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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bloodlines of the Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier The Duponts Bloodline

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There has been no consistency among the Du Pont family members in the spelling they have employed to write their name.
The correct variations in spelling the Du Pont name are as follows: Dupont, DuPont, du Pont, duPont, Du Pont, and du Pont de Nemours. In English the second syllable is accented. In French, neither syllable is accented. The name has tended to be spelled du Pont for the family and Du Pont for business.
I decided for this article to standardize the spelling in line with this tendency.

Sitting down to write about the du Pont's reminded me of two other families.
Recently, John Coleman, a researcher on the elite, commented to me that when he had researched the Queen of Denmark he had discovered that the royal danish family was slipping away secretly from everyone and they were going to Satanic rituals. It is also noteworthy that 5 modern kings of Denmark have been the leaders of Freemasonry in Denmark, and the Danish royal family, princes etc. have been active Masons.
John Dale wrote a book The Prince and The Paranormal which goes into the secret occult activities of the British royal family, especially Prince Charles, but also many other royal family members too. Besides the secret occult activities of the British Monarch, they have been openly leaders of Freemasonry ( see the Appendix of Be Wise As Serpents for a detailed chart on this.) The du Ponts are similar to these families in that they too are a dynasty, they too have a very public image, and they too have a totally hidden life. In fact, the du Ponts have better control over the press’s coverage of them than the British Royal Family.
One of the clues that the family is a top Satanic family are the frequency of marriages between relatives of the du Pont descendants. Few people are aware of the immense importance bloodlines play in the upper levels of Satanism. Blood is believed to carry the occult power. Unless a person has the correct blood he or she will not rise to the highest levels of Satanism. The du Ponts have intermarried with the Balls and the Gardners. These other families are known to be involved with the Illuminati and Satanism.
For instance George W. Ball is on the important permanent steering committee of the Bilderbergers and has attended the Bilderberger meetings that I know of starting with the original first meeting in 1954, plus in 1955, 1957, 1963, 1964, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1974, 1975. George W. Ball is also a member of CFR and the Trilateral Commission. Eliza Cazenove (Gardner was a sister to a du Pont.
Dorsey Cazenove (Gardner was a distant cousin. Will Gardner and Bessie Gardner duPont were cousins of the duPonts. John W. (Gardner is a 60 Illuminatus and in charge of the Rockefeller Bros. Fund. I have found the (Gardners in the thick of Satanism and witchcraft.

Aspirin And Death Bayer-Deaths, Vaccines,the 1918 Virus & Questions by J Holcombe, D Jacobson, T Ruhl from rense.com


Aspirin And Death
Bayer - Deaths, Vaccines, The 1918 Virus & Questions

By J Holcombe, D Jacobson, T Ruhl
Farbenfabriken Bayer's worldwide efforts had left few places lacking aspirin. In the United States, Bayer's giant factory produced aspirin under "American" management. After Bayer executives were charged with violating the Trading with the Enemies Act in August 1918, advertisements encouraged confidence in aspirin.  Karen Starko
The world has believed for almost a century that a new and virulent virus came out of nowhere worldwide and killed millions in 1918.  Two reports, one published in 2008 and the second in 2009, lay that myth to rest for good.
The first report came as a press release on August 19, 2008, from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)
Bacteriologic and histopathologic results from published autopsy series clearly and consistently implicated secondary bacterial pneumonia caused by common upper respiratory­tract bacteria in most influenza fatalities."
People were killed by common bacteria found in the upper respiratory tract. 
The 20 to 40 million deaths worldwide from the great 1918 Influenza ("Flu") Pandemic were NOT due to "flu" or a virus, but to pneumonia caused by massive bacterial infection."     Engdahl
The NIAID press release did not, however, address what caused the bacterial infections, but research by Dr. Karen Starko does.  It implicates aspirin, dovetailing with the NIAID research on pneumonia from massive bacterial infection and goes further in also explaining the extremely rapid deaths and in young people

Monday, December 30, 2013

Ractopamine: The Meat Additive Banned Almost Everywhere But America by Dr. Mercola

