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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. Lindon, Utah, USA Introduction to Independent Cancer Research

Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.

The Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.


Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.
Lindon, Utah, USA
To Contribute to the ICRF

Introduction to Independent Cancer Research

Did you know that "cure rates" for the same kind of cancer can range from 3% to 90%? Safe and gentle cancer treatments (with 90% cure rates) have existed for decades!! But the general public does not know about these cancer treatments because the media doesn't talk about them.
The general public also doesn't know that there are more than 20 cancer treatments which can revert cancer cells into normal cells!! Reverting cancer cells into normal cells was first done in the 1930s, long before the discovery of DNA in 1953.
Why doesn't the media talk about the safe and gentle cancer treatments with 90% cure rates and the safe and gentle cancer treatments that revert cancer cells into normal cells??
The reason is that the media and the pharmaceutical industry are owned by multi-billionaires and the treatments that have 90% cure rates are not profitable enough to satisfy their lust for profits. People who trust the media and pharmaceutical cartel have a 3% chance of surviving their cancer for 5 years!!
Not only does the massive money of the pharmaceutical industry control cancer treatments, it also controls cancer research!!! Almost all cancer research is geared towards developing new prescription drugs, which can be patented, which yield 3% cure rates and massive profits.
But the Independent Cancer Research Foundation researchers search for cancer treatments with 90% cure rates!!! And we don't care about patents.
Because we are independent, what we say is not controlled by the pharmaceutical industry or medical cartel.

Collectively, the five members of the Independent Cancer Research Foundation (ICRF) Board of Directors have more than 50 years of cancer research experience which includes working directly with many thousands of cancer patients!! This organization is not led by businessmen, it is led by cancer researchers!!
Many of the things on this website will completely contradict what you have been told about cancer and cancer treatments!! In fact, if you read the key articles on this website, you will learn things about cancer you would not learn if you read every oncology book on this planet and watched every television show on this planet and visited every government website.
You will learn more about cancer on this website than if you memorized every word on the websites of the American Cancer Society, the Susan G. Komen foundation, the National Institutes of Health websites and millions of other websites.
Why will you learn so much? The reason is that Big Pharma, Big Medicine, Big Media, Big Charity and Big Government all have a very, very, very cozy relationship with each other. And because everything you know about cancer comes from Big Pharma, Big Medicine, Big Media, Big Charity, and Big Government, everything you know about cancer is designed to make the people in these organizations very wealthy!!
Cancer is Big Business!! Unfortunately, "cancer research" is far more of a business than a healing art!!
Fortunately, we are an exception to this rule. But we are not alone. Many others are also more interested in helping cancer patients than in helping their bank account.
It might seem obvious, but truth is all about good information. You will never hear good information from people who are wealthy and have massive conflicts of interest between their money and your health. "Their money" will always win that battle!!!

