Saturn Death Cult – Part 2

A Beast with Iron Teeth and Iron Claws
(continued from Babylon and The Love of Money)
In this second part to the Saturn Death Cult story the focus must now be placed on the emergence of Rome as the dominant western power.  Rome represents the Iron Age of Man and is still the primary influence on much of the western world.  Today’s efforts by the elite to bring about a ‘New World Order‘ can be directly traced to its origins in Rome.
The Roman system can be characterised as a veritable Beast, with legs of iron and razor sharp steel claws intent on devouring everything in its path as it stomped its influence on history’s head.  If we don’t understand Rome and its enormous capacity to organise death and misery on an industrial scale, then we will barely be able the recognise the events that shape this current Iron Age of Man.
The Roman Empire was the first true world power to assert itself on the global stage as a republic.  This meant that the abstract concept of the Law governed.  Not a warrior-king, or a priest-king, or any variant thereof was to be in charge.  Democracy, that weak-kneed rule-of-the-mob concept championed by Greek oligarchs and their effete philosophers was also off the cards.  Rome served the Law and the Law was supreme, the ultimate unifying factor in what it was to be Roman – all were subject to it.  Especially slaves.
Despite its powerful and beastly visage, the day-to-day issues of running an empire brings its own problems even for a Republic as virile as Rome.  These problems could be summed up in one eternally sordid word:  Money.