Ractopamine: The Meat Additive Banned Almost Everywhere But America

December 24, 2013 | 266,608 views
By Dr. Mercola
Meat—and beef in particular—is a mainstay of the traditional American dinner. Unfortunately, the vast majority of it is filled with harmful additives of one form or another, and is raised in such a way that it contributes to the degeneration of health...
This is no minor concern, as most of the animals are also fed genetically engineered feed that is loaded with the potent herbicide glyphosate that winds up in your body.
I am so convinced of the cumulative harms of consuming meat from animals raised in confined animal feeding operations (CAFO’s) that the ONLY type of meat I recommend eating (and the only meat I will eat myself) is organically-raised, grass-fed or pastured meats and animal byproducts.
This applies to all types of meat: beef, pork, and poultry, including turkey. In a recent article published by the Cornucopia Institute,1 investigative health reporter Martha Rosenberg discusses the questionable yet widespread use of ractopamine in American animal farming.
According to Rosenberg, the controversial drug is used in as many as 80 percent of all American pig and cattle operations. It’s also used in turkey farming.

FDA Sued for Withholding Records Pertaining to Ractopamine Safety

Ractopamine is a beta agonist drug that increases protein synthesis, thereby making the animal more muscular. This reduces the fat content of the meat and increases the profit per animal. The drug, which is also used in asthma medication, was initially recruited for use in livestock when researchers discovered that it made mice more muscular.
Interestingly enough, stubborn weight gain is also common complaint among asthma patients using Advair (a beta-agonist drug)—so much so that the manufacturer has added weight gain to the post-marketing side effects. Other adverse reactions to beta-agonist drugs include increased heart rate, insomnia, headaches, and tremors.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

9/11 victims' case against Saudi Arabia restored by Reuters

9/11 victims’ case against Saudi Arabia restored

A U.S. appeals court on Thursday revived claims by families of victims of the September 11, 2001, attacks who alleged that Saudi Arabia provided material support to al Qaeda.
Reversing a lower court ruling, the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York said “the interests of justice” justified reviving the claims, in light of a 2011 decision that allowed similar claims to proceed against Afghanistan.
Circuit Judge Chester Straub wrote for a three-judge panel that it would be “especially anomalous” to treat both sets of plaintiffs differently. He returned the case to U.S. District Judge George Daniels in Manhattan for further proceedings.
The litigation was brought on behalf of families of the nearly 3,000 people killed in the September 11 attacks, as well as insurers that covered losses suffered by building owners and businesses.
Most of the attackers were Saudi nationals who hijacked planes and flew them into the World Trade Center in New York City, the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., and – when passengers revolted – into a field in Pennsylvania.

Exposing the upper level parallel Secret Government Ch. 32 by Dr. John Coleman from The Tavistock Instutute of Human Relations

Exposing the upper level parallel Secret Government

The only way in which we are going to defeat this powerful and insidious enemy is by educating our people, especially our young people in the Constitution, and by standing fast on our Christian faith. Otherwise, our priceless heritage will be lost, forever. The power that Tavistock wields over this nation must be broken.
Hopefully, this work will become a training manual in the hands of millions of Americans, who want to engage the enemy, but who have, hitherto, not been able to identify that enemy.
The political forces controlled by secret societies, all opposing America's republican, constitutional ideals, do not like anything that seeks to expose Tavistock Institute and their disloyalty to America, and even less still, where such disclosures cannot be ridiculed and ignored. Of course those who engage in unmasking the deeds of our secret government invariably pay a high price for such disclosures.
No one who is interested in the future of America can afford to ignore the manner in which Tavistock Institute has whipsawed the American people and manipulated government, even as the majority of Americans remain in ignorance of what is transpiring. With the almost complete control exercised over our nation by our upper-level, parallel, secret government, America has ceased to be a free and independent nation. One can generally fix the beginning of our decline around the time that Woodrow Wilson was "elected" by the British aristocracy.

