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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sandy Hook and the real “Robbie Parker”: SpotterRF, DHS and the CIA by Jim Fetzer with Dr. Eowyn from Veteran Today

Sandy Hook and the real “Robbie Parker”: SpotterRF, DHS and the CIA

by Jim Fetzer with Dr. Eowyn

We were wrong about John Matthew Walker, but right about Sandy Hook. Here is the deeper, darker truth.
Robbie Parker at Sandy HookVictoria Muramoto and I were wrong. John Matthew Walker did not play the role of “Robbie Parker” at Sandy Hook. We have revised our conclusion on the basis of the scientific requirement of total evidence, where another alternative is better supported given the totality of the available evidence.
John Matthew Walker wrote me to say, “I am a penniless actor and musician from Austin, TX. Last year, some internet wackos decided, through a convoluted process of ‘Facebook Connect-the-dots’, that I am in actuality Robbie Parker, parent of one of the Sandy Hook victims. Not only do I look little like him, at BEST I could pass for a relative, I am nearly a foot taller [figuratively, not literally] and COVERED in tattoos.”
His friends pounded away that it made little sense to use such a familiar face in Austin for this role–and they were correct in their assessment. By going back to the drawing board and discovering the work of Dr. Eowyn, whom I had long admired but not read on this specific issue–I was able to sort this out, because she had it right while Victoria and I got it wrong. We therefore hereby relinquish and repudiate any suggestion that he was involved.
It took me a while to figure out why John Matthew Walker has been unwilling to settle out of court by sending us an affidavit that he had not played the “Robbie Parker” role, no doubt because his friends have been strongly encouraging him to sue, where the longer the matter played out, the greater the potential damages. So while we were pursuing the truth, John had a secondary agenda. But I know now that we were wrong. With a little help from Dr. Eowyn and yet another internet source, the links have been forged to the deeper, darker truths of Sandy Hook, which implicate not this penniless actor but the DHS and the CIA.

Robbie Parker resurfaces in Utah

Displaying his gift for brazen performances, “Robbie Parker” has recently surfaced in Utah, where he has been promoting “school safety” and his wife, Alissa, has a new company, safeandsoundschools.org, which features products that can make a school safer at only modest expense, as the following video from Channel KST in Salt Lake City, UT, reveals to its listeners:
Robbie on Salt Lake City TV
Click to access: “Robbie Parker” on Salt Lake City VT talking about easy ways to make schools safer
It would appear that donations from the public–which I would estimate have run into the millions–were not enough to satisfy Robbie and his wife. In an article entitled, “Easy changes will improve school safety, Sandy Hook parent says”, we read what they’re about, which entails “turning tragedy into training” to make our schools safer at only modest expense, as follows:

Robbie and Alissa's new business

CT CHIP” Program receives a boost

What the article doesn’t tell you but which Dr. Eowyn has exposed is that, while Robbie Parker was using the cover of being a physician’s assistant at the Danbury Hospital, he was working for a high-tech, national security outfit called SpotterRF, which manufactures compact radar devices and is associated with both the DHS and the CIA, while he was residing in New Jersey.
Perhaps equally disturbing, there is a Masonic Lodge in Newtown located very near Sandy Hook Elementary School, which  is deeply involved in the “CT CHIP” program (the Connecticut Child Identification Program), which appears to be the first stage in a comprehensive program to “chip” every child and eventually every citizen of the United States for the DHS and the CIA.
Welcome to CTCHIP.ORG
When you package in the role of the Freemasons and their reputation for committing heinous acts, the Sandy Hook scenario looks like something right out of a modern-day horror movie, which not only promotes a massive anti-gun agenda but also the comprehensive “chipping” of every child and multiple new ways to make money by bilking the American public for pay. The difference being that no children or adults were actually killed because it was a mock terror drill. Bear in mind: the rest of our analysis of Sandy Hook was on the mark, including the complicity of Barack Obama, Eric Holder and Governor Malloy. But the scope of the scam was even broader.
The DHS has acquired more than 2 billion rounds of .40 hollow-point ammunition, whose use is not even permissible in combat under The Hague Convention of 1899.  Since a subcommittee of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs released a report on 3 October 2012 based upon its review of 680 “fusion center” studies, where fusion centers merge federal, state and local anti-terrorist activity, and found none, there is virtually no domestic US terrorism.
That is the reason it has been necessary to fabricate events such as Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing. And notice how very deftly it solidifies the control of the government over the people by motivating actions that undermine the 2nd Amendment (in the case of Sandy Hook) and the 4th Amendment (in the case of the Boston bombing). That there turns out to be loads of money to be made by new school safety products and programs to insure child safety become one of the fringe benefits of the real terrorist activity, which is being perpetrated by the government of the United States upon the American people.

Is Sandy Hook’s “Robbie Parker” who he says he is?


Please take a good, careful look at the photos below, and tell me if you think man #1 and man #2 are the same person, recognizing that the pics were taken at different times:
Robbie & Robby ParkerRobbie & Robby Parker - teeth
Would you agree with me that #1 and #2 are the same man? 
Think “preponderance of evidence” and “probability.”
Note that #1 and #2 have the same:
  • V-shaped widow’s peak hairline
  • Eyebrow shape
  • Vertical frown line between the eyebrows
  • A “Rumpole” nose with a fleshy tip
  • Ear shape and size
  • An inverted triangle-shaped face
  • U-shaped chin
  • Same upper front teeth
Man #1 and man #2 also share other traits. Both:
1. Are in their early 30s.
2. Have lived or living in Utah.
3. Attended Brigham Young University.
4. Have identical names and almost identical nicknames:
Man #1 is Robbie Parker (Robbie is a nickname of Robert)
Man #2 is Robby Parker (Robby is a nickname of Robert)

Man #1 is Robbie Parker of Sandy Hook

Man #1 is the Robbie Parker of Sandy Hook — the father of 6-year-old Emilie Parker who was shot to death by Adam Lanza on December 14, 2012, at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.
The same Robbie Parker who, in a blink of an eye, went from laughing and joking to choking back his tears as he made a statement to the press on 15 December 2012, about the murder of his daughter by a crazed gunman. Here’s the video:
The same Robbie Parker who, with his wife Alissa, happily posed with a grinning Barack Obama a mere two days after their precious daughter had been brutally killed, when Obama visited Newtown on Dec. 16, 2012.
Parker family photoop with OFrom left to right: Robbie Parker (his face obscured, holding one of his daughters), Obama, Alissa Parker, unknown woman holding another Parker girl.
The Memorial Service for Emilie
The first pic of Man #1 Robbie Parker was taken on 20 December 2012, 6 days after Emilie had been killed, at a public memorial service for Emilie in Ogden, Utah. Here’s the pic again, followed by the AP’s account of the service:
Robbie Parker 12-20-2012
Here’s the AP story (via CacheValleyDaily.com), 20 December 2012:
Family members who brought blond-haired Emilie Parker back to Utah for her final resting place were remembering the 6-year-old girl killed in the Connecticut school shooting at a public memorial service Thursday night in Ogden.
Emilie’s parents, Robbie and Alissa Parker, have roots in the town about 30 miles north of Salt Lake City. Friends running the “Emilie Parker Fund” Facebook page said Thursday’s memorial would start at 7 p.m. at Ben Lomond High School.
Robbie Parker, a 32-year-old physician’s assistant who landed a job in Connecticut less than a year ago, became one of the faces of the tragedy early on when he appeared before cameras to describe the couple’s grief. Their oldest daughter was one of the 20 schoolchildren and six adults gunned down Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.
[...] The parents have asked for privacy at a funeral set for Saturday. Emilie Parker will be buried in a favorite white dress with an American Girl doll at a gravesite next to a grandfather, who died earlier this year.
As in the AP story above, a CNN report on 17 Decenber 2012 also described Robbie Parker as a physician’s assistant: “He moved his family from Utah to Connecticut eight months ago after accepting a job as a physician’s assistant in the newborn unit at Danbury Hospital.” Danbury Hospital is in Danbury, CT, a city that is 11.7 miles (14 mins. by car) west of Newtown.
I just conducted a search for “Robert Parker” on the Danbury Hospital website. This is the result:

Robert Parker, PA-C (Physician Assistant – Certified):

Specialties: Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine
Affiliations: Danbury Hospital
Office Location: Onsite Neonatal, PC
1000 Haddonfield Berlin Road
Voorhees, NJ 08043
Sandy Hook’s Robbie Parker is working in New Jersey???

