why this outbreak happened is vital to curbing it. As the WHO statement said:
A causal relationship between Zika virus infection and birth malformations and neurological syndromes … is strongly suspected. [These links] have rapidly changed the risk profile of Zika, from a mild threat to one of alarming proportions.
WHO is deeply concerned about this rapidly evolving situation for 4 main reasons: the possible association of infection with birth malformations and neurological syndromes; the potential for further international spread given the wide geographical distribution of the mosquito vector; the lack of population immunity in newly affected areas; and the absence of vaccines, specific treatments, and rapid diagnostic tests […]
The level of concern is high, as is the level of uncertainty.

The West Is Reduced To Looting Itself — Paul Craig Roberts

The West Is Reduced To Looting Itself — Paul Craig Roberts

The West Is Reduced To Looting Itself
Paul Craig Roberts
Myself, Michael Hudson, John Perkins, and a few others have reported the multi-pronged looting of peoples by Western economic institutions, principally the big New York Banks with the aid of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
Third World countries were and are looted by being inticed into development plans for electrification or some such purpose. The gullible and trusting governments are told that they can make their countries rich by taking out foreign loans to implement a Western-presented development plan, with the result being sufficient tax revenues from economic development to service the foreign loan.
Seldom, if ever, does this happen. What happens is that the plan results in the country becoming indebted to the limit and beyond of its foreign currency earnings. When the country is unable to service the development loan, the creditors send the IMF to tell the indebted government that the IMF will protect the government’s credit rating by lending it the money to pay its bank creditors. However, the conditions are that the government take necessary austerity measures so that the government can repay the IMF. These measures are to curtail public services and the government sector, reduce public pensions, and sell national resources to foreigners. The money saved by reduced social benefits and raised by selling off the country’s assets to foreigners serves to repay the IMF.

No Criminal Charges for Police Who “Accidentally” Fired 107 Bullets at an Innocent Mom and Daughter by EV from ANON

Los Angeles, CA – Last Wednesday, it was announced that no criminal charges will be filed against eight LAPD police officers who fired over 100 bullets at an innocent mother and her daughter in 2013. Despite opening fire on the women without warning or provocation, the district attorney has justified the incident due to the fact the officers involved were “afraid and incompetent,” according to a report from The Free Thought Project.
Their report states:

Due to the fact that the entire police department was scared of one man and could not be held accountable for their incompetent actions, none of the officers who fired 107 bullets at two unarmed, innocent women will face prosecution.

Was ‘Project Longevity’ a Gang Stalking Operation? 10 by MHB Administrator from Memory Hole

Was ‘Project Longevity’ a Gang Stalking Operation? 10

Less than three weeks before the December 14, 2012 Newtown school shooting, the Obama administration’s Department of Justice and Connecticut state officials introduced “Project Longevity,” a “comprehensive initiative” coordinating federal, state, and local government agencies and non-government personnel to purportedly “reduce gun violence in Connecticut’s major cities … New Haven, Hartford and Bridgeport.” But was the program solely about preventing gun violence, or was it a cover for an intricate gang stalking operation used to set the stage for the Sandy Hook event and intimidate participants and the local citizenry into silence in the aftermath?holder-longevity
Keith Labella Esq. of gangstalkingismurder is our guest on the February 1 Real Politik. Mr. Labella has researched gang stalking for several years and will discuss its history in the US, his personal experience with such harassment, and the wide scale media blackout of the phenomenon.
Below is the November 27, 2012 press release from the DOJ announcing the operation.-JFT

Project Longevity Launched to Reduce Gang and Gun Violence in Connecticut’s Cities

Who are Boehner and Pelosi? : A Slough of Irrelevance By Fred Reed from LewRockwell.com

Who are Boehner and Pelosi? : A Slough of Irrelevance

I am a reasonably retired mid-level journalist of no import but much experience, interested in international affairs, law, society, education, and political trends. Yet, God’s truth, I do not know who Boehner and Pelosi are, or were, and now somebody or something called Ryan. Yes, I know that they are in Congress, or were, but I do not know what posts they hold, or held, or in which party they are, or were, or in which house. I really do not.
How can this be? How can someone who has spent a lifetime in the fetid bubblings of the news racket, including many years in DC, be so profoundly ignorant of the most elementary of political facts? Isn’t that like a neurosurgeon who can’t find the brain?
It’s simple. Congress seems to me to be of so little importance as not to merit attention. I mean this seriously. I cannot see that it matters who is on what committee or speaker of whatever or, for that matter, who wins the presidential election (unless Trump) or who is on the Supreme Court. I think I can name two of the stiffs on the Court.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Zika: genetically engineered mosquitoes causing smaller heads? by Jon Rappoport

