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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Templeton Ox Bow Incident

                                       Templeton’s Ox-Bow Incident

     Templeton residents who are following along with events surrounding the Recall Election slated to be held on February 6th 2012 at the Middle School gym might consider the similarities of the current recall effort to the book and movie “The Ox-Bow Incident”. 
     The story of the Ox-Bow Incident takes place in Bridger’s Wells a small town in Nevada in the year 1885.  The story begins with the town folks gathered at the local watering hole trying to figure out who has been rustling cattle off the local ranches.  Suspicion is everywhere when suddenly someone comes into the saloon with news that a local rancher Art Kincaid has been killed and his cattle taken.  The messenger has more details concerning the murder and rustling and soon a posse is assembled to track down the bad guys. 
     The messenger’s claims are never investigated or verified.
     After deputizing one of the men due to the Sheriff being out of town the posse is told by the local judge that they are to bring back the perpetrators for a fair trial.    
     Twenty-five of the locals head out to the Ox-Bow canyon in search of the three men assumed to be involved with the murder and theft.  When located at the Ox-Bow canyon it is found that these men have cattle with the assumed murdered mans brand on them.  It is further learned that one of the men has Art Kincaid’s gun.
     The three assumed guilty cowboys explain to the mob that they purchased the cattle and gun from Art Kincaid but they do not have a bill of sales.
     The deputized mob is not concerned with these minor details about the bill of sales and does nothing to investigate the three cowboys claims. 
      Well it isn’t long before a vote is taken that evening to hang the assumed guilty rustlers.  The vote count is eighteen yes and seven no to “hang em high”.
     Justice must be served. 
     Apparently there was no ballot box to seal and the assumed cattle thieves did not file for a recount.  
     After the three assumed rustlers are hung the vigilantes heading back to town meet up with the now returned sheriff.  The sheriff informs the group that Art Kincaid is not dead and that the men who stole Art’s cattle have been put under arrest. Art Kincaid further verifies selling the cattle and gun without a bill of sales to the now hung cowboys.    
     The sheriff strips the deputy of his badge and learns of the eighteen who voted to hang the innocent cowboys.  The sheriff states “God have mercy on you because you won’t get any from me”.
     All of the eighteen who voted guilty to hang the assumed rustlers are now thinking a better review of the facts would have been prudent.
    Later as the guilt sets in for hanging three innocent men one of the leaders of the vigilantes who should have known better shoots himself.
     After eighteen years in Templeton politics it is my belief that most of the people who have joined the Let the People Speak group that intends to Recall Selectmen Farrell and Mitchell are ignorant of what has been going on in town politics for the past twenty-eight years.  These misinformed voters are represented in the “Ox-Bow Incident” by the angry ignorant mob.  
    Before you hang these two good people for doing what many believe to be in the Town of Templeton’s best interest, I hope you do your due diligence and get the facts.  In my opinion you will be shocked at the alleged dishonesty and fraud involving “team Skelton”.   
    For those who just like a good hanging, it is my hope your self -interest is not served on Election Day.  
     Just vote No then vote Farrell and Mitchell below on February 6th 2012. 

Pete Farrell
24 Myrtle St.
Baldwinville Ma. 01436