About the Two Kinds of Cancer Treatments

There are two basic kinds of cancer treatments. Before telling you about these two kinds of cancer treatments, let us first tell you a story:
Suppose you are very rich and own a very rare, priceless antique dining room table formerly owned by English royalty. Suppose your butler tells you that there are dozens of cockroaches crawling around on your priceless table and you will be having dinner guests in one hour.
Your butler tells you his job description does not include killing cockroaches and as he is leaving your house, he gives you four suggestions for getting rid of the cockroaches:
1) He offers you a chainsaw to "slash" the little critters to pieces,
2) He offers you a large and powerful flamethrower to "burn" the critters to pieces,
3) He offers you 2 gallons of a highly, highly toxic liquid chemical to "poison" the critters, and
4) He offers you an old $1 flyswatter.
Which of the four options would you pick? Would you choose one of the first three options (slash, burn and poison) because they are highly potent at killing cockroaches or would you choose the cheap, wimpy flyswatter?
Think about why you would make your choice.
Most likely you would pick the flyswatter because the other three items, which are massively powerful at killing cockroaches; are also massively powerful at destroying your priceless table!!
So how does this relate to cancer?
Your body is the priceless antique table!!
Orthodox cancer treatments (surgery, radiation and chemotherapy) can be compared to the chainsaw, flamethrower and toxic chemicals in the above story. While they do kill cancer cells, they also kill and damage massive, massive numbers of healthy cells!!
In other words, chemotherapy, surgery and radiation do kill cancer cells, but they must be used in very low "doses" because they do NOT TARGET cancer cells. The doses are so low, and the damage done so high, that orthodox cancer treatments cannot cure cancer (which has spread) without killing the patient first!!
In fact, the true "cure rate" of orthodox medicine is probably much, much lower than you think it is. This is because doctors use tricky terminology to make you think you might survive. For example, the term "response" sounds like it means "cure," but in fact it only means a tumor might shrink slightly.
Also, when they give you their expected "cure rate" for your case, they may be thinking about whether you will be alive in three months, not in ten years!!
Also, the American Cancer Society (ACS) has been tasked to develop clever definitions and clever statistical tricks to make orthodox medicine look better than it really it. Also, the pharmaceutical industry uses clever advertisements to imply the "cure rate" of their treatments are very high.
If these things were true, why do the number of cancer deaths increase every year? The fact is that the true cure rate of orthodox medicine is less than 1% except for a very small number of cancer types which are very slow growing or respond well to chemotherapy.
Here is the key question: what can be compared to the cheap, wimpy flyswatter that can selectively kill cockroaches without damaging the priceless table??
The truth is that there are cancer treatments that are very gentle and can target and kill cancer cells without killing a single healthy cell!! If fact, they can nourish the non-cancerous cells at the same time they are killing cancer cells!!
These are the cancer treatments of Mother Nature, which Big Media and Big Medicine don't want you to know about!! Big Media constantly glorifies medical doctors so that when you get sick you will run to your medical doctor instead of your health food store. But treating cancer requires a special understanding of Mother Nature.
Natural or "alternative" cancer treatments (the flyswatter), while not as "powerful" as the other items, are far more effective at treating cancer because these treatments either target cancer cells or do not damage your non-cancerous cells, Thus they can be given in much higher doses than any of the "orthodox" cancer treatments.
I am going to repeat that because it is so important: Natural or "alternative" cancer treatments are far more effective at treating cancer because these treatments either target cancer cells or do not damage your non-cancerous cells, Thus they can be given in much higher doses than any of the "orthodox" cancer treatments.
In short, alternative cancer treatments are far more effective because they:
1) Target cancer cells, and/or
2) Do not damage healthy cells and in fact nourish the non-cancerous cells and/or
3) Help build or rebuild the immune system so it can routinely kill cancer cells by itself!!
Thus, these treatments can be given in much higher doses. Also, these treatments are designed to restore the balance between the immune system and the number of cancer cells that was lost even before the patient was diagnosed with cancer!!
In spite of what you see and hear in the media, brace yourself: God is a lot smarter than medical doctors!! We at the ICRF don't fight against Mother Nature, we work with Mother Nature!!
Mother nature, who designed human DNA, has designed many natural molecules that can build the immune system, target and kill cancer cells, or otherwise safely kill cancer cells, detoxify the body, nourish non-cancerous cells, etc. etc.
But the key is that natural treatments can be given in much higher doses. As an example: You can drink a quart of carrot juice (which is an excellent cancer treatment) but you cannot drink a quart of chemotherapy!!
Both carrot juice and beet juice contain oxalic acid, which results from the metabolic conversion of vitamin C. Oxalic acid kills cancer cells, bacteria, viruses, etc. In fact, it is microbes inside the cancer cells that cause a cell to be cancerous, thus oxalic acid may in fact revert cancer cells into normal cells instead of kill the cancer cells.
Many cancer patients, who did not use chemotherapy, cured their cancer by doing nothing but drinking a quart of carrot juice (with a little beet juice added) every day.
How much profits do the pharmaceutical industry and media get when someone cures their newly diagnosed cancer by drinking a quart of carrot juice, with a little beet juice mixed in, every day? None.
Now you know why the feds persecute natural medicine and why the Food and Drug Administration throws people in jail every year who are curing cancer and why the AMA persecutes medical doctors who use natural medicine.
You now also know why the media glorifies medical doctors in television drama after television drama. The media does not want you to look to Mother Nature to treat your cancer, they want you to run to your medical doctor. It is called "brainwashing."
The media is like an iceberg. The 10% of the things they tell you they tell you over and over and over again. But the 90% of the things they should tell you are totally blacklisted because this information would cut into the profits of their advertisers and thus cut into their own profits. It is a "good-old boys club," literally. But they don't talk about the good-old boys clubs either. What you hear is very, very carefully controlled.

