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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Indisputable Photo Evidence That the Boston Marathon Bombing Was Staged Are You a Believer Or Do you Think? from Educate Yourself

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Indisputable Photo Evidence That the Boston Marathon Bombing Was Staged
Are You a Believer Or Do you Think?
Germany Spain Netherlands France FussiaFedFlag23h35w CzechRepublicFlag23h35w Poland Flag Greece Flag Portugal Flag Italy Flag Japan Flag Finland Flag Sweden Flag Romania Flag Norway Flag Turkey Flag Hungary Flag Bulgaria Flag
[Editor's Note: Update April 22, 2013. The individual shown in the photos below, who you are suppose to believe has just lost his right leg and the lower part of his left leg in the Boston Marathon explosion which occurred about 4 PM on April 15, 2013, is identified as Jeff Bauman. You will also see photos further below of a 2010 Army West Point graduate named Lt. Nick Vogt who had lost both of his legs in Kandahar, Afghanistan in 2011. You will discover a remarkable similarity of appearance between the Boston Marathon "Jeff Bauman" and Lt. Nick Vogt (it's still possible, of course, that another person may be playing the role of the Boston Marathon "Jeff Bauman," but Lt. Vogt looks like a prime candidate for the Oscar nomination). Whether it's Vogt or not, there is no doubt, however, that the guy identified as "Jeff Bauman" in the photos seen below is surely an amputee actor who is pretending that his legs were blown off from a staged bombing near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. No one could remain conscious, placid, and composed with good color) after just having both of his legs blown off --- NO ONE. It's absurd and childish to believe otherwise.

172.The New Thought Tide: The Underground History of American Education by John Taylor Gatto from archive.org

The New Thought Tide 

The great forced schooling plan even long ago was a global movement. Anatomizing its 
full scope is well beyond my power, but I can open your eyes partway to this poorly 
understood dimension of our pedagogy. Think of China, the Asian giant so prominently 
fixed now in headline news. Its revolution which ended the rule of emperors and 
empresses was conceived, planned, and paid for by Western money and intellectuals and 
by representatives of prominent families of business, media, and finance who followed 
the green flag of commerce there. 

Joseph Mercola, DO on the Decline of Mercury and Increase of Aluminum in Vaccines

Field Notes
Text size:

Joseph Mercola, DO on the Decline of Mercury and Increase of Aluminum in Vaccines

Mercury (thimerosal) exposure has declined significantly since it was eliminated from the single-dose vials of most childhood vaccines, yet autism rates have continued to skyrocket. This has led many to assume that mercury isn’t a problem, and anyone questioning the safety of vaccines is considered to be a hysterical wingnut.
However, while mercury use has decreased, the use of aluminum additives has increased! Aluminum, like any other adjuvant, is added to the vaccine in order to boost the host’s immune response to the antigen. The antigen is what your body responds to and makes antibodies against (the virus being injected). By boosting your body’s immune response, the vaccine manufacturer can use a smaller amount of antigen, which makes production less expensive.

Chapter Fifteen BRAVE NEW WORLD by Aldous Huxley from huxley.net



Aldous Huxley

01   02   03   04   05   06   07   08   09   10   11   12   13   14   15   16   17   18

Chapter Fifteen

THE menial staff of the Park Lane Hospital for the Dying consisted of one hundred and sixty-two Deltas divided into two Bokanovsky Groups of eighty-four red headed female and seventy-eight dark dolychocephalic male twins, respectively. At six, when their working day was over, the two Groups assembled in the vestibule of the Hospital and were served by the Deputy Sub-Bursar with their soma ration.
From the lift the Savage stepped out into the midst of them. But his mind was elsewhere–with death, with his grief, and his remorse; mechanicaly, without consciousness of what he was doing, he began to shoulder his way through the crowd.
"Who are you pushing? Where do you think you're going?"

