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Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations: Ch 7 The making of public opinion by Dr. John Coleman

The making of public opinion

According to Tavistock Institute records, the Strategic Bombing Survey played a key role in forcing Germany to its knees through a highly disciplined program of systematic bombing of German worker housing, which Sir Arthur Harris of the RAF was only too delighted to carry out.
In addition, from 1939-1945, Likert ran the Division of Program Surveys of the Department of Agriculture, from which major studies were undertaken in the techniques of "mass persuasion." Or to put it another way, "making public opinion to fit the desired goals." One can only speculate on the numbers of citizens who believed their support for the "Allied" war effort sprang from their own opinions.
One of Likert's key aides in the division was Lewin protege and future Tavistock operative Dorwin Cartwright, who wrote the text-book document titled, "Some Principles of Mass Persuasion " which is still in use today.
Another major agency for shaping public opinion was the Office of War Information, directed by Gardner Cowles for much of the war effort. Bernays was brought into OWI as an adviser. It is out of the nexus we have described here that the network of key "polling institutions" emerged after World War II. They have played a powerful and decisive role in American life ever since. Gallup, from the committee on National Morale's Board of Trustees, upgraded his activity and became the key commander of polling institutions for launching new policies of the Committee of 300, which he passed off as "polling results."

Bernays played several key postwar roles. In 1953, he wrote a paper for the State Department that recommended setting up a psychological warfare office by State. In 1954, he was a consultant to the U.S. Air Force, the armed forces branch most under the influence of the Strategic Bombing Survey people.
During this early 1950s period, Bernays was public relations counsel to the United Fruit (United Brands) Corporation, one of the leading corporations in the communication/national security apart (Eisenhower's "military-industrial complex") then busy with consolidating its power over U.S. policy.

Guatemala - "The Engineering of Consent"

Bernays conducted the propaganda campaign alleging Guatemala was falling under "Communist control" that resulted in a U.S. engineered coup in that country. In 1955 Bernays wrote a book about his experience titled "The Engineering of Consent." The book became the virtual Tavistock blueprint followed by the U.S. Government to overthrow any country whose policies were unacceptable to the One World Government Socialist dictatorship.
Throughout the postwar period, Bernays was a member of the Society for Applied Anthropology, one of Margaret Mead's social-control institutions inside the U.S., and the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues, a group created by John Rawlings Reese, a founder member of Tavistock to run "psychiatric shock troops" among the American population.
One of its first actions was the unleashing of homosexuality in Florida, a move bitterly opposed by Anita Bryant who had no idea of what she was up against.
The second of its actions was to introduce the theme that non-white people are more intelligent than whites, which we shall discuss later.

Institute for Social Research (ISR)

Likert moved to the University of Michigan to set up the Institute for Social Research (ISR) that absorbed the Massachusetts Center for the Study of Group Dynamics, the principal Tavistock affiliate in the U.S. in the beginning of the postwar era.
Tavistock's ISR was the center of a number of critical profiling and "Opinion Research" subgroups, among them the Center for research in the Utilization of Scientific Knowledge, was established by Likert OSS co-worker and Lewin disciples, Ronald Lippitt.
Project Director Donald Michael was a leading player in the Club of Rome, and a second subgroup, the Survey Research Center, was Likert's own personal creation that grew to become the most elaborate institution in the U.S. for "surveying" (creating) popular attitudes and trends, among the principal of which were demeaning and degrading womanhood and pushing the superior intellectual capabilities of non-white persons according to Lewin's carefully crafted scripts.

William Benton - mass control through advertising

Robert Hutchins became famous during this period and his closest colleague in those early years was William Benton, the founder in 1929 with Chester Bowles of Benton and Bowles, the well-known advertising firm. Benton utilized Benton and Bowles as a means to develop the science of mass control through advertising.
It was Benton's pioneering work supported by Douglass Cater, that led to the development of Tavistock's burgeoning control over U.S. media policy through the Aspen Institute of Colorado, the American home of the Socialist One World Government Committee of 300.
In passing I mention that the science of mass media control through advertising is today so firmly entrenched that it has become the key component in opinion making. In the early post WWII days, Hollywood incorporated it into nearly all of its movies.
Advertising (brainwashing) was done through the type and make of car the hero drove, the brand of cigarette the suave Lawrence Harvey smoked, the clothes and make up the leading lady wore, clothes that became more risque with each passing year, until today in 2005 we have womanhood degraded by the likes of Britney Spear's almost naked breasts and bare stomach exposed by crotch hugging jeans she often wears, the social mores that Hollywood enjoys so much in flouting.

Degrading women and decline of moral standards


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