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Thursday, August 2, 2018

1160-1163: Another Victim of Human Trafficking? from Lincoln County Watch

1160-1163: Another Victim of Human Trafficking? from Lincoln County Watch

By Anna Von Reitz

A long-time friend asked me to post this under heart-breaking conditions:
Someone, somewhere knows that happened to "Alex". Someone, somewhere knows what happened to her car.
Someone, somewhere needs to contact the local police in Kalispell, Montana.
Now, Flathead Lake, Montana, is a more likely scene for a bear attack than a kidnapping by human traffickers, but if statistics are to be believed, human traffickers deliberately pray upon small town girls and children, because they are less guarded.
Neither they nor their friends and family members are expecting such an attack, so are not as watchful or suspicious of strangers.
A girl like "Alex" is likely to be friendly and to stop if she saw someone apparently stranded along the road, because people in remote areas have to stand together against the forces of nature --- cold, starvation, wild animals, distance between towns--- are common threats in small communities throughout America.
That's a good part of our tradition. Unfortunately, it's one that human traffickers are known to be exploiting to their advantage.
They work in teams like prostitutes and pimps. Often, it's a woman with a small child and a small, older car, apparently broken down by the side of the road. Often, it's late at night, or storming, or both. Who wouldn't stop?
But the proper step to take is to report the breakdown using your phone. Call it in to the local police. And keep going.
Why? Because just up the road, another car may be parked, hidden behind some trees. And that car has different occupants. Usually big, ugly, mean men who have used the woman and child as "bait". They have a video cam in the "bait" car, which keeps them informed of what is happening.
As soon as a likely victim stops, they are on it. They pull out of their hiding place --- maybe a mile up the road, and they stop as if to offer help --- and they attack and "roll up" the victim.
It happens amazingly fast. Just a matter of less than a minute, and poof! --- one guy has the victim's car, another guy has the "bait car" and another guy is driving the "pick up" car -- and all three are down the road to places unknown faster than you can draw breath.
Why would people act in gangs like this and do something like this? Money.
As long as there are slave markets in the world, as long as there are Mexican bordellos, as long as there are producers of child porn, etc., etc., etc., there will be markets for this. And the only way to shut it down is to shut the users and purveyors down.
And please, teach your children to be safe? Make sure they know how to protect themselves? And what to protect themselves from? ----To be street savvy, even in places like Flathead, Montana?
Call, don't stop.
Don't travel alone, if you can help it --- especially young women.
Keep a sharp eye on the kids, your own and everyone else's.
If you see anything the least little bit suspicious, take down license plates and make the effort to observe details closely.
Men -- you are supposed to be the guardians around here. Gird up and take notice.
Contrary to the anti-gun idiots, if every sane, responsible American was packing a gun and knew how to use it, we'd have a lot less crime and a lot fewer criminals, because the risk of being shot dead would soon overrate the lure of $100,000 "Grab" split four ways.
Alex is still missing. Whereabouts and fate unknown.

Update Just In -- About Alex

Wednesday, August 01, 2018 7:03 PM
"Our family would like to thank everyone who prayed for Alex and shared our post and put up flyers. Alex Nicole Beltran was found this morning inside her car in a pond. We are devastated and ask to please give us time to grieve. All proceeds for our go fund me page will be used for her funeral. I will post again with more information. --"
So, Alex is confirmed a victim of accident and not human trafficking, but perhaps this story run earlier today will serve a good purpose to remind us all of safety issues and draw attention to the fondness of human traffickers for small rural communities.

We all send our sympathy. At least, the pain of not knowing is over.

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Magic Words

By Anna Von Reitz

Faced with Foreclosure?  Child Custody theft?  Federal taxes when you aren't a federal employee, corporation, or dependent? 

Fine.  Here's what you do. 

You immediately request a "Status Hearing".  

You walk in and when your NAME is called, you stand up right where you are -- don't go through the gate and "cross the bar" at all --- and this is what you say: 

"There has been a mistake.  I am here today in my true and natural capacity as one of the living people of ______ (your birth state) and 
I wish for this entire case to be dismissed with extreme prejudice and eliminated from the court record. (That gives the judge his Hold Harmless to act in your favor.)  

I am the priority creditor and the employer in this courtroom and I am fully indemnified against loss or damage by Indemnity Bond AMRI 00001 RA 393 427 640 US on file at the U.S. Treasury. 

I am exercising my reversionary trust right and my exemption from the jurisdiction of this court effective _____________(your actual birthday). I wish to be paid treble damages by the prosecutor in compensation for my
time,losses and inconvenience."

This is about as cut-and-dried as it gets.  Chances are they will stare at you like a talking horse and may ask you to repeat what you just said.  Repeat it. About that time, sphincters are closing.  