George Soros Backed Inauguration Weekend Mayhem by John Friend from American Free Press

George Soros Backed Inauguration Weekend Mayhem

On Jan. 20, numerous protest groups demonstrated against the inauguration of Donald Trump. The next day, many more came out to protest for “women’s rights.” According to a report on a website affiliated with The New York Times, as many as 50 of these groups are directly funded by billionaire troublemaker and ultra-liberal agitator George Soros.

By John Friend
Thousands of anti-Trump protesters, Hillary Clinton lovers, free traders, anarchists, black victimization theory proponents, and other radical leftists descended upon Washington, D.C. the weekend of Jan. 20-22, wreaking havoc on the streets of the nation’s capital during the inauguration of Donald Trump as president of the United States. Protesters attacked private businesses, engaged in physical confrontations with law enforcement officials and even assaulted several Trump supporters over the course of the weekend.

According to an article in The New York Times by Asra Nomani, a Muslim feminist activist, as many as 50 protest groups that were active over the course of that weekend received financial support from billionaire slash-and-burn speculator George Soros’s Open Society Foundation.

Obama is back, and this is what will happen by Jon Rappoport

Obama is back, and this is what will happen
(To read about Jon's mega-collection, Exit From The Matrix, click here.)
Obama is back, and this is what will happen
By Jon Rappoport
Through his mouthpiece, Kevin Lewis, Obama is back. The great Uniter, Mr. Hope and Change, the messiah of "we're all in this together," the father of Obamacare, the prophet of post-racial America, the former First Community Organizer, the free cell phone provider is on the stump again.
Politico: "Kevin Lewis, spokesman for Obama in his post-presidency, said that Obama - who has been threading the balance between the tradition of presidents deferring to their successors and coming out against President Donald Trump on specific issues he considered core values - 'is heartened by the level of engagement taking place in communities around the country'."

"It is Obama's first statement since leaving the White House."

Is There an Anti-Vaccine Shadow Network? by Dr. Mercola

Is There an Anti-Vaccine Shadow Network?

January 31, 2017 | 128,090 views

By Dr. Mercola
In the wake of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. telling reporters that President Trump asked him to chair a commission on vaccine safety and scientific integrity, the media is angling to shame and ridicule vaccine safety and informed consent proponents, be they physicians, scientists or parents with the ability to read and think for themselves.
Although Kennedy's appointment has not been confirmed yet by the Trump administration, The Atlantic has gone so far as to suggest that a "shadow network of anti-vax doctors" is being emboldened by questions and concerns the new president has voiced about vaccine safety.1
Like Kennedy and many other critics of vaccine science and policy, President Trump has been outspoken about his suspicions that vaccines and vaccine policies may not be nearly as safe as they're portrayed, and that the science is far from settled.
Meanwhile, Kennedy recently co-wrote an article in which he released documents revealing that officials at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) "knew that infant vaccines were exposing American children to mercury far in excess of all federal safety guidelines since 1999."2
Recent reports also reveal that medical treatment guidelines are frequently influenced by drug industry ties,3 and scientific "citation cartels" are gaming the system by repeatedly citing each other's work,4 thereby making their studies appear more noteworthy and establishing what amounts to a false base of research that becomes difficult to overturn by independent researchers.
In all, there can be little doubt that the drug industry is getting anxious and this is why the heat is being turned up against anyone daring to question the status quo on vaccines.
Clearly, having an open discussion about vaccine safety means opening the door to doubt, and this is something the drug industry simply cannot afford. Meanwhile, avoiding the discussion is something parents, and the health care system as a whole, can no longer afford.

Emboldening 'Anti-Vaccine Shadow Network?'

United States War Crimes: From Korea to Afghanistan By Lenora Foerstel and Brian S. Willson Global Research,

United States War Crimes: From Korea to Afghanistan

 39  13
Iraq War Crimes: Haditha: Another Small Massacre – No One Guilty
First published in 2002
Image: Iraqi children
The issue of War Crimes emerged after World War I at the Versailles Conference, but it was not until the end of World War II that a more comprehensive definition of what constitutes war crimes was developed. First among new international conventions addressing war crimes was the 1950 Charter of the Nuremberg Tribunal. Its fundamental premise was that the conduct of war in violation of international treaties was a crime against peace. Ill treatment of prisoners of war, killing hostages, plunder of public or private property, wanton destruction of cities, towns, or villages was a war crime. Crimes against humanity include murder, extermination, deportation, and prosecution based on political, racial or religious grounds.