Judge Falls for The Big Lie About NSA Spying by Washington's Blog from Global Research

Judge Falls for The Big Lie About NSA Spying

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Even Before 9/11, NSA Knew In Real-Time Which Countries Both Parties to Phone Calls Were In

In finding the NSA’s metadata collection program legal today, Judge William Pauley III ruled:
The September 11th terrorist attacks revealed, in the starkest terms, just how dangerous and interconnected the world is. While Americans depended on technology for the conveniences of modernity, al-Qaeda plotted in a seventh-century milieu to use that technology against us. It was a bold jujitsu. And it succeeded because conventional intelligence gathering could not detect diffuse filaments connecting al-Qaeda.
Prior to the September 11th attacks, the National Security Agency (“NSA”) intercepted seven calls made by hijacker Khalid al-Mihdhar, who was living in San Diego, California, to an al-Qaeda safe house in Yemen. The NSA intercepted those calls using overseas signals intelligence capabilities that could not capture al-Mihdhar’s telephone number identifier. Without that identifier, NSA analysts concluded mistakenly that al-Mihdhar was overseas and not in the United States. Telephony metadata would have furnished the missing information and might have permitted the NSA to notify the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”) of the fact that al-Mihdhar was calling the Yemeni safe house from inside the United States.
The Government learned from its mistake and adapted to confront a new enemy: a terror network capable of orchestrating attacks across the world. It launched a number of counter-measures, including a bulk telephony metadata collection program—a wide net that could find and isolate gossamer contacts among suspected terrorists in an ocean of seemingly disconnected data.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Thorium and the Liquid-Fluoride Reactor: Reduce,Reuse, Recycle from Energy From Thorium

Thorium and the Liquid-Fluoride Reactor: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

One of the basic principles of the modern environmental movement is the simple mantra to “reduce, reuse, and recycle”. It is my intention to show in this essay that the technology of the liquid-fluoride reactor, coupled with the energy source thorium, make it possible to achieve these goals to a far greater degree than other nuclear energy technologies.


Liquid-fluoride reactors are based upon the use of dissolved actinide fluoride salts in a carrier medium of low-absorption fluoride salt solvents. The most common formulations that have been considered and demonstrated for this mission are solvents based around low-melting point mixtures of beryllium fluoride (BeF2) and lithium fluoride (LiF) isotopically enhanced in the more-abundant component lithium-7. The actinide fluorides most commonly employed are thorium tetrafluoride (ThF4) and uranium tetrafluoride (UF4). LiF-BeF2 salt mixtures have very low neutron absorption properties, excellent heat capacity, stability under intense radiation, and the ability to dissolve appreciable amounts of thorium or uranium tetrafluoride.

Axis of Idiocy: Washington Drives the World Toward War by Paul Craig Roberts from LewRockwell.com

Washington Drives the World Toward War

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Washington has had the US at war for 12 years: Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, and almost Syria, which could still happen, with Iran waiting in the wings. These wars have been expensive in terms of money, prestige, and deaths and injuries of both US soldiers and the attacked civilian populations. None of these wars appears to have any compelling reason or justifiable explanation. The wars have been important to the profits of the military/security complex. The wars have provided cover for the construction of a Stasi police state in America, and the wars have served Israel’s interest by removing obstacles to Israel’s annexation of the entire West Bank and southern Lebanon.
As costly and destructive as these wars have been, they are far below the level of a world war, much less a world war against nuclear armed opponents.
The fatal war for humanity is the war with Russia and China toward which Washington is driving the US and Washington’s NATO and Asian puppet states. There are a number of factors contributing to Washington’s drive toward the final war, but the overarching one is the doctrine of American exceptionalism.
According to this self-righteous doctrine, America is the indispensable country. What this means is that the US has been chosen by history to establish the hegemony of secular “democratic capitalism” over the world. The primacy of this goal places the US government above traditional morality and above all law, both its own and international.
Thus, no one in the US government has been held accountable for unprovoked aggression against other countries and for attacking civilian populations, unambiguous war crimes under international law and the Nuremberg standard. Neither has anyone in the US government been held accountable for torture, a prohibited crime under US law and the Geneva Conventions. Neither has anyone been held accountable for numerous violations of constitutional rights–spying without warrants, warrantless searches, violations of habeas corpus, murder of citizens without due process, denial of legal representation, conviction on secret evidence. The list is long.