If the Judge (Court Administrator) asks for additional instruction, say, 

"I wish for any and all charges to be offset by mutual offset credit exchange as guaranteed by the Congressional Intent of House Joint Resolution 192 and established as Public Law 73-10 and UCC 3-104 (c). 

I wish for the Regulations to be followed to the letter by the claimant and the claimant's bank. You must obtain my signed acceptance of the billing on the face of the billing statement and the claimant's bank TTL Officer must return it directly to the Secretary of the Treasury for certified funds deposit in that amount in the claimant's account. 

When the original signed Billing Statement is received by the Treasury as indicated by the date on the green Return Receipt card used by the bank TTL Officer to send in the claim, the clock starts running according to Federal Window Regulation J and Federal Reserve Regulation Z - Truth in Lending, 12 USC 226.1.  On the sixteenth day after the green card is returned, the claimant's bank TTL Officer is enabled to credit the deposit to the claimant's account.  

And that bit of bookkeeping settles the account.  I have been greatly inconvenienced and wish for just compensation from those responsible." 

In the case of the seizure of your children, this "Billing Statement" is going to be astronomical and no judge in his right mind is going to want to present it to you, but you must insist on seeing the Billing Statement related to the case or there is no case ---- which is the logical "out" for the judge.  Simply dismiss with prejudice and beat feet.  Otherwise, the losses to The Company will result in him losing his job. 

Since you are dealing with a bankruptcy on top of everything else, you will want to bring certified copies of your BC and your Deed of Re-Conveyance and your Certificate(s) of Assumed Name to Court with you. If you are in a child custody matter, you will want to bring certified copies of your Baby Deed, too. 

If the judge wobbles, wave the Bailiff over and give the certified documents to him to deliver to the Judge for the Judge to review. 

These are very powerful Intellectual Property and Private Property issues.  If they get caught pillaging Americans they can be fined $250,000 and spend ten years in jail.  If they get caught mis-characterizing and kidnapping Americans in violation of the Geneva Conventions, they can face a firing squad. 

The more people who exercise their exemptions, the quicker we will all get court reform.  

Assuming that they decide to play ball, the Judge will return the Bill to you for your acceptance.  

Write "ACCEPTED for full and complete settlement" 
           AMRI00001 RA 393 427 640 US (Ohio) [for example]
           by:  Your First Middle Last Signature

Give it back to the Bailiff.  

The Prosecutor is required to bring his check book to Court and to be ready to write you a check.  So look at him expectantly.  If he doesn't have his checkbook, he is in critical melt-down condition.  He suddenly owes you three times what he was claiming against you.  The Judge is going to be extremely disgusted.  The Company profits just took a dump. 

Let it all roll.  If anyone says anything to you, you just bat your eyelashes and say, "I have exhausted my Administrative Remedies."  and keep saying that until the scurrying and bobbing and dodging has ended.  

Then say, "Good day, gentlemen."  -- and walk out without a backward glance and despite whatever they might say or call after you.  You are the sovereign.  They are the employees.  Whatever difficulties they have, you have done your part. 

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Member of WHAT? AAIA?

By Anna Von Reitz

This morning I fielded another inane senseless comment supposedly about "me" and having been "exposed" as an "AAIA member".

So I looked up "AAIA" on the internet, curious to know what "I" have been up to, apparently while sleep-walking.

Well, it could be the "Association on American Indian Affairs" or it could be the Auto Aftermarket Industry Association (used car sales and parts???) or the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Or half a dozen equally unknown and look-like-harmless organizations.

Color me dumb, because I don't know which one of these diabolical organizations "I" signed up for, why, when, or where or even how I did such a supposedly terrible thing. Nor do I know how this "exposes" me. Totally clueless on this one.

I made up the pen name "Anna von Reitz" as a shortened version of my real name back in 1981. I have lots of copyrighted short stories and books, etc., under that name and lots of ISPNs listed. If people want to go around abusing my copyrights, I guess I will have to sic my publishers on them.

Forget about the FBI, which is supposed to be prosecuting Intellectual Property thefts. They are too busy trying to take down President Trump, which isn't even in their job description.

Obviously, if these cretins could succeed in stealing the identity of our entire country for 150 years, stealing my identity is small beans and easy picking. Caveat emptor. If it isn't short, blond, a bit plump, a great-grandma living in Big Lake, Alaska, it isn't me.

Also remember that my boyfriend in High School signed me up for the Marine Corps and I signed him up for the Miss America Pageant, so anything is possible.

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Decoys and Ducks

By Anna Von Reitz

There are a lot of upset and confused people out there, as they wake up and realize that "something's wrong".  This is why we titled our book, "You Know Something's Wrong When....."-----because that is how most of us wake up.  Something too jarring surfaces in our lives and we know for a fact that "something is wrong"-- even if we don't know why. 