Obama left White House only 10 days ago but is already speaking out against President Trump by Dr. Eowyn from FOTM

Obama left White House only 10 days ago but is already speaking out against President Trump

An unspoken rule among U.S. presidents is that a president who had left the White House refrains from criticizing his successor.
The reason for that etiquette isn’t politeness, but rather the recognition that a new president needs breathing room to familiarize himself with the job, find his footing, and establish his policies and way of doing things without the distraction and detraction of what the former president thinks or says.
The etiquette also pertains to the relationship between a new president and the press, with the latter according the former a “honeymoon period”.
Neither tradition is being observed in the case of President Donald John Trump.
Obama at a speech in Chicago on Oct. 20, 2014
Obama at a speech in Chicago on Oct. 20, 2014
It’s been only 10 days since his presidency ended, but former president Barack Obama is already speaking out and mobilizing against President Trump.
Vox reports that today, January 30, 2017, Obama’s office released a statement  praising anti-Trump protesters and stating that Obama “fundamentally disagrees” with Trump’s executive order on immigration and refugees.
The full text, attributed to Obama’s spokesperson Kevin Lewis, reads:

The Left Is Self-Destructing — Paul Craig Roberts

The Left Is Self-Destructing — Paul Craig Roberts

The Left Is Self-Destructing
Paul Craig Roberts
The mindlessness is unbearable. Amnesty International tells us that we must “fight the Muslim ban” because Trump’s bigotry is wrecking lives. Anthony Dimaggio at CounterPunch says Trump should be impeached because his Islamophobia is a threat to the Constitution. This is not to single out these two as the mindlessness is everywhere among those whose worldview is defined by Identity Politics.
One might think that Amnesty International should be fighting against the Bush/Cheney/Obama regime wars that have produced the refugees by killing and displacing millions of Muslims. For example, the ongoing war that Obama inflicted on Yemen results in the death of one Yemeni child every 10 minutes, according to UNICEF. Where is Amnesty International?
Clearly America’s wars on Muslims wreck far more lives than Trump’s ban on immigrants. Why the focus on an immigration ban and not on wars that produce refugees? Is it because Obama is responsible for war and Trump for the ban? Is the liberal/progressive/left projecting Obama’s monstrous crimes onto Trump? Is it that we must hate Trump and not Obama?

Soros on the Ropes By Wayne Madsen Strategic Culture

Soros on the Ropes

     Although multi-billionaire hedge fund tycoon and international political pot-stirrer George Soros lost big with the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States and the victory of the Brexit referendum in the United Kingdom, he stands to lose further ground, politically and financially, as the winds of political change sweep across the globe.
Soros, who fancies himself as the master of placing short put options on stocks, often cleaning up to the tune of billions of dollars in the process when the stock values collapse, has been dealt a few financial body blows. Recently, the Dutch securities market regulator AFM «accidentally» revealed online all of Soros’s short trades since 2012. Soros’s trades were revealed on AFM’s website and were removed after the regulator realized the «error». However, the Soros data had already been captured by automatic data capturing software programs operated by intelligence agencies and brokerage firms that routinely scour the Internet looking for such «mistakes».

Monday, January 30, 2017

Hollywood Producer Claims Boston Bombing was a “False Flag Attack” By John Robles Global Research

Hollywood Producer Claims Boston Bombing was a “False Flag Attack”

 145  26
Crisis actors, smoke bombs, fake blood and literal “smoke and mirrors” were all part of what was the false flag terrorist attack called the Boston Marathon Bombing. To anyone who saw the pictures and footage of fake blood, make- up artists and smiling “victims”. It was obvious that something was not right. For those involved in filmmaking and in the know the discrepancies were obvious. We spoke to famous Hollywood filmmaker, producer and director Nathan Folks about why he is certain the Boston Marathon Bombing was a false flag terrorist attack.

