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An American Affidavit

Monday, April 23, 2018

Once Again, in Color: 932 by Anna Von Reitz

Once Again, in Color:  932

The land jurisdiction People form land jurisdiction Counties by establishing County Jural Assemblies.

These give rise to land jurisdiction
Sheriffs who are Peacekeeping Officers.
In order to do this lawfully, each participant has to re-convey their Trade Name (the name they were given at birth by their parents, First Middle Last, in Upper and Lower Case) back to its natural permanent domicile on the land and soil of the state where they were born or where they are permanently living. We do this using a
Deed of Re-Conveyance recorded in a land recording office.
Otherwise, what happens is that
sea jurisdiction Persons form
County Jural Societies
which give rise to
Counties of______________ corporate franchises that elect sea jurisdiction
Sheriffs who are Law Enforcement Officers.

     So now we have land jurisdiction Counties in operation: Gillespie County, Padre County, Lampasas County, et alia. They join together to create “the state”. This state, indicated by the use of all small letters: texas, wisconsin, florida,
etc.--- is a Republic that holds both
land and sea jurisdictions.  For example:
texas does business as The Texas Republic (land) and as The
Republic of Texas(sea).   [It’s the same for wisconsin, which does business as The  Wisconsin Republic and The Republic of Wisconsin.] The Texas Republic(land jurisdiction) does business as Texas.   Texas is a member state of
The United States of America(Unincorporated). The Republic of Texas (sea jurisdiction) is
supposed to do business as The State of
Texas (National level). The State of Texas is a member of the States of America (Unincorporated) which was torn apart and moth-balled after the Civil War, still pending “reconstruction” 150 years later. This is the level of government that
needs to be restored. All the assets of
The State of Texas were rolled into a land trust called the Texas State,
which needs to be reclaimed by
Because some of the “powers” of
The State of Texas
were delegated prior to the
Civil War, there is also the
(Territorial) State of Texas
that has continued to
exercise those delegated powers.
This is a foreign, British-backed commercial
corporation in the business of providing “essential government services”. This
franchise of the USA, Inc. is now in Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
There is also a Municipal
which is also bankrupt under Chapter
7 and which was never authorized to exist. This is a foreign French-backed
commercial corporation in the business of providing “essential government
services” and is a franchise of the UNITED STATES, INC.
texas = republican state
does business on land and sea as:
The Texas Republic
The Republic of Texas
doing business as: doing business as:
The State of Texas [National]
State of Texas [Territorial]
STATE OF TEXAS [Municipal]
Texas State (Land Trust)
The Texas Republic
doing business as
needs to reclaim the
Texas State
[Land Trust]
The Republic of Texas
needs to restore the national level of its
The State of Texas.
The United States of America [Unincorporated]
has placed an
agricultural lien
on all assets of both the
Territorial State of Texas
and the
, to
prevent wholesale loss and sale of the assets by bankruptcy Trustees, including
loss of the
Texas State [Land Trust].
The land trust appears in blue, because it is
being held in trust by the State of Texas/STATE OF TEXAS, which are both
bankrupt. Normally, our land would be sold as chattel belonging to them.
The same situation applies to all the states of the Union(s). Just plug in the
name of your State instead of Texas.
The United States of America (Unincorporated)
has been able to do this because
is a Member State of this Union.
The Republic of Texas
gets on the ball and restores
The State of Texas
that will
also put a stop on any wholesale seizure of assets.
This is what is keeping the peace and holding the status quo despite both the
Territorial and Municipal levels of the government being bankrupt and the
National level of
The Republic of Texas
government, dba
The State of Texas
having been moth-balled and “held in trust” for 150 years.
We are additionally enabled to operate in this venue because we took the time
and made the necessary recordings to seize back and properly domicile our
Trade Names on the land and soil jurisdiction, organize our County Jural
Assemblies, and re-populate our states with
, not

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