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Fluoride is a poison. Fluoride was poison yesterday. Fluoride is poison today. Fluoride will be poison tomorrow. When in doubt, get it out.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Four Bombs Not One? Oklahoma City 4/19/95

     Templeton residents who believe that they are being served by the mainstream media in regards to accurate reporting may wish to revisit events on April 19 1995 in the State of Oklahoma.  It was on this date Timothy McVeigh was alleged to have taken down the Alfred P. Murray Building with a truck bomb composed of ammonium nitrate and fuel.  Few people know that at least three other bombs were involved that day in what to that time was the largest terrorist event on American soil.  Six years later 9/11 and the alleged controlled demolition of WTC I, WTC2 and Building Seven would eclipse Oklahoma City for that dubious title.
     Here is a short segment showing what our mainstream media may have missed.
     As you can see from the video the American Public has pretty much been left in the dark concerning events of Oklahoma City. 
     Would we have been better prepared for events on 9/11 had honest reporting been done on April 19 1995? 
     Were some of the same characters involved in both events? 
      More on the Oklahoma City bombing details.
     It is hoped all Templeton residents will find the time to look at events such as Oklahoma City and 9/11 more closely.
     In retrospect these events seem to match up with our eroding rights under our Constitution.
      When our Constitution is gone it is highly unlikely we will get another Constitution in our lifetime.
     A special thanks to Pauly’s Templeton Watch for enabling information that otherwise may never have seen the light of day to be shared by all.    

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fluoride Warning from New Hampshire

     Templeton residents who have been following the blogs Pauly’s Templeton watch and Templeton Times in regards to the fluoride debate in the Town of Templeton will be surprised to learn that New Hampshire Governor John Lynch has signed into law a bill that would require all fluoridating communities in New Hampshire to warn their citizen’s about the fluorosis risk the additive poses to infants.  A short article in regards to this important development can be read at this link
     Although many believe that fluorosis is just a cosmetic problem there is no law that says interference in biochemistry will not occur in other tissues as it does in teeth.  For fluoridation promoters, it has always been an article of faith that the presence of dental fluorosis does not signal any other damage to the human body.  This is called the “Great Fluoridation Gamble” as taken from the book The Case Against Fluoride. 
    There is a biological pathway that uses a protein called HIF or hypoxia inducible factor.  The conversion of the normal, unstable state of HIF, to the abnormal stable condition that triggers these cellular responses is a biochemical process quite similar to that found in the formation of enamel in teeth.  The key steps are a phosphorylation and a hydroxylation of proline to stabilize the HIF structure.  Along with the hydroxylation of proline comes the requirements of iron in the Fe+2 state and vitamin C.  This is the same reaction as found in the formation of the collagen structure in enamel.
     Reactive oxygen species or oxygen free radicals definitely promotes the stability of HIF and many scientists believe this is a true link to the long known connection between free radicals and the development of tumors according to the book “The Devils Poison” by Dr. Dean Murphy. 
     The following link is a quick read on the increase cancer risk due to fluoridation.
     Templeton needs to follow suit with the State of New Hampshire and get a warning out to users of our town water concerning the use of fluoridated water and infant formula. 
     Perhaps a pole can be taken right here on Pauly’s Templeton Watch to see if we can get the Board of Health to endorse this warning concerning fluoridation and infant formula.
     Surely Phil, Rick, Ed and Donald can be counted on to do their homework on this issue as they may have dropped the ball on the larger fluoridation issue.   
     New Hampshire’s warning reads, “ Your public water supply is fluoridated.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, if your child under the age of 6 months is exclusively consuming infant formula reconstituted with fluoridated water, there may be an increased chance of dental fluoriosis.  Consult your child’s health care provider for more information.”
     With over twenty studies showing a lowering of IQ due to fluoride use prior to birth in India and China and the neurological problems established in rat studies by Phyllis Mullenix both pre-partum and post partum a closer look at fluoride is warranted and certainly a warning is due.
     Let’s see how long it takes The Gardner News and Worcester Telegram to bring you this information from New Hampshire in regards to the fluoride warning and infant formula.
     Let’s see how long it takes our Board of Health to recognize the problems involved with using fluoridated water and infant formula together.
     Has Myron Allukian from the Public Health Service sent any information in regards to this matter to Phil Leger our Board of Health man?  
     Have our caring dental hygienists and school nurses brought this matter to the Board of Health’s attention?
     If you haven’t figured it out yet, you are on your own when it comes to the dangers involving fluoride.
     When in doubt get it out.    