Zika: genetically engineered mosquitoes causing smaller heads?
What's happening in Brazil, the center of the Zika uproar?
by Jon Rappoport
January 30, 2016
(To read about Jon's mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, click here.)
(Note: all source links for this article can be found at the blog post, here.)
"Okay, boys, here's what we do.  We've got this old virus called Zika.  It's been around for 60 years that we know of.  It never caused anything serious.  A real dud.  But we've got to explain all these babies born with small heads and brain damage.  We've got to protect some important people and shield them from heavy blame.  So let's bring back Zika.  Even though very few mothers who give birth to babies with defects have the dud-virus, we can finesse that.  People are idiots.  So let's build up Zika into a terrifying killer.  Get our PR folks moving.  Spread some money around.  You know, the usual.  And we make out on the back-end with a Zika vaccine."  

This is the third article in my series on the Zika Freakout.  In my previous piece, I listed six top candidates for causing smaller heads and brain damage in Brazilian babies.

Whakatane STOPS Water Fluoridation: Money to Be Spent on Oral Health Care Programme from FAN

January 30, 2016  

This was a good week for the fluoride-free movement.  Two more communities have been added to the list of over 200 that have ended fluoridation since 2010. 
Parry Sound
After adding fluoride to the public drinking water for over 50 years, the council in Parry Sound, Ontario voted to end the practice on Tuesday.  The vote came after more than six months of debate, which was initiated by a June vote to resume fluoridation at a cost of $5,000 annually after a necessary $250,000 was to be spent on fluoride injection upgrades at the water plant.  Concerned residents overwhelmingly expressed their opposition to the practice, and organized the group Parry Sounders for Progressive Water Management to oppose the plan.  The group collected petition signatures, wrote great letters-to-editors (another one), and made multiple presentations to the council, including showing the 20-minute video Our Daily Dose.   Residents from the neighboring town of McDougall, which purchases its drinking water from Parry Sound, also shared their opposition.  A survey that was sent to McDougall residents found that more than 90% opposed fluoridation.  The combined population of both towns is approximately 9,000.

For Optimal Health and Weight, Eat Real Food by 'Dr. Mercola

For Optimal Health and Weight, Eat Real Food

January 30, 2016 | 132,630 views

By Dr. Mercola
Michael Pollan's PBS documentary "In Defense of Food" is based on Pollan's book by the same name. The title may seem odd at first. What kind of defense might food be in need of?
According to Pollan, food must be defended for the simple reason that the majority of what people eat today is not actually real food: it’s "edible food-like substances" that have no counterpart in nature.
You don't have to go very far back in history to get to a point where "what should I eat?" was a nonexistent question. Everyone knew what "food" was. They harvested food off trees, bushes and out of the ground, and they ate it, either raw or cooked in some fashion.
Our current confusion about what to eat is basically the result of forgetfulness. The food industry and nutritional science both stand to gain from this kind of confusion.
They keep trying to "help" you, yet for all their expert help, people have only gotten sicker. Neither of these industries has outsmarted or outperformed nature as of yet.
Pollan also argues that you cannot divorce yourself from the health of the food chain of which you are a part. Soil health, for example, is a crucial component as it affects the health of the food grown in it, so how and where food is grown is a factor to be taken into consideration.

A Healthy Diet Cannot Be Reduced to Individual Nutrients

The Roots of Disease by - M. H. Fischer, M.D.

