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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Basics of Birth Certificates by Anna Von Reitz

Basics of Birth Certificates

By Anna Von Reitz

I have been asked and asked about Birth Certificates--- what are they?  Why do we have one?  Much less two?  

You are given a "certificate" in exchange for "registering" something.  

When you register a piece of property --- say, a car or truck? Or a name? --- you give up your ownership interest in it and pass the ownership interest on to the "entity" that you register it with.  

So, when your Mother is subtly misinformed and coerced to register her new possession --- you ---- with the corporation posing as your government, guess what?  

You get a "birth certificate" for the same reason you get a car registration.  It's a historical document memorializing the event and identifying the property that changed hands, in the event that anyone needs to know the details later on.  

This is how the British-backed Territorial Corporation known as the "State of Florida" or "State of Maine" or "State of Texas"...... picked up an ownership interest in "you" and "your name" ---- converted your identity from that of a living man or woman, and gained the right (by your Mother's mistake and your later silence) to consider you a "franchise" of their corporation and chattel backing their debts.  

But did you or your Mother ever knowingly and willingly give them the right to use your name, steal your identity, use you as chattel backing their debts, or any of this other nonsense?   Of course not.  

It's all fraud.  It's all criminal.  It's all malarkey.  

And the corporations "acting as" governments that have promoted and permitted any such scheme richly deserve to be liquidated for their crimes.  

So before I get off-track and into the bushes --- that is what a "Birth Certificate" is and it is basically the same as a car registration.  You get to use the car, just as you get to use your own body --- with the owner's permission.   The sleazy lawyers then step in as the owner's representatives and beat you silly and tax you to death in private customs houses disguised as public courts.  

This has been going on since 1702 and has been outlawed worldwide since the Napoleonic Wars, but what the hey?  Mack and the Boys got it all started again and the Popes and the Queens sat back and smoked cigars.... but I digress..... 
Why do you have two different documents purporting to be some form of birth certificate?  

Typically, you will have something called a "Certificate of Live Birth" and also something called a "Birth Certificate".  

The Certificate of Live Birth will usually have your name in Upper and Lower Case, First, Middle, Last --- just as you were taught to write it out in Grade School.  

The Birth Certificate will have your name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.  

You have two of them, because two separate commercial corporations have claimed to have an ownership interest in you.  

The British-backed Territorial State of State organization doing business as (for example) the State of Oregon has seized upon and laid claim to "First Middle Last" and the Municipal STATE OF STATE (for example, STATE OF WYOMING) has claimed an ownership interest in FIRST MIDDLE LAST. 

Two birth certificates, two franchises for them, neither one of them having anything to do with you, except for the fact that they are using and abusing your Given Name without your knowledge, sending their franchise's bills to you for payment, and otherwise working confusion all across the board. 

In Law, this is known as "unlawful conversion" --- a form of kidnapping of assets on paper, which converts the nature of an asset (from living man to corporate franchise for example) and the jurisdiction in which it operates (from land law to sea law in this case).  

Congressman Louis T. McFadden,  Co-chair of the House Banking Committee at the time ---recognized it for what it was back in 1934, and brought charges for it before the House Judiciary Committee which have yet to be heard. 

He was the only honest and competent and courageous member of Congress. One out of 435.  And the odds have remained about the same ever since. 

Send this article to the local authorities and Congressional "delegates" and object to being treated in this fashion and demand action to correct these practices.  

See what you get back.  Typically, since 1934, all you hear is silence.  This is for the very good reason that they are obligated to keep silence under the whip of 18 USC 472.---knowledge and use of fraudulent conveyances, false securities, etc. 

Send it Registered Mail, Return Receipt Requested, so that you have proof you sent it and proof you objected to having your Given Name used and abused in this fashion, and that you want their cooperation in ending this venal practice. 

A baby is not a new car.  And so far as that goes, they have no right to demand any ownership interest in your car, either.  

Kick them to curb as hard as you can, and keep kicking.  And never register anything voluntarily.  

Congressman McFadden was poisoned, mafia-style, for lodging his complaint with the House Judiciary Committee, but because he did the right thing, those charges still stand, as firmly lodged today as they were in 1934.  

The next question is --- other than objecting on the record, what do we do?  

Well, look at either one of the "Birth Certificates" that were issued in your name.  

You will notice that your actual birth day is always a few days earlier than the "birthdate" of the THING they claim an interest in --- that is, it's "birthdate" is after your "birth day".  This gives you a superior claim in commerce, and since all this fraud, theft, and legal chicanery is taking place in the realm of commerce, that is an important point.  

Now all you have to do is prove who you are, that you objected to being "enfranchised" and that you have recorded your counter-claim to be the true and lawful owner of your Good Name and Estates and all derivatives thereof and re-conveyed your property (Name, Estate, and the derivative Assumed NAMES) back to their natural and permanent domicile on the land and soil of--- for example--- Georgia. 

Georgia, you will note, is not the "State of Georgia" nor the "STATE OF GEORGIA" nor "THE State of Georgia" nor "GEORGIA" nor any other version of this corporate franchise naming scheme they can dream up.  It's the actual unincorporated and sovereign State of the Union, so they can all go blow. 

Please also note that it's right and proper for you to record --- record, not "register"--- your interest in your own Given Name and Estate and anything else that is named after you via infringement on your Common Law Copyright guaranteed under the Copyright Act of 1795 and still standing.  

Most important--- why do you HAVE TO do something to counterclaim your Good Name and Estate back out of Babylon?  

For starters, if you don't, you get stuck holding the bag for all their debts, and their debts are insurmountable.  

For middles, if you don't, you will not be "identifiable" as a living man or woman, which means they can murder you at will and face no consequences. 

For lasts, if you don't, the vermin will never be brought to justice and never forced to change their ways.  

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