Fukushima: In growing lawsuit, service members fault TEPCO for radiation-related illnesses by Matthew M. Burke from Stars and Stripes

In growing lawsuit, servicemembers fault TEPCO for radiation-related illnesses

Daniel Hair, seen prior to his separation from the Navy with his son, says he began experiencing medical problems five months after participating in Japan's earthquake relief efforts. He has joined 50 other sailors and Marines who are suing the Tokyo Electric Power Co., for allegedly lying to the U.S. military about the dangers its troops faced in the days following the March 2011 earthquake and subsequent nuclear disaster in Fukushima.
SASEBO NAVAL BASE, Japan — Five months after participating in humanitarian operations for the March 11, 2011, earthquake and tsunami that led to nuclear disaster in Japan, Petty Officer 3rd Class Daniel Hair’s body began to betray him.
He had sharp hip pains, constant scabbing in his nose, back pain, memory loss, severe anxiety and a constant high-pitch ringing in his ears as his immune system began to attack his body. The diagnosis, he said, was a genetic immune system disease, which on X-rays looked to have made his hip joint jagged and his spine arthritic. He was put on a host of medications and eventually separated from the Navy job he loved.
Hair believes radiation is the cause. He is among 50 sailors and Marines in a growing lawsuit against Tokyo Electric Power Co., alleging that Japan’s nationalized utility mishandled the meltdown at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant that spewed radiation into the air and water.
Other servicemembers have been diagnosed with leukemia, testicular cancer and thyroid problems or experienced rectal and gynecological bleeding, the lawsuit says. Hair said one of his friends, a fellow USS Ronald Reagan shipmate, was diagnosed with a brain tumor.
“I live in pain every day,” Hair said. “I went from this guy in top physical condition to a deteriorating body and a whacked-out mindset.”

Sandy Hook Documents Released by Daniel Bates from Mail Online

'A bad man came into class wearing army clothes': Heartbreaking accounts from child survivors of Sandy Hook massacre and images from inside the school released in final police report

  • Shattered school windows, bullet marks in the walls and blood stains in the hallway seen in police images
  • Terrified 911 calls from teachers calling for help during attack are released
  • Discarded handgun seen in doorway of classroom where Lanza's rampage ended
  • Evidence made public as police release full report into massacre
By Daniel Bates
A discarded handgun lays in the doorway of classroom 10, where Adam Lanza's deadly rampage in Sandy Hook elementary school finally came to an end.
The photo was part of several images and heartbreaking 911 calls made public today as Newtown Police released their full report into the massacre.
The police file, which runs to 7,000 pages, vividly illustrates the terror that came to the Connecticut community a year ago this month and includes the heartbreaking interviews with the children who survived the horrific attack which left 20 children and six teachers dead.
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Friday, December 27, 2013

2nd Cir. Reverses, Brings Saudi Arabia Back Into 9/11 Litigation by Gabriella Khorasanee.JD from FindLaw

U.S. Second Circuit - The FindLaw 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals Opinion Summaries Blog

2nd Cir. Reverses, Brings Saudi Arabia Back Into 9/11 Litigation

More than a dozen years after the 9/11 terror attacks, memories are stirred almost monthly as 9/11-related litigation continues to make its way through the courts. In the latest development, the Second Circuit reversed the district court, essentially bringing Saudi Arabia back into the mix.
Factual and Procedural Background
There are many 9/11 cases in the judicial system. This particular case involves two: In re: Terrorist Attacks on September 11, 2001 (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia et al.) ("Terrorist Attacks") and Doe v. Bin Laden. Both cases are brought by plaintiffs seeking damages from Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan, respectively for injuries and death resulting from the 9/11 attacks.
Tort v. Terrorism Exception
In both cases, the countries argued that they were immune under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act.
In Terrorist Attacks, brought in federal court in New York, the Second Circuit ruled that the "terrorism exception" to sovereign immunity precluded use of the "tort exception" where the underlying tort was a terrorist act. Doe v. Bin Laden, on the other hand, originated in the D.C. Circuit, which came to the opposite conclusion that the Second Circuit did, holding that the existence of a "terrorism exception" did not preclude the use of the "tort exception" -- even when the underling tort was an act of terrorism.
After the decision of the D.C. district court, Bin Laden was transferred to the Southern District of New York, now with two conflicting precedents within the Second Circuit. To alleviate the discord, the Second Circuit reviewed the Bin Laden decision in a "mini-en banc" review," and adopted the position of the Bin Laden court.
Discretionary Function Limitation Review
That left the Terrorist Attacks plaintiffs in a position where they did not receive the benefit of the Bin Laden holding, so they moved for Rule 60(b) relief.
But here's the rub: the Second Circuit affirmed the issue on other grounds -- the "terrorism exception ground" -- whereas the district court found that the discretionary function limitation applied to the tort exception. The problem is that the Second Circuit didn't even address the merits of the discretionary function limitation to the tort exception.
Rule 60(b)