Man #2 is Robby Parker of SpotterRF

Remember Man #2, Robby Parker, who looks just like man #1, Robbie Parker?
I got the photo of man #2 Robby Parker from a LinkedIn page for “Robert Parker.” This is what the page says:
Robby ParkerRobby Parker LinkedIn1
Note that Robby Parker CSSBB is not “a physician’s assistant,” but is employed as a “quality assurance engineer” at Spotter RF from May 2010 to “present” (3 years 9 months), where 3 years 9 months from May 2010 = February 2014.
CSSBB is Certified Six Sigma Black Belt. Wikipedia says Six Sigma is a set of quality management methods used in many businesses and industries, and creates a special infrastructure of people within the organization (“Champions”, “Black Belts”, “Green Belts”, “Yellow Belts”, etc.) who are experts in the methods.

What is “SpotterRF”?

SpotterRF is a U.S. defense contractor. Its web page describes itself as “We provide the world’s smallest Surveillance Radar. In fact, we are the leader in a whole new type of radar called compact surveillance radar or CSR, which is radar that has wide area coverage with the ability to automatically cue cameras in a sub 5 lb. package . . . providing a wide-area, all-weather sensing capability . . . .”
This is what Wikipedia says about Compact Surveillance Radar:
Compact Surveillance Radar are small lightweight radar systems that have a wide coverage area and are able to track people and vehicles in range and azimuth angle. They weigh less than 10 pounds, consume less than 15 Watts of power and are easily deployed in large numbers.
Compact Surveillance Radar have the same characteristics of the larger Ground Surveillance Radar (GSR) namely; the ability to track many moving targets simultaneously, all weather day & night operation, wide coverage areas and the ability to track targets and cue cameras automatically.
Here’s the rather sinister-looking banner on SpotterRF’s webpage:

SpotterRF works with DHS and CIA

SpotterRF has associations with:
  • The Department of Homeland Security: A Sept. 11, 2012 article on Security Today says: “SpotterRF recently announced that its new, patented radar technology will be used to protect public bridges managed by the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) . . . MDTA is planning ahead to reduce homeland security threats.”
  • The CIA: FinSMEs reports on Aug. 13, 2010 that “received a strategic investment of undisclosed amount from In-Q-Tel.” Wikpedia describes In-Q-Tel as “In-Q-Tel of Arlington, Virginia, United States is a not-for-profit venture capital firm that invests in high-tech companies for the sole purpose of keeping the Central Intelligence Agency, and other intelligence agencies, equipped with the latest in information technology in support of United States intelligence capability.”
  • To conclude, the probability — that two men of the same age, with very similar facial features, who are both from Utah and attended Brigham Young University, and are both named Robert Parker — are two separate individuals instead of the same person must be so infinitesimally small as to make it highly unlikely.
    Unless Robbie Parker of Sandy Hook has an identical twin (which no media account ever claimed and who, strangely, did not attend the memorial service for his niece), he is the same Robby Parker who’s a “quality assurance engineer” at SpotterRF, a defense contractor that’s linked to Homeland Security and the CIA, which specializes in a formidable new kind of light-weight surveillance radar that can track people and vehicles, day and night, in all kinds of weather, and which “are easily deployed in large numbers.” The deception just never ends.
    Dr. Eowyn, a retired college professor, is the owner of the blog, Fellowship of the Minds. For links to all the posts we’ve done on Sandy Hook, go to our “Sandy Hook Massacre” page.
    Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight University Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth and a journalist and editor for Veterans Today.
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    122 Comments for “Sandy Hook and the real “Robbie Parker”: SpotterRF, DHS and the CIA”