24 Natural DHT Blockers to Stay Away From from anabolicapex.com

24 Natural DHT Blockers to Stay Away From

In Dihydrotestosterone by Marcel5 Comments
I don’t advocate natural DHT blockers and especially not natural DHT blockers. I advocate increasing DHT to the maximal. DHT is the greatest male hormone to have roamed the body. This post is to show you what to stay away from in terms of DHT.
DHT gets a lot of shit for prostate issues and hair loss. I haven’t seen a single conclusive study though. Some studies say its the DHT/testosterone ratio that causes hair loss, some say its low testosterone, and others say its high DHT. Bottom line is there is no conclusion.
Even if DHT cause hair loss, I don’t give a damn. Its just hair and nothing else. I’m going to stay far away from these 24 natural DHT blockers.

24 Natural DHT Blockers to Stay Away From

  1. Avocados, coconut oil, and olive oil
  2. Tomatoes, watermelon, carrots, and mangoes

Best Natural 5 Alpha Reductase Inhibitors from HairLossEvolution

Best Natural 5 Alpha Reductase Inhibitors

5 alpha reductase is an enzyme in the body that converts testosterone into DHT  which then goes on to cause hair loss in men affected with androgenic alopecia.
By inhibiting the enzyme we can essentially slow down the production of DHT and thereby prevent hair loss. Here’s the top 4 natural compounds that inhibit 5 alpha reductase.

Resihi mushroom

Reishi mushroom is one of the new kids on the block when it comes to DHT blockers. It’s not as well known yet but initial trials are promising as a 5 alpha reductase inhibitor.
Not only can reishi mushroom block DHT but it has been found to benefit the immune system and have anti-cancer properties.

Saw palmetto

171.Therapy As Curriculum: The Underground History of American Education by John Taylor Gatto from archive.org

Therapy As Curriculum 

To say that various psychologies dominate modern schooling is hardly to plow new 
ground. The tough thing to do is to show how that happened and why — and how the 
project progresses to its unseen goals. The Atlantic Monthly had this to say in April 1993: 

Is Your Olive Oil Fake? by Dr. Mercola

Is Your Olive Oil Fake?

December 17, 2016 | 138,869 views
| Available in EspañolDisponible en Español

By Dr. Mercola
Consumption of olive oil has increased more than 10-fold in the U.S. over the past 35 years, from 29 metric tons (MT) in 1980 to 327 MT in 2015.1 The popularity of the Mediterranean diet has made olive oil a $16 billion-a-year industry. Unfortunately, this popularity has also led to fraud and corruption.2,3
In his book, “Real Food/Fake Food,” Larry Olmsted, an investigative journalist and food critic, reveals the dark side of this otherwise healthy food. Olives and olive oil are well-known for their many health benefits, especially for your heart,4 but using adulterated olive oil will hardly do your health any favors.
In general, people believe the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is policing and regulating food fraud, but that’s actually not the case.
Its primary focus is making sure the ingredient label is accurate and tracking food-related disease outbreaks. The FDA does little in terms of preventing illegally adulterated foods from being sold.

Vast Majority of Olive Oil Is Adulterated

George Orwell's 1984 -- Chapter 15 from KI Media

George Orwell's 1984 -- Chapter 15

Nineteen Eighty-Four is a rare work that grows more haunting as its futuristic purgatory becomes more real. Published in 1949, the book offers political satirist George Orwell's nightmare vision of a totalitarian, bureaucratic world and one poor stiff's attempt to find individuality. The brilliance of the novel is Orwell's prescience of modern life--the ubiquity of television, the distortion of the language--and his ability to construct such a thorough version of hell. Required reading for students since it was published, it ranks among the most terrifying novels ever written. 