More About the "Second" Kind of Cancer Treatments

Dr. William D. Kelley, a dentist by training, treated more than 33,000 cancer patients with natural medicine. His cure rate on newly diagnosed cancer patients, who went to him first, was over 90%.
Compare his cure rate to the less than 3% true cure rate of orthodox medicine!!! Dr. Kelley used a natural type of cancer treatment called "metabolic therapy." By today's standards, metabolic therapy is no longer the most potent alternative cancer treatment, but it still works very well.
The truth is that alternative cancer treatments, if properly chosen for the situation, are thirty-times more effective than orthodox cancer treatments (that is 90% divided by 3%).
However, it is very, very important to understand that all of these statistics ONLY APPLY to newly diagnosed cancer patients.
The truth is that because of the media about 95% of the cancer patients who seek out alternative cancer treatments have already had very significant orthodox cancer treatments before they turned to alternative medicine.
These patients have lost a lot of time before even beginning an alternative cancer treatment!! They have lost time while using orthodox treatments, plus they have lost time before they learn about natural medicine, plus they have lost time trying to find the most potent of the alternative cancer treatments. Plus they have had a lot of damage done to their bodies by their orthodox treatments.
In reality, it is very difficult to cure these kinds of cancer patients. The true cure rate of the best experts in alternative cancer treatments, on these types of patients, is between 40% and 50%. But this is an average and does not reflect a specific situation.
The members of the ICRF already know how to cure over 90% of newly diagnosed cancer patients. If nothing else, we could use the Kelley protocol (mentioned above) combined with some of the newer supplements. But that is not actually what we would use.
Because we already know how to cure newly diagnosed cancer patients, the entire focus of our research is in increasing the current cure rate of alternative medicine on the very advanced cancer patients who started their treatment with orthodox cancer treatments.
As you might have gathered by now, the members of the ICRF are proud to say that we are one of the extremely rare organizations that exclusively researches alternative cancer treatments (i.e. we research all kinds of flyswatters). Now you are beginning to see why we MUST be independent, nobody wants anything to do with us because we teach people how to cure cancer.
The ICRF is one of only two cancer research organizations that exclusively researches Mother Nature and the laws of physics. The American Anti-Cancer Institute in Washington state is the other.