    1. Howard T.Lewis III
      Few actions say “Mount me!” as blatant as a life sitting before The Council on Foreign Relations’ CFRtv corporate television news. Add to that a diet Dr. Pepper in one fist and a bag of taco fresh flavored Cheetos in the other and the image of ‘genetic slag’ is complete. How can anyone be watching a CFRtv set while this Sandy Hook issue is being exposed and is so vital to be comprehended and dealt with? Parakeets have a better sense of judgement than those hooked on the CFRtv.
    2. Pretty clear from the “You’re a (f-word) moron” comments that you’re really getting hot on the trail.
    3. Jim Fetzer has commented earlier;
      No doubt; – that is where this whole thread should be refocusing and clarifying the intent of the mission.
      I am leaving this item just published today on www rumormillnews as a means to do just that;
      “Connecting Some Big Dots in the Sandy Hook Event”
    4. Well, Keith M does have a point. Every intelligent person knows that Sandy Hook was a hoax but if we are going to follow such lines of reasoning as Robbie = Robby (when he clearly is not) then we are empowering the enemy (those who are succeeding in dismantling the constitution) by making us look like fools. It is self-defeating to our cause to present highly speculative and indeed dubious arguments without making sure they are sound before publishing them. It’s very sloppy and irresponsible. Furthermore, it’s not ad hominem to draw attention to someone’s tendency to straw man and other forms of fallacious reasoning (Dr Eowyn’s, not yours) if he is transplanting that tendency to this otherwise respectable journal. It diminishes the credibility
      read more ...
      • That’s your opinion, Spengler, but I don’t share it. We are doing what we can to carry this forward and all of it entails risks. We have been right about so many aspects of this that I am a bit taken-aback by your complaints. We don’t even have enough yet to conclude that Dr. Eowyn and I are wrong in this instance. So hold off the pissing-and-moaning until we have evaluated the situation, because we may right on the mark, even in this instance, which, in my opinion, is reinforced by the connections to SERCO, SpotterRF, DHS and the CIA. That would be a rather bizarre coincidence.
    5. They don’t have the same hairline. They have very different ears. The orbits of the eyes are a different shape. The brow of one is squarer and flatter than the other. Besides, ask Dr Barrett what he thinks about Dr Eowyn’s Islamophobia.
      • Look. If we are wrong, then we are wrong. But I am not convinced that we are. And I am not interested in appeals to ad hominems. We already have a classic “straw man” argument from Keith. We don’t need an ad hominem from you. Attitudes about Islam are irrelevant in this context.
        Keith has made a point about names, while your points are about faces. Let’s see what happens when we put faces together with names. Keith has eight with the same name who have lived in Utah, but that won’t be the number who have also lived in Connecticut, much less Sandy Hook.
        Let’s extend the analysis and see how many with the same (or a similar) name also have the same (or a similar) face and who reside in the same (or similar locations)–where we shall
        read more ...
      • Professor Fetzer rightly points out Spengler’s fallacious ad hominem. What does “Islamophobia” have to do with the authenticity or inauthenticity of the Sandy Hook massacre? Besides, I’m not Islamophobic, nor am I anti-Semitic or Judaicphobic. I have legitimate reasons to be critical of SOME Muslims and some Jews, as I do about members of other racial-ethnic-religious-cultural-gender groups. I evaluate and am critical of their ACTIONS — what Talcott Parsons called “achievement criteria” — not their ascriptive traits, i.e., attributes we’re born with, about which neither they nor I nor you nor “Spengler” can change. But we can change our behavior.
    6. (Continued From) These articles do harm to the theory that SHES was a government hoax. If this is the best that one can come up with on one of the alleged key players in the hoax, then the overall theory is hanging by a thin thread. There is a lot of public information on Robbie Parker that a good investigative journalist should be able to confirm or tear apart with a visits to Sandy Hook and Ogden and interviews with neighbors and work colleagues there. Although there is apparently something not kosher with Robbie Parker, better research needs to be done by all Sandy Hook hoax theorists if their claims are going to be taken seriously.
      • Keith, Don’t get carried away. You have made interesting observations about the name and the number by that name who reside in Utah, which is fascinating. But do you have photographs of any of these others? And why in the world would you suggest that the case for Sandy Hook as a hoax hinges on the identity of this one man? What about the missing 600 kids? the absence of buses? the early arrival of the CT State Police chopper? the missing EMTs? the missing ambulances? that none of the parents were allowed to ID their children’s bodies, which were left at the school and (alleged) removed in the dead of night? the lack of names, ages or sex of the victims in the Final Report?
        You are advancing a classic “straw man” by exaggerating the situation
        read more ...
      • I think exact what you write here. Every mistake on our site is a winning got the hoax-maker… Be careful, hit by hit. But this site isn’t one.
    7. First off, Robbie and Robby do not look that similar, they are clearly two different people. Thus, this is the second person (John Walker being the first) falsely accused of being associated with SHES. Secondly, there are 82 Robert Parker’s who have lived Utah with 8 between 31 to 40 years old (Intellius.com). There is a 37 year old Robert Parker (aka Bobby) living in Provo (never lived in Ogden) and another 32 year old in Ogden who also lived in Sandy Hook (aka Robbie). Thirdly, Robbie never went to BYU and appears to have graduated from Weber State in 2004 and Pacific University (masters) in 2010 (www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGy9BP61PJ4).
      I don’t understand how the authors come to the conclusion that Robbie and Robby are the same person, and why
      read more ...
      • Fascinating! Are you claiming there are eight (8)
        all of whom have the same features as follow
        Note that #1 and #2 have the same
        V-shaped widow’s peak hairline
        Eyebrow shape
        Vertical frown line between the eyebrows
        A “Rumpole” nose with a fleshy tip
        Ear shape and size
        An inverted triangle-shaped face
        U-shaped chin
        Same upper front teeth
        Man #1 and man #2 also share other traits. Both
        1. Are in their early 30s.
        2. Have lived or living in Utah.
        3. Attended Brigham Young University.
        4. Have identical names and almost identical nicknames
        ♦ Man #1 is Robbie Parker (Robbie is a nickname of Robert)
        ♦ Man #2 is Robby Parker (Robby is a nickname of Robert)
        And who work for
        read more ...
        • A widow’s peak is a V-shaped point in the hairline in the center of the forehead. They aren’t all as striking as Eddie Munster’s. It’s close enough here to justify the use of the phrase.
          So you want me to send you copies of 150 articles? I can’t do that, but you are welcome to read them at any half-way decent university library. My CV is at http://www.d.umn.edu/~jfetzer/
          On the properties of deductive vs. inductive arguments, for example, you might want to check out my GLOSSARY OF EPISTEMOLOGY/PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE (1993) with Robert F. Almeder.
          On the basic principle of scientific
          read more ...
    8. Anybody with a modicum of facial recognition capcity can see very clearly that Robbie Parker, the Sandy Hook actor, and Robby Parker, the Quality Assurance Engineer, are two very different people. For example, the latter has a much higher hairline. The top of his skull is more elongated and oblong compared to Robbie Parker, the Sandy Hook actor whose skull top is flatter and more squareish. The ears are completely different.
      • Well, that seems rather exaggerated to me. Notice the similarities between them that Dr. Eowyn has noted. There are many ways that photos can be tweaked to alter appearances, which you probably know. The fit between Robby Parker and the kind of person whom would be appropriate for the role of “Robbie Parker”, however, is simply stunning. Given their background similarities (1. Are in their early 30s. 2. Have lived or living in Utah. 3. Attended Brigham Young University. 4. Have identical names and almost identical nicknames), the probability that they are the same man where some of these photos have been tweaked seems to me overwhelmingly greater than that they should have these similarities and not be the same person. So if it doesn’t all fit perfectly,
        read more ...
        • Well, I am sure that Dr Barrett will have something to say about Dr Eowyn’s Islamophobia (as evidenced from his website). The simple truth is the two men in the photographs are entirely different and this kind of sloppy analysis and wishful thinking makes this otherwise respectable journal look like a gutter-press tabloid.
          • You are the one wallowing in the gutter. We are here wrestling with one of the greatest hoaxes of all time and you are faulting us for not doing flawless work! I really think you need to reconsider your role in this, because you are moving far beyond the realm of constructive criticism to destructive rubbish and crap.
    9. I don’t know about you, Nasir. You strike me as a complete horse’s ass. And what about Carl Sagan? He is not the subject of any of my research, so why were you even bringing him up to me? One of us may not be a researcher, but that would not be me.
    10. What is there you do not understand? Since anyone can deny anything, no matter how true or well-supported, OBVIOUSLY “there is NOTHING no one can deny”–even that 2 + 2 = 4, if we are talking about drops of water, for example, where “+” means put together, since then 2 drops put together with 2 drops equals one larger drop. You seem to have no understanding of logic or of the difference between inductive and deductive reasoning. I offered courses in logic, critical thinking and scientific reasoning for 35 years. Tell me the difference between them because, frankly, I don’t think you have a clue. The basic rule of reasoning here is inference to the best explanation, which I discuss, among many other places, in “Thinking about ‘Conspiracy Theories’ 9/11 and
      read more ...
    11. I have counted thirteen grammar, syntax, spelling and punctuation errors in three of your six postings, Nasir. At that point I quit.
      I am glad I am not your student.
    12. Thank you Nasir for your comment. I appreciate the time you took to condemn another. I am not a researcher, but I have researched a ton of articles on many topics. Many writers on VT do not use current pictures of themselves, which, like your posting, is their right to do. Very few readers here care what time and life do to others, or if Fetzer is Hollywood material.
      I read a lot of his responses to positive and negative comments by readers. Personally, I think if you show obvious, factual, and undeniable evidence or proof several times, and then another continues to harp, whine, and question the validity of it, I suppose I too would be a little irritated and defensive. Many times Fetzer has remained calm and steadfast and educated readers presenting
      read more ...
