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Saturday, May 31, 2014

The New York Times and Obama’s Afghanistan Draw Down: Selling the Never-Ending War on Terror By Steve Breyman Global Research

Global Research

The New York Times and Obama’s Afghanistan Draw Down: Selling the Never-Ending War on Terror

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Les coûts de la « War on terror »
Mark Landler’s “US Troops to Leave Afghanistan by End of 2016” was the lead story in the New York Times on Wednesday, May 28. Landler reports President Obama’s decision to reduce troop levels from the present 32,000 to 9,800 by the end of 2014 to half that by the end of 2015 to “a vestigial force” by the end of 2016. There are several reasons why one ought to be skeptical of these numbers (not least of which are that that Obama for years referred to Afghanistan as “a war of necessity,” he ordered two troop surges during his first term, the number of US paid contractors to remain is not clear, and predictable events may upset the timetable). Landler expresses no such skepticism.
But that’s not among the main problems with the story. The article’s flaws include Landler’s belief that he has achieved ‘balance’ by noting Obama’s “Republican critics in Congress,” and by quoting retired Army General Jack Keane, Republican Congressman Buck McKeon, and retired career diplomat and defense official David Sedney. The only critical voices Landler rounds up are those unhappy with Obama’s plans to draw down American forces on what they consider an overly brisk two-year schedule. Code Pink and the American Friends Service Committee—unhappy with the fact that the withdrawal is not immediate and complete—are not to be found in the piece.
The story fails on another basic level. Landler acts as amanuensis rather than journalist. He fails to ask a single follow up question of his sources. Landler and his editor let Keane get away with: “Just arbitrarily pulling those forces out absolutely risks successful completion of the mission.” Even a cub reporter and novice editor might have queried Keane as what mission he had in mind, what successful completion of it looked like, and when it might be accomplished.
Landler and his editor allow McKeon to opine: “Holding this mission to an arbitrary egg-timer doesn’t make a lick of sense.” A competent journalist might have asked McKeon when the egg-timer might ding, if not fifteen years after the onset of Operation Enduring Freedom. Further insulting his readers, Landler lets Keane add this jab: “Does the president seek to replicate his mistakes in Iraq, where he abandoned the region to chaos and failed to forge a real security partnership?” A conscientious reporter might have queried McKeon as to his dogged, unflagging support for the illegal and unjustifiable war over the years, as to the unsurprising Iraqi preference for an end to the nine year American occupation, and as to the fairness of blaming Obama for George Bush’s failed adventure.

Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: The 13 Theories that could Explain Where the Plane is - and What Happened to it With no trace of the missing Boeing 777 in the "ping" search area, conspiracy theorists have tried to fill in the gaps of what we know By Adam Withnall The Independent

Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: The 13 Theories that could Explain Where the Plane is - and What Happened to it

With no trace of the missing Boeing 777 in the "ping" search area, conspiracy theorists have tried to fill in the gaps of what we know

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Officials today confirmed what we have feared for some time – that a relatively tiny search zone in the southern Indian Ocean is not the final resting place of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.
From an underwater mission covering 850 sq km (320 sq mile) where acoustic “pings” were heard, the area being searched has now been extended to around a 60,000 sq km (23,100 sq mile) zone based on satellite data which remains disputed in some quarters.
The Australia-led search control team estimate it could be August – next year – before this region has been covered, and hopes of finding the Boeing 777′s flight recorders are becoming increasingly dim.
With so much uncertainty surrounding the circumstances of MH370′s bizarre disappearance, it has become rich territory for aviation experts, bloggers and conspiracy theorists alike.
Here we round up 13 of the most prominent theories as to where the plane ended up, and what went wrong in the first place.
Shot down in a military training exercise
While the Australian officials leading the search for MH370 say they remain “absolutely convinced” it ended up in the southern Indian Ocean, some passengers’ families – and theorists – distrust the unprecedented satellite data analysis involved.
Among those who support this view are the British journalist and author Nigel Cawthorne, who has controversially already published the first book on the plane’s disappearance.
He supports one theory, based on the eye-witness testimony of New Zealand oil rig worker Mike McKay, that the plane was shot down shortly after it stopped communicating with air traffic controllers.

