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Fluoride is a poison. Fluoride was poison yesterday. Fluoride is poison today. Fluoride will be poison tomorrow. When in doubt, get it out.

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Friday, December 21, 2012

Running on Empty Running Blind

         Running on Empty Running Blind

     Templeton residents who enjoy those long distance runs at a brisk pace will be surprised to learn that they may be doing more harm than good to their hearts.  For years we have been told that the more exercise we get the better.  Recent studies by Dr. James O’Keefe suggest otherwise.  Here is what the good doctor has to say on the subject of over doing the exercise. 
     The good news is that our bodies seem to repair themselves over time if animal experiments are any indication of cardiac improvements in this area. 
     Couch potatoes should not be all smiles as studies show that moderate exercise is still the best bet, adding about six years to the average lifespan.
     Fluoridated communities (Templeton was one of the first in Mass.) may see more heart problems due to fluorides connection to cardiovascular complications. Here is Dr. Mercola on this subject.
     It appears that die -hard runners need to slow down.  Research shows that this may be better for our hearts and make us less thirsty for fluoridated water.
     For heart healthy reasons we may want to vote fluoride out of our water system at this years Annual Town Meeting.
     Take the time to learn about “The Devil’s Poison”  (fluoride) for goodness sake.  

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Neturei Karta: Jews Against Zionism

                              Neturei Karta
                         (Guardians of the City)

     Not all Jews are in favor of Zionism.  Zionism has been defined by some as a movement for a homeland for the Jews, a nation to call their own, even if that homeland seems to include just about everywhere and everything.   Group Neturei Karta are a sect of Orthodox Jews who have been opposed to Zionism and have paid a price for this point of view.  Rabbi Weiss of the Neturei Karta explains what Zionism is all about from a Neturei Karta point of view.
     Rabbi Weiss is well aware that he has his work cut out for him exposing the many deceptions of Zionism. 
     Rabbi Weiss explains that Zionism is a very powerful and wealthy movement that began over one hundred and fifty years ago and includes the wealthy family of the Rothschilds. 
     Some believe that Zionism has been behind both WWI and WWII and lots of money making skirmishes right to the present. 
     Rabbi Weiss can expect plenty of abuse. 



Saturday, December 1, 2012

Response to Dr. K on Fluoride Myth

       Response to Dr. K on Fluoride Myth

According to a local blogger, The Gardner News and Dr. K had this to say in regards to fluoride. 
I am going to assume that the reader of this article is going to take the time to actually examine what Dr. K has to say because in my opinion he is violating his Hippocratic oath by doing harm to his readership (patients) with his article promoting an enzymatic poison.  
We all know it is far easier to prescribe a drug (fluoride) to alleviate symptoms of a disease than to actually get at the root of the problem (refined carbohydrates and sugars).  I have heard it said “why fix it right in the first place when we can make a career of this situation.” Big pharma makes billions of dollars prescribing a plethora of drugs that alleviate many symptoms, but alas the literature reports over one hundred thousand deaths per year associated with prescription medicine. Fluoride is a drug. Fluoride is not a nutrient. There is no doctor at the water department administering this drug nor is the dose controlled, due to varying amounts of water ingested.  
Fluoride lies between lead and arsenic for toxicity and all one has to do is check your fluoridated toothpaste warning for potency.  Here is a quick refresher on the subject.

Big Pharma is big business and believe it or not fluoridation is big business also.  According to Christopher Bryson in his book The Fluoride Deception (a must read) fluoride is the most litigated pollutant by far for big business.  Fluoride is the secret ingredient in the nuclear bomb and reactor business.  Fluoride is the flux material that allows the Governmental, military, industrial complex to thrive.
 A man by the name of Andrew Mellon and his high paid attorney Oscar Ewing were instrumental in bringing us water fluoridation.  Mr. Mellon was one of the four horsemen as described back in the thirties for cutthroat business practices that made him and his kind a lot of money.  These men may have brought us WWI and WWII. Mr. Mellon had a major interest in Alcoa Aluminum.   Alcoa Aluminum had a major problem litigating fluoride.
Mr. Mellon was also Secretary of the Treasury in the twenties when the Public Health Service fell under that the Department of the Treasury.  The Public Health Service promotes fluoride using your tax dollars. Fluoride is a known enzymatic poison and industrial by-product that has been added to your water for economic reasons.  Here is Mr. Bryson explaining this issue to you:
In my opinion Dr. K replaced Dr. Gott in TGN because Dr. Gott was bad for big business.  Dr. Gott was constantly promoting his Dr. Gott diet.  This diet recommended staying away from refined carbohydrates in the hopes of keeping people out of metabolic syndrome. Refined carbohydrates are big business.  The food industry spends a lot of money on advertizing in the media.  TGN believe it or not depends on advertizing dollars.  No money, no newspaper. 
Dr. K’s article reads much like the information that can be obtained from our local Board of Health (remember Andrew Mellon), lots of authority figures spewing information that they got from someone else in authority that is not based on reality but rather on the authority of their position.  
Cutting to the quick with fluoride and dental health means going directly to Baby Bottle Tooth Decay or Early Childhood Caries.  “Fluoride makes the screaming stop” we are told by our dental health professionals, but does it really, and at what cost to the health of that infant?
 Dr. Hardy Limeback has dedicated his life to dentistry and has this to say in regards to Baby Bottle Tooth Decay:
 Dr. Limeback has served on committees looking at problems associated with fluoride including the 2006 National Research Council of the National Academies Fluoride in Drinking Water A Scientific Review of EPA’s Standards.  Dr. Limeback is a smart man.
 Dr. Hirzy another smart man and scientist from the EPA believes that fluoride is a bad thing for us and explains his reasons in this short segment:
Unfortunately as we get older and hopefully wiser we come to understand that many things that we read in the newspapers or see on TV such as Dr.K’s article on fluoride are not totally accurate.  Sometimes those we trust to do the right thing (our leaders) due to time, pride, money or other factors, can and do, let us down.      
For us to be well informed, we will need to make an effort to learn the truth, the bigger the effort, the more truth.   As a great man once said” the truth shall set you free”.
Two citizen petitions have been taken out for Annual Town Meeting.  The first is to end fluoridation.  The second is to place a warning on water bills and information from the water department warning of the possible fluorosis risk of our drinking supply and mixing this water with infant formula.  Please consider signing these petitions and becoming more informed on the risks associated with water fluoridation.
Please consider voting fluoride out of the water supply at the Annual Town Meeting in May
In parting, we may all wish to get a second opinion when it comes to advice from Dr. K. and TGN.