The Roots of Disease
"In their addiction to the slogan 'save the tooth,' dentists increasingly lose the patient."
- M. H. Fischer, M.D.
"Like the metastasis of cancer, microorganisms from teeth and tonsils metastasize to other organs and result in similar circumstances."
- E. C. Rosenow, M.D.
This week my web talk radio show is devoted to the subject of root canal-filled teeth and cavitations. I was hoping to interview Robert Kulacz, D.D.S., a famous dentist and author of the great book "The Roots of Disease -- Connecting Dentistry and Medicine." Unfortunately, he declined at the last minute. He is literally "in exile" in the U.S. under a different name. The QuackWatch idiots harassed him to the point where he felt he had to abandon his dental practice and go into hiding to protect his family. After first agreeing to be interviewed on my show this week and essentially come out of hiding, he finally decided that he wasn't ready yet for that big step.
I simply can't let the issue of root canal teeth and "cavitations" lie. There are too many of us who unwittingly are having our health ruined by well-meaning dentists. "Save the tooth at all costs," they say. That cost frequently is your life. In almost every case, it is your health eventually.
Every week I talk to 10-12 cancer patients on the phone. It always amazes me that almost all of them have one or more root canal-filled teeth. One lady the other day had thirteen. Even one root canal filling can cause any type of cancer. Most people have no clue how toxic these things are. I've interviewed two experts on root canal fillings. They both used the same phrase. They said the toxins coming out of the root canal-filled tooth are "more toxic than botulism."
One of these two experts, Dr. Thomas Levy, who has written two books on this subject, said that he and Dr. Hal Huggins, a prominent dentist in Colorado Springs pulled out over 5,000 root canal- filled teeth in a study they did from 1994 to 2000. Each one was taken to the lab and tested. Dr. Levy said that every single one had these incredible toxins coming out of it. You can listen to a talk by Dr. Levy at the Cancer Control Society convention in Los Angeles last Labor Day weekend. The link to the 30 minute video of this talk is in an article in my November 20th, 2008 newsletter. You can access it here:

72. William Torrey Harris: The Underground History of American Education by John Taylor Gatto from archive.org

William Torrey Harris 

If you have a hard time believing that this revolution in the contract ordinary Americans 
had with their political state was intentionally provoked, it's time for you to meet 
William Torrey Harris, U.S. Commissioner of Education from 1889 to 1906. No one, 
other than Cubberley, who rose out of the ranks of professional pedagogues ever had as 
much influence as Harris. Harris both standardized and Germanized our schools. Listen 
to his voice from The Philosophy of Education, published in 1906: 

There’s More to the Story: A Leptin Primer from Whole9life.com

There’s More to the Story: A Leptin Primer

Our bodies have complex regulatory mechanisms for food intake and energy expenditure, and the complexity continues to confound scientists seeking to understand these relationships. However, a little over 15 years ago, the discovery of a hormone called leptin, and a growing appreciation for its central role in managing both how much you eat and how much you move, has somewhat clarified the very muddy waters.

Why We Get Fat

Yes, we stole that from Gary Taubes. Taubes, among scores of science writers and actual scientists, has written extensively about the central role that the hormone insulin plays in the storage of body fat. It’s a well-established “fact of life” that insulin functions to let calories (i.e., energy, including carbohydrate and fat) into your cells for immediate usage, and/or storage for future usage. Limited amounts of carbohydrate can be stored in the liver and muscles in a form called glycogen, but it can be converted into an even more “compact” form for longer-term storage: fat.
See, body fat is not a bad thing. It’s what allows us as a species to survive long periods of food shortage. It’s what allows us to not eat for a couple days when we have the flu, and it’s what allows athletes to perform such amazing feats like running from New York to Los Angeles. But our bodies are pessimists. Our DNA always expects, despite the surplus of readily-available energy right now, that food will run out soon, and therefore, the only way to survive this coming famine is… store some energy as fat. It’s as natural as breathing.
But, of course, for those of us in the developed world, there is no famine. Ever. We’ve practically forgotten what it’s like to even be hungry, much less to be actually (temporarily) deprived of food. It almost seems like we (us Westerners) believe we have an inherent right to not be uncomfortable, feel pain, be hungry, or otherwise experience biology’s more unpleasant realities. “Rising above” the realities of nature is a dangerous – and foolhardy – trajectory. But we digress.

The Rockefeller Files: Chapter Four Profit x Philanthropy = Power by Gary Allen from archive.org

Chapter Four 

Profit x Philanthropy = Power 

"Philanthropy is the essential element in the 
making of Rockefeller power. It gives the 
Rockefellers a priceless reputation as public 
benefactors which the public values so highly 
that power over public affairs is placed in the 
Rockefellers' hands. Philanthropy generates 
more power than wealth alone can provide. " 

-Myer Kutz 
Rockefeller Power 

The foundation ploy was one of the cleverest moves shrewd old John D. ever made-and 
he was responsible for some lulus. By the turn of the century the tactics he had used to 
create the Standard Oil monopoly made his name synonymous with ruthless exploitation. 
He was known as John D. Reckafellow, with a worse reputation than Scrooge. He may 
have been the most hated man in America. 