Bloodlines of the Illuminati: The Rothschild Bloodline Financial Wizzards & Wealthy Cults by Fritz Springmeier

The Rothschild Bloodline
Financial Wizzards & Wealthy Cults

(The numbers behind some sentences and words (...)
are references to the bibliography list at the end of the article of course)

Two neighbor horse farmers came together one day to talk business. The first farmer sold his horse to the second for a quarter million dollars, and then bought it back for about $20 more. He could now advertise his horse (actually worth $20), as a horse he that he had paid over a quarter of a million dollars for.
We can laugh over such schemes. And perhaps we should laugh at ourselves for having been fooled, for if there is one area in life that exceeds the religious in deception, and touches all of us it is the financial. What else can we do about it except laugh? The famous poet Lord Byron describes the archetype of our two farmers in 1823, Who keeps the world, both old and new, in pain Or pleasure? Who makes politics run glibber all? The shade of Bonaparte’s noble daring?
Jew Rothschild and his fellow-Christian, Baring. You’ll learn about some other ,,neighbor horse traders" in this chapter too.
Lord Rothschild in his book The Shadow of a Great Man quotes a letter sent from Davidson on June 24, 1814 to Nathan Rothschild, ,,As long as a house is like yours, and as long as you work together with your brothers, not a house in the world will be able to compete with you, to cause you harm or to take advantage of you, for together you can undertake and perform more than any house in the world."(1) The closeness of the Rothschild brothers is seen in a letter from Saloman (Salmon) Rothschild to his brother Nathan on Feb. 28, 1815, "We are like the mechanism of a watch: each part is essential. (2) This closeness is further seen in that of the 18 marriages made by Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s grandchildren 16 were contracted between first cousins.
In 1974, in the summer after the Yom Kippur War this Author toured Israel, and got the chance to personally visit many of the buildings like the Knesset that the Rothschild’s money has built. The Knesset is the Israeli equivalent to our Congress’s Capitol building. One of the Rothschilds in his will left money for ongoing building projects in Israel, and the Rothschilds are honored with a Street named after them in Jerusalem.

Friday, May 30, 2014

The World’s Most Powerful Private Club, Bilderberg’s Silent Takeover of Britain’s $60bn Defense Budget By Tony Gosling Global Research, May 29, 2014 RT Op-Edge

Global Research

The World’s Most Powerful Private Club, Bilderberg’s Silent Takeover of Britain’s $60bn Defense Budget

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british empire
Democracy had another near-fatal stroke, and the military industrial complex further tightened UK defense spending with the appointment of ex-army officer and Tory hothead Rory Stewart MP as the new chairman of Westminster’s Defence Select Committee.
Last week the Home Affairs Select Committee delivered a damning verdict on Britain’s defense and secret service oversight, on taxpayer accountability. It said the refusal of the director general of MI5, Andrew Parker, to appear before them and lack of any effective supervision was “undermining the credibility of the intelligence agencies and parliament itself.”
Surely nothing could surpass the ‘Dodgy Dossier’, the criminal conspiracy that led to the US and Britain, as the Arab League put it in 2003, to ‘Opening the Gates of Hell in Iraq’? But with Stuart’s appointment to oversee public scrutiny of UK military spending just two weeks before NATO’s political cabal of which he’s a member, the Bilderberg conference, meets in Copenhagen later this month, it is clear to those who still have eyes to see that those bloody lessons have not been learned and the worse could be yet to come.

The most powerful private club in the world

In their Christmas 1987 edition, The Economist described Bilderberg as ‘Ne Plus Ultra’ the most powerful private club in the world. Its power has certainly not diminished as the decades have rolled by and neither has its secrecy. Although it began with trades unionists and powerful people it wanted to persuade, in its final days Bilderberg has boiled down to a rotten core of bankers, royalty, arms industry, oil and media barons and Rory Stuart MP, in the tradition of Kissinger, Blair, Cameron, Osborne and Balls, has thrown his lot in with them.
In 1943, half way through the war, the US power elite saw that, barring any big surprises, Hitler was going to lose World War Two, so their ‘War And Peace Studies Group’ of the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) quietly began to prepare the Marshall Plan for the post-war world. Alongside the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), a sizable budget was set aside to fund a range of activities which would ensure Europeans didn’t vote communist and were welded economically, culturally and politically to the US for the foreseeable future.

