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Fluoride is a poison. Fluoride was poison yesterday. Fluoride is poison today. Fluoride will be poison tomorrow. When in doubt, get it out.

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Templeton's Experiment With Fluoride

     Templeton residents are encouraged to visit the facebook site Templeton Mass Afa.  This facebook site is a dedicated source for fluoride information.  Residents will find many easy to watch video segments by Doctors and Dentists showing the harmful effects of fluoride on you the Templeton taxpayer.  One clip by Nobel Prize winner Arvid Carlson                                   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhELSXwU_40&feature=share reminds us that some intelligent people think that fluoridation is absurd.  The Fluoride Action Network  http://www.fluoridealert.org/ is another excellent site to visit on the internet for information regarding fluoridation.
     Templeton residents should note it is believed that Templeton, Middleton and Danvers were the first towns in Massachusetts to adopt fluoridation.  It is believed that communities such as the three mentioned where fluoridation was first used also had large captive populations residing at State Institutions associated with these towns.
     Experimenting on large captive populations who are somewhat removed from society is one way to keep tract of just how certain environmental toxins such as fluoride or even radiation doses affect that group.  These results can then be extrapolated on larger populations without actually harming the larger group. 
    In the book The Plutonium Files by Eileen Welsome we are introduced to experiments done on captive populations.  On page 231 the book states that researchers in Massachusetts had readily embraced the use of radioisotopes.   Robley Evans, the founder of MIT’s Radioactivity Center, and one of the world’s experts on radium poisoning, was closely involved in overseeing the preparations for experiments at the Fernald School.  
    Ms. Welsome discusses the Fernald School on pages 229-236,436-438,468 and 475-476.  These segments of Ms. Welsome’s book discuss radiation experiments involving radioactive iron and calcium.  What are not included in Ms. Welsome book are the experiments done on captive populations involving fluoride.
    In the book Fluoridation and Truth Decay on page 20 author Gladys Caldwell quotes trustee for the Wrentham State School for the Simple Minded Miss Birmingham as stating that “she had not learned until 1953, and then quite by accident, that the children were being used as guinea pigs in the ten year American fluoridation experiment”.
     The ten- year experiment Miss Birmingham was talking about involved the time period 1945-1955. The cities of Newberg New York and Kingston New York along with Grand Rapids Michigan and sister city Muskegon were the two main sites involved in this experiment.  After the ten- year period the data would be evaluated and a decision made on moving ahead with fluoridation.
     Templeton began fluoridating in 1951 along with Middleton and Danvers.  It is believed discussions involving fluoridation must have occurred before this time.  Templeton residents (guinea pigs) became part of the experiment in 1951. Annual Town Meeting vote concerning fluoridation and becoming part of the experiment concerning fluoridation should be reflected in the wording of the article but it is doubtful this occurred. 
     Now do you understand why the Department of Public Health is so interested in Templeton continuing fluoridation?  Could it be because we were part of the original experiment that was to be conducted between 1945-1955?
     The Town of Templeton has been ingesting fluoride longer than any other community in Massachusetts at least legally, it is believed.  
     According to Dr. John Yiamouyiannis in his book Fluoride The Aging Factor fluoride has been associated poor collagen formation causing individuals to age faster and suffer more health problems including cancer.      
     Myron Allukian the dentist who represented the Mass. Department of Public health and encouraged all Templeton residents to continue drinking their fluoride at last years 2011 Annual Town Meeting is also mentioned in the book Fluoridation and Truth Decay by Gladys Caldwell and Philip E. Zanfagna, M.D. on page 250.  Apparently Dr. Allukian has been at the misinformation game for some time concerning fluoride.  
     In the book Truth Decay Mr. Allukian has been described as a disciple of Dr. Fredrick John Stare from Harvard (Harvard Endowment).  Dr. Stare’s article “Prevalence of Osteoporosis in High-and Low-Fluoride Areas in North Dakota” appeared in the October 31,1966 issue of JAMA was an alleged piece of propaganda to support wild claims made by Dr. Stare concerning fluoride and its benefits concerning osteoporosis.  According to the book these claims were made to win votes to fluoridate new communities around the United States.  Ms. Caldwell the author of Truth Decay mentions that on January 11, 1970 in Holbrook, Massachusetts Dr. Allukian is spreading this misinformation concerning osteoporosis from Dr. Stare’s “fluoride research” to various women’s and other groups to promote fluoridation.
     Templeton residents may wish to do their own research when it comes to fluoride.  Dr. Allukian the “professional” from the Department of Public Health has been known to spread what may be misinformation in regards to fluoridation and its benefits.  
    A short video that explains the problems with fluoride                                      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aTfyo0Xz_c&feature=share  and some of its history will help add to your knowledge on the subject of fluoridation. 
     Please take the time to visit the facebook site Templeton Mass Afa for information regarding fluoridation.  Also please consider attending Annual Town Meeting in May to end the practice of fluoridation in the Town of Templeton.
     Let the 2012 Annual Town Meeting be the end to the fluoride experiment here in The Town of Templeton.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The 3rd Testicle (Politics 101)

                                        The 3rd Testicle
                                         (Politics 101)

     Have you ever been in one of those situations where you know you have been lied to?  You had heard that the person who lied to you had done it to other people but you allowed yourself to get caught up in the moment.  You think about that story of the snake at the top of the mountain that was cold and hungry and needed someone to carry him down the mountain where it was warm and there was food so he would not freeze to death. You remember in the story how the man said to the snake “ but you will bite me and I could die”.  The snake reassures the man and tells him everything will be fine and not to worry. The man feels he can trust the snake because the snake needs him so badly.
      As the man lies at the bottom of the warm mountain dying of his snakebite he asks the snake why he had bitten him after reassuring the man that this would not happen.  The snake replies “ I am sorry sir but I am a snake and this is my nature”.
     Those who were lied too or bullied to get their signatures on the recall petition or who worked on getting those signatures only to find out that they are in with a pack of snakes may like this parable better. It is called The 3rd Testicle.
     The 3rd Testicle involves a politician who uses a lie to get you on board his way of thinking.  Clearly this story would involve a male politician but as stories go the name could be changed to make it more politically correct.  This less than honest politician counts on his victims being na├»ve, trusting and one who does not check his facts very well.  It helps if the one who will be looking for the 3rd testicle (the searcher) is in need of a friend or job or a cause.  People who are new to town or have not been involved with politics or have few contacts are excellent searchers. 
     The job of the politician with the “extra testicle” is to keep his victim distracted long enough to get what he wants out of the situation.  If possible the politician will keep the searcher on board and groping all the way up to the point where the searcher realizes something is missing.  A feeling of shame and embarrassment now washes over the searcher.  How could I have allowed myself to be taken in by such a stupid trick?  Often times the “searcher” will swear off politics, this is one of the goals of the 3rd Testicle and the politicians who use this trick. 
     Politics 101 seldom mentions the 3rd Testicle but many in Templeton swear that this political trick is used often in the Templeton area. 
     If you or your friends have been taken in by politicians who use this diabolical trick don’t despair.  Do your homework the next time and try to get the facts before you go searching for something that does not exist.