      • Thank you Nasir. I will take this under consideration and stay on my utmost vigilance for any purposeful mistakes someone makes. In this day and age where speaking out can attract the ire of some very powerful people, I am sure people are already hesitant to speak out against authority. If purposely making mistakes is your M.O., so be it. Not knowing anything about you, I hope it works for you. Obviously it does. I appreciate the follow up.
      • And I have the same right to size up you. You fault my work on JFK, for example, but what of mine on JFK have you ever read? I have at least a two dozen articles on JFK here on Veterans Today. I edited ASSASSINATION SCIENCE (1998), MURDER IN DEALEY PLAZA (2000), and THE GREAT ZAPRUDER FILM HOAX (2003). I have many videos and other presentations on JFK on-line, such as JFK at 50 The Who, the How and the Why”. I doubt very much you have read any of them. As a test, identify something I have said about JFK and why I say it, then explain what I have wrong and how you know. You strike me a someone who is impressed with himself but doesn’t actually pack the gear. So let’s get it on. You criticized my work on JFK. I am calling your bluff.
        • This is not a definition, Nasir. I take it you do not know the difference between inductive and deductive reasoning. What of my JFK have you read? You appear to be a phony from beginning to end. I am sorry, but your role here is not to advance the truth about Sandy Hook or about me.
    13. While many skeptics insist that 100% of the conclusions being reached in this inquiry be formed from the deductive model, which can produce proven validity, we must allow the latitudes provided in the inductive model to embrace the overreach being demonstrated here. It is perfectly within bounds to reach an assumed conclusion without all of the known facts being stated by letting probability enter into the equation.
      Once factored with all of the other known facts, inductive logic forms the basics for Lt. Columbo and others to piece together a mosaic of many crimes.
      Jim Fetzer should win the Lt. Columbo Award for his constant diligence and resolve in putting some of the most profound conclusions together, while being at the supreme disadvantage of not
      read more ...
      • I will leave these to ponder in your travail;
        Two Methods of Reasoning
        Inductive Logic(Stanford)
        Inductive logic? We use it everyday….since the beginning of time.
        Figuring probability does not construct a lie, it uncovers many truths by their reasoned associations.
        Check it out.
        • Do you understand the difference, Nasir? What are the properties that distinguish deductive arguments from inductive? And what are some common examples of inductive reasoning? And you have faulted a perfectly grammatical sentence of mine, but here you advance an ungrammatical one of your own. I am forming the impression that your massive arrogance is rooted in profound ignorance. Define the terms.
    14. i am surprised by many things:
      - why topic is being changed from sh being staged event (beyond proof – the video by mature lady is best – was posted on vt sometime ago)
      - why there are so many desperare trolls? 28k population being silent? i think everyone is not silent. they are just tired. they dont want to think anything. it doesnt matter whether they live in newtown or outside it. they are just too tired to even think beyond what msm will tell tem.
      and equally surprising is why the hell author is replying to auch queries? seriously, author seems to play good cop with bad cop (trolls)… i feel that these article is not innocent diversion but is planned well to discredit sh truthers.
      adter all vt also supported gaddaffi and his followers (basically
      read more ...
      • You are right. Nasir and Ty are out to change the subject from Sandy Hook to me. I missed your original point, thinking you meant this article “changes the subject” when it is some of the commentators. And you are almost certainly right–that I should not spend so much time responding to trolls. And there appear to be good reasons why the people of Sandy Hook are not making their concerns known publicly. On both of those points, I agree.
    15. Is Wolfgang still in Newtown? Does anyone have his telephone number…I know it’s public knowledge.
    16. Parker went to BYU! BYU is nothing less than the CIA’s training academy.
      LDS (Mormon) youth are recruited by the CIA because their Church encourages 2 years service as missionaries in a foreign country. These young people make friends, learn the culture, and become fluent in the language of their host country.
      “The LDS church is a structured vertical hierarchy that employs a chain of command from the prophet, who also serves as the organization’s president, down to priesthood for boys as young as 12 years old.” The LDS mindset is male dominated and one of absolute obedience to your superiors. This brainwashed mentality makes LDS youth perfect CIA recruits. These young men are absolutely convinced of the righteousness of their mission … Whatever that
      read more ...
    17. In reality, it is a given that the verbal presence of someone like Ty Pearson aka Sy Schneerson is a great benefit and inducement for truth seekers. Pearson or whatever his name is plays the straw man game that is blatantly obvious. This type of individual is only too happy to deny and denigrate everything from the researchers like Fetzer, but he conveniently accepts carefully chosen realities and passes them off as being “nothing here, move along”. Every investigation has stronger and weaker points, this one is no different. We all know Pearson or whatever the person’s name is is a shill, a plant, an agent of disinfo. This type of individual appears and disappears after his/her work is done and the checks are cashed. We’ve seen many come and go over the years here at
      read more ...
    18. Did anyone else notice the little summary statement on Robby Parker (2)’s LinkedIn page?
      ….”an insatiable desire to create order out of chaos.” Now, where have I heard that slogan before?
      • Excellent observation, Buck!
        In Old Latin, “Order Out Of Chaos” is Ordo Ab Chao, which is the motto of none other than Freemasonry’s 33rd Degree.
        http //www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Order%20Out%20Of%20Chaos
    19. WonderingAloud
      The fact that Robbie Parker and his co-horts have not been arrested by now is telling. They’re doing the work they’ve been hired for, which is to whip-up paranoia and division here in the US and question the tenets of our free society.
      Go back home Robbie, you’re not welcome here. No kids died at Sandy Hook and that is why you laughed.
      Robbie and his wife can try to “Sell the Crazy,” but the spidey sense of Americans is tingling… they can smell a load of BS although they may be too polite to point it out.
      As for the introduction of biometric identification programs, this is already beginning in the US with offers to bypass DHS screening at the borders with a special card… featuring biometric info. Where is it headed? Check out a company called
      read more ...
    20. Preston James, Ph.D
      As Professor Fetzer and the other researchers he associates with continue to peel back the criminal conspiracy onion we now find SERCO in the middle. Serco is allegedly one of the world’s biggest zio spy agencies run out iof the City of London. It was busy at work in my town, reading meters and other tasks seemingly more associated with spy work than anything else. The deeper the Analysis of Sandy hoax goes, the more criminal fraud and conspiracy to commit RICO financial crimes appears.
      Folks, these scum have defrauded over 29 million dollars from the dumbed-down conned public by this faked false-flag on the second amendment event. Now an association with the world wide occult network (freemasons) and Serco appears. I suppose it will lead to temple of set, Michael
      read more ...
      • DR. JAMES – RiteOn.
        ++ You could probably take’m down with this RICO-cide case & make’m cough up all United Way + other $$$$ received as donations or anything else-
        This case is also good against Lucky Larry Silverstein + Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) for forfeiture of all insurance $$$$ he and all others received in addition to lifetime prison (or upside-down crucifixion) for the murders.
        464 U.S. 16 (104 S.Ct. 296, 78 L.Ed.2d 17)
        Joseph C. RUSSELLO, Petitioner v. UNITED STATES.
        This editorial explains the above case without the legalese -
      • also -this related NY case makes the WTC insurance contracts retroactively rescindable because Lucky Larry did not disclose to insurers that he was going to nuke those buildings!!!!
        Lin v. Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.
        February 25, 2010
        This case wasn’t published may be due to its possible damage to Lucky Larry & all the bogus 9/11 insurance claims. Could some NY lawyer (or any one else) please ask the court to publish it for good reasons???
        Thanks. -lc
      • WonderingAloud
        You summed it up very nicely. Sandy Hook is not unrelated to the larger game at hand.
    21. Here’s some evidence the school may have been in use as recently as the previous school year. See pictures of the library here http //katherinemauro.weebly.com/site-visit.html and here http //photos.newtownbee.com/keyword/Kindles/ and compare to the police video after the incident, from 41 min. here https //www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_TksWbIN7Y
      • The photos are from the crime accomplice “NEWTOWN BEE” & it is coming from their archives!!! see the watermark mid-low section of each pic. They were taken & posted by the Bee not the school.
        There is no proof these students names are real especially that without parental consent it is illegal to post the minors names!!! There is also no proof that they are standing in SH library. Even if they were in SH (in picture) the pic could have been fabricated after December of 2012!!!
        The original PICs have METADATA & could be identified timed precisely. Someone could file a FOIA demanding the originals to have it determined when taken. If they don’t deliver it means its fabricated!!! This is call cover-up crimes & after the fact complicity in crime!!!
        read more ...
    22. I don’t think the last guy or this new guy are the same man that played the role of grieving parent in this engineered tragedy. To me it almost does not matter who played Robbie Parker. It’s a small detail that distracts from the main thrust of this inquiry, that being this was an engineered tragedy. The composure to have a good laugh before talking about your freshly murdered daughter is a rare trait in the human species. Eight years ago I was involved in a whitewater rafting accident and the subsequent dramatic rescue. A beautiful young woman was drowned in a logjam. CPR from an expert guide was unsuccessful. I gave it a second try and witnessed a miracle as this girl came back from the other side. When she came around she looked up at the rescue team and said “I died, didn’t I?” No
      read more ...
      • I love how a HUGE part of the argument made for this case is Parker’s interview and the fact that he was smiling and laughing for a minute. Have any of you attended a funeral recently of someone that was well liked? My grandmother died at the ripe ol’ age of 98 last November. She was an absolutely amazing lady and loved by her entire community. There was plenty of crying at her funeral and the days surrounding it to be sure, but there was also plenty of smiling and laughing as we recounted hundreds of our favorite memories. If someone had asked me to give an interview about my grandmother, I know I would’ve done my best to be composed and upbeat to pay her proper homage. I can’t even imagine what Parker was going through as the death of his daughter was much more sudden than that of my