How to Protect Yourself from Fukushima Radiatio By Washington's Blog Global Research,

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Don’t Buy Lead Underwear …
A Japanese company is literally selling anti-radiation underwear. (see below)
But there are more down-to-earth ways to protect yourself from Fukushima radiation….
Japanese company launches anti-radiation swimwear and underwear as Fukushima nuclear crisis continues.
Anti-radiation underwear

Step 1: Reduce Exposure

How do we protect ourselves from radiation?
Initially, we should reduce our exposure to radiation in the first place.  For example, world renowned physicist Michio Kaku told his Japanese family and friends months ago that they should leave if they can.
If you live in an area receiving any radiation exposure, you should also take off your shoes and leave them by the door (Asian style) and use a Hepa vacuum to get rid of excess dust.
Also, rain is the main way that radiation is spread outside of the vicinity of the nuclear accident. As a parent who doesn’t want to tell my kids they can’t play in the rain, none of this is fun to talk about … but during periods of high radiation release, people might want to keep their kids out of heavy rain.
When a lot of radiation is being released, we might want to avoid milk altogether for a couple of weeks or so.
Nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen explains how to reduce exposure in case of a worst case scenario:
[In a worst case scenario, for example, if the fuel pool at Fukushima reactor 4 were to topple over], I would close my windows, turn the air conditioner on, replace the filters frequently, damp mop, put a HEPA filter in the house and try to avoid as much of the hot particles as possible. You are not going to walk out with a Geiger counter and be in a plume that is going to tell you the meter. The issue will be on the West Coast, hot particles. And the solution there is HEPA filters and avoiding them.
Finally, we should demand that fish caught of the West coast of the U.S. and Canada is tested for radiation. See this, this, and this.

What To Do If Exposed to Extremely High Doses of Radiation

Potassium iodide protects against damage from radioactive iodine, but should only be taken if one is directly exposed to high levels of radioactive iodine, and you should never exceed the recommended dosage.
  • Prussian blue for cesium
  • DTPA for plutonium, americium and curium
  • Sodium bicarbonate (i.e. baking soda) for uranium
These are not candy, and can have their own side effects.  So only take if you are exposed to high levels of radiation.

Get Enough Calcium, Potassium, Iron and Magnesium

It is vital to get enough calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. Lindon, Utah, USA Introduction to Independent Cancer Research

Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.

The Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.


Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.
Lindon, Utah, USA
To Contribute to the ICRF

Introduction to Independent Cancer Research

Did you know that "cure rates" for the same kind of cancer can range from 3% to 90%? Safe and gentle cancer treatments (with 90% cure rates) have existed for decades!! But the general public does not know about these cancer treatments because the media doesn't talk about them.
The general public also doesn't know that there are more than 20 cancer treatments which can revert cancer cells into normal cells!! Reverting cancer cells into normal cells was first done in the 1930s, long before the discovery of DNA in 1953.
Why doesn't the media talk about the safe and gentle cancer treatments with 90% cure rates and the safe and gentle cancer treatments that revert cancer cells into normal cells??
The reason is that the media and the pharmaceutical industry are owned by multi-billionaires and the treatments that have 90% cure rates are not profitable enough to satisfy their lust for profits. People who trust the media and pharmaceutical cartel have a 3% chance of surviving their cancer for 5 years!!
Not only does the massive money of the pharmaceutical industry control cancer treatments, it also controls cancer research!!! Almost all cancer research is geared towards developing new prescription drugs, which can be patented, which yield 3% cure rates and massive profits.
But the Independent Cancer Research Foundation researchers search for cancer treatments with 90% cure rates!!! And we don't care about patents.
Because we are independent, what we say is not controlled by the pharmaceutical industry or medical cartel.