The War in Medicine

Orthodox medicine claims that DNA damage is what causes cancer. They make this claim so that they can eternally claim that a cure for cancer is 50 years away. A cure for cancer will always be 50 years away if you believe the nonsense of the American Cancer Society and other orthodox medicine cancer "charities"!!
But medical doctors were curing cancer with herbs in the mid-1800s!! However, the pharmaceutical industry crushed all cures for cancer when American politicians sold-out the American people around 1910.
But that was just the beginning of the battle.
In the 1930s, Dr. Royal Rife was curing cancer with very gentle electromedicine. The patient could barely feel the device was turned on. This treatment did not fix any DNA damage (DNA had not been discovered back then), but it certainly cured cancer.
Both of Dr. Rife's electromedicine devices were shut down by the Food and Drug Administration, but have now been fully replicated, using modern technology. The modern replicas are the two GB-4000 electromedicine devices (aka: "High RF Frequency Protocol" devices) which are discussed on by far the world's foremost natural cancer treatment website (the "Cancer Tutor" website).
In fact, the incredible ICRF Reference Manual is also on that website (this is the website that has most of the cancer treatments the ICRF has developed). To see the amazing ICRF Reference Manual copy and paste the following string into Google (the top link should be a link to the "ICRF Reference Manual" on the Cancer Tutor website):
"ICRF Reference Manual"
In the 1950s, Dr. Robert C. Olney, M.D. was curing cancer with ultraviolet blood irradiation therapy (UVBI). He would extract some blood from the patient, use Ultraviolet-A light to irradiate the blood and then he would put the blood back into the patient's body. This treatment did not fix any DNA, but it did cure cancer. See the book: Into the Light - Tomorrow's Medicine Today by William Campbell Douglass II, M.D. (Chapter 12)
These, and many other examples, are proof that fixing DNA has nothing to do with curing cancer.
For example, if you safely target and kill the cancer cells (without killing the cancer patient first) that will certainly cure cancer!! As another example, the two treatments just mentioned, Rife and Olney, actually reverted cancer cells into normal cells.
You might wonder how it is possible to revert cancer cells into normal cells.
The reason is that cancer is caused by microbes which are inside of the cancer cells. If you safely kill the microbes which are inside of the cancer cells, the cells will be able to restore their metabolism and will become normal cells.
This next quote talks about research done by the person for which "Russell bodies" are named after. This quote dates back to 1890 (not a typo), more than 120 years ago:

  • In 1890 the distinguished pathologist William Russell (1852-1940) first reported "cancer parasites" in cancer tissue that was specially stained with carbol fuchsin, a red dye. The "parasite" was found inside and outside the cells. The smallest forms were barely visible microscopically; and the largest parasites were as large as red blood cells. Russell also found "parasites" in tuberculosis, syphilis and skin ulcers.
    Four Women Against Cancer, by Dr. Alan Cantwell, M.D, pages 53-54
What William Russell is talking about is a microbe which is highly pleomorphic, meaning it can change size and change shape at will (as the last quote states). Sixteen different sizes and shapes of the microbe that William Russell described have been identified by Dr. Gaston Naessens using far better equipment than William Russell had.
Gaston Naessens has been severely persecuted for his discoveries!! See: The Persecution and Trial of Gaston Naessens by Christopher Bird, page 6, for a diagram of the 16 stages.
Why would someone be persecuted for identifying 16 stages of a microbe which lives both inside and outside of cancer cells??
The reason is that this microbe is what causes cancer. The money interests do not want you to know that it is a highly pleomorphic microbe which cases cancer.
The Independent Cancer Research Foundation is the only cancer research organization on earth which already knows how to kill these microbes and is looking for better ways to kill them.
Killing these microbes takes a clear understanding of what needs to be done because they are protected by the cell membrane. Thus you cannot just take antibiotics or colloidal silver and cure your cancer. Getting microbe-killing substances past the cell membranes is a major focus of the research of the Independent Cancer Research Foundation. We have already had good success doing this and we have many creative ideas on the drawing board!!
The ICRF Reference Manual lists more than 20 natural cancer treatments that revert cancer cells into normal cells (see section #2 - Revert Cancer Cells into Normal Cells (3 Categories))
Those researchers who are trying to "fix" DNA will never find a cure for cancer because they are looking in the wrong place.
So why are other cancer researchers on a dead-end street trying to "fix" DNA to "cure" cancer? You will have to ask them that question.
If people knew that a microbe caused cancer they would demand a cure for cancer immediately and they would wonder why modern "cancer researchers" are trying to fix DNA damage!!
In fact, curing cancer is actually fairly simple. Of course, if you have no desire to cure cancer you tell the general public that a cure for cancer is 50 years away because DNA damage causes cancer!!
If you want more details about how a special microbe causes cancer see this article:
Cancer Theory

