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Saturday, August 11, 2018

The Boston Marathon Bombing: A False Flag With False Blood?from UFOinsight.com

The Boston Marathon Bombing: A False Flag With False Blood?from UFOinsight.com

First Published: December 8, 2016 Last updated: July 28th, 2018 Written by Oliver Grant Estimated Reading Time: 13 minutes Occasionally we hear the tragic news of a marathon runner dying. But perhaps never had we heard of a marathon spectator dying until the April, 2013 Boston Marathon — in fact 3 spectators died. Though not from natural causes; from two terrorist bombs. The culprits? Muslim Chechens Tamerlan
Tsarnaev (26) and his brother Dzhokhar (19). One was fatally wounded during a later shoot-out; the other is now biding his time on Death Row.
Naturally, it received media attention worldwide. But evidence has emerged since suggesting that the attack was yet another false flag, this time featuring ‘fireworks’ and fake victims with fake injuries and fake blood. Lots of it — as you’ll see when you read on. That’s if you want to read on; please be aware that there’s some GRAPHIC CONTENT.
Second explosion near finishing line of Boston Marathon.
Second explosion near finishing line of Boston Marathon.

The Bloody Explosions

It was the 117th Boston Marathon, the oldest continuously running marathon in the world, with around 23,000 participants. Ironically, before the start, there was a 26-second silence in honour of the victims of the previous December’s Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, for which there’s ample evidence of it having been a false flag attack, also.
At about 4 hours 9 minutes into the race, the first of the two explosions occurred on the sidewalk not far from the finishing line; the second, a couple of hundred yards further down the sidewalk 12 seconds later. A lot of smoke and confusion ensued: a melee of first-responders and victims. Thanks to it happening near the finishing line, the media and bystanders with their cameras were there in numbers and a lot of photos and video footage of the explosions and aftermath were shot. Much of this found its way onto websites and YouTube and into the focus of numerous… shall we say… ‘conspiracy analysts’, who set about scrutinising and interpreting what victims and first-responders were actually doing amidst the smoke and confusion, and putting their findings out on YouTube.
As unthinkable as it is, what a number of them appear to have been doing was playing a part in a gruesome, stage-managed ‘theatrical’ production, creating an exaggerated, if not entirely false, narrative for the world’s media and its audiences to swallow.
One of the iconic, images of the Boston Marathon bombing
One of the iconic images of the Boston Marathon bombing
Where the Boston Marathon bombing differed significantly from The Sandy Hook Elementary School event is that the alleged Sandy Hook dead and injured were not in view, not photographed or videoed by the media or onlookers, and not one image of them emerged on TV, in the press or online.
But because Boston was an open, public event, the victims weren’t hidden from view and witnesses with cameras were all around, so explosions and victims with traumatic injuries had to look life-like. Which is where expertise was needed in what’s called hyper-realistic film making: ‘Hollywood’ techniques applied to battlefield, mass-casualty disaster and live shooter simulations. These are normally staged to train military personnel and civilian first-responders, of course; not to pull the wool over the media’s and the public’s eyes.
Mass-casualty simulations involve a cast of crisis actors in appropriately ‘distressed’ clothing, make-up and moulage, each with a pre-determined role to play. A French word, moulage is the art of creating realistic-looking fake wounds, sometimes incorporating prosthetics with a hidden mechanism to expel fake blood. Some crisis actors are amputees; with moulage and prosthetics applied to what remains of their limbs, they can play the most shockingly realistic victims… as this army combat training clip shows:
VIDEO: Amputee Actors Train Soldiers for Combat
One such amputee crisis actor is believed to be Jeff Bauman, seen here in this iconic shot, which was reproduced extensively around the world:
Victim Jeff Bauman and Carlos ‘The Cowboy’ Arredondo.
Victim Jeff Bauman and Carlos ‘The Cowboy’ Arredondo.
As understandably happens with such traumatic events as the Boston Marathon bombing, the mainstream media is keen to create heroes out of victims and first-responders, sometimes giving them repeated coverage weeks and months after the event, which serves to reinforce the official mainstream narrative. The so-called ‘dynamic-duo’ of the event was Jeff and his ‘life-saver’, Carlos ‘The Cowboy’ Arredondo; both subsequently featured in this Daily Mail article.