No Place To Hide By Andrew P. Napolitano from LewRockwell

May 29, 2014
With heart-pounding suspense, John le Carre-like intrigue and Jeffersonian fidelity to the principles of human freedom, Glenn Greenwald has just published “No Place to Hide.” The book, which reads like a thriller, is Greenwald’s story of his nonstop two weeks of work in May and June of 2013 in Hong Kong with former CIA agent and NSA contractor-turned-whistleblower Edward Snowden. Greenwald was the point person who coordinated the public release of the 1.7 million pages of NSA documents that Snowden took with him in order to prove definitively that the federal government is spying on all of us all the time.
The revelations constituted for Greenwald the scoop of the century; for Snowden, the exposure of massive government violations of basic constitutional principles by his former bosses; for the NSA and the Bush and Obama administrations, the revelation of criminal wrongdoing orchestrated by two presidents themselves; and for the American public, a painful realization that the Constitution is only as valuable a restraint on the government as is the fidelity to uphold it of those in whose hands we have reposed it for safekeeping. As Greenwald makes clear, it is not in good hands.
“No Place to Hide” not only tells of Snowden’s initially frustrating and anonymous efforts to reach out to Greenwald and the others; it not only carefully explains the insatiable appetite of the NSA to learn everything about everyone (“Collect it all” was a continuously posted NSA motto); it is also a morality tale about the personal courage required of Snowden and Greenwald and his colleagues to expose government wrongdoing and the risk to their lives, liberties and properties in doing so.
In the midst of one of their endless Hong Kong hotel meetings, Snowden told the journalists that the local CIA station employed agents trained to kill; and it was just a few blocks away. Then The Guardian’s lawyers informed Greenwald that the Bush and Obama administrations had not hesitated to use the Espionage Act of 1917 — a World War I-era relic, still on the books, employed to chill, stifle, suppress and ultimately punish free speech — to attempt to lock up journalists even when they revealed the truth. At this point in my reading the book on Memorial Day, I noticed that my pulse was racing, even though I obviously knew the outcome.
The road to the outcome began about a year ago when Greenwald received email messages from an anonymous yet persistent and intellectually intriguing source. The source demonstrated such a superb command of the Internet, such a patient understanding of Greenwald’s need for a basic education in the craft of digital spying, such a Jeffersonian understanding of the constitutional role of government in our lives, and so enticed Greenwald and his editors at The Guardian that, sight unseen, they traveled to Hong Kong to see whether the source possessed the documentary evidence he claimed to have of the most massive and sophisticated American government spying upon innocents in our history. He did.

The Battle of Words in Palestine: It is not “Apartheid”, it is “Genocide” By Global Research News Global Research,

Global Research

The Battle of Words in Palestine: It is not “Apartheid”, it is “Genocide”

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palestine wall1q
GR Editor’s Note. In a November 2013, the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal condemned the State of Israel of  Genocide against the people of Palestine.
by Nahida Exiled Palestinian
Words, in the battle of Liberation are of prime importance, but in the age of Internet, where Cyber Battles are waged, between truth and falsehood, the use of the right word becomes more vital than ever.
We have observed how the word, “apartheid” has crept in and has been intensely used by many Palestinians and their supporters without much reflection upon the meaning, implications or outcome of such use.
The definition of “Apartheid” 
a·part·heid  (-pärtht, -ht)
1. An official policy of racial segregation formerly practiced in the Republic of South Africa, involving political, legal, and economic discrimination against nonwhites.
2. A policy or practice of separating or segregating groups.
3. The condition of being separated from others; segregation.
Thus, the use of apartheid to describe “Israel”, the entity which was established by terror, planned ethnic cleansing and continues to practice slow genocide is extremely inappropriate, insufficient and falls very short from giving a complete and accurate portrait.
Calling “Israel” an Apartheid is a CONCEALMENT of GENOCIDE 
Calling the Zionist entity mere “apartheid”, i.e “separation”, would only serve in concealing the true genocidal nature of the Jewish state, and present it as a “normal” and “legitimate” political system with only few holes, some racist laws, and wrong policies which can be easily changed. Such use would promote the legitimization of this entity. From a legal aspect, crimes of apartheid does not carry the same weight in International Law as Crimes against Humanity,thus may be harder to prosecute.
Campaigning to demand that the existing Jewish state, would change some of its policies (rather than to call for its dismantling and delegitimisation, to end this entity, once and for all) would simply enable the usurpation of historic Palestine.

Why War Is Inevitable — Paul Craig Roberts

Why War Is Inevitable — Paul Craig Roberts

Dear friends,
It is time for my quarterly request for donations. As we agreed, my columns and this site will continue as long as your support is forthcoming.
My column below for this Memorial Day makes it clear what is at stake. If you wish to fully escape The Matrix and see reality as it really is, you are brave and I am honored to have you as readers and supporters.
If reality is too much for you, then I should cease putting myself at risk.
Why War Is Inevitable
Paul Craig Roberts
Memorial Day is when we commemorate our war dead. Like the Fourth of July, Memorial Day is being turned into a celebration of war.
Those who lose family members and dear friends to war don’t want the deaths to have been in vain. Consequently, wars become glorious deeds performed by noble soldiers fighting for truth, justice, and the American way. Patriotic speeches tell us how much we owe to those who gave their lives so that America could remain free.
The speeches are well-intentioned, but the speeches create a false reality that supports ever more wars. None of America’s wars had anything to do with keeping America free. To the contrary, the wars swept away our civil liberties, making us unfree.
President Lincoln issued an executive order for the arrest and imprisonment of northern newspaper reporters and editors. He shut down 300 northern newspapers and held 14,000 political prisoners. Lincoln arrested war critic US Representative Clement Vallandigham from Ohio and exiled him to the Confederacy. President Woodrow Wilson used WWI to suppress free speech, and President Franklin D. Roosevelt used WWII to intern 120,000 US citizens of Japanese descent on the grounds that race made them suspect. Professor Samuel Walker concluded that President George W. Bush used the “war on terror” for an across the board assault on US civil liberty, making the Bush regime the greatest danger American liberty has ever faced.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pilgrims Society by Joel van der Reijden from ExposureOfHiddenInsitututions Website