About the ICRF Research

The ICRF researchers are well aware of what causes cancer, and all of its "research treatments" (some of which have articles which are linked to below) are based on defeating the real cause of cancer or they are based on "what works."
The ICRF is looking for both gentle electromedicine and non-electromedicine treatments to cure cancer because by killing the microbe(s) (which are inside the cancer cells) the cancer cells can revert into normal cells!! There are significant advantages to reverting a cancer cell into a normal cell rather than killing the cancer cells (e.g. lack of debris from dead cancer cells).
But most of our researchers simply use what works, which generally involves potent natural supplements, a strong "cancer diet," making sure cancer patients fix their dental problems (if they need to), and so on. In fact, in most cases alternative researchers and practitioners simply use "what works."
Here are a few tactics which can usually be combined together into a cancer treatment:
1) Kill cancer cells,
2) Kill the microbes inside the cancer cells and thus revert the cancer cells into normal cells,
3) Kill the microbes and parasites in the organs (which is why the immune system is weak), in order to supercharge the immune system,
4) Kill the microbes in the bloodstream (which also contributes to the weak immune system),
5) Use special supplements to strengthen and feed the immune system (e.g. Transfer Point).
There are more than 400 alternative cancer treatments that are well documented and there are at least 200 more that have not been fully researched. Several dozen of these 400 proven treatments are highly effective cures for most types of cancer. The rest of the treatments are cures for only "recently diagnosed" cancer patients who have not had extensive orthodox treatments, such as chemotherapy.
The ICRF board members have made most of their research public and are spreading the word about existing treatments for advanced cancer patients. Three of the board members have websites on alternative cancer treatments. In fact, one of the premiere websites on the Internet on alternative cancer treatments (because it "rates" alternative cancer treatments based on their effectiveness on advanced cancer patients) was written by one of the board members of the ICRF (Webster Kehr wrote most of the articles on the "Cancer Tutor website," including the ICRF Reference Manual, mentioned above).
Furthermore, two of the most potent alternative cancer treatments for advanced cancer patients were designed by ICRF board members:
The Cellect-Budwig Protocol was designed by Mike Vrentas
The Plasma-Beck Protocol was put together by Gary Teal and Webster Kehr.
Furthermore, it was board member Gary Teal who was responsible for "picking the brain" of the person who designed a superb new alternative cancer treatment which uses a frequency generator (i.e. a "Rife Machine") and for writing an article on this protocol and getting it on the Internet. It literally represented the first time in over 70 years that information about the Rife technology, and how to use it, was restored. Gary is an expert in both the GB-4000 with SR-4 linear amplifier and the GB-4000 with M.O.P.A. plasma device.
Detailed information about these three treatments, and the other most potent alternative cancer treatments, can be found on the Cancer Tutor website. This ICRF website is for research purposes (i.e. treatments being researched) so it does not discuss the highly "proven" treatments which are on the other website.
Another excellent natural medicine website is the "Healing Cancer Naturally" website.
Here is an article which links to many of the top alternative cancer treatment websites:
Links to Many Top Cancer Research Websites
It should also be understood that because of FDA persecution of competitors of the pharmaceutical industry; there are many cures for cancer which vendors of the key products are not allowed to talk about. Thus, you may find a website which sells a product which truly cures cancer, but yet the site is not allowed to claim their product cures cancer because of fear of FDA persecution of products that cure cancer!!
The importance of the websites which do not directly sell any health products cannot be overestimated because they are the only websites which are allowed to make medical claims about highly effective alternative cancer treatments!!!
Because the ICRF knows what causes cancer and is one of the rare organizations which is actually looking for cancer cures and effective cancer treatments (in addition to the ones we have already found), the treatments we have developed are vastly superior to orthodox treatments. To understand why our treatments are vastly superior to the treatments of orthodox medicine, see this article:
About ICRF Research
Furthermore, our vast superiority over "orthodox" cancer charities and government research happened during a time when the funding of the ICRF was less than 1/100,000th of 1% of all the other organizations!! If cancer cells were compared to cockroaches crawling on your priceless antique table, we are looking for better flyswatters and they are looking for more profitable poisons, chainsaws and flamethrowers!!
But the cost of the treatment is not the key issue. The ICRF is looking for better treatments for advanced cancer patients who have already been sent home to die. Our current cure rate is about 40% to 50% but "their" cure rate on these patients is 0%.
Even though we are researching flyswatters, the ICRF needs very significant funding to continue its research goals! The ICRF not only researches cancer, but also other diseases which have a similar cause or similar type of treatment (e.g. Lyme Disease, AIDS, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, etc.). If you or a loved one gets Lyme Disease or M.S. or Parkinson's - where will you turn to?? Think about that carefully!!
We have one of the world's top Lyme Disease experts (along with his wife) on our Board of Directors (John Kasunic).