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

 Chapter 5

Chapter 6


Chapter 9

  Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

 Chapter 15

Winston had woken up with his eyes full of tears. Julia rolled sleepily against him, murmuring something that might have been 'What's the matter?'
'I dreamt-' he began, and stopped short. It was too complex to be put into words. There was the dream itself, and there was a memory connected with it that had swum into his mind in the few seconds after waking.
He lay back with his eyes shut, still sodden in the atmosphere of the dream. It was a vast, luminous dream in which his whole life seemed to stretch out before him like a landscape on a summer evening after rain. It had all occurred inside the glass paperweight, but the surface of the glass was the dome of the sky, and inside the dome everything was flooded with clear soft light in which one could see into interminable distances. The dream had also been comprehended by — indeed, in some sense it had consisted in — a gesture of the arm made by his mother, and made again thirty years later by the Jewish woman he had seen on the news film, trying to shelter the small boy from the bullets, before the helicopter blew them both to pieces.

“Muslim ban” a total lie… fact-less media gins up mass hysteria among left-wing zombie trolls… America now a “mob-ocracy” by Mike Adams

“Muslim ban” a total lie… fact-less media gins up mass hysteria among left-wing zombie trolls… America now a “mob-ocracy”

Image: “Muslim ban” a total lie… fact-less media gins up mass hysteria among left-wing zombie trolls… America now a “mob-ocracy”
(Natural News) This may come as a shock to anyone stupid enough to still believe the lying left-wing media, but there is no Muslim ban in America. President Trump‘s executive orders, signed last Friday, are only a temporary halting of immigrants and refugees from seven countries with strong ties to international terrorism.
None of those seven countries are among the list of nations from where the largest number of Muslims immigrate to America. Even more, those seven countries were chosen and named by Obama administration officials! (They were chosen by Obama, not by Trump.) Both Obama and former President Jimmy Carter invoked temporary bans on travelers from terror-linked countries, by the way.
Yet the wholly dishonest, anti-America left-wing media has no interest in reporting the truth about any of this. They’re using the executive order to whip up mass hysteria as an emotional weapon against President Trump.

Healing with Medical Marijuana by Dr. Sircus

Healing with Medical Marijuana

Marijuana has gone mainstream, as evidenced by the spread of the use of marijuana as a medicine, and now outright legalization in some places is turning peoples’ heads and hearts to a vision where marijuana is perceived as good. Now available in print, I am very happy to announce the New York publication of my book Healing with Medical Marijuana, now available on Amazon. In it one can find total support for the use of marijuana—even for rest and relaxation.  

The herb you have to take during radiation therapy by Dr. Shallenberger

Second Opinion Newsletter


The herb you have to take during radiation therapy

Volume 14 | Issue 13
January 30, 2017
If you or a loved one ever has radiation therapy, you need to watch out for radiation-induced mucositis. This condition is a common complication of radiation therapy for head and neck cancers. It causes painful swelling, inflammation, and ulcers in the gums, throat, and esophagus.
The condition interrupts sleep and causes a significant amount of pain every time a person tries to eat or even swallow water. And this leads to the additional problems of dehydration, weight loss, and weakness. The conventional treatment for this is to gargle with a solution of iodine. But this is close to completely useless. And now, a new study shows that an herb you can buy in every grocery store can be an effective treatment.

America’s Burgeoning Cannabis Industry and the Road to Public Acceptance by Dr. Mercola

America’s Burgeoning Cannabis Industry and the Road to Public Acceptance


By Dr. Mercola
Marijuana is easily one of the world’s most controversial plants and, in the U.S., has endured a particularly rocky history.
While smoking marijuana was once viewed as an act of political dissidence against the Vietnam War, today the plant is recognized as an invaluable medicine and smoking-hot commodity that’s generated billions of dollars in revenue in states where it is now fully legalized.
Cannabis remains illegal at the federal level and is considered by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) a Schedule 1 drug alongside heroine, LSD and ecstasy.
Yet, a total of 29 U.S. states and the District of Columbia now have some form of legalized marijuana; while eight more states — three of which adopted the measure in November, 2016, and include California, Nevada and Massachusetts — allow recreational use of the plant.
Regardless of whether or not you support cannabis, there’s no ignoring the fact that it’s currently undergoing a revolution in the U.S. and is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with.