by Joël van der Reijden
December 2005

Even today it’s members consist of the wealthiest businessman and the most influential politicians. It was erected over a century ago and meets at least 2 or 3 times a year. Still, 99% of the world has never heard of it. We’re talking about the Pilgrims Society. An aristocratic Anglo-American dining club who’s

Propaganda and Psychological Warfare from The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations by Dr. John Coleman

Propaganda and Psychological Warfare

A list of U.S. Government Papers, some available and some not, reveal in a striking manner just how controlled the nations of the world (including the United States) have become due to the exercise of propaganda methods at an astonishing array of levels.
At best, I can only mention the titles and paraphrase content because of the vastness of the material. I hope the information we have put together will shock the American people out of their slumbering apathy and make them realize just how far they are on the road to becoming slaves of the Socialist New World Order inside a One World Government.

Official Definitions

A useful collection of terms and definitions as used by the Washington power establishment. Without exception every single one of the programs cited herein are Tavistock born and bred.
Social Sciences and Political Intervention: What passes itself off as project-centered "development assistance" may in reality consist of dangerous manipulation of culture and social relations in the southern hemisphere.
Because of the enormous monetary advantage enjoyed by donors of "aid," they are often in a position to do extensive psychosocial studies of target groups and to exploit them in ways that would not occur to most people, even in their worst nightmares.
It is typical of everything John Rawlings Reese taught at Tavistock and it was carried into every aspect of American life

"Shock and Awe" doctrine

Achieving Rapid Dominance - This is the National Defense University text (1996) that became the theory behind U.S. intervention in the Middle East and the war against Iraq in March and April of 2003. "Shock and Awe," says the text, is intended to be the "non-nuclear equivalent" of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.
Says the now out-of-print study guide of that terrible tragedy says:
"The impact of those weapons was sufficient to transform both the mindset of the average Japanese citizen and the outlook of the leadership through this condition of Shock and Awe. The Japanese simply could not comprehend the destructive power carried by a single airplane. This incomprehension produced a state of awe."

Obama in Afghanistan – 12 and a Half Years of War that Left Millions Dead By Stephen Lendman Global Research,

Global Research

Obama in Afghanistan – 12 and a Half Years of War that Left Millions Dead

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He left Washington Saturday. He arrived in Afghanistan Sunday. It was his fourth visit. He stayed less than four hours.
Earlier trips were in March 2010, December 2010 and May 2012.
Obama addressed US troops. He did so at Bagram Air Base. It houses one of America’s notorious torture prisons.
Dozens of others operate globally. Guantanamo is the tip of the iceberg.
Bagram is called the Parwan Detention Facility (aka Bagram Theater Internment Facility).
It’s next to Bagram’s air field. It was formerly called the Bagram Collection Point.
In mid-2011, it held 1,100 political prisoners. Maximum during Bush years was 600. None have POW status. All are political prisoners. They’re illegally held.
Abuse continues. It’s notorious. It’s not reported. It’s out of sight and mind. Former detainees describe horrendous treatment. Not far from where Obama spoke. It includes:
  • painful extended period shackling;
  • exposure to extreme heat and cold;
  • abusive treatment while naked, hooded or blindfolded;
  • waterboarding numerous times;
  • isolation in tiny cells;
  • other times in overcrowded ones forcing detainees to sleep in shifts;
  • permanent trauma-creating torture and ill-treatment;
  • severe beatings;
  • continuous blaring noises or music;
  • 24-hour bright light or total darkness;
  • extended sleep deprivation periods;
  • painful stress positions for long periods;
  • being sodomized;
  • denied food, too little, or inedible kinds;
  • painful force-feeding for hunger strikers;
  • prisoners experiencing it call it torture;
  • denied medical care;
  • forced confessions for crimes not committed;
  • hung from steel bars in cells or metal hooks in interrogation rooms for extended periods;
  • kept in tubs of ice water creating hypothermia;
  • threatened with or attacked by dogs;
  • electro-shocking; and
  • other physical and psychological cruel, abusive and degrading treatment.
Investigative Journal Andy Worthington does extensive research on US torture prisons. He co-directed a documentary titled “Outside the Law: Stories from Guantanamo.”
One of his many articles is titled “Dark Revelations in the Bagram Prisoner List.” He discussed foreign prisoners held.