        read more ...
        • I don’t think you can compare the death of your 98 year old grandmother and the brutal murder of children.
          • Reactions to the deaths of loved ones consist of more than wailing for days on end. Look up on article on grieving and you will see this. Or just pay attention next time you’re at a funeral.
            • I don’t agree. My grandmother is 95 and still going but if my child was murdered in the way these kids were, my reaction would be completely different than my grandmother who has lived a long full life. I don’t agree with your argument.
      • I agree, derek. Posting another potential alias a day after the first debocle does no good especially when the proof is nothing more than statistical odds. The 180 Parker did walking to the mic, setting up a charity same or next day, and laughing with the president the next day is all I need to know something is very, very wrong. Then the subsequent cover up of information, heavily redacted freedom of information pieces, zero lawsuits, stonewall of Halbig, and NO
      • I agree, Derek. Posting another potential alias a day after the first debocle does no good especially when the proof is nothing more than statistical odds.
        The 180 Parker did walking to the mic, setting up a charity the same or next day, and laughing with the president the next day is all I need to know something is very, very wrong. Then the subsequent cover up of information, heavily redacted freedom of information pieces, zero lawsuits, stonewall of Halbig requests, and NO PARENTS AT THE RECENT BOARD MEETING to give Halbig a what for does not pass the smell test.
        Keep searching for information and blogs.
    23. Attempt to answer this for me, Fetz, and I will finally leave you and your sheeple in peace. It’s even more difficult than finding one person out of a town of 28,000 to verify any of your bullshit apparently? You’ve still never commented on how the government has gotten 28,000 real life American citizens to go along with this plan to enslave themselves. Did they go door-to-door? Was there a big town meeting? Mailers? I grew up in a town of 30,000. People know where the 6 or 7 elementary schools are located. I did. My dad was a hard ass Marine. There would have no been threat or bribe that could ever have convinced my father to go along with something like this in my town. Are all 28,000 American citizens of Newtown cowards? It is IMPOSSIBLE that no one would have stood up to say something
      read more ...
      • Actually, I did comment on it before, but you are so eager to attack again and again that you don’t bother to think about it. It looks very much as though this is some kind of “company town” where there are many ties to the military/industrial complex. Ordinary citizens would be puzzled and wonder what in the world is going on, but hesitate to speak out about it. The Connecticut State Police, who are especially powerful in that state, were threatening to prosecute anyone who contradicted the official line. Even Wolf was given threats by local officers on behalf of the Connecticut State Police. Under those circumstances, it would take a special brand of courage to speak out. But what puzzles me is your willingness to discount the objective evidence that this was a hoax. I will not be surprised
        read more ...
        • Ty Pearson is not here to debate the facts objectively. Along with Omniputz and the arschole who slithers, he graduated in the top third of his class at Troll Academy. He was mind-kontrolled and probably suffered ritual sexual abuse before he was even out of the crib. Therefore it is no skin off his hooked nose to defend the BIG LIE for a paycheck.
          He is a ‘company man’ in the same vein as Newtown is a company town. (and the CEO is Lucifer) He also swears that 19 Arabs with box cutters brought down the three steel frame towers on 9/11/2001 and of course that the Boston Marathon was for real and that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin of JFK. The bigger the LIE, the more tenaciously these pathetic minions will defend it.
          As far as Anderson Cooper is concerned. His homosexuality
          read more ...
          • More Jews!!!! Are you sure you shouldn’t change the name of your site to “Veterans Who Think Jews Rule The Entire World And Are The Reason My Life Sucks Because I Refuse To Leave The House As My Pasty Ass Has Melded To My Computer Chair Because I Never Get Up From My Computer Because There Is Nothing More Important Than Me Twiddling On The Interwebs To Find More Evidence About The Evil Jew Wizards Who Have Ruined My Life”? dot com.
            • Time to run along now, little Shlomo, and get back to your Talmudic studies, or your Satan worship, or practicing your beastiality, pedophilia (or your other sexual perversions), or torturing small animals, or slaughtering Arab children, or stealing Arab land, or trafficking plundered organs, or trafficking sex slaves, or bribing politicians, or defrauding your insurance company, or making up holocaust stories, or painting swastikas on your front door, or whatever it is you Judenfilth do when you’re not on line telling lies or otherwise making an ass out of yourselves.
            • Ah…so you DO have a hooked nose…LOL
              Better flee before someone makes a bar of soap out of your subcutaneous fat.
        • From my experience as a citizen in this state of Connecticut, it very strongly appears that the state and local agencies and individuals involved did NOT fight back vocally and vigorously against those who were constantly probing like Fetz and myself. I’ve pestered the Hartford Courant incesantly and they basically roll up in a ball and never reply to my queries. The governor has said nothing, ditto the AG in the state. If somebody is going to falsely accuse me, I’m going to scream like hell. Likewise, the governor is a loud mouthed Irishman and to not have such an individual scream back makes me very suspicious. I smell the Feds in the background here, they are running this dog and pony show.
          • Yeah the no-shows at the recent board meeting is telling. If I was a parent and this guy Halbig wandered into town to espouse some nonsense about all of this a hoax I would be there screaming with a lawyer on each side.
        • So that’s it? 28,000 people know it is a hoax. Every far-right NRA member with a closet full of guns and every far-left hippie who hates their government. Every crack addict who could sell their story for a million bucks. Not one single person will say anything? How incredibly easy would it be for you or one of your co-horts to move there for a month? Have coffee at the local donut shop. Hang out at the cafe. Meet some people. Befriend them. Eventually ask them if they knew anyone was killed. For a few weeks of your time you’d either learn it actually happened or you would blow the top off of a hoax that would make you a wealthy American patriot in the eyes of all. That is called researching a story.
          • Ty, you keep badgering with the same point over and over. The fallacy of your point is this…..who would one of these 28,000 people tell???? If you cannot concede that the media is 100% controlled, then you will never understand how “someone wouldn’t talk.” Who, exactly, are they going to talk to???? Until you will answer that one question, very specifically, there is no validity to your one and only point.
            • And talking to a stranger at the donut shop or cafe doesn’t count, obviously. Many people have claimed to visit Newtown and talk to the locals, and these “researchers” are always called a liar and then naysayers like you challenge them with “prove it!”
        • So you asserted that you would stop this endless harassment if I answered your question. I answered your question but you continue to harass. So to the list of fake, phony, shill we can now add “liar” to describe Ty Pearson. I thought it was very odd that you would describe those of us who are seeking the truth about Sandy Hook as “sheeple”, when that describes those who swallow the official accounts of these things, such as JFK, 9/11, Wellstone and the Boston bombing, not those who challenge them. I am entertaining the conjecture that you suffer from cognitive impairments, including attacking me for others who have in the past raised questions about your friend. I find that just a bit odd, but then, you are creating quite a legend for yourself as a completely obnoxious prick.
        • Fetzer – Im beginning to think your either blind or going senile. I usually dont resort to personal attacks but this is really beyond the pale as the ears are not even close to being the same, not to mention you were wrong about Johnny Walker just days ago. The other explanation is that the Vatican is pulling the plug on this whole truth movement and using the Jew bashing VT to do it. While we are busy blaming Israel the Black Pope Francis and Jesuit General Adolfo Nicolus are going right along with the pedophila ring and heroin trade while creating a one world aryan government as the take back the city on the hill from the semitic peoples and institute a new caesar and IMF based currency.
          • It’s easy to alter the appearance of ears. You are extremely naive. Look at the similarities
            Note that #1 and #2 have the same
            V-shaped widow’s peak hairline
            Eyebrow shape
            Vertical frown line between the eyebrows
            A “Rumpole” nose with a fleshy tip
            Ear shape and size
            An inverted triangle-shaped face
            U-shaped chin
            Same upper front teeth
            Man #1 and man #2 also share other traits. Both
            1. Are in their early 30s.
            2. Have lived or living in Utah.
            3. Attended Brigham Young University.
            4. Have identical names and almost identical nicknames
            ♦ Man #1 is Robbie Parker (Robbie is a nickname of Robert)
            ♦ Man #2 is Robby Parker (Robby is a nickname
            read more ...
    24. Mr. Fetzer Quick to criticize those who do little, and know less. At least you are out there doing something and mistakes will be made. Like fouling out of a basketball game one time, I apologized to my coach, as I sat down next to him on the bench. he looked at me and I thought I would get chewed out for coming out of the game. He slapped my knee and told me, “At least you are out there trying to do something!”
      You are in the game trying and mistakes will be made. We ALL understand that. Your credibility to me anyway is impeccable. From JFK to 911, you’ve forgotten more than many of us know put together. maybe move slower next time but “at least you’re out there trying to do something!” Many have your back. Many are in your admiration and appreciate you in many ways. There will always
      read more ...
      • So if he implicates you next would you feel the same way? Better hide your FB photos if you like anyone from Newtown!
        • Ty, we know you are out there. You have said you would cease if I answered your question. I have. Cease.
          • Ty, sometimes, during investigations, cops arrest the wrong man. There was clear probable cause, and a mistaken identity immediately rectified is not a sign of knowledge or intent to condemn someone. Are you that locked into your thought “pristine” thought processes. A bigger issue looms. If you would fake your death and collect the insurance money, isn’t that fraud? And this is not even mentioning the larger conspiracy of a group of actors committing the fraud benefiting from millions of dollars from public donations. At least I would be mature enough about it to ask for a retraction. See the bigger picture Ty. This is major stuff Mr. Fetzer is dealing with, far and beyond you or me. Don’t you see the magnitude of what has taken place in Sandy Hook?
            Good grief man, plug in or tune out–jeesh.