Bloodlines of the Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier: The Collins Bloodline


The next family in our series of articles on the top 13 Illuminati families is the Collins family, The first two have been the Astor family and the Bundy family. The first two articles were fairly straightforward. Both the Astor and Bundy families have been written about by others, and I had more information on both families than I needed for my articles. In fact I left out worthwhile details in both articles in order to keep the articles to a comfortable length. In this Collins article, there will be some padding." In terms of research on the Collins family from a scale from 0 to 100, I’m about at 10. There are some hard connections that will be presented and some soft connections. Joan Collins is what I’d call a soft connection. She has associated with a long list of key Illuminati men and at least a few known Satanists, but this is only the barest of dues that she might have anything to do with the Illuminati herself. Let me give some of the hard connections first.
The following is a description of a highly secret high level Satanic meeting. It comes via an ex-insider who is now a Christian. If any other ex-hierarchy person is reading this, perhaps this will trigger some memories for you. This experience dates to 1955. This is a meeting that is held twice yearly, and to which the Rothschilds and all the mother families attend. The meeting is inside in a big room, and the Grande Mother on the throne was a Collins. The Collins family has been kept out of the limelight because they have more occult power than the Rothschilds or the Rockefellers. To make money this Collins family does something financially, such as deal with the exchange of money. I’ve noticed that numerous Collins have been Insurance Executives, and although I haven’t exposed the connections between Insurance Companies and the NWO, there is a book out which shows how they most insurance companies are connected and under the guidance of the NWO elite. The Grande Mother Collins dressed in black has an ebony and gold moon shaped throne that she can automatically rotate by pushing a pedal with her foot. Behind her sits the Grand Council with 13 members --this might be or might not be the Grand Druid Council that you will read about further on. The difference between this council in 1955 is that it was all males, while the council in 1978 has several women on it..

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Harrison Stabbing And Masonic Symbolism from NewsHawk Inc. and Rense.com


Harrison Stabbing
And Masonic Symbolism
From NewsHawk Inc. <hawkeye@saber.net>
(c) 2000 NewsHawk® Inc.

(Note - The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent those of this site or its sponsors. Comments are welcome)
On December 30, less than two days before the beginning of the year 2000, former Beatles member George Harrison was attacked and stabbed in his home outside London. Harrison would very likely have been killed if his wife Olivia hadn't smashed a lamp on the attacker's head.
Considering what happened to Harrison's former bandmate John Lennon on the streets of New York almost exactly 19 years before, and considering the Beatles' key, pivotal role in the mass social experimentation carried out by Britain's Tavistock Institute in conjunction with covert intelligence agencies like the CIA, NSA and Britain's MI5/MI6, we'd say there is a strong likelihood that Harrison, like Lennon, was NOT the victim of some random act of senseless violence.
In fact, Lennon was murdered shortly after he gave an interview to Playboy magazine in which he blew the lid off the fact that the Beatles were part of massive experimentation in social control/engineering unleashed by Tavistock and intelligence agencies, as was the deliberate introduction of drugs like LSD into the burgeoning "counterculture" scene during the 1960s and 1970s. The Playboy interview was published not long after Lennon's death.
We'd say it's a good possibility Harrison was targeted to be bumped off by some of the same forces responsible for rubbing out Lennon, using MK-Ultra/Manchurian Candidate-type mind-controlled assassin Mark David Chapman.
Perhaps Harrison had likewise done something to incur the wrath of his former "programmers"; or perhaps it's just "company" procedure to terminate operatives of whatever designation at someone point in time, lest they somehow become an unnecessary security risk.

