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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Chapter 12 Lewin's doctrine of "identity change" from The Tavistock Institute for Human Relations by Dr. John Coleman from antimatrix.org

Lewin's doctrine of "identity change"

The Lewin doctrine is not easy for the layman to follow. Basically, Lewin said that all psychological phenomena occur in a domain defined as "psychological phase space." This space is composed of two interdependent "fields," the "environment" and the "self."
The concept of "controlled environment" arose from the study that if you have a fixed-personality
(one susceptible to being predictably profiled), and if you want to elicit from this personality a particular type of behavior, then all you have to do is control the third variable of the equation and thus produce the desired behavior.
This was the norm in social-psychology formulas. MI6 uses it, and almost every type of situation involving negotiations; army counterinsurgency operations, labor negotiations and diplomatic negotiations used it up until apparently the 1960s.
After 1960, Tavistock changed the equation by placing greater emphasis on the technique of controlled environment not the behavior, but the desired personality. What Lewin set out to accomplish was far more drastic and permanent; altering the deeper structures of human personalities. In short, what Lewin succeeded in doing was to move beyond "behavior modification" to "identity change."
Identity change was adopted by the nations of the world. Nations worked to acquire a "new personality" that would change the way the world looked at them.
The theory relied upon the original formulations of two Tavistock theoreticians, Dr. William Sargent's theory in his Battle for the Mind, and Kurt Lewin's own work on personality regression.
Lewin observed that the "inner self of the individual displays certain reactions when under tension from the environment. When there is no tension, then the normal inner self of a person is well differentiated, balanced multifaceted, versatile."
"When a reasonable amount of tension is applied from the environment, then all the various abilities and faculties of the inner self go on alert, ready for effective action.

Extreme tension induced regression of personality

But, when an intolerable amount of tension is applied, then this geometry collapses into a blinded, undifferentiated soup; a primitive, a regressed personality. The person is reduced to an animal; the highly differentiated and versatile abilities disappear. The controlled environment takes over the personality."
It is this Lewin "technique" that is used on the captives held at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp in defiance of international law and the U.S. Constitution. The gross misconduct of the Bush administration at the camp is beyond the pale of normal Western Christian civilization, and its acceptance by a docile American public, might be the first sign that the American people have been so changed by Tavistock's "long range penetration and inner-direction conditioning," that they are now ready to descend to the level of the New World Order in a One World Government where such barbaric "treatment" will be regarded as normal and accepted without protest.
The fact that medical doctors took part in the inhuman torture of fellow human being and felt no remorse would indicate just how far down the world has already fallen.
This has been observed as being the basis for the military camp at Guantanamo, Cuba, which was opened there to avoid the strictures of the U.S. Constitution and to provide a Lewin-type controlled environment. The men being held at this psychological prison are now in the state of regression where they have been reduced to the level of animals.
Guantanamo is the type of camp that we predict will be established all over the United States and the world, when the New World Order-One World Government assumes total world control. It is sadistic, inhuman and beastly, designed to break the natural pride of the victims, to break the will to resist and to reduce the prisoners to the level of beasts.
During the first world government experiment in the then USSR, men were allowed to use toilets only to be interrupted in the middle of evacuating and hustled out before they could clean themselves. Abu Graihb and Guantanamo were about at that level when the controllers were roughly subjected to world-wide scrutiny. General Miller who was the chief kapo has since disappeared from sight.
"Dissidents" who insist on the U.S. Government obeying the Constitution and demand their constitutional rights, will in future be treated as "dissidents," exactly like Stalin treated "dissidents" in Russia. Future "Guantanamos" that have sprung up all over America are a portent of the future. On that we can rely.

The Induced Decline of Western Civilization between two World Wars


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