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An American Affidavit

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

War Inc. Chapter 9:

You Know Something is Wrong When…An American Affidavit of Probable Cause by Anna Maria Riezinger and James Clinton Belcher      
             Chapter Nine
              The Aftermath
  ~ The Two-Step National Fraud Dance ~

The National Fraud requires two very large governmental services corporations -- one to act as a bankrupt shell, the other to act as the current services provider.

1. The bankrupt organization claims that its "citizens" stand as sureties for its debts.

2. The service provider then sends its bills to the bankruptcy trustees and they "pass through"
the cost to us - the presumed sureties.

We can't protest the charges or the presumption because we and our estates were never told that
we were offered (by FDR and friends) as collateral backing their private corporate debts.

Imagine that a fast food chain is facing bankruptcy so it calls together all the local franchise owners and they pledge
their customers and their customer's assets
as co-signers and collateral backing their debts.

That's what happened to American in 1933.

Planned bankruptcy, Identity theft & Credit Fraud– Welcome Suckers! --

The United States (Commercial Company) operated from 1754 to 1863 was bankrupted by
foreign banks during the Civil War...

The United States of America, Inc. operated from 1868 to 1933. From 1912 to 1933 it was run
under the Federal Reserve and, bankrupted by these foreign banks, it entered Chapter 11
Reorganization and was used as the "pass through" shell company until July of 2013.

The UNITED STATES (INC.) has been operated from 1944 to present by the International
Monetary Fund (IMF) as the Service provider billing the bankrupt United States of America,
Inc. It is now being prepared to be bankrupted in turn by still more foreign banks.

The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC., operated by a brand new version of FEDERAL
RESERVE organized under UN auspices is waiting in the wings to become the new Service

Each time these colluding banking cartels jettison their debts via bankruptcy, they leave the
American People and the American States on the hook to pay their bills.

   Finally, the Good News.....

There is no statute of limitations on fraud
and this entire circumstance is based on
commercial fraud!

The bankruptcies of these bank-run governmental services corporations DO NOT mean that our
country is bankrupt!!!!

If we wake up, put our feet down, and refuse to be misrepresented as "Sureties" for THEIR
debts, all that happens is THEY have to deal with the problems THEY created. Their
corporation goes bankrupt like any other corporation.

Not us, not our families, not ourbusinesses, not our States, not our Nation. Not Anymore!

We have said it once and will say it again. Every living American State Citizen has more civil
authority on the land than the entire federal government.

There are over 390 million organic “states” of the union, including the now-50 geographically
defined states and the living people inhabiting them.

Each American is a state and recognized as such under international law. We each have our own

Free Will = Executive branch
Logic = Legislative branch
Conscience = Judicial branch

This creates an insoluble problem for the would-be despots. They can occupy the landed
(E)states and they have done so. They can subvert the “State” governments and turn them into
commercial franchises serving only United States Citizens. They can subvert the county
governments in the same way. They can commit commercial fraud until the cows come home,
but when it comes to subverting the individual Americans—that is another story.

That is a battle too difficult and a bridge too far. There will always be at least one Last Man
Standing who remembers the claim before the rest of the world as we do now.

We are able and competent to present ourselves as states of the united states of america,
endowed by our creator with flag of The united States of America, Major, bringing forth this
affidavit in behalf of all the american states and placing it firmly on the record before...

Pope Francis, Global Estate Trustee.

HRM Elizabeth II, our Trustee on the “High Seas and Inland Waterways” where all this
skullduggery and fraud against us has occurred.

Secretary of the Treasury, John Jacob Lew.

President Barack H. Obama

The Joint Chiefs of Staff

The International Bar Association

The Members of “Congress”

Everyone pretending to be a judge

The American People

And YOU!

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