            read more ...
            • People hounded my friend for over a YEAR about this when it was absurdly obvious he wasn’t that guy. They also hounded his friends and family. So it’s no big deal for Fetzer to hound an innocent man and his family, but it’s horrible when the government does it someone, right? You’re willing to give him a pass because you believe in his good overall intentions? Maybe the NWO wants to round everyone up and have big cupcake party, so everything they do is really okay.
            • Why are you still posting? You told me you would quit harassing me if I answered your question. I answered your question, yet you are still harassing. I think we need to add “unethical” to the list of your attributes, which also covers holding me responsible for the actions of other in the past. It cannot have been “absurdly obvious” when independent researchers have entertained the same conclusion about your friend. Why not give it rest? You are coming across a completely unhinged.
    25. Those two guys look so little alike that I’d have to call you a racist if they were Black for making such a claim.
      • Ty, sometimes, during investigations, cops arrest the wrong man. There was clear probable cause, and a mistaken identity immediately rectified is not a sign of knowledge or intent to condemn someone. Are you that locked into your thought “pristine” thought processes. A bigger issue looms. If you would fake your death and collect the insurance money, isn’t that fraud? And this is not even mentioning the larger conspiracy of a group of actors committing the fraud benefiting from millions of dollars from public donations. At least I would be mature enough about it to ask for a retraction. See the bigger picture Ty. This is major stuff Mr. Fetzer is dealing with, far and beyond you or me. Don’t you see the magnitude of what has taken place in Sandy Hook? They can do a lot in film today. i.e.; Forrest Gump.
        read more ...
      • Ty Pearson, you have burnished your credentials as an obnoxious prick here sufficient for a lifetime. You really ought to consider the virtually complete absence of rationality and reason you display, not to cite your unethical conduct in promising to cease your harassment if I answered your question (which I have done, but you are continuing to harass) but also for holding me responsible for the actions of others in the distant past (which shows that you have no integrity at all). What kind of profession tolerates unethical liars like you? Inquiring minds want to know. If it requires rationality or ethics, you deserve to be fired.
    26. Keep the pressure on, Jim. We’ve had countless disinformation postings by all the usual suspects under various pseudonyms before, and they have enough in common to smell a rat. They attack, do namecalling, they never provide real information (such as real confirmation of ANYTHING from Sandy Hook). And the ‘official’ evidence can never be independently examined.
      Am I right?
      • They are like a school of pirana. It’s a good thing I have the hide of a rhinoceros. Thanks for your support.
          • This from a guy who thinks it was a “real deal”, ignoring the early State Police Chopper photo, the missing 600 kids and 75 adults, the lack of urgency, the absence of EMTs and ambulances, on and on and on. He has made one meaningless post after another. But that does not mean everything he posts is rubbish. I welcome serious criticism, even if it comes from an unlikely source. There are all kinds of subtle differences whether you are standing or sitting, relaxed or up-tight, that affect photos and images, where their analysis is a subtle business. Perhaps someone has facial-recognition software that they can apply to this case, which might assist in resolving some of these questions.
    27. Much further investigation on the Parkers. (professional photo examination including checking for “photo-shop”, facial recognition software, forensic facial reconstruction, etc).is needed.
      Check Brigham Young University records and look for degrees from anywhere showing physician’s assistant or “quality control engineer”. Check all dates for chronological congruence.
      Go to Mormon building and check massive computerized genealogical records. Check for children of Robbie and Robby. It would be very telling if there are not two separate genealogical lines or if blurred unclear record. FBI/CIA can mess up genealogical records too. Check for common ancestors, family relationship. Check if either was converted to Mormonism and do not have Mormon religion family history as that indicates FBI/CIA
      read more ...
      • Excellent suggestions, Jeannon. And my understanding is the Mormons make up a disproportionate percent of the FBI, which is curious by itself. This whole move to disarm the public and chip us is of enormous importance to the future of the country, Sandy Hook has to be take apart, piece by piece.
    28. One has to consider that if SH is fake (clearly is), then the Winston Smith’s working for the Ministry of Truth will be busy rewriting history to delete any offending information. It might mean that earlier versions of videos appearing in the public domain will be replaced with later versions that have been altered. Has anyone researched into this idea? That is, have the earlist versions of the press video (if found) been compared to those now appearing on youtube and elsewhere? Would like to see a video nerd with the toys and resources look into evidence of tampering of the press video at the earliest stages (to obscure what Parker said when approaching the podium with that mook smile on his face). Hey, if I was a spook, I would have been on rewriting that video yesterday.
      • It looks to me as though the agencies (both FBI and CIA) are actively involved in faking new photos and new documents to create a fabricated record to use to respond to what we have discovered. Which is why we have to go back to elements of the case that are impossible to fake the early arrival of the state police chopper, the failure to call a Med-Evac chopper, the absence of EMTs, the lack of urgency and all that. Sofia Smallstorm has interviewed a Los Angeles school safety expert, Paul Preston, whose take on Sandy Hook further confirms and substantiates that Sandy Hook was a hoax. Check it out at https //www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXwiW01yX8M
    29. There are far too many differences for these to be the same person.
      Hair is different, hair color is different, hair line is different.
      Ear lobes are different and the more I look the more I realize everything about the ears are different.
      Eye color is different.
      Facial lines are different, both on forehead and around mouth.
      Left front tooth is different.
      Chin stubble is different.
      Overall look of one to the other is different.
      I recognize it is silly to make a solid case on just one photo of each but, based just on these photos, I’d say these are not the same guy.
      • Well, there are photos of me that look different than other photos of me. Photo comparison analysis is a very hazardous endeavor. I suspect that facial recognition software has a role to play here. I welcome it. If we are wrong, we are wrong; but this guy fits the situation to a “t”. Science proceeds by a method of successive approximation in searching for the hypothesis that can provide the best explanation of the available data. As Sir Karl Popper observed, we learn from our mistakes. But I would like to believe that we are getting closer to the truth.
        • I’m with Chandler above. I’m not criticizing, just offering an opinion. I am so impressed with your body of work that the thought of a mistake here and there doesn’t concern me. I’m even more impressed that you’re willing to admit that yourself. Where in the “mainstream” media do we see that? We don’t.
      • the ears are a rock solid give away — the two ears are completely different and the pictures are not the same person
        this is not to say that Fetzer isn’t on to something BIG with the chipping agenda
        the whole gun grabbing thing is there, but IMHO it’s not adding up … something else is going on here. the “alternative” media is being used to add a “missing note” to this orchestrated sonata if you will of Bolshevik Agenda and state-sponsored (Pentagon-DHS-Trotskyite) Terrorism. The one question no one is asking (i.e. thus creating the question that EVERYONE is asking) is … WHERE are the CHILDREN? That I believe is the actual psyops message behind the Sandy Hook Elementary School operation.
        In that case, the chipping operation is right on
        the Ears are different … no chance they are the same
        read more ...
        • My impression is that the ears have been tweaked in some of the photos. But I do agree that they are as distinctive as fingerprints. So if that difference remains when we have this sorted out, it will matter. But your point about CHIPPING is extremely important. Thanks for emphasizing that here.
    30. please don’t overlook the obvious fact that each one of these people are smiling. Why in the hell are these people smiling in the picture with Obama? Considering what has just happened to their daughter and ALL the others, why are they smiling and so happy? is it because they have just pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes? If this shooting tragedy is real, these people are sickos. How could anyone in their right minds be so happy so overjoyed losing a child, and knowing others lost their children and be so ecstatic? Could anyone be this excited over standing next to this president? That is the tell-tale picture in this entire scenario Mr. Fetzer.
      On the issue of Robbie Parker. Doesn’t matter to me who he is whether real of substitute. We ALL saw him smiling coming out of that door before stepping to the