Monday, June 18, 2012

Chemtrail Update PL 105-85

                              Chemtrail Update
                                    PL 105-85

     Templeton residents who followed an earlier blog concerning the material being sprayed in the air also know as Chemtrails may be interested in knowing that “we the people” have consented to this spraying due to our elected Representatives not objecting to Public Law 105-85.  A short video explains the situation we are faced with. 
     Templeton residents are very lucky to have Paulys Templeton Watch to bring you this information.  Check your Gardner News to see if there is a follow up to this article in that paper concerning this issue.   
     If this information is important to you it may be a good idea to contact Senator Brown, Senator Kerry and Congressman Olver and ask that this program be stopped.
    Please do you homework on this issue as your health may be at issue.  

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Who is Bill Still?

     Well it looks like a two man race for President of the United States this year 2012.  Both candidates seem to have corporate sponsorship and most likely will have no problem coming up with funds to catch the interest of the voting public. 
     A candidate that would appear to have no chance at all is Libertarian candidate for President Bill Still.  Bill Still if you remember is the man who brought us The Money Masters an excellent documentary on who controls the money in our country and around the world.  Here are some of Bill’s ideas for correcting problems right here in good old USA.
     Many of us won’t vote for Bill for many reasons but mostly because he is not a Republican or a Democrat.  Even if Bill was really God he would not get our vote because we have been conditioned to trust the two major parties, I mean look how great things have been going with the candidates these two parties have given us.   
     Most of us don’t realize how close we are to World War Three because the mainstream news has been able to perform prefrontal lobotomies right through our newspapers and T.V. screens thus keeping us from facts that might make us very nervous.
       Mr. Still shows how we have lost control of our money supply and what we must do to get it back in his recent award winning documentary “Secrets of Oz”.  If you follow the money you will realize why we may be close to WWIII.
     We may not vote for Bill Still for a variety of reasons but his award winning documentary “The Money Masters” is the best on who has been stealing your cash for decades. 
     Bill Still probably was not the most popular kid in his class but I bet if you left your lunch money with Bill and asked him not to spend it for an extra pizza for himself or give it away to a large corporation interested in taking over the world that lunch money was most likely safe with Bill. 
     If you have made it this far you now know about a third candidate for President of the United States Bill Still.  Who knew?   

Friday, June 8, 2012

USS Liberty Forty-Fifth Anniversary

       Today June 8,2012 marks the forty-fifth Anniversary of the attach of the USS Liberty. This US Spy Ship was located off the coast off Israel on June 8, 1967 monitoring the war in that area when it was attacked by Israeli war planes.  It is hoped that Templeton residents will take the time for a short moment of silence or short prayer to remember the lives lost that day.
Mr. Alex Jones does a nice job giving a quick account of what happened that day.
     There was something haunting about that day that has never been addressed by the mainstream media.  If time permits a longer version of events can be watched at this site.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgNA7vpb-J8
It is difficult to learn from your mistakes if facts are kept buried.
     A special thanks to Pauly’s Templeton Watch  for keeping it real.  

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Chemtrails above Templeton?