Russia’s Rise To Global Power — Paul Craig Roberts

Russia’s Rise To Global Power — Paul Craig Roberts

Russia’s Rise To Global Power
Paul Craig Roberts
This article first appeared in Strategic Culture Foundation http://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2014/05/22/russia-rise-to-global-power.html
Western propaganda about events in Ukraine has two main purposes. One is to cover up, or to distract from, Washington’s role in overthrowing the elected democratic government of Ukraine. The other is to demonize Russia.
The truth is known, but truth is not a part of the Western TV and print media. The intercepted telephone call between US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and the US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt reveals the two coup plotters discussing which of Washington’s stooges will be installed as Washington’s person in the new puppet government. The intercepted telephone call between Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and EU foreign policy official Catherine Ashton revealed suspicions, later confirmed by independent reports, that the sniper fire that killed people on both sides of the Kiev protests came from the Washington-backed side of the conflict.
To summarize, when Washington orchestrated in 2004 the “Orange Revolution” and the revolution failed to deliver Ukraine into Western hands, Washington, according to Victoria Nuland, poured $5 billion into Ukraine over the next ten years. The money went to politicians, whom Washington groomed, and to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that operate as educational, pro-democracy, and human rights groups, but in fact are Washington’s fifth columns.
When President Yanukovych, after considering the costs and benefits, rejected the invitation for Ukraine to join the European Union, Washington sent its well-funded NGOs into action. Protests broke out in Kiev demanding that Yanukovych change his decision and join the EU.
These protests were peaceful, but soon ultra-nationalists and neo-nazis appeared and introduced violence into the protests. The protest demands changed from “join the EU” to “overthrow Yanukovych and his government.”

Why Do Good People Become Silent—or Worse—about 9/11? - Part 6: Conformity by Frances T. Shure

Why Do Good People Become Silent—or Worse—about 9/11? - Part 6: Conformity
Written by Frances T. Shure   
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Wednesday, 30 April 2014 02:09
911-experts-shureSummary/Editor’s Note:
Frances Shure, M.A., L.P.C., has performed an in-depth analysis addressing a key issue of our time: "Why Do Good People Become Silent—or Worse—About 9/11?" The resulting essay, to be presented here as a series, is composed of a synthesis of reports on academic research as well as clinical observations.
In answering the question in the title of this essay, last month’s segment, Part 5, explored the concepts of denial and cognitive dissonance. We resort to denial to avoid cognitive dissonance, that uncomfortable and sometimes disturbing feeling of losing our emotional equilibrium when faced with new information that challenges our worldview, or when we hold beliefs that are contradictory to known facts.
In Part 6, we continue Ms. Shure’s analysis with the Solomon Asch experiments on conformity and Elizabeth Noelle-Neumann’s theory of the “spiral of silence.”
Part 6: Conformity
AschSoloman AschIn the early 1950s, experiments by Solomon Asch of Swarthmore College vividly demonstrated our human proclivity to conform to a group’s prevailing view. Several students selected prior to the experiment were instructed to act as if they were subjects of the experiment, whereas in reality, they were confederates, or plants. These confederates were all instructed to give the same wrong answer in identifying the length of a line on a card. One real and unsuspecting subject then joined the group, and when the experiment was under way, an instructor assigned the task of matching the length of a line on a card to the correct line among three different sized lines on the same card or another card. In 36.8% of the cases, the real subject would abandon his or her original right answer and would agree instead to the other participants’ unanimous wrong answer.1

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bloodlines of the Illuminati: The Rockefeller Bloodline by Fritz Springmeier


The Rockefeller Bloodline

One of the 13 Satanic bloodlines that rule the world is the Rockefeller bloodline. Today, there are around 190 members of this family with the Rockefeller name and of course some others by other last names. This article is to explore further for those who investigate the Illuminati, how the Rockefeller bloodline is involved in the promotion of the occult and Satanism, and how they are involved in the control of the Christian denominations.

