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Thursday, April 26, 2018

937: Just the Facts, Ma'am 2.0 ( The Unincorporated United States of America) By Anna Von Reitz

937: Just the Facts, Ma'am 2.0 ( The Unincorporated United States of America)
By Anna Von Reitz

The United States of America (Unincorporated) is the only international-level government still standing in behalf of this country. All the others have been overcome by legal chicanery or reduced to incompetency in bankruptcy.

     The United States of America (Unincorporated) is the first and the last union of the Sovereign States, the source of all delegated powers ever recorded--and we are still here, the Priority Creditors, Holders in Due Course, and Lawful Entitlement Holders of every asset of this country.
Our international claims are well-established and cured on the public record. We are still here, still conducting our business.
     We have reclaimed our delegated powers and
administered them to maintain the integrity of our constitutions. The National-level government owed this country has been moth-balled via fraud and deceit and
breach of trust since the 1860's, but we are still here.
The Territorial-level government is in Chapter 11 and receivership to bankruptcy trustees appointed
by Secondary Creditors. But we are still here.
The Municipal-level government is in Chapter 7
liquidation. But we are still here.

     And here we are, the Original Issuers, the Presumed Donors, the only lawful and actual government
of this country still standing, ready to kick ass.
If it were left to incompetent and corrupt
employees this entire country would be ruined.
 The  Constitutions we are owed would all be "vacated" by the vermin who have engineered this circumstance and we would be left to pay the price.
But in 1998, we raised our hands and our flags and our ensigns. In 2008, we began our due process and delivered it to the nations and to the Principals and Principles.

     In 2014, we issued our Final Judgment.
Our Civil Judgment remains inviolable. Our orders to the Joint Chiefs of Staff remain cut in stone. General Carter
Ham is the Supreme Commander of the American
Armed Forces.

     In 2015, we re-issued our Sovereign Letters Patent and established our Declaration of Joint Sovereignty.
We have prevented the "vacating" of all three (3) Constitutions from the federal side of the contracts
and have reclaimed all our delegated authorities.
And we are still standing on the land of our Forefathers, accusing the British Monarch and the Roman
Pontiff of fraud and Breach of Trust and violation of commercial contracts owed to us, our States, and
our People. The evidence of this is abundant and not in dispute. In fact, our claims are already cured.
What remains is for the entire world to wake up and clean up this Mess.
God bless The United States of America
-- the only actual government of this country since 1776, and still here, still competent, and still standing.
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