     A special thanks goes out to Pauly’s Templeton Watch for his continued support of topics not covered in the lame stream media.  This next topic was the result of an earlier report concerning my investigation of events surrounding 9/11.  Many readers of my blog Templeton Times wrote concerning another problem that no one seemed to be interested in covering that topic “Chemtrails” will be covered in this report.
     Chemtrails is a word most of us here in Templeton have never had a thought about.  What are chemtrails?  How long have they been around?  Who is responsible for chemtrails?  Where are chemtrails found?  Why are chemtrails being used? 
      Hold on to your binoculars I believe you will find this topic of some interest. 
     What are chemtrails?  Chemtrails are the emissions coming from the back of the jets that are flying above us.  Many people confuse chemtrails with contrails but this short video that aired on The Discovery Channel may help to clear up the difference between the two.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVFuOZu7Xhg 
One thing is for sure about chemtrails they can make a clear sky hazy.
     It appears that chemtrails have been around since the mid to late nineties.  Some reports show chemtrails go back to the early eighties.  An excellent video concerning the history of chemtrails “What in the World are they Spraying” will help bring the reader up to speed on this recent potential health hazard.
With the chemicals aluminum and barium at ten microns as components of chemtrails (as suggested in the preceding video) those with asthmatic problems may want to learn more about this airborne pollutant.
     Who is responsible for chemtrails?  It is difficult to pin down who is responsible for chemtrails.  A call to the Department of Environmental Pollution at 508-767-2757 got me in touch with Mr. John Kronopolus who admitted not knowing much about the subject, he did however send me on to the Environmental Protection Agency at 888-372-7341 where I talked to Mr. Brown.  Mr. Brown admitted not knowing much on the subject and sent me on to the FAA at 1-866-Tell-FAA.  Mr. Brown also suggested contacting Homeland Security at 1-866-289-9673. 
     As FAA was busy a call to Homeland Security was placed and a man who went by the name of Ray stated his agency was not involved and to try FAA again at 1-866-835-5322.  FAA was contacted and suggested Flight Standards in Boston at 781-357-4900.  Mr. Scott LaVoie seemed to be the contact person here but although stating he would do some investigating of the situation never got back to me.  I called Mr. Lavoie back but it appeared no one wished to talk on this subject at Flight Standards. 
    Next called were Occupational Safety and Health Agency (OSHA) in Andover Ma. at 978-837-4480.  OSHA stated they would need to know exactly what the material was before they could make a comment on the subject.  Mr. Nesbit suggested calling the Taunton Weather Service at 508-823-1900 he also suggested the US Commerce Building at 508-822-0634. 
    A call to the Commerce Building went no where but Ben at the Taunton Weather Service informed me that these long white lines in the sky were “contrails” and went on a long dissertation on the subject.  When I informed Ben I was a long time politician and thought he was baffling me with his brilliance he suggested not to worry about all these “conspiracy theories” and suggested dropping the subject and “go have a vanilla ice cream cone”.  I thanked Ben for all of his help and asked if perhaps there was someone who may be more helpful on the subject of what is being sprayed in the air but it seemed the conversation was over with Ben. 
     A real conspiracy buff would have put one and one together using the ice cream as a clue and realized that Ben could be none other than the “Ben” in Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream.
    Who is responsible is a tough call.  Rense.com does a good job covering the subject in regards to how the government may be involved.  Representative Dennis Kucinich from Ohio who brought a bill concerning chemtrails before Congress on October 2,2001 shortly after events on 9/11/01 is mentioned at this site.
As you can see we the taxpayer are most likely paying for this program.
     Where are chemtrails sprayed?  Most believe that chemtrails are being sprayed at altitudes of 35,000 to 40,000 feet slightly above normal flight patterns although lower altitudes have been suggested.  Clifford Carnicom from the Carnicom Institute has been following the subject for many years.
Mr. Carnicom is relentless on the subject of chemtrails and possibly for good reason.
     Why are chemtrails being used?  Most believe that chemtrails exist to change weather patterns.  Other believe that the material being sprayed is also an excellent conductor of the electromagnetic spectrum. 
    James Bamford in his book “The Puzzle Palace” tells us that the National Security Agency (NSA) used spraying to intercept communications.  Others believe that a program called HAARP may be involved.
     HAARP stands for high altitude aurora research project, a short tutorial is in order.
Dr. Nick Begich lives in the area where this project is centered up in Alaska.  The technology concerning HAARP was originally from Nickola Tesla who certainly could hold up his end of the conversation when it came to science projects.
     It is hoped that Templeton residents will find some of this information helpful in their search for more answers on chemtrails.
     Thanks once again to Pauly’s Templeton Watch for allowing space on his blog for information that you most likely are not going to get from the Gardner Snooze or the Worcester Telegram, be it truth or fiction you will need to do your own research on the subject.