Media Disinformation and the Framing of the Syrian War by James Corbett and Prof Michel Chossudovsky from Global Research

Media Disinformation and the Framing of the Syrian War

 30  16
Mideast Syria
Months after the events took place, Pulitzer prize winning journalists and others are finally reporting about the lies and manipulations of the US government regarding the recent chemical weapons attack in Syria. Far from shining a light on the true situation in the country, however, these reports continue to avoid the underlying causes and explanations for what is happening in Syria, and the forces that are behind it. This is the GRTV Backgrounder on Global Research TV.
The architects of our modern system of manufactured consent and official propaganda have long known the importance of the mass media in framing public opinion on any given event. To the pathocrats who blazed the trail toward our modern era of information warfare and opinion control, facts themselves were malleable, subject not to objective reality but to the way they were perceived and internalized by a credulous public. As Ivy Lee, the man that the Rockefellers hired to invent the modern PR industry after the Ludlow massacre, put it:
“It is not the facts alone that strike the popular mind, but the way in which they take place and in which they are published that kindle the imagination…Besides, what is a fact? The effort to state an absolute fact is simply an attempt to…give you my interpretation of the facts.”
This disdain for the public and the psychopathic ease with which elected officials lie to their electorate is nowhere more apparent than when a democracy attempts to rally its citizens to support a war of aggression abroad. If truth is the first casualty of war, the battlefield where that casualty takes place is in the mind of the liars’ own citizenry.
Sadly, recent events have provided no shortage of examples of this phenomenon. In the early days of the Iraq War, media analyst Andrew Tyndall examined 414 news stories aired by ABC, CBS, and NBC about the build up to the war, finding that 380 of them, a staggering 92%, sourced back to one of three U.S. government agencies: the White House, the State Department and the Pentagon. A further study found that of 574 stories aired between Bush’s speech to the UN in September 2002 and the beginning of the Iraq war in March 2003, only 12 stories, just 2%, dealt with the possible aftermath of the invasion.

Monday, December 23, 2013

The Beatles and the Aquarian Conspiracy by Dr. John Coleman from Educate-Yourself

The Freedom of Knowledge, The Power of Thought ©

Fukushima: Wave of Radiation Will Be Ten Times Bigger than All of the Radiation from Nuclear Tests Combined by Washington's Blog from Global Research

Fukushima: Wave of Radiation Will Be Ten Times Bigger than All of the Radiation from Nuclear Tests Combined

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Putting Fukushima In Perspective

There was no background radioactive cesium before above-ground nuclear testing and nuclear accidents started.
Wikipedia provides some details on the distribution of cesium-137 due to human activities:
Small amounts of caesium-134 and caesium-137 were released into the environment during nearly all nuclear weapon tests and some nuclear accidents, most notably the Chernobyl disaster.
Caesium-137 is unique in that it is totally anthropogenic. Unlike most other radioisotopes, caesium-137 is not produced from its non-radioactive isotope, but from uranium. It did not occur in nature before nuclear weapons testing began. By observing the characteristic gamma rays emitted by this isotope, it is possible to determine whether the contents of a given sealed container were made before or after the advent of atomic bomb explosions. This procedure has been used by researchers to check the authenticity of certain rare wines, most notably the purported “Jefferson bottles”.
As the EPA notes:
Cesium-133 is the only naturally occurring isotope and is non-radioactive; all other isotopes, including cesium-137, are produced by human activity.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

One in Five American Deaths Now Associated with Obesity from Dr. Mercola

One in Five American Deaths Now Associated with Obesity

December 21, 2013 | 155,906 views

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By Dr. Mercola
A new report reveals staggering statistics about the extent to which the obesity epidemic is robbing Americans of their health and longevity. Columbia University and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation examined the real impact of obesity on death rates.1
The study found that nearly one in five US deaths is associated with obesity, which is more than three times higher than previous estimates.
The effect varies somewhat by your gender, race and age. The younger you are, the greater obesity’s influence on your mortality. And contrary to a previous study2, obesity is not protective if you’re elderly. The Columbia study found the following percentage of deaths associated with high BMI (body mass index):
  • Black women: 26.8 percent of deaths were associated with a BMI of 25 or above (overweight or obesity)
  • White women: 21.7 percent
  • White men: 15.6 percent
  • Black men: 5 percent
The authors wrote:
“We believe that it is imperative for the US public and those who construct policy for that public to recognize that population health and more than a century of steady gains in life expectancy are being jeopardized by the obesity epidemic. Indeed, evidence has already implicated high rates of obesity as a significant contributor to the United States' relatively low life expectancy among high-income countries.”