Life Sentence for Truth in Media: Turkish Journalists Face Life Sentences after Uncovering Arms Supply to Syria Terrorists By Alwaght Global Research,

Life Sentence for Truth in Media: Turkish Journalists Face Life Sentences after Uncovering Arms Supply to Syria Terrorists

 7  0
Two of Turkey’s leading journalists [ both pictured left] on Wednesday faced a possible life prison sentence after they were charged with plotting to overthrow the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan by reporting on secret arms shipments to Syria.
Turkish prosecutors demanded life sentences for two top journalists who reported that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government tried to ship arms to insurgents in Syria.
Prosecutors asked the Istanbul court to sentence Cumhuriyet newspaper’s editor-in-chief Can Dundar and Ankara bureau chief Erdem Gul each to one aggravated life sentence, one ordinary life sentence and 30 years in jail, the Dogan news agency reported, quoting the indictment.
The report said that both Erdogan and his hugely powerful but low-profile ally, the head of the National Intelligence Organization (MIT) Hakan Fidan, are named as plaintiffs in the indictment.
Dundar and Gul were both placed under arrest in late November over the report earlier in the year that claimed to show proof that a consignment of weapons seized at the border in January 2014 was bound for Takfiri (Al Qaeda) militants in Syria.
Since then, they have both been held in the Silivri jail on the outskirts of Istanbul ahead of their trial, whose date has still yet to be announced.
In the indictment, they have been formally charged with obtaining and revealing state secrets “for espionage purposes” and seeking to “violently” overthrow the Turkish government as well as aiding an “armed terrorist organization”, it said.
The penalties demanded by the prosecutors are significantly higher than had previously been expected.

CIA, Saudi Funding of Syria Al Qaeda Extremists Greater Than Previously Realized By Sputnik Global Research,

CIA, Saudi Funding of Syria Al Qaeda Extremists Greater Than Previously Realized

 21  0
New reports in the US media reveal that secret cooperation between the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Saudi Arabia to fund Daesh and other extreme Islamic groups in Syria was far greater than previously suspected, US scholars told Sputnik.
“The details about the Saudi funding should give very serious pause to Americans,” Middle East expert and author Helena Cobban told Sputnik.
New details revealed in a New York Times report on Tuesday indicated that the US government and its secret agencies were trying to repeat in Syria the strategy they used against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan 35 years ago, Cobban stated.
“It all looks eerily like what happened in Afghanistan in the 1980s — a semi-clandestine and very hard to control CIA ‘intervention,’ backed up with huge amounts of Saudi money, and the ever-present Saudi support for the Wahhabist global agenda,” she suggested.
However, the Islamic terrorists, including Osama bin Laden, whom the CIA supported in Afghanistan during the 1980s, eventually turned on the United States with devastating consequences and the same thing could happen now, Cobban cautioned.
“What could possibly go wrong? We might ask the widows and orphans of the September 11, 2001 attack that question,” she said.The New York Times report revealed that the scale of US military and Saudi financial assistance to the Islamists in Syria was vastly greater than anything the Obama administration had previously admitted to, US author and Middle East affairs expert Dan Lazare told Sputnik.

FBI Release Oregon Video Footage Depicting Death of Robert Lavoy Finicum – But Questions Remain form 21st Century Wire

FBI Release Oregon Video Footage Depicting Death of Robert Lavoy Finicum – But Questions Remain

21st Century Wire says..
UPDATE 1-29-2016 at 01:30PM ET: Due to public pressure and intense speculation about the events of Tuesday brought on by a YouTube recording of the testimony of key eyewitness Victoria Sharp, the FBI has released the unedited aerial video footage from Tuesday evening’s incident which took place along Highway 395.
According to the official FBI statement: “We feel that it is necessary to show the whole thing unedited in the interest of transparency.”
The FBI video entitled, Complete, Unedited Video of Joint FBI and OSP Operation 01/26/2016″, does show the victim Lavoy Finicum exiting the truck awkwardly in at least two feet of snow, and he clearly does not “charge towards” the SWAT team, and his hands are clearly held high above his head as he exits his truck when confronted by a SWAT team, before being shot multiple times by marksmen and falling in the snow. Also, the scale and size of this operation is very evident by the footage, and the apprehension of the protesters was not the result of a mere “traffic stop” as it was wrongly characterized in multiple mainstream media reports.
The FBI has also titled their release as “unedited” which shows a window of 26 min and 29 seconds, but it would be interesting to see any drone footage prior to where their clip begins, to further determine how long the drone was filming the vehicles of Finicum and Bundy. This is important because it would shed further light the premeditated nature of the confrontation that the media and government ‘sources’ have called a ‘traffic stop’.