Most of the cancer patients who seek out alternative cancer treatments have already had significant orthodox cancer treatments (e.g. chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, etc.) and have either been sent home to die or have quit their orthodox treatment prematurely. These cancer patients are by definition: advanced cancer patients.
Also, cancer patients who have certain kinds of cancer, even if they are newly diagnosed, should always be considered to be advanced cancer patients. Examples would be pancreatic cancer, brain stem cancer, glioblastoma, etc.
Fighting advanced cancer can be thought of as fighting a raging house fire. If your house was on fire and the fire department showed up with fire extinguishers and garden hoses, you would be very upset!!
You would want the fire department to come with several large fire hoses!!!
It cannot be stressed often enough, or strong enough, that fighing cancer is like fighting a house which is on fire. Cancer WANTS to spread.
That is why you will almost always see a product which is very "alkaline" in a natural cancer treatment. Alkalinity may kill some microbes inside of cancer cells, but its main purpose is to make these microbes lethargic so the cancer spreads more slowly. This gives the overall cancer treatment more time to cure the patient!!
Most alternative cancer treatments, by themselves, are like using garden hoses to put out a house fire. They are strong enough for most newly diagnosed cancer patients, but they are not strong enough for advanced cancer patients, as just defined.
The research cancer treatments on this websites have not been evaluated for advanced cancer patients!! We prefer advanced cancer patients use the more proven protocols on the website with the Reference Manual.
Advanced cancer patients need highly proven protocols which were designed by experts in alternative medicine, who have many years of experience working with advanced cancer patients and have had good success working with advanced cancer patients.
The best of the best alternative cancer treatments will be home treatments (which come with expert support either by telephone, email or Internet chat group support) or they will be treatments which are given at alternative cancer treatment clinics.
We at the ICRF have received emails from advanced cancer patients who did not understand that several of the most effective cancer treatments for advanced cancer patients can only be mentioned on other websites. Because they did not understand this they used a treatment on this website. To make this clear we have added this section.
If you are an advanced cancer patient, or you are helping an advanced cancer patient, you MUST go to the website with the ICRF Reference Manual (mentioned above) to find a treatment which can give them a good chance of survival!!!
When you go to this website be sure to look on the left side-bar for the words: "Alternative Cancer Clinics." This link will take you to an article on alternative cancer treatment clinics and books on foreign and domestic alternative cancer treatment clinics, such as in Germany, Mexico and the U.S.
Also on the left side-bar look for the link to the free article: "Reference Manual." This article describes many different issues that cancer patients deal with and options to deal with each situation.
Understand, however, that the best of the best alternative cancer treatments only have a 40% to 50% cure rate on advanced cancer patients. Cancer patients who have had extensive orthodox cancer treatments are generally in very critical condition.
But even for those cancer patients who do not survive, there are many benefits to using alternative cancer treatments, such as extending life, treating pain, and many other benefits!!
Another benefit is to teach family members to START with natural medicine cancer treatments whenever someone is diagnosed with cancer.

About the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.