But It May Be Even Worse...

Eisenhower's Death Camps: The Last Dirty secret of World War Two by James Bacque of Saturday Night

Concentration Camps (Eisenhower's)   Eisenhower
Eisenhower's Death Camps
The Last Dirty Secret of World War Two

by James Bacque
Saturday Night
Sept 1989

Call it callousness, call it reprisal, call it a policy of hostile neglect: a million Germans taken prisoner by Eisenhower's armies died in captivity after the surrender.
In the spring of 1945, Adolph Hitler's Third Reich was on the brink of collapse, ground between the Red Army, advancing westward towards Berlin, and the American, British, and Canadian armies, under the overall command of General Dwight Eisenhower, moving eastward over the Rhine.  Since the D-Day landings in Normandy the previous June, the westward Allies had won back France and the Low Countries, and some Wehrmacht commanders were already trying to negotiate local surrenders.  Other units, though, continued to obey Hitler's orders to fight to the last man.  Most systems, including transport, had broken down, and civilians in panic flight fromt he advancing Russians roamed at large.
"Hungry and frightened, lying in grain fields within fifty feet of us, awaiting the appropriate time to jump up with their hands in the air"; that's how Captain H. F. McCullough of the 2nd Anti-Tank Regiment Division described the chaos of the German surrender at the end of the Second World War.  In a day and a half, according to Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery, 500,000 Germans surrendered to his 21st Army Group in Northern Germany.  Soon after V-E Day--May 8, 1945--the British-Canadian catch totalled more that 2 million.  Virtually nothing about their treatment survives in the archives in Ottawa or London, but some skimpy evidence from the International Committee of the Red Cross, the armies concerned, and the prisoners themselves indicates that almost all continued in fair health.  In any case, most were quickly released and sent home, or else transferred to the French to help in the post-war work of reconstruction.  The French army had itself taken fewer than 300,000 prisoners.
Like the British and Canadians, the Americans suddenly faced astounding numbers of surrendering German troops: the final tally of prisoners taken by the U.S. army in Europe (excluding Italy and North Africa) was 5.25 million.  But the Americans responded very differently.

Nelson Mandela 'received weapons training from Mossad agents in 1962' by Harriet Sherwood from theguardian.com

Nelson Mandela 'received weapons training from Mossad agents in 1962'

Secret letter lodged in Israeli state archives reveals South African icon underwent training under an assumed identity
Nelson Mandela, photographed in the early 1960s
Nelson Mandela, photographed in the early 1960s. The letter said Mandela was trained to use weapons and sabotage techniques, and 'the staff tried to make him into a Zionist'. Photograph: Staff photographer/Reuters/Corbis
Nelson Mandela apparently underwent weapons training by Mossad agents in Ethiopia in 1962 without the Israeli secret service knowing his true identity, according to an intriguing secret letter lodged in the Israeli state archives.
The missive, revealed by the Israeli paper Haaretz two weeks after the death of the iconic South African leader, said Mandela was instructed in the use of weapons and sabotage techniques, and was encouraged to develop Zionist sympathies.
Mandela visited other African countries in 1962 in order to drum up support for the African National Congress's fight against the apartheid regime in South Africa. While in Ethiopia, he sought help from the Israeli embassy, using a pseudonym, according to the letter – classified top secret – which was sent to officials in Israel in October 1962. Its subject line was the "Black Pimpernel", a term used by the South African press to refer to Mandela.
Haaretz quoted the letter as saying: "As you may recall, three months ago we discussed the case of a trainee who arrived at the [Israeli] embassy in Ethiopia by the name of David Mobsari who came from Rhodesia. The aforementioned received training from the Ethiopians [a codename for Mossad agents, according to Haaretz] in judo, sabotage and weaponry."