It is at this stage of awakening that a lot of mistakes are made. It's similar to a bear waking up out of hibernation.  It's dazed.  It's hungry.  It's wondering WTF?  

And in such a circumstance, we normally revert to what we were taught as youngsters in school, most of which turns out to be incomplete or wrong. 

Right now we have dozens of groups all over America, all trying to address the government problem, and generally speaking, not having a clear view of what the problem is. 

We've got European "ringers" in here, mostly well-funded bids to take over the governmental services contracts vacated by the bankrupt "UNITED STATES, INC." and the "USA, Inc.".   These include "The Republic for the United States of America" (Inc.) from France and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. from Scotland. 

We've got a homegrown and even more deluded version headed up by Keith Livingway and "Reign of Heaven - The United States of America, Inc."

These efforts are all based on the idea that you can steal our identity and infringe on our international copyright of our doing-business-as name and 
the additional idea that people are too stupid to figure out that the perps are just another corporation in the business of providing "governmental services" for hire.  

But we have figured it out, even if it took an embarrassingly long time. 

None of these entities were ever our sovereign government.  By definition, they can't be.  

If you are an incorporated entity of any kind, you hold a "charter" granted by another parent entity---- and therefore, you are not independent and not "sovereign".  You are a franchise of the organization granting your charter instead. 

And all these look-alike, sound-alike wannabe governmental services corporations are no more our lawful government than a decoy is a duck. 

We've also got people out there promoting a Convention of the States under Article V, but they are trying to do this under the Territorial Constitution and in the name of the Territorial States of States, which don't have diddly squat do-do to do with us and the actual government owed to this country. 

Think about it. Can you have a "State of Florida" ---- any kind of "State of Florida" at all, without first having a "Florida"?  


You can't.  

"Florida" is the State.  And Florida holds all the "powers" of the State.  

All these other organizations calling themselves "states" are in fact "States of States" and they tell you that they are.  Just read the words: "State of Wisconsin" or "STATE OF OHIO". 

It's doesn't matter if it's a Territorial state of state like State of Florida, or a Municipal state of state like "STATE OF FLORIDA" or a United Nations Regional state of state like "FLORIDA" ---- all of these things are just private businesses operating under formerly delegated powers and authorities.  

If you want to see the definition of a "state of state" look in the definitions section of the Uniform Commercial Code.  

I say "formerly delegated" because all three actual branches of the Federal Government have been rendered incompetent.  

The actual Federal Government we are owed has been moth-balled since 1868.  The Territorial Government is bankrupt.  The Municipal Government is bankrupt and liquidated.  

What happens under such a circumstance? 

The Delegated Powers return to those powers that delegated them in the first place --- to the States of the Union and the People of this country doing business as The United States of America --- unincorporated version. 

So the State that has the power and that needs to "assemble" as in "in Congress Assembled" is (1) unincorporated, and (2) is a land jurisdiction State, not any kind of "state of state" and (3) is populated by actual living people, not corporate franchises, who have exercised their birthright political status and reversionary trust rights to "return" to the land and soil of their own country.  

And if there is to be a valid, lawful, actual convention of states and an actual "Congress" empowered to take care of business, we all have to be able to recognize the "ducks" --- the actual States, and tell them apart from the "decoys" --- the proliferation of "States of States".  

The States are responsible for "reconstructing" the "lost" Federal States of States we are owed -- like The State of Florida and The State of Maine.  

So the first step is to "assemble" the actual land jurisdiction State -- for example, Florida.  

The second step is to assemble the States into a Continental Congress to take care of long-overdue land jurisdiction business issues, such as formally enrolling many of the Western States as States.  

And to consider whether or not we even need a separate and foreign "Federal Government" at all anymore.  

America has grown up in the past two hundred-plus years.  We have to ask ourselves --- Do we need any foreign powers in here telling us what to do?  Do we need any protection from the British Navy?  

And if the answer to those and other pertinent questions are "yes", the third step is to reconstruct the Federal States of States, like The State of Florida, and get on with our lawful business. If not, it's time to overhaul the way we do business and put new controls in place to limit government power. 

The ducks are being called to assemble--- return home to your birthright jurisdiction on the land and soil of your home state.  Follow the basic template instructions established in Article 928 on my website: www.annavonreitz.com to reconvey your Trade Name back to the land and soil of this country.  

Use the Certificate of Assumed Name to seize control of the Public Trust, the Public Transmitting Utility, and the Cestui Que Vie ESTATE and any other 'derivatives' that have been named after you.  Permanently domicile all these entities to the land and soil of your birth state and expatriate them from any Territorial or Municipal or other jurisdiction. 

As your babies and grandchildren and great-grandchildren are born, preserve their claim on the land and soil of this beautiful country.  Use the Baby Deed to record their actual birth --- record, never register -- and do it as soon as you have given them a name. Just trot on down to the local land recording office and make sure that their claim gets staked. 

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