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Monday, December 2, 2013

Tavistock's assault on the U.S. Ch.25 by Dr. John Coleman from The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations


Tavistock's assault on the U.S.

One of the major players in the Tavistock team was Dr. Kurt Lewin. Born in Germany, but forced to flee when his population control experiments were discovered by the German government. Lewin was already well known to Reese-the two having cooperated extensively in experiments in polling and similar opinion-shaping experiments. It is said that Dr. Goebbels enthusiastically embraced Tavistock methods.
Lewin fled to England, where he joined Reese at Tavistock and was given his first major task: Propagandize America into the Second World War, by launching a media blitz against Germany in both Europe and the U.S. He succeeded admirably in what turned out to be the largest propaganda campaign in history, one that whipped the American people into a frenzy of hatred against Germany, and later, Japan. The blitz eventually cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of American soldiers and poured billions of dollars into the coffers of the Wall Street and international banks and the arms merchants.
Our loss in lives and national treasures cannot be recovered.
Just prior to the assault on Iraq, the U.S. was subjected to a propaganda blast only slightly below the level of that which was developed to shove the United States into the Second World War. Careful analyses of key words and phrases developed by Lewin for WWII use, showed that in 93.6 percent of all cases examined, these trigger-words and phrases matched up with those used in the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the Gulf War.
In the Vietnam War era, polling using Tavistock methodology was used with devastating effect against the American people.

During the Gulf War, an example of Tavistock methods was the way the State Department kept on referring to its embassy staff in Kuwait as "hostages", although none were ever imprisoned. In fact, every single one of them was free to leave at any time, but were ordered to remain in Kuwait so that propaganda could be made out of their situation.
In essence, the "hostages" were hostages of the State Department! Unable to goad President Hussein into firing the first shots, another "contrived situation" like Pearl Harbor had to be mounted. April Glaspie's name will forever be associated with treachery and infamy. What followed was an elaborate theft of millions of barrels of Iraqi oil by Kuwait. Hussein was given the "all clear" by U.S. ambassador to Baghdad April Gillespie, to attack Iraq and put an end to a situation that was costing the Iraqi people billions of dollars. But when the attack was mounted, Bush the elder lost no time in a sending the U.S. military to help Kuwait.
President Bush whipped up support against Iraq by using the fake "hostage" claim. This is where the Tavistock Institute will fail: While it has been able to convince the majority of Americans that our policies for the Middle East are right, Tavistock has not been able to gain control of Syria, Iran, Iraq, Algeria and Saudi Arabia.
It is at this point that Tavistock's devious plan to dispossess the Arab nations of their oil is coming unglued. The days when MI6 could dispatch "Arabists" like the Philby's and Captain Hill to undermine Muslim states has long since gone.
The Arab countries have learned from their mistakes, and today, they trust the British Government far less than they did at the start of WWI. The dictatorship of Mubarak of Egypt is in trouble. Muslim fundamentalists seek to make tourism hazardous, and Egypt relies on hard currency from abroad to keep floating besides the $3 billion annual gift from U.S. taxpayers. Likewise, Syria is not going to stand alongside U.S. policies that favor Israel over the Palestinians for very much longer.
At home, billions of dollars were poured into the coffers of Tavistock by the U.S. government: Among the beneficiaries of these billions of dollars were the National Training Laboratories, Harvard Psychological Clinic, Wharton School, Stanford's Hoover Institute, Rand, MIT, The National Institute of Mental Health, Georgetown University, Esalen Institute, Center for Advanced Study in Behavioral Sciences, Institute for Social Research at Michigan and scores of other think tanks and institutions of higher learning.
The task of setting up these affiliates in the U.S. in intelligence world wide was given to Kurt Lewin, who we have already met, but whose name was most probably not known to more than 100 people before my story about Tavistock broke. Yet this man and John Rawlings Reese did more to damage the institutions upon which the U.S. Republic rests, than anything Hitler or Stalin could have accomplished. The way in which Tavistock unraveled the warp and woof of our social fabric which holds the nation together, makes a chilling and frightening narrative of which the "normalizing" of homosexual and lesbian lifestyles is a small, but significant achievement; a far greater and more chilling achievement was the success of mass brainwashing through opinion polling.
Why do Reese's Tavistock techniques work so well in practice? Reese perfected his mass brainwashing experiments through stress tests, or psychological shocks, also known as stressful events. The Reese theory, now amply proved, was that if entire populations could be subjected to stress tests, then it would be possible first, to work out in advance, what mass population responses would be to given stress events.
In a very explicit way, this technique is at the heart of creating the desired public opinion through polling, which was used with devastating effect to shield the Clinton administration from the scandals swirling around the White House, and which now shields Bush the younger from being removed from the White Hous

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