Our Founding Fathers and the American History of Cannabis

Scientists march to support global-warming censorship: the New Ridiculous by Jon Rappoport

Scientists march to support global-warming censorship: the New Ridiculous
A primary principle of fake news: "scientists agree"
by Jon Rappoport
January 29, 2017
USA Today has the story (1/26): "American scientists worried about climate change and skeptical of President Donald Trump are planning a protest march in Washington, D.C."

"March organizers, on the event's website, said it serves as 'a starting point to take a stand for science in politics'."

"...The group's mission statement is set to come out on Monday."

"'There are certain things that we accept as facts with no alternatives', the statement said. 'The Earth is becoming warmer due to human action...'"

Well, all right, that's that.  No alternatives.  

Monsanto GMO Seeds in Nigeria, Breaking the Agricultural Cycle, Complicity of UN World Food Program By Slavko Nissl Global Research,

Monsanto GMO Seeds in Nigeria, Breaking the Agricultural Cycle, Complicity of UN World Food Program

World Food Program Distributes GMO and Hybrid Seeds to Northeast, Nigerian Farmers – Farmers’ Alliance Protests to UN Security Council

 27  2
Nigeria’s Farmers Alliance of over 14 million farmers have called on all farmers especially in the Northeast to reject the genetically modified organisms (GMO) and Hybrid seeds distributed by the United Nation’s World Food Program (WFP) and the World Bank.
The body in a letter to the UN Security Council (UNSC), called for intervention to stop WFP and World Bank from using their international status to spread GMO seeds for Monsanto and Cargill in Nigeria and elsewhere in Africa.
Farmers’ Alliance said that ‘Bill Gates has used the UN World Food Program and World Bank to promote and distribute GMO seeds aimed at displacing use of natural seeds in Black Sub-Saharan Africa as the first step of displacing all indigenous farmers, who will be left out with no means of livelihood, while Monsanto (owned by Bill Gates) would have a monopoly of the seed market’. 
This was in reaction to a news release, by the Executive Director of WFP, Ms. Ertharin Cousin, which said that one million returning Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from the Northeast are to be assisted with improved seeds and agricultural inputs in the process of rebuilding destroyed communities during this year’s cropping season.  
However, what was kept silent and unknown to the poor Nigerian farmers is that their natural crops were destroyed by hired mercenaries called Boko Haram by the same billionaire sponsors, so that

Child-Beheading-Terrorist Supporter Wins Getty and Sunday Times “Defining Images” Award 2016 by Vanessa Beeley from James Tracy Twitter

Child-Beheading-Terrorist Supporter Wins Getty and Sunday Times “Defining Images” Award 2016

4Vanessa Beeley
21st Century Wire
“We see a lot of devastation. When you see a young child (Omran) who is obviously in shock sitting in the back of an ambulance, you are concerned with how he is, what happened to him and what situation has brought him there. The ability of the photographer to capture that moment renders it one of the best news pictures of the year.” ~ Stuart Hannagan of Getty Images
Don McCullin, one of the world’s finest photographers of war and disaster, said the digital revolution meant viewers could no longer trust the truthfulness of images they see. He said photography had been “hijacked” because “the digital cameras are extraordinary. I have a dark room and I still process film but digital photography can be a totally lying kind of experience, you can move anything you want … the whole thing can’t be trusted really.” ~ The Guardian, emphasis added.
Two very contrasting opinions on the digital age of photographic sleight of hand and perception altering influence.
Everyone will remember the “iconic” image of Omran Daqneesh in August 2016, taken during the fiercest fighting to liberate East Aleppo from Nusra Front-led occupation. This single image took the corporate media by storm eliciting international clamour for a No Fly Zone in Syria and further illegal intervention into a sovereign nation’s internal affairs. This image circled the globe as fast as internet would allow it to travel with no corporate media, independent verification of either context or source.

