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An American Affidavit

Friday, April 24, 2015

Vaccinations: SandraApril 6, 2015 at 12:52 PM

I became very interested in the efficacy of vaccinations when I discovered that I
was a victim of the contaminated 1950's era Polio Vaccination Campaign. After endless ongoing research, I learned how a government that we are supposed to rely upon and trust; reacts to such a dilemma: they kept it a secret, and knowingly continued dispensing contaminated vaccines. Between 1955 and 1963, 100 Million American children were inoculated with the contaminated polio vaccine.
Many physicians have a vested financial interest in promoting vaccine inoculation because of the kickbacks they receive from pharmaceutical companies - I'm not saying they're all susceptible to financial bribery - but many are. The vaccine industry reaps billions a year, so ask yourself: could they be in it for the money? Just like we'd like to trust the government to act in our best interest, we'd more so
want to rely on and trust our doctors. But we live in trying times riddled with corruption - so I suggest you do your research. But what I learned about my own experience has taught me to use a high level of discernment, fueled by self-education on the matter when it concerns allowing them to inject me with something.

In closing, if you are a parent who is facing a decision regarding whether or not vaccines are a sensible and good choice for your child, please do your research first so you can make an informed decision. My parents didn't have the wealth of information contained in the Internet at their fingertips - you do. Use it to learn everything you can - you owe your child that, as a responsible parent who has the ability to self-educate at your fingertips. If you decide that forced vaccination is not a good idea, I urge you to write your senator to encourage him or her to leave the choice to the parents, and not put your child's health into the government's hands.
It is imperative that we not forget that we have The Constitution and The Bill of Rights to protect we; The People, from a government gone bad. It is also imperative that we all support and uphold these documents so they remain in effect.
Countless men lost their lives to acquire the freedom and liberties they handed down to us in these documents ... let their lost lives not be in vain. It is your duty as an American to take a stand and remember that our country is supposed to be run by We The People - not by the governance of corporations.

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