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Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Tavistock formula that got the U.S. into WWII by Dr. John Coleman Ch 27 The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations

The Tavistock formula that got the U.S. into WWII

Perhaps the most of important aspect of their training was how to use public polls to make public policy comply with what Tavistock goals said were desirable. This mind-altering technique is called "opinion polling."
The maladaptive responses made possible by Tavistock's wholesale profiling, and in which maladaptive responses Tavistock's "Invisible Army" worked to perfection in the Gulf War.
Instead of rebelling against dragging this nation into a war against a friendly country with whom we had no quarrel, a war that was waged without a proper Congressional declaration of war, we were "turned" in its favor. In short, we were badly misled without knowing it, due to the "long-range inner-directional conditioning" the American people had been undergoing since 1946.
Tavistock advised President Bush the elder to use the following simple formula which Reese and Lewin instructed Allen Dulles to use back in 1941 when Roosevelt was preparing to drag America into the Second World War:
(1) What is the state of the morale and its probable course in the targeted country? (This also applied to morale in the U.S.)
(2) What is the state of susceptibility in the U.S. to the idea that war in the Persian Gulf is necessary?
(3) What techniques could be used to weaken opposition in the U.S. to war in the Persian Gulf?
(4) What kind of techniques in psychological warfare would succeed in undermining the morale of the Iraqi people? (It was here that Tavistock slipped up very badly.)
Once Bush committed himself to Prime Minister Thatcher's 1991 Gulf War on behalf of Queen Elizabeth and her BP oil company, Tavistock put together a team, which included psychologists, public opinion makers, led by the brazen liars at Hill and Knowlton, and a host of Tavistock profilers. Every single one of the speeches made by President Bush with the intention of promoting war against Iraq was crafted by multi-discipline teams of writers trained by Tavistock.