Morgan Reynolds: Tehran Debris Dwarfs 9/11 NYC Debris Morgan Reynolds from JamesFetzerblog

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Morgan Reynolds: Tehran Debris Dwarfs 9/11 NYC Debris

On January 19 a fire broke out in a 17-story high rise in Tehran and the building collapsed, killing over 20 firefighters.  Photos and videos show that the building was no paragon of steel-framed skyscraper strength.
The “semi-official” Tasnim news agency reported that business units and shops inside the building were not insured because of a lack of required safety measures.
The Plasco building, Iran’s first private high-rise, was built in the early 1960s by an Iranian-Jewish businessman.   His granddaughter, Shahrzad Elghanayan, writes, “Instead of preserving the edifice, the building’s new owners allowed what had once been a bright, shining tower of Tehran’s skyline to turn into a ramshackle space, dwarfed and supplanted

The Empire Has No Clothes by Paul Street from CounterPunch

The Empire Has No Clothes

Photo by Nicolas Raymond | CC BY 2.0
Photo by Nicolas Raymond | CC BY 2.0

Harsh realities have long mocked United States “elites’” ritual description of their nation state as a benevolent beacon and agent of freedom, democracy, and justice at home and abroad.  The mythology doesn’t square with stark disparities and oppressions inflicted by the nation’s unelected and interrelated dictatorships of money, class, race, and empire. The many dark truths about America behind the nationally narcissistic fantasy include:
Globally unmatched and hyper-racialized incarceration rates.
The imposition of poverty or near-poverty on half the U.S. population while the top tenth of the upper U.S. One Percent possesses as much wealth as the nation’s bottom ninety percent.
The U.S. ranks ahead of only Turkey, Chile, and Mexico among thirty-one “advanced industrial nations” belonging to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in measures of economic equality, social mobility, and poverty prevention.
Shocking levels of racial, ethnic, and gender inequality.
+ The hyper-segregation and mass criminalization of the nation’s disproportionately poor Black population.
+ Rampant domestic police-statism and ubiquitous related public and private surveillance.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

10 shocking reasons why Zika virus fear is another fraudulent medical hoax and vaccine industry funding scam by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

10 shocking reasons why Zika virus fear is another fraudulent medical hoax and vaccine industry funding scam

Zika virus
(NaturalNews) Think the Zika virus is responsible for all the cases of microcephaly in South America? Think again: There is no reliable scientific evidence linking the two. The developmental deformities are actually caused by exposure to toxic insecticide and larvicide chemicals, not Zika virus.

But because Zika virus fear fits a convenient funding narrative for chemical giants and vaccine manufacturers, it is being played up by the corrupt, criminally-run CDC and the Obama administration to funnel billions of dollars into the hands of vaccine corporations while ignoring the real causes of microcephaly.

Here are the top 10 reasons why the Zika virus fear mongering is a total scam:

#1) The microcephaly cases (shrunken heads) in Brazil were caused by larvicide chemicals, not by zika

Should Doctors Lose Their License Over a Difference of Opinion? from Vaccine Reaction

Text size:

Should Doctors Lose Their License Over a Difference of Opinion?

a graphic of six doctors
There are actually some doctors and legislators who would have us take the human touch out of medicine; eliminate opinion and judgment from medical practice.
The art of medicine. It’s the cornerstone of medical practice. If medicine were all science, and only science, then we wouldn’t need human beings as doctors. We could just use computers. Or robots. They’d probably do better if medicine were simply the act of decision-making based purely on facts. How much easier would medicine be if we could just type every symptom we have into a computer and have it spit out a diagnosis? And a treatment. Maybe throw in an automated scan or two, a pinprick for blood analysis. Maybe keep a human computer tech on standby in case one of the machines decides to go haywire.