Bundy, Santilli Taken Into Custody, One Dead in FBI Crack Down (updated) By Gordon Duff, from Veterans Today

Bundy, Santilli Taken Into Custody, One Dead in FBI Crack Down (updated)

The Feds arrest veterans for carrying the flag upside down and the Bundy mob has gotten away with this for 25 days...
By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor
Editor’s note:  There are two mindsets as to how to deal with the Bundy gang’s survivors, still sitting hoping to steal public land and sell off timber, pollute water and destroy even more wildlife.  Mike Chester says we should use drones on them.  After all, we are killing much better folks in Yemen and this is closer to home.
The Bundy clan is pure “Bundy,” the intelligence of Al Bundy and the morals of Ted Bundy.
This reminds me of the Jade Helm hoax scare and a radio show with Webb, Fetzer and Cambell discussing how to make chlorine gas grenades and use them on American military and their families.  No, we aren’t making this up.
I personally judge the Bundy klan by its supporters.  What I love most is how they, and you know who you are, love throwing around “trollish” accusations, anyone not willing to talk up some support for the Bundy morons is either a “Jewish shill” or has “Nigger blood.”  Even folks to are banned from Walmart for shop lifting can still get to a public library and borrow a computer.  I can still see them, walking up and down the aisles pointing toward the floor wondering if the secret entrance to the Walmart prison complex tunnels is in hardware or behind the home entertainment section.
The Bundy/Santilli gang are End Times Zionists with ties to the Bronfman family in Canada, Alex Jones and the Bolshevik neocon’s.  This has been known for some time.  Their backers, a combination of mentally ill, parnoids mostly and trailer park trash, are solid mainstream GOP.
They represent the solid connection between the phony European identity/White Power movement and multi-generational organized crime, both Mormon and old line “Jewish mob.”
It has finally happened, a blogger has been arrested, Pete Santilli.   I talked with him on the phone years ago, a conversation he chopped up and edited into what he tried to construe as CIA death threats against himself, a wild fabrication.  My only impression during the call was that he was inherently dishonest and delusional and most probably a working for the FBI to discredit those of of us who do make a difference.

Pareto's Pyramid of Performance Gary North - from Specific Answers


Pareto's Pyramid of Performance

Gary North - January 28, 2016
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Most people believe that second rate performance is fine, and third-rate performance is acceptable. I do not, and I never have.
The more important your cause is to you, the more important you think your cause should be to the world. If you represent your cause in a second rate way, you are doing your cause a disfavor. You are also identifying yourself as a second-rater. You are announcing this to the world: "Second rate is fine, especially when it comes to the thing I believe most dearly in. You should believe in it just as dearly as I do."
Every movement has representatives. Representation is basic to all institutions. There is a hierarchy of leadership, just as there is a hierarchy of wealth, a hierarchy of prestige, and so forth.
Not everybody can be at the top of the hierarchy in each field, although this occasionally happens. In the field of investing, Warren Buffett is at the top. There is no one else in the world who occupies this position . . . as far as we know. He is at the top in the creation of investment one-liners. "We don't know who is swimming naked until the tide goes out." "There are three stages of investing: innovation, imitation, and idiocy."
In any field of performance, there is an inevitable Pareto curve. About 20% of the performers in any field will gain 80% of the attention. The vast majority of performers on YouTube will gain only 20% of the attention. There is no way around the Pareto curve.
The more radical form of the Pareto curve was announced by the great science fiction writer, Theodore Sturgeon. It is called Sturgeon's Law. "Ninety percent of everything is crap." Sturgeon really was a master. As a teenager, my favorite science fiction author was Sturgeon, and I grew up in the golden era of science fiction. As someone in the top 1% of his field, he was intolerant of second rate.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Celebrating a Golden Anniversary 50 Years of Drug Dealing by the CIA PART I. THE HELLWELL DYNASTY or HOW BURMA GOT ITS START Various News Sources