‘Hollywood’ Comes To Boston

‘Hollywood’ film producer Nathan Folks, in a recorded radio interview, said that he believed the bombing was a false flag operation. He watched the live TV coverage like everyone else but, seeing it through the lens of his filmmaking experience, things “didn’t add up.”
Why not? He explained that in rolling live TV coverage of an unforeseen event, there would be no cuts from one scene to another, yet there were cuts. Also, the footage was shot not in contemporary high-definition but in more grainy definition typical of the previous decade, which makes edits less obvious to spot. He believes that that was done on purpose.
Also, he believes that Chroma key (Green-Screen) filming was used:
We are watching green screen on television to re-enact a street scene that happened for real, but just a smoke bomb but when they re-enacted the people that were hurt they had to add the blood and the amputees and to put on the makeup. You can see the person putting makeup on these people the entire scene; I call her ‘The Woman in Pink’. She has literally got a makeup bag and she is going to each victim, she is not helping them! She is putting make up on them!”
Perhaps the biggest eye-opener of all was that Nathan recognised Jeff Bauman’s ‘life-saver’, Carlos Arredondo; he knew him and had worked with him only the previous year. Carlos had lost his U.S. Army soldier son in Iraq and played a part in a film about exposing the truth of Iraq that Nathan had produced in 2012 called The Prosecution of an American President. Nathan couldn’t believe that Carlos was used to perform the Boston heroics.
Of the many exposés by conspiracy analysts on YouTube, the most thorough and professional is The Boston Marathon Unbombing. Admittedly, it’s very lengthy but worth spending at least some time with to grasp the lengths the perpetrators would have had to go to pull it all off. At the 51:02 mark there’s a section, ‘Carlos and Jeff – The Dynamic Duo’, all about Jeff Bauman and Carlos Arredondo and how it was possible to fake those extreme injuries. Then, at the 1:44:55 mark, there’s an interesting section, ‘The Stage Crew’, about how the scenes of carnage were managed.
VIDEO: The Boston Unbombing: How and Why the Boston Marathon Bombing Was a Staged False Flag Event

The Giveaway Drill

One feature common to contemporary false flag events is the coincidental drill. That’s drill as in military or security exercise.
For instance, on 9/11, NORAD was conducting numerous military exercises, including simulation of a suicide airliner hijacking in New York. At the same time, the CIA was holding an exercise featuring a hijacked airliner slamming into a building. Believe it or not.
The London tube bombings of July 2005 — aka 7/7 — which evidence suggests was also a false-flag event, had its own coincidental drill. Visor Consultants had been running an exercise on the morning of the attack that mirrored “almost precisely” the same tube stations being attacked at the same time as actually happened. What were the odds? Millions-to-one against?
And then there’s the Paris Bataclan multi-site terrorist attack on the evening of Nov 13, 2015. Patrick Pelloux, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and chronicler at Charlie Hebdo magazine said on France Info radio:
“As luck would have it, in the morning at the Paris SAMU [EMT equivalent], a multi-site attack exercise had been planned, so we were prepared…”
Why coincidental drills? A number of reasons. It’s thought they allow perpetrators to plan and execute their false-flag attack whilst hiding behind security classifications and, if they get rumbled during the preparation phase, to simply offer plausible denial: “It’s just a drill.” Drills also distract security services and hinder responses so that an attack can succeed — as in NORAD being unable to scramble jet interceptors on 9/11 — and they enable recruitment of unwitting participants who, when the drill goes live, become patsies to scapegoat, prosecute and jail. Or even murder — because dead men tell no tales.
Evidence of a training exercise at the Boston Marathon comes from running coach Ali Stevenson, who testified in an interview with Fox TV that at the start-line area he’d seen ‘bomb-spotters’ on the roofs and bomb-sniffing dogs and that his wife told him she’d seen bomb-sniffing dogs at the finish line, too. Significantly, he added: “They kept making announcements saying to the participants, ‘Do not worry, this is just a training exercise.’”
Here’s the full Fox TV report:  
VIDEO: Fox TV – Bomb Sniffing Dogs/Drill Before Explosions
There’s additional evidence of an exercise occurring provided by the sound track of video footage shot by a spectator standing close to the explosions. Seconds before the first explosion, it picked up a public address announcement that sounds very much like: “This is a drill. This is a drill.”
VIDEO: “This Is A Drill” Announcement