170.Cleaning The Canvas: The Underground History of American Education by John Taylor Gatto from archive.org

Cleaning The Canvas 

Traditional education can be seen as sculptural in nature, individual destiny is written 
somewhere within the human being, awaiting dross to be removed before a true image 
shines forth. Schooling, on the other hand, seeks a way to make mind and character 
blank, so others may chisel the destiny thereon. 

Cilantro helps detox heavy metals by Mike Adams the Health Ranger

Cilantro helps detox heavy metals

Monday, November 09, 2009
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of NaturalNews.com (See all articles...)
Tags: cilantro, health news, Natural News

(NaturalNews) Heavy metals are extremely toxic to human neurology. Mercury, lead and cadmium all contribute aggressively to the deterioration of neurological function. Fortunately, there's a simple, natural way to detox your body and remove these toxic substances from your tissues.

The solution is cilantro. It's that magical-tasting herb often used in Mexican food recipes. As it turns out, cilantro not only taste great, it also binds to heavy metals and helps remove them from your body.

Below, we're collected some important research on this remarkable ability of the cilantro herb. Read them all to learn more, then whip up your own delicious recipes using raw cilantro in your own kitchen!

Food, after all, is really potent medicine. You can also purchase cilantro liquid extracts from places like Baseline Nutritionals (their product is called "Metal Magic") or other vendors of quality superfood supplements.

Cilantro removes heavy metals

Chapter Two THOMAS JEFFERSON AND THE MONEY POWER: The Federal Reserve Conspiracy by Antony C. Sutton from archive.org

Chapter Two 


It is fashionable in our contemporary academic world to 
ignore the powerful arguments of the Founding Fathers: the 
arguments of Presidents Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and 
Andrew Jackson in particular. These arguments are that the 
Republic and the Constitution are always in danger from the so- 
called "money power," a group of autocrats, an elite we would 
call them today, who have manipulated the political power of the 
state to gain a monopoly over money issue. 

Our modern academics even ignore Thomas Jefferson's chief 
reason for remaining in politics, i.e., to save the newly born 
United States from those elitists Jefferson called "monocrats" and 
"monopolists." It was the banking monopoly that Jefferson 
considered to be the greatest danger to the survival of the 

Trump's idea-man Steve Bannon X-rays NY Times' skull: empty by Jon Rappoport

Trump's idea-man Steve Bannon X-rays NY Times' skull: empty
(To read about Jon's mega-collection, Exit From The Matrix, click here.)
Trump idea-man Steve Bannon X-rays NY Times' skull: empty
By Jon Rappoport
A few days ago, the NY Times interviewed Trump's special counselor, Steve Bannon. Bannon wasted no time:
"The media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen for awhile."
"The media here is the opposition party. They don't understand this country. They still do not understand why Donald Trump is the president of the United States."
"The elite media got it [their election prediction] dead wrong, 100 percent dead wrong...a humiliating defeat that they will never wash away, that will always be there."

The Microbiome Solution — Healing Your Body From the Inside Out by Dr. Mercola

The Microbiome Solution — Healing Your Body From the Inside Out

January 29, 2017 | 140,531 views
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By Dr. Mercola
By now, you’re probably aware of how important a balanced gut microbiome is to your overall health, but how do you go about optimizing your gut flora? And what steps can you take to protect and nourish your baby’s microbiome, even before and during birth?
In this interview, Dr. Robynne Chutkan, a gastroenterologist (a doctor who specializes in the gut) and author of the book, “The Microbiome Solution: A Radical New Way to Heal Your Body From the Inside Out,” will guide you through the details.
Chutkan finished medical school in 1991. Like most conventionally trained doctors, she whole-heartedly endorsed pharmaceutical intervention “whenever possible, as frequently as possible.” Over the course of several years, however, she began to investigate alternative routes to health.
“My area of expertise is inflammatory bowel disease,” she says. “I trained in New York, at Columbia for medical school and residency, and then at Mount Sinai Hospital …
Never once during my training did the idea that you could treat this set of diseases with food as opposed to pharmaceutical intervention, ever come up …