Celebrating a Golden Anniversary
50 Years of Drug
Dealing by the CIA


Various News Sources

  It's generally agreed that 1996's biggest news story was Gary Webb's San Jose Mercury scoop that ghetto drug dealers claim none other than the American CIA to be their supplier!  
But Spooks dealing drugs isn't a 90's thing. Our beloved agency busily flew heroin around Asia on the CIA proprietary airline AIR AMERICA during Viet Nam, and refined Hmong and Burmese poppy in Asian soft drink bottling factories, used the U.S. Mafioso MOB to distribute the drugs and banked millions in their own Bank which they later collapsed, stealing the receipts.  
Just revealed: the sixties weren't the start of the CIA dealing poppy to ghettos. Colonel Paul Hellwell of the OSS brought heroin from Burma and sold it in U.S. ghettos as far back as the 40's, so Gary Webb is five decades late with his scoop! We are in a 50 year anniversary of something other than just Roswell aliens! The Hellwell Aliens also were gray men, that being the exact shade of their MORALS!  
The heroin that the OSS dealt was grown in Burma, and refined in Shanghai. The OSS stumbled upon this import when they were in Asia with the Flying Tigers to stop MAO TSE TUNG from getting into power. Tigers were supposedly heroic civilian volunteers --John Wayne even played one in a movie, but this was just a lacquer job. The Tigers were OSS mercenaries paid for with OSS SECRET funds (at first, OLIGARCH money, later drug receipts). ALLEN DULLES was the brains behind the Tigers and the entire agency then. Dulles ran an inner clique at the OSS, what was to become Directorate of Covert Actions. Dulles was also very tight with the super-rich Eastern billionaire families, (read Dulles' biography and read BITTER FRUIT by S. Kinzer which indicates oligarchs paid for dirty tricks). If you read up on it, you'll discover that Dulles ran secret wars out of the White House (not unlike Ollie North) and had a repressive agenda related to every banana republic that had nationalistic or socialist tendencies, which might get in the way of transnationalist corporative agendas.

71. De-Moralizing School Procedure: The Underground History of American Education by John Taylor Gatto from archive.org

De-Moralizing School Procedure 

But a strange thing happened as more and more children were drawn into the net, a crisis 
of an unexpected sort. At first those primitive one-room and two-room compulsion 
schools — even the large new secondary schools like Philadelphia's Central High — 
poured out large numbers of trained, disciplined intellects. Government schoolteachers in 
those early days chose overwhelmingly to emulate standards of private academies, and to 
a remarkable degree they succeeded in unwittingly sabotaging the hierarchical plan being 
moved on line. Without a carefully trained administrative staff (and most American 
schools had no administrators), it proved impossible to impose the dumbing-down 
process 1 promised by the German prototype. In addition, right through the 1920s, a 
skilled apprenticeship alternative was active in the United States, traditional training that 
still honored our national mythology of success. 

Ch. 3 The Greatest Fraud Fluoridation:Errors and Omissions in Experimental Trials - 1c THE BRANTFORD STUDIES by Philip R.N. Sutton from fluoridationfacts.com

Errors and Omissions in Experimental Trials - 1c
In the city of Brantford; Canada, two independent trials were conducted.
1. The City Health Department Study
In this study no control procedure was attempted. However, it will be considered briefly because two pre-fluoridation surveys were made by the school dental officer and his assistant (Hutton et al., 1954). This is the only one of these five trials in which more than one pre-fluoridation survey was made in the test city; and, with the exception of Muskegon, none of the control cities provided data obtained in successive years from individual yearly age groups.
Were results combined or averaged? Hutton et al. (1951) stated that "The results of these two [pre-fluoridation] surveys have been combined and are shown in Table I." In Tables I and II of the Ontario Department of Health Report (1956) the rates for those two surveys were shown separately. With the exception of those of the nine-year-old children, for both the deciduous and the permanent teeth, the mean of the two rates for each age is identical (to one decimal place) with the mean rate computed from the figures of the combined survey which were supplied by the authors (Hutton et al., 1951, Table I). This result could have arisen only if (with the exception of the children who were nine years old) the number of children of the same age examined on both occasions was equal, or almost exactly so - a most unlikely event; or if the results were not combined, as stated by the authors, but the rates obtained in 1944 and 1945 were averaged. The United Kingdom Mission (1953) stated that "the average figures of these two years" were used. If the rates for the two years were averaged, there were errors in computing the rates of the nine-year-old children, or errata in one or more of those three tables. The figures shown in Tables I and II of the Ontario Department of Health Report (1956) should be treated with caution, because in both of these the year of fluoridation is stated incorrectly, and in the former table the "% Reduction Since 1944-45" for age seven years should be 66, not 51; whereas in the latter one, the "% Reduction Since 1948" for age nine to eleven years in Stratford and Sarnia should not have been indicated by dashes, but by five and sixteen respectively.
2. The National Health and Welfare Study