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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Scientific propaganda can deceive the very elect CHAPTER 16 The Tavistock Institutue of Human Relations by Dr. John Coleman

Scientific propaganda can deceive the very elect

The vast majority of people in the world today will surely have heard of the "Beast of Berlin" and how the "Allies" put to an end to his mad rampage through Europe. Most people in recent times have also heard of the "Beast of Baghdad."
But how many have heard of the name, Sir Harold Nicholson, a distinguished scholar, whose thorough examination of literally hundreds of thousands of documents from 1912 to 1925, absolutely exonerated Kaiser Wilhelm II from starting WWI?
How many people know this? Put it to the test. Try your local talk show whiz, and see what happens. Thus for more than twenty five years the myth of the Kaiser dominated the headlines and had the effect of turning millions of people in Britain and America, against Germany in an unjust and unfortunate by product of the vast propaganda machine that has the British people by the throat since it was first opened for business in 1913. We speak of Wellington House and its successor, the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations.
The amazing thing about the myth is how long it lasted. But the purpose of propaganda is precisely to perpetuate a myth, a lie or some piece of misinformation that lives long after the truth is forgotten. Japan will forever be blamed for Pearl Harbor, and for the "rape of Nanking," while Churchill will forever be hailed as a great man, instead of a brutal warmonger.

Colin Powell's propaganda against Iraq

In the same way Colin Powell recently visited Iraq and came out with a banner headline statement about Hussein "gassing Kurds" during the Iraq-Iran war.
The truth is that the gas-filled missiles that fell on the Kurdish village were Phosgene, a type not possessed by Iraq, but they were in the arsenal of Iran. What happened was that during an Iraqi offensive, the Iranians fired a large number of gas-filled rockets at Iraqi position, but some fell short among the Kurds along the border. This was confirmed by the U.S. Military College of War report, which entirely exonerated Iraq.

Yet, although the accusation was thoroughly refuted, in 2005, almost 30 years later, while on a goodwill tour of Malaysia, Karen Hughes representing President George Bush repeated the lie, embellishing it by claiming that "30,000 Kurds" had been gassed to death by "Saddam Hussein." A member of the audience contested her statement, and the next day Hughes was forced to retract her story, saying that she had "misspoken" herself. An investigation into the incident revealed that Hughes actually believed the lies she had heard repeated over and over again, by President Bush, Prime Minister Blair, Secretary of States Colin Powell, and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, which ought to tell us a great deal about the power of propaganda.
The facts of the case reported by the War College were later confirmed by the U.S. Army and by a second U.S. source. Does the world know this? We doubt it. Truth is forgotten while a lie lives on. Thus Colin Powell's propaganda against Iraq will go the way of the propaganda against Kaiser Wilhelm II, on and on for more than 100 years, while the truth died the moment the first propaganda blast appeared in the newspapers. In this lies the value of propaganda. The Social scientists at Tavistock know this and today, they can profile any audience to accept lies best suited to their perception without understanding the issues behind it.

"Morally correct" propaganda for the attack on Afghanistan

By this manner a "morally correct" position and a solid backing for the attack on Afghanistan was created. Few of the American people ever raised doubts about whether what their government was doing in Afghanistan was in accordance with the U.S. Constitution. There was no referendum, and no mandate to confirm or deny acceptance by the people of the Bush administration's policy toward Afghanistan.
Propaganda-brainwashing does not call for a mandate. The fact that none of the alleged hijackers of the planes used against the Twin Towers were from Afghanistan was completely lost on the American public, 74 percent of whom still believe that the "al Qaeda" did it and that they live in Afghanistan! The same percentage of Americans were brainwashed to believe that the Taliban and President Hussein worked together to bring about the tragedy! The American people do not know that Saddam Hussein would have nothing to do with the Taliban leadership.
Why do the American people allow themselves to be treated in this manner? Why do they allow politicians to lie, cheat, connive, dissemble, prevaricate, obfuscate and continually deceive them? What we ought to mark well, is the way Woodrow Wilson treated the American people, like sheep.

Wilson about flock of sheep - They remind me of the American people

When asked why he kept a small flock of sheep grazing on the White House lawns, Wilson replied: "They remind me of the American people." Wilson had a burning ambition to rush America into WWI and he used Wellington House lies (propaganda) against dissenters (the bulk of the people) to persuade them to change their outlook.
Roosevelt repeated the ploy to get the U.S. into WWII through lies and propaganda (most often than not the same thing) culminating in the "success" of Pearl Harbor. We saw the same line used by Pres. Clinton. In the run-up to and during the unjust war against Serbia, Clinton's entire persuasion consisted of lies and disinformation, not to mention misinformation.
No wonder that Rumsfeld pronouncements are always met with suspicion. When asked about the role being played by propaganda, Rumsfeld blandly replied: "Government officials, the Department of Defense, this secretary of defense and the people who work with me tell the American people the truth."

Propaganda and Psychological Warfare


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