      read more ...
      • This is what I keep coming back to. If my son or daughter had just been murdered 2 days previously, you would not find me laughing or smiling or probably allowing ANYONE around me to do so. My face would be red and swollen from constant crying and I would be unshaven and probably not dressed too well or my hair perfect.
        If this was real I don’t believe Obama, no matter what a criminal slime bag he is, would be laughing and yucking it up with the family members either.
        I’m with you Chandler, the picture of him with Obama, coupled with his press conference, tells me everything I need to know.
        • Like the walking dead Huh? Imagine a official, police officer, coroner, sheriff telling a parent they cannot see their dead child before they have to be buried? Hard to fathom. Then magnify that by the number of families with murdered children. Then imagine ALL of them saying, oh okay, it’s okay, go ahead a bury them. I know I am not the brightest bulb in the box ( as some of my posts have clearly shown,) but my god do they think all the people are continuing to buy into their lies? “Do you take me for such a fool…” sang Bob Dylan? They must, and then stand there protecting their lies and deceit! What is happening in OUR country America mpennery?????
          • That’s another one I hadn’t thought of. NOBODY could tell me I couldn’t see my dead child.
            What’s happening to our country Chandler? Well, a large group of evil men is trying to keep us in a prison it seems. We are their cattle. But we’re about to break out.
      • That’s it in a nut shell. All of the smiling is very strange. Had I lost my daughter and gave a press conference so soon after such a horrific event, I would have vomited all over the podium.
    31. Don’t know about the ringers, but at about 28 seconds into the Parker statement to the Press video (above), the smiling Parker, when approaching the podium, first says “Read from the card?”. It needs to be rerun and looked at multiple times, but that is what he asks. Why isn’t that pointed out more often? Read from the card? Only if it’s fake. It’s a smoking gun, even more than that phony smile.
      • Charlotte NC Bill
        Exactly! Concentrate on that…the lack of medivacs…the lack of ambulances and emergency medical personnel…the absence of internet activity at this school turned storage facility!…We were scammed again..they want our guns so nothing will stand in the way of the big goy slap-down like they did in Russia fm 1917 on…No school buses ( at least a dozen would have been needed ) were sent to bring the kids home….if that’s true, and it is, then why did only several show up at Gene Rosen’s house? ( Having walked right past the Firehouse )? I can’t believe ANYONE still believes the official versions of ANYTHING.
    32. Exactly why I hesitate to read some of these pieces. It’s as if they have their own hidden agenda. Anyway this one does indeed beg a question or two, so allow me.
      Jim, which is the bigger problem, the guy from Texas or that dog and pony show which took place at that school board meeting? If the Texan was thinking of a suit, then what on earth are those supposedly bound and gagged thinking in Newtown?
      Forgive me but Mr Halbig came across as, well, confusing seems a good description…..Choppers and such are a bit dramatic, overkill hollywood style. Anyway……mistakes are made everyday, that’s a given………….but sorting out which are mistakes and which were done on purpose……………….are the stumbling blocks those of which you mention……CIA….” FOR EXAMPLE ” are well versed at deploying….I mean if you’re catching this
      read more ...
    33. captain obvious
      these two are VERY similar looking, very minor differences, almost interchangeable. really does seem to tie in with all the other supportives, like a fund site created 2-3 days before the event and all the things indicating a DRILL using “crisis actors” for power-control-profit grabs with media propaganda. insatiable desire to creating order out of chaos… yeah wow, gee where have I heard THAT hegelian garbage before..
      the robbie parker yukkin it up with the camera guys before-after the nationwide “boohoo ACT”, disgusting. staging terrorism (real or fake) to try to subvert God given Constitutionally reminded rights is deserving the punishments for treason and crimes against humanity. no doubt SH and BMB are exactly that.
      • Hey there, Captain. Weren’t you here yesterday saying the same thing about my friend??
        • captain obvious
          I said it about “robbie parker” the crisis actor, and you oughtta know THAT.
          • captain obvious
            do you want a crisis actor involved in a false flag terrorism psyop against the American People to be left unpunished Ty? is there a reason you try to discredit someone actively trying to expose a crime that could be used to try to erode our basic human and constitutional rights? in another comment you made I saw a typical “when all else fails lets play the OMG anti-semites card”, am I mistaken? are you more concerned about your friend, or someone who may have taken the bait about your friend, or WHO PUT THE BAIT OUT THERE about your friend for others to fall for in the first place? have you stopped beating your wife? do you understand the point yet?
    34. Interesting…my first impression…looking at the pictures…is that they are not the same person. The eyes area is different, the ear lobes and the smile…one of them shows his ‘gums’ when he smiles. Genetically…Utah is filled with males that look like both of these men. Sandy Hook Robbie is a fake but I’m not sure this person is that Robbie. It’s possible that the ‘orchestrators’ used Robby Parker as their ‘reference model’ and then found someone who looked like him. If I was on a ‘learning curve’ on how to generate ‘false flag’ confusion…this might be my new strategy
      • captain obvious
        you know “Utah” was founded by criminals on the run for trying to bust “joey smith” outta jail, after losing many men defending the rear, “hail brutha brigham” said lets play polygamy and Utah couldnt become a state until they agreed to try to abolish the polygamy. I have no doubts about a lot of inbreeding with its relative insanity regarding a good number of residents in Utah. that tidbit only scratches the surface.
    35. Don’t forget the ears between the DHS guy and Robbie Parker look totally different.
      • It does look a bit like they have fudged the ears in some of these photos, but the rest of the likeness is far closer to the same than with John Matthew Walker. I now see that he (Walker) would have been an odd choice, even thought there are ways to argue that, however unlikely, he was a good choice. But if you think you can do better, go for it. I make no claims to infallibility. I am doing what I can with what I have.
        And Robby makes much better sense in terms of his background and connections and ties together the whole event with DHS and CIA, which I have believed from the start were intimately involved. This was a very elaborate scam, which extended from Obama and Holder and the CIA and the DHS to Governor Malloy and on down. A friend has suggested that facial-recognition software may be the tool to resolve
        read more ...
        • captain obvious
          understandable mistake about John Walker, who does resemble a younger parker. the misleading FB connection-misdirection could also have been deliberate.. I dont do FB, employers wanting FB password, govt listing people NOT on FB as “suspicious”, police using FB to bust young people posting pics from parties, it isnt paranoia when theyre all really doing these things.
    36. You’ve got me face palming.
      The new guy you’re fingering IS A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSON. Different brow ridge, different eye socket structure. These are things you can’t change with makeup and are difficult to change with surgery. Not only that you’re only using one picture to compare these two individuals. So what if they have similar teeth?
      I think you guys got the original Robbie Parker actor right. They panicked and threatened you, you panicked, and now you look like an idiot..
      This is the same thing that happened with the Harlie Shirt guy actor, once the conspiracy got some exposure they had the actor in question go on Fox News and deny it. Being a foot taller was a similar excuse given by shills.
      Do you really think a DHS agent who works as a doctor would also be a reasonable actor? A
      read more ...
      • No, I wasn’t bothered by the threats. He’s just the wrong kind of guy. This always looked like a DHS/CIA op, but the problem was making the connections. We overlooked Dr. Eowyn’s research on this, which is actually much better than our own. He was too tall to be Robbie, who is actually rather short. And he did not have the connections to fit in a sophisticated government op. Walker was sandbagging to run up the ante for a lawsuit, which I never would have expected him to win, no matter what. But Robby Parker has the right cover-story and the right position at SpotterRF to be a player, not a penniless musician from Austin. I am sorry, but if adhering to the principle of total evidence dismays you, then violate it at your will. Robby Parker is a much better fit than John Matthew Walker. Rationality requires adapting beliefs
        read more ...
        • Hi I’ve done a science degree and am familiar with facial anatomy, though I’ve never done a facial reconstruction myself. I’ve not fooled by some academic puffing themselves up and throwing around labels like “scientific”, “total evidence”, “rationality”
          Aurora shooting doctor looks similar to Tom Cruise (ignoring top of nose)
          Sandy Hook MD looks and sounds like John Goodman.