The ICRF is not only researching many alternative cancer treatments for advanced cancer patients, but it is also exchanging notes with other researchers and other alternative cancer research organizations.
But researching new cancer treatments is only one of the things the ICRF does. Our main focus is in helping cancer patients.
We welcome all contributions. A contribution of $1,500 allows us to purchase an electromedicine device to loan to cancer patients. This not only helps the cancer patients greatly, it also helps our research.
A contribution of $5,000 would allow us to purchase a fairly expensive electromedicine device to both research its capabilities and to loan to cancer patients.
As already mentioned the board members of the ICRF have more than 50 years of cancer research experience and collectively we have worked with many thousands of cancer patients.
We not only research cancer we also research AIDS and a host of other microbial diseases and dentist-caused diseases (e.g. M.S.). There is a lot of synergy in our research of different diseases.
For example, a nutritional product which has done miracles for Parkinson's Disease patients has great potential to extend the life of cancer patients to allow more time for their main treatment to work. This is called "buying time" for the patient.
It should be remembered that not all of Mother Nature's solutions are equally strong or equally fast-acting. Likewise, not all situations cancer patients face are equal. Some people are in critical condition the day they are diagnosed because of the type of cancer they have or the delay in getting diagnosed.
When a cancer patient is first diagnosed they are usually, but not always, easy to cure. However, as time passes and the number of cumulative orthodox treatments increases, their bodies become more and more damaged and their cancer becomes harder and harder to cure. Thus, as time passes they will need stronger and stronger treatments in order to survive.
It is super-strong alternative cancer treatments for these kinds of cancer patients (i.e. who have had extensive orthodox treatments or were diagnosed late or have a very dangerous kind of cancer) that we have found and are also looking for.
As already mentioned, about 95% of the cancer patients who seek out alternative medicine have already had massive amounts of chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and other orthodox treatments. These people have massive damage done to their body, their immune system, etc. Plus they have a lot of cancer cells still in their body.
Treating these cancer patients involves many, many things.

The Education of Alternative Medicine Researchers

There are no schools in the world which teach a person how to cure cancer. The average housewife knows far more about natural medicine than the average medical doctor. So how do the top experts in alternative medicine get their education?
Some of the top experts are medical doctors who switched from orthodox medicine to alternative medicine. In fact, many of the leading people in alternative medicine made the switch. Many of them have left the United States to avoid persecution by the American Medical Association or its state boards.
But the average person who is an expert in alternative medicine is not a medical doctor. If a person knows how to cure cancer, whether they are a policeman, housewife, truck driver or medical doctor, they learned it on their own time.
Using the above story, you don't need to know how to do surgery to kill a cockroach. Mother Nature has put cancer-killing substances in many hundreds of different plants and herbs.
We at the ICRF already know how to cure cancer (and we have made these cures public information). This knowledge is what gives us a big advantage as we seek even stronger treatments for the very advanced cancer patients we normally deal with!!!
If you or your loved ones want to survive a deadly disease you had better quit watching television and you had better learn how to dig through the massive amount of information on the Internet to find the truth. Hint: For health issues look for consistent patterns when looking for testimonials.
If you want to make a financial contribution to your future health, and the future health of your loved ones and friends, see the bottom of this article.

Official List of Members of the Board of Directors

Here are the current officers and members of the Board of Directors as of the April 3, 2014, board meeting in Kansas City:
Gary Teal, Chairman and President - Gary Teal is an expert in acupuncture, electromedicine and general alternative cancer treatments. It was Gary who literally "wrote the book" on using Rife devices to treat cancer. He is also an expert in nutrition. Gary lives in Utah.
Mike Vrentas, Vice President - Treasurer - Mike and his wife Cherie have been researching alternative treatments for cancer and chronic diseases since 2001. Mike has produced an Audio Book called "Cellect/Budwig and More". This protocol has been found to be very effective not only with all types of cancer, but most chronic and terminal diseases. Mike lives in Missouri and supports the protocol with consultations, anywhere in the world with the use of Skype.
Dr. William Wassell, M.D., Vice President - Dr. Wassell is active in Vitamin C research (i.e. orthomolecular medicine) and provides technical support for alternative cancer researchers. Dr. Wassell lives in Louisiana. Dr. Wassell is the son of a famous medical doctor who was a hero during World War II. He disobeyed orders at great risk to his own life to save the lives of several of his wounded soldiers / patients. A movie was made about his heroics ("The Story of Dr. Wassell" starring Gary Cooper). It is this kind of bravery that allowed our Dr. Wassell to join our board.
Webster Kehr, Vice President - Webster is the author of the CancerTutor website. He lives in Kansas. Webster is the cancer researcher who, in 2004, developed the model of how microbes inside the cancer cells block the creation of ATP molecules. Webster has developed about 20 highly effective cancer treatments which revert cancer cells into normal cells.
John Kasunic, Board Member - Mr. Kasunic is a specialist in electromedicine, Lyme Disease and related conditions. Lyme Disease is far more pervasive and dangerous than most people realize. He and his wife are world-class experts in dealing with Lyme Disease patients.