The Brothers Enter the Frame

So, if the explosions were indeed a false-flag attack planned and executed by conspirators unknown, perhaps under cover of a drill, how did the Tsarnaev brothers become the prime suspects?
The following day, April 16th, the authorities disclosed that the bombs were crude, improvised devices of pressure cookers packed with gunpowder extracted from fireworks, nails and ball-bearings, set off by egg timer-type mechanisms, and that they were likely concealed in bags or backpacks abandoned on the sidewalk. To whom the bags or backpacks belonged, they had no idea, but vowed to go through every frame of every video they had of the event to find suspects.
Two days and one false report of an arrest later, on April 18th, the FBI released CCTV image, announcing at a press briefing: “After a very detailed analysis of photo, video, and other evidence, we are releasing photos of the two suspects.” Both were carrying backpacks in the photos. However, the FBI had to make an appeal to the public to identify them.
CCTV image of the Tsarnaevs issued by the FBI.
CCTV image of the Tsarnaevs issued by the FBI.
It was claimed later that a recovering Jeff Bauman had given the police a description of one of the brothers as the person he saw deposit a backpack at the site of an explosion, thus allowing the FBI to pinpoint the CCTV images they did.
But it wasn’t long before the ‘conspiracy analysts’ claimed that two individuals they’d spotted in publicly available photos and footage could equally as likely be suspects: men of military bearing and attire who were also carrying backpacks — big, full ones that could conceivably have held a heavy pressure-cooker bomb.
Their outfits and ‘Punisher’ insignia on a baseball cap one was wearing suggested that they were operatives of Craft International, a private military/security company of a type that the authorities might hire for a covert, high-risk project.
Craft International operatives with black backpacks.
Craft International operatives with black backpacks.
What heightened suspicions about these two was a photo of a piece of the shredded backpack containing one of the bombs had shown a white rectangle that matched the white rectangle on top of one of their backpacks; the brothers’ packpacks showed no such white rectangle. Could these have been the real bombers? There have been no reports that either of them were questioned about the bombings… asked what they were doing hanging around the finishing line at all, even.
Shredded bomb packpack with white rectangle.
Shredded bomb packpack with white rectangle.
One aspect of the FBI’s apparent inability to identify the Tsarnaevs seemed rather anomalous. Their mother, during an interview on April 19th, said she was suspicious of the FBI because her family had been under their constant surveillance for years. She claimed:
They used to come [to our] home, they used to talk to me… they were telling me that he [Tamerlan] was really an extremist leader and that they were afraid of him. They told me whatever information he is getting, he gets from these extremist sites… they were controlling him, they were controlling his every step… and now they say that this is a terrorist act! Never ever is this true, my sons are innocent!”
Setting aside Mrs Tsarnaev’s understandable bias, taking her at her word, it’s very puzzling that the FBI were unable to identify the brothers when they would have to have had them ‘on file’. It also begs the question: if Tamerlan was planning the attack, if he was under surveillance, why on Earth didn’t the FBI know about it and put a stop to it? Unless, of course, they did know about it and purposely let it happen, setting the brothers up to be patsies. The FBI connection also begs the question: was Tamerlan working in some capacity with the FBI? An informant, perhaps?
The official narrative has it that the FBI were able to put names to the brother’s faces only after, later that day, they had shot dead a policeman on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) campus in a failed attempt to steal his gun. The FBI identified them from the registration plate of Tamerlan’s own Honda Civic they were driving. They subsequently hijacked, then stole a Mercedes SUV and headed in both cars for Watertown, a suburb of Boston. The SUV’s owner had left his mobile phone on in the vehicle, which allowed police to track the fugitives.

Fratricide or Summary Execution?

Shortly after midnight, a police officer spotted the Honda Civic and stolen SUV in Watertown and, as the police arrived in force, a gunfight erupted. Also, a bomb and crude grenades were said to have been thrown.
The official narrative goes on to claim that once Tamerlan had run out of bullets for his handgun, he was tackled bodily by police officers, whereupon Dzhokhar drove the SUV towards the group of them, only to run over his brother, dragging him a few yards down the street. He then sped away and after half a mile or so abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot.
But this is contradicted by testimony of a local resident who witnessed the event. She claims that she saw a police vehicle run over Tamerlan and afterwards get shot by a police officer.
The waters were made even more muddy by the fact that some time before the shootout, the previous evening, CNN reported that two men had been taken into police custody in Watertown after a car chase, potentially to do with the killing at MIT. They aired footage of a muscular, naked young man in handcuffs being led away and put into a police car who looked very much like Tamerlan. (Being a boxer, Tamerlan did in fact possess a muscular physique). An eye witness said that shortly afterwards, the FBI arrived, photographed and questioned the man. Here’s the YouTube CNN report (starts at 14:44):
VIDEO: Tamerlan Tsarnaev and the Naked Man
A still taken from the CNN footage shows features very similar to those in a photo of Tamerlan:
Tamerlan Tsarnaev (left) and arrested naked man
Tamerlan Tsarnaev (left) and arrested naked man
A few days later, on April 22nd, The Tsarnaev’s aunt, Maret Tsarnaeva, a lawyer, stated in an interview with Infowars.com that:
“The guy that was taken into custody by police and given over to the FBI… the naked guy… I have to publicly state that I confirm and identify this person as my nephew, Tamerlan Tsarnaev.”
If the naked man was indeed Tamerlan, it begs the very grave question: how did he manage to escape the FBI’s custody (and his handcuffs), acquire a weapon and engage cops in the subsequent shootout?
Returning to the official narrative and the at-large Dhzokhar…

