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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Revisited - "Fluoride, the Freedom Fight" By Dr Hans Moolenburgh M.D.

Revisited - "Fluoride, the Freedom Fight"
By Dr Hans Moolenburgh M.D.
The history of how fluoridation was defeated in Holland, is a lesson to every one. It describes the passion for lies used to gain acceptance of fluoridation.
The following are a few quotes from Fluoride - The Freedom Fight, the 208 page book by Dr. Hans Moolenburgh.
"It could therefore be the case that in the Netherlands we have found something which may be of help to other nations. It is now more than ten years since we stopped fluoridation; dental health has improved all over the country, without fluoridation. We have, moreover, gained some vital insight into what a free democracy can or cannot tolerate from its elected representatives.
In our technocratic twentieth century it is of paramount importance that we formulate this one question: what is the limit of power, allowed to our elected representatives?
I know quite well that the Dutch, because they are such a tiny nation, see everything they do through a magnifying glass, but it was, and still is, my opinion that what happened in the Netherlands can be seen as an example of how moral right can prevail over the thought-patterns of a sick society."
He wrote: "The story of 50% tooth decay is like an empty bus. Only two passengers are in that bus. I he driver stops and one of the passengers alights. And the driver says to himself: "I have lost 50% of my passengers"."
You can see how we had to fight and struggle all the time with the material, the false statistics, the untruths and how we had to try to find better arguments, better illustrations.

I am absolutely convinced that fluoride is an immune suppressive substance (one which paralyses our resistance). This means that fluoridation would lower the resistance of a whole population against sickness in general, and illnesses related to the immune system in particular, for instance cancer.
But there is another side to this question. The 'silent majority' let things be. Yes, they were against fluoridation; yes, they grumbled. But by not protesting loudly and clearly, they condoned the attitude of their elected representatives, who had betrayed their trust. A whole population was guilty of allowing such a situation to develop. The situation was new, it is true, but even when people had to fetch water from the pump, the elected representatives in The Hague did not receive one angry telephone call. Children should be taught at school exactly what their democratic rights are and when to protest. Dictatorship can come from within, but only if enough people are asleep.
The question of water fluoridation is the first instance of a question which asks whether the authorities have the right to force citizens to consume certain substances while some of them do not want it, and must therefore be seen as an important precedent. If the issue were whether the authorities have the right to force citizens to swallow their daily fluoride in tablet form, the majority would probably be against it. It would be anomalous if the presence of the waterworks as a handy and cheap means of transport were to lead to a different conclusion.
The existence of the means does not make their use morally right. Secretary of State Hendriks of the Department of Health said last week: 'In my opinion it is high time that the emancipation of the patient becomes a fact.' Fluoridation would mean that all of us would be proclaimed to be patients, and very un-emancipated patients at that!
This was the central issue: not the medical problems, important as they may be, but the problems of freedom, of civil liberty.
And so the battle, thanks to a group of people who had voluntarily given all their time and energy to it, had finally come to a good conclusion. That group of fighters had not received any grants. The whole project was sustained by the odd coin given by an elderly couple; spare time given by do overworked housewife; evening hours put in by a harassed schoolteacher and risks taken by sympathetic officials. It had been the victory of the man in the street. No scientific laboratories had brought this about, but the undaunted conviction of the citizens that it had gone 'just so far, but no further'.
At this point I asked myself if what we had been fighting all along was superstition, pure and simple; if we had been up against the power of an idol, the horrific strength of the false religion of consumerism. Perhaps this had caused the fanatic light and glazed look in the eyes of so many proponents. Of course there were also those gigantic financial benefits for the industries who could at last sell a poisonous waste product for stupendous amounts of money, but behind those financial assets loomed another spectre: the small powerful elite feeling the thrill of chemically manipulating a whole population. The satirical song by Farce Majeur I mentioned earlier was maybe not so funny after all. Today it is teeth but if we had let them have their way what would it be tomorrow?
But above all, thank you hidden Stage Manager for letting it all happen exactly at the right time, even if for us it often looked like an accident or pure chance.
I am very grateful to You.
What a privilege to be alive!"

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