Top-secret information on how the Gulf War was propagated and how the American people were swung behind that nasty, corrupt war by President George Bush was given to a Congressional committee recently. The report said that at an early stage of the plan to take out Iraq, the Bush administration was advised that public support was paramount and that he did not have the American people behind him.
Rule one was to establish in the mind of the American people the "great need to protect Saudi oil fields threatened by an Iraqi invasion under the leadership of a madman." Thus, although it was known from the beginning that Iraq had no designs on Saudi oil fields, the National Security Agency (NSA) gave out false and misleading information to the effect that the Saudi oil fields were the ultimate target of Iraq. This was a total fabrication, but it was the key to success. The National Security Agency has never been punished for its lying conduct.
The report stated that an unprecedented amount of television coverage would be needed to swing public support behind the war. The Bush administration early on secured the full cooperation of the three major networks, ABC, CBS and NBC and later CNN. In later years a virtual propaganda station, Fox News (also known as Faux News) was added. The amount of Gulf War and related subjects coverage in 1990 by these stations was three times that of any subject covered in 1989, and once the war began; coverage was five times greater than any other story, including Tiananmen Square.
In 2003, Bush the younger, followed very closely the formula that had succeeded for his father, but with some additional adaptations. News mixed with fiction (see the section about H.G. Wells "War of the Worlds") became more fiction mixed with news and blatant lying was resorted to so that straight reporting became impossible to distinguish from news mixed with fiction.
One of the principal players in the coverage of the war was CNN, which contracted with the Bush administration to bring the Gulf War to American sitting rooms on a round-the-clock basis. As a result of the mass of favorable, slanted news, the deployment of troops to the Gulf was favorably received by about 90 percent of the American people. It was just another way to practice opinion-making polling on the American people, just another way to brainwash them.
National Security Agency (NSA) advisors told the Bush administration that from the very start, the public had to be persuaded to go along with his Gulf War plans. It was decided to create a parallel between Hitler and Saddam Hussein, with the words "Saddam Hussein must be stopped" repeated over and over again, followed by lie that the Iraqi President "is acting like Hitler."
Later a dire threat was added, that Iraq had the capability to strike at the U.S. with long-range weapons of mass destruction. It was the adaptation of Stalin's edict that to capture and enslave your own people, first terrorize them.
British Prime Minister Blair went even further. Speaking in Parliament, he told the British people that "Saddam Hussein" had the capability to strike Britain and could do so within 45 minutes. He went as far as to warn British tourists vacationing in Cyprus to return to Britain as soon as possible as British intelligence had learned that Iraq was preparing to launch a nuclear strike against the island. Blair made his announcement in the full knowledge that Iraq's nuclear weapons program had been completely destroyed in 1991.
The first Bush administration's "skill" in communicating the need for a war in the Gulf reached its height with the Hill and Knowlton fabricated "incubator" story tearfully told by the daughter of the ambassador of Kuwait to Washington. The Senate-and the entire country- swallowed this massive fraud.
It was Kaiser Wilhelm II "cutting off the arms of young Belgian children" all over again, and with even greater success. After the Hill and Knowlton "big lie," 77 percent of Americans surveyed said they approved of using U.S. troops against Iraq, even though 65 percent of those polled did know where Iraq was on the map.
All major polls found that Bush's sidestepping of the Constitution was approved, because those polled had no idea of what a constitutional declaration of war was, nor that it was mandatory. The role played by the U.N. added to the "communication skills" of the Bush administration, the report said.
The second Bush administration used the same Tavistock methods and once again the American people went along with the lies and distortions presented to them as fact. The war was vigorously promoted by Vice President Cheney who led a massive campaign to force public opinion onto the side of George Bush. No other Vice President in the history of the United States had ever taken such an active part in forcing the American people into a war with Iraq.
Cheney appeared on television 15 times in one month and adamantly declared that the Taliban was behind the attack on the World Trade Towers in New York and that the Taliban was under the control of President Hussein. "The fight against terrorism had to be taken to the "terrorists" in Iraq," Cheney said, "before they could strike at the U.S. again."
Cheney continued in the same vein long after his claim was proved absolutely false. Although the world's greatest authorities came forward to announce that Iraq had nothing to do with the 9/11 and that there were no Taliban fighters in Iraq, Cheney kept up his drumbeat of lies, until Hans Blix, the former U.N. chief weapons inspector cut him off, and the Central Intelligence Agency reported to the U.S. Senate that no connections had been discovered between Iraq and the Taliban and with 9/11.
In fact, said the CIA report, Hussein hated the Taliban and had driven them out of Iraq many years before. We publish this information in the hope that the American people will not be so gullible the next time their President wants to get them involved in a war. We would also like the American people to know that they are being grossly misled by a foreign "think tank" that constantly misleads them on a multitude of issues.
Let us examine some of the issues and let us hope that the American people will never be misled again by the skilled "communicators."
The American people have been grossly misled about five major wars, and that should be enough for any nation. But unfortunately, the nonstop bombing of Iraq and Serbia by U.S. - British aircraft showed that the American people had learned nothing from the Gulf War and how it was instigated, and how they were lied to and manipulated in an utterly reprehensible manner.
The second Gulf War was ample proof that Tavistock's methods still work, so much so that blatant lying was resorted to with the knowledge that even if discovered as lies, the Bush administration knew that their lies would just be shrugged off, because the American people were now thoroughly conditioned in a state of permanent "shell-shock," to display no concern over what was a very serious position for any nation to find itself in.
What can be done about the grip Tavistock and its many affiliated institutions have on the country, the Christian Right, the Congress, our intelligence agencies and the State Department, a grip that extends all the way to the President and to our top military brass? As I previously stated, the main problem is to be able to convince the broad mass of Americans that what is happening to them and the country, is not a case of "changing times" due to circumstances beyond their control, but a carefully contrived plot, a real menace to the future of all of us, and not just some "conspiracy" theory.
We can arouse the nation, but only if a concerted effort is made at the grassroots level. The solution to the problem lies in educating Americans and by unified action.
There is a great and compelling need to educate the millions of people as to what the secret manipulators are doing, and more importantly, just how, and why they are doing it. Urgent constitutional action is needed to bring this about. There are many leading citizens, who have the power and the financial means to start a grass roots campaign. What is not wanted, is a third political party.
A grass roots movement, properly educated and acting in concert is the only way (at least in my opinion) that we are going to win our country back from the dark and evil forces that have it by the throat. Together, in a grass roots movement, we can shake America free from the grip of foreign powers, powers the Tavistock Institute serves so well, foreign powers that are bent upon the destruction of America as constituted by our Founding Fathers.
This work on the Tavistock Institute is another "first" in my series on major organizations whose names will be new to most readers. Tavistock is the most important nerve center in the U.S., and it has poisoned and gradually altered for the worse, every facet of our lives since 1946, when it began its North America operations.
Tavistock has played and is playing the leading role in shaping U.S. policies and world events. It is undoubtedly, the mother of all mind control and mind conditioning centers in the world. In the United States it has a great deal of control over day-to-day affairs and has a direct hand in the course and direction of such American think tanks as Stanford Research, Esalen Institute, Wharton School, MIT, the Hudson Institute, the Heritage Foundation, the Georgetown University and even more directly, extends its influence to the White House and the State Department. Tavistock has a profound influence in shaping U.S. domestic and foreign policy.
Tavistock is a study center devoted to the service of the Black Nobility and those devoted to promoting the New World Order inside a One World Government.
Tavistock does work for the Club of Rome, the CFR, Trilateral Commission, the German Marshall Fund, the Mont Pelerin Society, the Ditchley Group, the Quator Coronati Freemason control lodge and the Bank of International Settlements.

How Tavistock makes well people sick

Tavistock's story begins with its founder, Brig. Gen. John Rawlings Reese in 1921. It was Reese who evolved Tavistock's methods of mass "brainwashing". Tavistock was founded as a research center for British Special Intelligence Service (SIS).
It was Reese who launched the method of controlling political campaigns, as well as mind control techniques, which continue to this very day, and it was Reese and Tavistock who taught the USSR, North Vietnam China and Vietnam how to apply his technique

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