This article keys in on just one family, the Rockefellers. To understand the full extent of the Illuminati’s control of religion, including Christendom, would require perhaps several books. The Illuminati itself draws its lifeblood from around 500 very powerful families worldwide. This article will not attempt to explain their networks and the many organizations of the Illuminati. It will not even try to do this for the Rockefellers. In fact, no one knows how many trusts and foundations the Rockefellers have.
They have hidden trusts within secret trusts within secret trusts. It is estimated that they have between 200 and several thousand trusts and foundations. The finances of the Rockefellers are so well covered that Nelson Rockefeller did not pay one cent in income taxes in 1970, yet he was perhaps the richest man in the U.S. The Rockefellers exert enormous influence over religion in this nation in the following ways:
1. They provide a large share of the money that Seminaries in the United States need to operate.
2. They provide a large share of the money that universities need to operate. Education influences the religious values of our people.
3. They provide large grants to various religious organizations.
4. Their influence and control helps determine who will get publicity in the major news magazines, and on television.
5. Their influence has contributed to various anti-Christian organizations being set up.
6. They directly help control certain religious groups such as Lucis Trust.

The Rockefeller’s influence is both subtle and not so subtle.

How the Ukrainian Civil War Started By Eric Zuesse Global Research

Global Research

How the Ukrainian Civil War Started

In-depth Report:
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Fortunately, the origin of the Ukrainian civil war is remarkably well-documented in tapped phone-conversations and in cell-phone videos that have been posted online for all the world to see, despite what might have been the intentions of the planners and of the perpetrators. This cannot be a pleasant reality for U.S. President Barack Obama, and for his Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Asia, Victoria Nuland. President Obama might wish his employee, Nuland, to take all the blame for his policy on Ukraine, but he’s not firing her. It’s his policy, not hers. She was hired to do this, and so she is.
“US support of violent neo-Nazis in Ukraine: Video Compilation” is an hour-long documentary, dated 18 March 2014, which covers the background of the U.S. overthrow of the democratically elected pro-Russian President of Ukraine, which took place in December 2013 through February 2014, under the cover of popular anti-corruption “Euro-Maidan” demonstrations against that elected President, who (like all of his post-USSR predecessors) was corrupt. The documentary was produced by stpetes4peace, and it uses mainly film-clips of the actual events in Ukraine, coming from Russian government TV (RT) and from British government TV (BBC).
There is nothing in it from private corporate or “nonprofit” media, NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, NPR, nor from any of the U.S. major news media. There’s no New York Times, no Washington Post, no The Atlantic, no Harpers, no Foreign Policy, no New York Review of Books. There are two hostile, anti-Russian, interviews shown there, on Fox News (of U.S. politicians Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich), and a third such hostile interview shown on CNN (of Columbia University Russia-scholar Stephen Cohen), all three of which interviews are opinion, not news-reporting, anyway; otherwise, there’s nothing at all in this film that’s from the U.S. media.
Mainly, this documentary is direct news-reporting from Ukraine itself, as the events were unfolding there, and as U.S. news-media were doing little more than to transmit stenographically (totally uncritically), whatever the White House said about these matters (even if false, as this documentary proves to have been often the case).

Inside Venice’s Secession Movement By Paolo Bernardini Mises.org

Inside Venice’s Secession Movement

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[Editor’s Note: In a follow-up to his remarks in the international media about the Venetian secession movement, Paolo Bernardini wrote: “As a political realist well in line with Mises ... Rothbard, Hoppe, and the Italian libertarians Carlo Lottieri, Marco Bassani, and Alessandro Vitale, I envisage a (near) future world of small states, free to interact in a global, free market.” Prof. Bernardini spoke with us further about the secession movement and what comes next in Italy and Europe.]
Mises Institute: How did you become involved with this movement?
Paolo Bernardini: I moved to Veneto, to the city of Padova (Padua), in 2001, as director of the Boston University Center for Italian Studies, a job I held until 2009. Over the course of eight years, I got involved with the local separatist movements, and at the same time I developed a strong interest in the libertarian and classical-liberal thought. So, now that I teach in Como, Lombardy, I envisage a similar future for Lombardy as well. In a certain sense, mine is a cold-blooded, economically-oriented separatism that I might well endorse/apply elsewhere, from New Hampshire to Catalonia. Of course, I also developed a love for the Veneto territory, people, and traditions. I spend most of my time in Venice, when I am free from work. I do not believe in “ethnic” nationalism as a primary factor for the establishment of new states that are also strong economies and globally oriented.
MI: Were you pleased with the outcome of the referendum? What do you say to your critics who say it was not a fair or properly-held election?
PB: Of course I was and am pleased with the outcome of the referendum. Now, the certification of the votes is ongoing, but it is a complex process that might involve some more months. It was a fair and properly-held election, only, it did not originate from any public source, contrary to what is going to happen in Scotland, on September 14th, and in Catalonia, on November 9th. It is a genuine expression of a people, and of a spontaneous committee who freely organized the referendum, so, in a way, it is a quintessential expression of sheer democracy. Moreover, the use of an electronic vote for political purposes of this scope is historically unique. Gianluca Busato, the leader of the separatist movement, and an engineer, deserves a mention in WIRED! for his skill in making it all work smoothly. Sardinia, Sicily, and Friuli have borrowed our know-how and are organizing similar referenda.