The Boston Lockdown and Boat Siege

Something quite unexpected — and some would argue, quite unwarranted — happened later that morning: the whole city of Boston was ordered into a state of complete lockdown while SWAT teams in armoured vehicles patrolled Watertown streets looking for the 19-year-old Dzhokhar who, as it turned out, was unarmed. A de facto state of martial law was enacted: transport services were halted, travel in cars was banned, and residents were ordered to stay behind closed doors — to ‘shelter in place’ — and only open them to armed police wanting to search their premises.
‘Martial law’ comes to the streets of Boston
‘Martial law’ comes to the streets of Boston
Despite the massive manpower deployed in the Boston suburbs, it fell to resident David Henberry to finger the young fugitive. When the ‘shelter-in-place’ order was lifted for an hour at 6pm that evening, he popped into his back yard to check on his boat and saw “a man covered with blood under the tarp”. The blood was from wounds sustained in the earlier gunfight. He immediately dialled 911.
Mr Henberry realised he’d be needing a new boat when, soon after, it was holed by numerous terrifying volleys of police bullets. About an hour later, the bloodied but miraculously still-alive suspect surrendered and was taken into custody.
Dzhokhar emerges from his back-yard boat hideout
Dzhokhar emerges from his back-yard boat hideout
The authorities originally claimed that they had exchanged shots with Dzhokhar and that he’d shot himself in the throat (which led to him being unable to speak for weeks afterwards) but in reality, no firearm was recovered from the scene; he was unarmed.
Boston police tweeted: “CAPTURED!!! The hunt is over. The search is done. The terror is over. And justice has won. Suspect in custody.”
‘Justice’? The fact that police marksmen were ordered to repeatedly fire fusillades into the boat has led sceptics to suspect that the FBI was less intent on capturing him alive to face real justice than they were on killing him. Perhaps because, as his brother would testify from the beyond if he could: dead men tell no tales.

Fair Trial Or Travesty For Tsarnaev?

On March 4th, 2015, the trial against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev began in the Boston federal court. He faced 30 counts — 17 carrying the death penalty — to which he pleaded not guilty. Thirty-five days later, after eleven and a half hours of deliberation, the jury’s verdict was in: guilty on all counts. And after further hearings for sentencing, a verdict of death over life imprisonment. He remains on Death Row and will likely remain there for years until the appeals process is exhausted.
However, some non-mainstream researchers who followed the trial have expressed doubts about it. 21st Century Wire, for instance, identified key questions that weren’t asked during the proceedings:
Was older brother Tamerlan working as an FBI informant? What were Craft International mercenaries doing at the finish line; did one of them deposit a packpack before the explosions? (Both these issues have already been touched upon.) Why were the police previously in pursuit of two altogether different named suspects, Mike Mulgeta and Sunil Tripathi, before the Tsarnaevs were identified, and why have both wound up dead? Was Tamerlan alive when taken into Police/FBI custody? (Again, an issue already dealt with, above.)
A good article by Global Research goes into more questionable aspects of the trial, suggesting that, essentially, “Dzhokhar’s defence team betrayed him. He pleaded not guilty and his attorney conceded that he was guilty.”
So, was it less a fair trial than it was a show trial, skewed to avoid certain sensitive information coming out in open court and get it all over with as quickly as possible? Was the FBI or another government agency in some way involved in facilitating the bombing, perhaps for the purpose of keeping the War on Terror alive on home soil?
For many, the jury’s still out.

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Oliver Grant used to be a so-called Mad Man. Meaning he used to work in Advertising. However, he gave up all that corporate malarkey and is now a freelance writer. Six years ago he fell down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole and hasn’t been seen since, but he does send messages and musings about what he finds down there. Seriously though, his years of research and reading equip him well to write informative and accessible articles for UFOinsight.com on a variety of subjects — from ufology to exopolitics to false flags to climate manipulation. And more besides.
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