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Friday, April 24, 2015

The Fall Of Babylon By Benjamin Fulford from rense.com

The Fall Of Babylon
By Benjamin Fulford
What we are witnessing is the fall of the 6,000-year old system of Babylonian debt slavery. The human ants are running around in increasing panic because they sense something big has happened. Most are blind so they cannot see that the eye at the top of the human ant-hill, or pyramid, has been overthrown. There is chaos because the people at the top cannot agree on what to do next.
Here is a humble suggestion on how the end the chaos and start an unprecedented era of prosperity. First of all, we need to replace the God we call money with a symbol of the world. A new currency would be issued, call it say a Mundo or ??and, for a limited period of time, it could be exchanged on a one for one basis with dollars or euros. The U.S. and the EU could then replace their currencies with something new, perhaps something like the greenback. The old dollar and euro would become something to be found in curiosity and antique shops. Other national or regional currencies could remain as they are.
The new currency would then be handed out each month on an equal basis to all humans on earth based on current world GDP. This would amount to roughly 8,000 Mundos per person annually. For the first time many humans will be able to afford the basic commodities of consumer life, such as a television, triggering a vast economic boom.
In addition to this, every human would be given, as a basic human right, access to the minimum necessary nutrition and emergency medical care.
This would not be a form of communism but rather be a one-off thing more like land-distribution. The US and communist land distributions in Japan and China in the post war years paved the way for unprecedented booms. A one-off asset redistribution would do the same for the world. All people in the world would be guaranteed a minimum income locked in at 2008 world mean per-capita GDP. After that it would be up to individuals to raise themselves above that level.
History has had cycles of this sort since time immemorial. Wealth or land would become ever more concentrated until a popular revolt triggered a redistribution. Instead of waiting for a world revolution, world leaders could create a system much like the ones that exist in sports like soccer or baseball. If one team gets too strong and starts winning all the matches, it gets boring and the audience dries up. The answer they came up with is to redistribute talented players in order to even the playing field.
The world can do the same with administrators, scientists, businessmen etc.
In order to preserve nature, an inventory would be kept and destruction of nature would result in a loss of currency calculated according to some sort of basket based on things like the number of whales and the amount of rainforest etc. Increase in overall bio-mass and bio-diversity would lead to an increase in the minimum guaranteed per-capita income.
In addition to this, a system like in Japan from the post-war to 1985 or in present day China would work well for individual countries and regions as well as for the world as a whole. It would involve a combination of central-planning and market forces.
The illuminati system of setting up competing forces and teams on a global level also makes sense if it is done peacefully and not by means of artificially generated wars. For example several multi-national alliances could be assembled to compete to see who would win a contest to turn the world's deserts green. Large portions of the world's military establishments could be converted into organizations capable of carrying out such contests.
Finally, the world needs to set up a council of elders to replace the current 5 permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. The current G-20 is too cumbersome for quick decision making. One suggestion would be to divide the world into 9 areas: Africa, the Buddhist countries (Japan, Korea, Vietnam etc.) China, Europe (including Russia), India, the Muslim countries, North America, South America and one seat for minority or first-nations peoples.
All votes would be decided by a simple majority and vetoes would only apply to the regions doing the vetoes. Each region would be free to decide on their own how to select their representatives for the council of elders.
These ideas are just an example of the possibilities that are open to the human race now that Babylonian tyranny is coming to an end. A new dawn is arising.
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  1. What a bunch of typical Fulford b.s. and egotistical fantasy dissimulation/diversion -- he and the Yakuza and the Triads and the heads-up-their-behinds "common folk" now have the Trillionaire Illuminati on the run, hooray! Relax, folks . . it's almost over, centuries of planning and infiltration and seizure of virtually every gov't and private corporation on earth is about to unravel, because of . . ummmm . .. well . . gee, I guess they DO still have their fingers poised above damn near ALL the nuclear/biological/chemical/chemtrail buttons around the globe . . can employ the Israeli/Mossad "Samson Option" whenever they truly do feel threatened . . but hey, other than that minor detail, honest -- they just can't agree on ANYTHING!! Really, you gotta believe me . . hey, where ya going? You need to LISTEN to me, I got connections, oh yeah, I got the real scoop, nothing to worry about, nothin' to see here folks, that nasty ol' New World Order is freakin' HISTORY cause I said so! Uh huh . . Bennie, you gotta come down from whatever it is you're smoking these days . . it's downright embarrassing to read your crap.

  2. whoa, I thought there were ET''s coming to save us. isn't there?

    I mean c'mon, think about it, in the general construct of the nature of things, the divinity of mankind is shifting into the next gear, what ever that means.

    But I can sure feel it, about which there is no doubt.

    There are so many fronts of conflict, aggression, whose purpose is to make their contribution to the over all balancing of human kind, the process of which will reach the ends of the earth.

    No doubt, one way or the other, all of our worlds are about to change, in one manner, or, another.

    The good news is we, as sovereign integrals, are in full control of our individual space/time.

    By turning fully to the understanding of heart math, heart intelligence, paying heed to the outcome of the study, mankind, one soul carrier at a time awakens to the purpose of their incarnate experience.

    The growth effected by heart intelligence vibrates throughout ever increasing numbers of awakening soul carriers who in turn effect their living space, all who enter and leave their space, about a fifteen foot diameter, are affected by this irresistible vibratory shift.

    Frankly, our savior is us. When as a race of humans our consciousness arises to the point where we no longer tolerate war and racial hatred we will become empowered to drive those not of the light from, up till now, very secure positions.

    It is that simple.


  3. At the end of my previous comment I got distracted, I was intending to say 'Look at wingmakers.com'. My thoughts as expressed are purely my own as I learn from my higher self. I am not affiliated in any way with the Wingmakers although I find their materials contain concepts fully worth the consideration of all mankind.

    Please forgive my typo.