          Harley Shirt guy looks like Mark Humphrey.
          Robbie Parker looks like this actor/musician.
          Gene Rosen is officially an actor.
          How is the pattern of using actors unreasonable? Why would it have to be DHS agents? It would make more sense to use an actor so long as you had blackmail material on them to keep them quiet.
          A lot of people will look at your two articles and think this is a psyop. Stage 1, grab a
          read more ...
          • This is a very peculiar post. I am a professional philosopher of science and have published extensively on rationality, scientific reasoning and the requirement of total evidence. See http //www.d.umn.edu/~jfetzer/ for my academic background. On your specific claims,
            Wayne Carver looks and sounds nothing like John Goodman.
            The Harley shirt guy is widely believed to be Mark Humphrey.
            Robbie Parker looks a lot like John Walker and Robby Parker.
            Gene Rose, I believe, is a member of the Screen Actors Guild.
            Given the points of similarity Dr. Eowyn has identified, it seems more likely that one or more of those photos has been tweaked than that they are not the same person. Facial recognition software should help us to resolve any lingering uncertainties. He has the right background, too.
            • You reveal your ignorance. Many less prominent institutions have distinguished faculty in various areas. What do you know about me? And what criteria for being a researcher would I not satisfy? I graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University. I earned my Ph.D. in the history and philosophy of science. I have held research appointments at a half-dozen or more institutions of higher learning. I have published more than 150 scholarly articles and 29 books. I have receive multiple forms of recognition for my research, including the Medal of the University of Helsinki. And I am the only member of the faculty of the University of Minnesota not on the Twin Cities campus to be selected as a Distinguished McKnight University Professor. Your approach appears to be to deny those with whom you disagree are even “researchers”.
              read more ...
    37. Because of your earlier faux paux, I didn’t even give this article a full read. Although you’ve retracted, I think you should do more for the victims of your malicious and un-professional journalism. That will, WILL, hurt VT. I know that it hurt me and suspect many will feel the same. This is not much different. Give it up. There are SO many other things that the make the Sandy Hook massacre questionable you don’t NEED this. You are making yourselves look really BAD, but if that is what you want….? Keep it up…
      • Well, in dealing with complicated issues like these, a lot of people get things wrong. Not a lot of them admit it and make corrections when they discover their mistakes, however. Are you free from error? And once I discovered I was wrong, should I have left John Matthew Walker out on a limb in order to avoid cheap shots like these from you?
        • That is ridiculous. Research on complex and complicated issues like this poses many challenges. Have you ignored that in both articles I have expressed my apologies? What am I missing? No one “caught (me) red-handed”. I realized I had made a mistake and corrected it, which looks very much like something you yourself are incapable of doing, with the offensive and unfounded remarks you have posted here about me.
          • You really are a fraud. It would have been easy to determine my research background, since my academic website is easily accessible on the internet (at http //www.d.umn.edu/~jfetzer/) and my Wikipedia entry should have been accessible. Since you went ahead and attacked me WITHOUT BOTHERING TO CHECK ME OUT, either you are completely incompetent or you are a shill. Of course, that you are both is not precluded, for which the evidence continues to accumulate. And it appears to me that you are attacking me to divert attention from new discoveries about Sandy Hook, including the role of SERCO, the Connecticut Child Identification Program, and Robbie’s ties to DHS and the CIA via SpotterRF. You will forgive me if I therefore delete any further posts from you, which are clearly meant as a distraction.
        • VT is an important website and when the Master of Shills sees an opening, he sends in the shills by the handful. This faux pas opened the door, they figured they had something on the great Jim Fetzer.
          These shills are clearly on somebody’s payroll and their job is to peck incessantly on some aspects that are attackable. They put on the face that they are seeking the truth, but in reality they are seeking to undermine and keep truthseekers from getting and agreeing on answers. It may be that the attacker is using the same computer and has a number of accounts, but URL should be looked at to see where these accounts are coming from.
          Innately, with the totally corrupt “justice system” we have here, shills feel pretty confident truthers won’t ever catch a break and get a square deal from the courts. Do you think Holder
          read more ...
    38. What does ‘Nasir’ mean in Egyptian? Slippery Arschole?
      Why don’t you take your ‘lurking variable’ back to your ivory tower university, Professor DoucheBag?
      Respectfully and ‘In Christ’,
    39. (cont’d.)
      7. The 26 Christmas trees concealed behind the Sandy Hook volunteer Fire Station near the SH school on the day of the massacre, Dec. 14, 2012. A day AFTER the massacre, on Dec. 15, an anonymous donor in North Carolina supposedly donated 26 Christmas trees to honor the 26 victims allegedly shot to death by Adam Lanza in the school. See http //fellowshipoftheminds.com/2014/01/23/sandy-hook-massacre-the-26-christmas-trees/
      8. The curious behavior of town residents on the day of the massacre, who gathered at the fire station and walked round and round and round the fire station in circles, not speaking to each other. See http //fellowshipoftheminds.com/2014/01/24/people-go-round-in-circles-sandy-hook/
      9. The strange purchase date (12/25/2009) and price ($0) of some SandyHook/Newtown homes. See http //fellowshipoftheminds.com/2014/02/13/the-strange-purchase-date-and-price-of-sandy-hook-homes/
      read more ...
    40. Nasir, this is far off topic. I provided an example of a claim that everyone would take for granted is true to illustrate that even “2 + 2 = 4″ can be disputed to show that there is no claim at all that is invulnerable to dispute–and, in this case, with justification. I am sorry, but you are missing the boat. You are so far off-topic that I am not going to post any more of your comments on this discussion board. Contact me at jfetzer@d.umn.edu to discuss issues related to academia, OK?
    41. Eowyn, Did we lose track of the first six in this list? Please post them so everyone has access. Thanks.
    42. It appears my first 6 points had vanished in the Internet ether. LOL
      Here they are again. It will probably take at least two comments because of the maximum limit in the number of words per comment.
      This is my overall response to Keith_M, Spengler, and other critics
      For anyone to say that Professor Fetzer’s thesis on Sandy Hook being a hoax “hangs on a thread” because of my hypothesis on Robbie Parker and Robby Parker is simply ludicrous and fallacious reasoning. As Fetzer rightly pointed out, there are many many anomalies about SH which raise doubts about its authenticity, to which I’ll add the following
      1. The strange demeanor of the parents of supposedly slaughtererd SH children Not a single parent displayed signs of grief — no tears, no red eyes and red noses from crying) –in their TV interviews immediately after the massacre. Some, like Robbie Parker (scroll up to Fetzer’s post for the video)
      read more ...
    43. (cont’d.)
      3. The remarkable physical resemblance of some (living) Sandy Hook adults and children with professional actress Jennifer Greenberg Sexton and her family (husband, father, daughter, son). See
      * http //fellowshipoftheminds.com/2013/01/11/remarkable-resemblance-of-sandy-hook-victims-and-professional-crisis-actors/
      * http //fellowshipoftheminds.com/2013/01/23/more-evidence-that-sandy-hook-parent-laura-phelps-is-actress-jennifer-sexton/
      4. The fact that Social Security Death Index (SSDI) originally had Adam Lanza’s date-of-death (DoD) as Dec. 13, 2012, one day BEFORE he murdered 27 people in Newtown. After bloggers discovered this most curious fact, SSDI then changed his DoD to Dec. 14, 2012. See http //fellowshipoftheminds.com/2013/01/20/ssdi-says-adam-lanza-died-a-day-before-sandy-hook-massacre/
      5. The fact that CNN’s live footage on the day of the massacre had police and first responders running into a
      read more ...
    44. (cont’d.)
      6 (b). Requiring Consigli Construction workers, who tore down Sandy Hook Elementary School months after the massacre, allegedly because of asbestos infestation, sign confidentiality agreements forbidding public discussion of the site, photographs or disclosure of any information about the building. See http //fellowshipoftheminds.com/2013/10/17/workers-tearing-down-sandy-hook-school-sworn-to-confidentiality/
      (c) The FBI designating its information on SH to be “Classified.” Despite The Hartford Courant‘s article on the FBI releasing documents on SH, those documents are so heavily redacted (blacked out), they are meaningless. See http //fellowshipoftheminds.com/2014/05/15/fbi-releases-heavily-censored-documents-on-sandy-hook-massacre/
      (d) Wolfgang Halbig, Jim Fetzer, and others not getting even a single response from local and state officials, incl. the Newtown Board of Education, to their entirely reasonable
      read more ...
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