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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations: Ch 11 The paradigm shift in education by Dr. John Coleman

The paradigm shift in education

During the 1970s a dramatic paradigm shift in school curricula at all levels came into effect apparently to the point that students were awarded school credits for courses in civics instead of reading, writing and arithmetic. An epidemic of "casual sex" and drug-taking overwhelmed school-age teens and swept over the entire country.
In July 1980, a major international conference was held in Toronto, Canada, under the auspices of First Global Conference on the Future in which 4,000 social engineers, cybernetics experts and futurologists from all the think tanks participated. The conference was under the direction of the Tavistock Institute's billionaire chairman, Maurice Strong who set the theme:
"The time has come to move from thinking and dialogue to action. This conference will become the launching pad for that important action to occur in the 1980s."
Strong was chairman of Petro-Canada, one of several "flagship" companies of the "Olympians." His background was British Intelligence MI6 where he held the rank of colonel during World War II. Strong and his network of companies were heavily involved in the highly lucrative opium-heroin-cocaine trade. Strong and Aldous Huxley were responsible for the LSD plague that swept the United States and later, Europe. He was a former director of the United Nations Environmental Program.
One of the chief speakers for the "Olympians" at the conference was Dr. Aurelio Peccei, chairman of the Club of Rome, a NATO think tank.

NATO and The Aquarian Conspiracy

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was created within the framework of the Aquarian Conspiracy, a project by the Social scientists at Stanford University under the direction of Willis Harmon. NATO in turn formed and promoted a new branch called "The Club of Rome," the name being designed to confuse and dissemble as it had nothing to do with the Catholic Church.
Without going into the technicalities of the Club of Rome, (hereinafter referred to as "the Club,") its purpose was to act as a counterweight against post-industrial agricultural and military expansion, a so-called "post-industrial agricultural zero growth society," which was meant to halt America's burgeoning manufacturing industries and growing mechanized farming food production capability. Memberships of the Club and NATO were interchangeable.
Stanford Research, the Tavistock Institute and other centers of applied social psychiatry joined it. In 1994 Tavistock signed a major contract with NASA to evaluate the effects of its space program. The Club itself was only founded in 1968 as part of the call for a New World Order inside a One World Government. What the Club became was an instrument to enforce limits of growth on industrial nations, and the United States was the first country to be targeted.
This was in fact one of the earliest steps taken to implement the "300" goal of returning the U.S. to a state of feudalism, a feudal society. One of the industries the Club railed against was nuclear energy, and they were successful in halting construction of all nuclear electricity generating plants that has put demand a thousand years ahead of the supply of electrical power. NATO was its military alliance meant to keep Russia in line.

The Club of Rome and its 1980 agenda

On the agenda of the 1980 meeting referred to above were the following:
  • Women's liberation movement.
  • Black consciousness, racial mixing, breaking down taboos against mixed marriages as propounded by anthropologist Margaret Meade and Gregory Bateson of Tavistock.
    It was decided at this meeting that an aggressive program would be launched to portray "colored races" as superior to Western Civilization white persons. From this forum came Oprah Winfrey and a host of black persons who were picked up and trained for their roles to portray "mixed races" as superior to whites.
    It could also be seen in movies where black movie stars suddenly proliferated until they became household names. It was seen also where a black person was placed in the role a high position of authority over whites, such a judge, or a district head of the FBI and the military, CEOs of large corporations etc.
  • Youth rebellion against imagined societal wrongs.
  • Emerging interest in social responsibility of business.
  • The generation gap implying a changing paradigm.
  • The anti-technological bias of many young people.
  • Experimentation with new family structures interpersonal relationships in which homosexuality and lesbianism became "normalized" and "no different from other people acceptable at all levels of society, two lesbian "moms."
  • The emergence of the fake conservation/ecology movements such as "Greenpeace"
  • A surge in interest in Eastern religious and philosophical perspectives.
  • A renewed interest in "fundamentalist" Christianity.
  • Labor unions shifting emphasis to quality of the work environment.
  • An increasing interest in meditation and other spiritual disciplines The "Kabala" was to supplant Christian culture and special people were chosen to teach and spread Kabala. Early chosen disciples were Shirley McLean, Roseanne Barr and later, Madonna and Demi Moore.
  • The increasing importance of "self-realization" processes.
  • Reinvention of music, "hip-hop" and "rap," by such groups as "Ice Cube."
A new language form in which English is so mutilated as to be unintelligible. This is being carried over into news readers on prime time television.
These disparate trends signified the emergence of a created climate of social upheaval and far-reaching changes as a new image of human beings began to take hold bringing with them radical changes in Western civilization.

"Aquarian Conspiracy" and its "invisible shock troops"

A "leaderless," but powerful network "the invisible army" began working to bring about "unacceptable" change in the United States. Its rank and file members were the "shock troops" who radicalized all forms of the norm, breaking with certain key elements of Western civilization. Among the "Olympians," this network was known as the "Aquarian Conspiracy" and its adherents were to be known as "invisible shock troops."
This massive paradigm gigantic, irrevocable shift, overtook America while we slept, sweeping away the old with new political, religious and philosophical systems. It was what citizens of the New World Order - One World Government would have to exhibit hereafter, a new mind - the rise of a new order with no nation-states, pride of place and pride of race, a culture of the past, destined to the dustbin of history, never to be revived.
We know from experience that this work is likely to be greeted with scorn and disbelief. Some will even pity us. Terms like "off the wall" will be used to describe this work. This is the standard reaction when the motivations of Tavistock's Social scientists brain-washers, opinion-makers, social-psychologists have for acting out their war on the United States are not known. The probability is 90% of the American people do not know that Tavistock declared war on the German civilian population to end WWII.
When that conflict ended in 1946, the Tavistock practitioners of mass brainwashing and opinion went to war against the American people.
If this is how you react when you read this expose, don't feel bad, - then understand that it is the way you are expected to react. If the motivation appears far-fetched and lacking credibility, also incomprehensible, then the motivation "does not exist." That being the case, then the action that derives from it does not exist; therefore, ergo "the Olympians" do not exist and there is no conspiracy.
But the hard fact is that a gigantic conspiracy does exist. No doubt Kurt Lewin, the top scientist at Tavistock and key theoretician of all think tanks could explain it more clearly than we have been able to do, if he chose to. His practice is derived from what he called "topological-psychology" doctrine. Lewin is the man upon whose theories, the psychological warfare battles of World War II were fought so successfully, the man who planned and executed the Strategic Bombing Survey that brought Germany defeat in WWII through the wholesale destruction of 65 percent of German worker housing to which we have just referred to very briefly.

Lewin's doctrine of "identity change"


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