The Secret Team: PART II The CIA: How It Runs Chapter 3 An Overview of the CIA SECTION I: Intelligence versus Secret Operations by L. Fletcher Prouty

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The CIA: How It Runs

Chapter 3
An Overview of the CIA

SECTION I: Intelligence versus Secret Operations

          WHAT OTHER AGENCY OF THE U.S. GOVERNMENT has ever had as much blame heaped upon it as the CIA? President Truman wrote that it was being interpreted as a symbol of sinister and mysterious foreign intrigue and a subject for Cold War propaganda. Arnold Toynbee wrote: "For the whole world, the CIA has now become the bogey that Communism has been for America." John F. Kennedy said, "Your successes are unheralded, your failures are trumpeted." Tibetans once supported by the CIA had been left to fend for themselves against the Chinese. Hungarians armed and urged to fight on for their freedom were left to fight by themselves. Cubans stranded on the beaches of the Bay of Pigs were left for Castro's jails. Tens of thousands of people who have contributed to Radio Free Europe and to CARE on the assumption that they were private organizations have learned that the CIA was using them for its own devices. And during the summer of 1971, Congress was faced with a ground swell of indignation over the actions of the CIA in the wake of events in Indochina and as a result of revelations contained in the Pentagon papers. The frequently asked questions are: How responsible is the CIA? How is the CIA permitted to operate independent of national policy and of the general standards of conduct expected of the U.S. Government?           In seeking to solve the dilemma of the CIA, it is important from the beginning to understand the intimate language of the Agency and of the intelligence profession. Intelligence professionals become so accustomed to using and living with cover stories, cover language, and code terms that they use them interchangeably with their normal, or dictionary, usage. Thus the outsider has little opportunity to break through this fabric to get to the real thing.

Clues for 9/11 “Terror Trading”. Detecting “Informed Trading Activities” in the Options Markets By Lars Schall Global Research,

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Marc Chesney, professor at the Department of Banking and Finance at the University of Zurich, and his colleagues Remo Crameri and Loriano Mancini have published a new version of their scientific long-term project in econometrics, “Detecting Informed Trading Activities in the Options Markets.“ One more time the three scientists present evidence for insider trading related to the 9/11 terror attacks.
The new version of “Detecting Informed Trading Activities in the Options Markets,“ that was made available to the public on April 7, 2014, can be downloaded as a PDF document here.
A general introduction into the work by Chesney et al., that I wrote for Asia Times Online under the headline “Insider trading 9/11 … the facts laid bare,” can be found here.
Moreover, you can find here an interview that I’ve also conducted for Asia Times Online with Paul Zarembka, professor for economics at the State University of New York, in which he discusses the findings of three scientific papers on the 9/11 insider trading issue, amongst them the work by Chesney and his two colleagues.
When asked about the difference between the latest version of that work and the ones before, Paul Zarembka replied:
 The difference in the present version of the Chesney, et al., paper from the 2010 and 2011 versions is that the airline sector is highlighted in the main paper, while a Supplemental Appendix is now used to focus on the financial sector, and some other firms.  In other words, the discussion is now, for the most part, split and the main paper is shortened thereby.  The methodology used and data reported earlier are unchanged, but some important new data are provided for the financial sector that were not reported earlier.
Within the airline sector over the period 1996 to 2006, as before, eight of fifteen cases with evidence for informed trades relate to the events of September 11, 2001.  Within the financial sector the earlier evidence remains, but now in the Appendix.  There is, however, more extensive analysis to cover the period of the 2007-2009 financial meltdown.  In fact, lots of significant evidence is obtained for that period.  The expanded list of firms analyzed includes AIG, Bear Stearns, Fannie May, Freddie Mac, Goldman Sachs, Lehman, Wachovia, and Wells Fargo, along with HSBC and five centered in Europe.  The Appendix could be converted in the future to a regular stand-alone paper focusing on finance.