To email Mike Vrentas or Webster Kehr of the ICRF:
Email Mike Vrentas or Webster Kehr of ICRF

Official List of Research Associates

Dustin Caddell - Cancer Research Associate, helps answer emails for the Cancer Tutor website
Martha Kehr - Cancer Research Associate, expert in herbal medicine

Official List of Technical Associates

Reggie Black - Technical Support Associate for both the ICRF and Cancer Tutor websites.

How Do I Contribute to the ICRF?

We greatly appreciate donations of any size. Please click this button to contribute by mail or credit card:
To Contribute to the ICRF

Legal Statement: Because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the American Medical Association (AMA), Congress, ad nauseum, are only concerned with the profits of the pharmaceutical industry and their own personal profits (and similar government agencies and organizations exist in all countries); these organizations will never give any cancer treatment from Mother Nature a fair and unbiased evaluation; and because Congress has allowed the FDA to rig their regulations to make it impossible for any cancer treatment from Mother Nature to be "approved"; the cancer treatment information on this website is presented sub rosa, meaning with patient permission. This legal statement was first posted: November 24, 2011
ID Research Treatments (Sample)
OCC - Version 7 (Now: DMSO - Chlorine Dioxide) DMSO - Chlorine Dioxide
  Long Term Treatment to Revert Cancer Cells into Normal Cells
OCC - Version 6 The Overnight Cure For Cancer [Transdermal - 1 Day Protocol]
  Treatment to Revert Cancer Cells into Normal Cells
OCC - Version 4B The Overnight Cure For Cancer [Oral - 1 Day Protocol]
  Treatment to Revert Cancer Cells into Normal Cells [Oral]
DMSO - Vitamin C DMSO - Vitamin C
  Long Term Treatment to Kill or Revert Cancer Cells
DMSO - Colloidal Silver DMSO - Colloidal Silver
  Long Term Treatment to Revert Cancer Cells into Normal Cells
Ultraviolet Light Therapy Near Ultraviolet Light (UVA) Therapy
  Uses UVA light to vibrate hemoglobin, which in turn kills microbes
  inside cancer cells (cancer cells revert to normal cells)
Wheatgrass/UV Therapy Wheatgrass/Ultraviolet Therapy
  Uses ultraviolet light to vibrate chlorophyll in wheatgrass
  to cure cancer and other diseases
DMSO Potentiation Therapy DMSO Potentiation Therapy
  Combines DMSO with Very Low Dose Chemotherapy
  (This treatment must be done at a Medical Clinic outside the U.S.)
ID Proven Cancer Treatments
Strong Home Treatments Strongest Proven Treatments For Home Use
  Proven potent treatments for home use
Strong Clinic Treatments Strongest Proven Treatments At Clinics
  Proven potent treatments used at clinics
Links - Websites Links To Many Alternative Cancer Treatment Websites
Lists - Alternative Cancer Treatments Lists of Over 250 Alternative Cancer Treatments
ID Research Articles
About ICRF Research Why ICRF Research Is Superior
Root Canals The Relationship Between Root Canals and Cancer
CA Profile Test How To Determine How Much Cancer You Have
The Cancer Diet Overview of the Cancer Diet
Remission and Regression Making Sure Remission Does Not Turn Into Regression
ID Cancer Research Articles
Cancer Theory The Theory of Cancer (i.e. What Causes Cancer)
The History of Cancer Research The History of Cancer Research
Electromedicine Proposed Treatment of Cancer Using the GB-4000
Frequency Generator
Tribute A Tribute to researcher Virginia Livingston, M.D.
by Alan Cantwell, M.D.

   FDA Required Disclaimer and Discussion of the Use of the Term 'Cure'  

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