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An American Affidavit

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

We the People Our Lost Republican Form of Government

You Know Something is Wrong When… An American Affidavit of Probable Cause by Anna Maria Riezinger and James Clinton Belcher
                           Part Seven:
                More Chicanery

As far back as 1871 a fake corporate “Congress” merely claiming to “represent” the Republic
of the united States of America was also claiming an
ownership interest in all United States
corporations. Over time, they would claim to own all American corporations, too.

1900 - 1904 The Insular Tariff Cases

In a series of Supreme Court cases known as the Insular Tariff cases (Hoover and Allison v.
Evatt, Downes v. Bidwell and others) Congress got official permission to set up shop for itself.

As a result of these decisions Congress had the green light to create a separate nation for itself
using the Federal territories and Possessions as "states" complete with their land jurisdictions.

Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa and the other insular States formed a "union" of
"American States" and began operating as "the United States" of America (Minor)" -- another
federation of states operated as a constitutional Democracy and under a deceptively similar

From then on the Congress routinely referred to this entity "as if" it were referring to the
Continental United States.
The criminal semantic deceits that began with the Civil War multiplied like rabbits in the

“Any number of scoundrels having enough money to start with can establish themselves as a
“government” because with money they can hire soldiers, and with soldiers extort more money,
and also compel general obedience to their “will”.
---- Lysander Spooner

                   Circa 1912

A group of mostly European bankers interests plus some turn-coat American bankers formed a
private association and called it the Federal Reserve -- so that people would naturally assume it was part of the "federal government". They combined resources to purchase a middleman spot for themselves between the Congress and the intended victims -- all the United States Corporations.

They bought the United States of America, Incorporated, together with its "state" franchises
and "agencies" as a business venture. The members of Congress were now tacitly working for them.

These banks took over the governmental services corporation without a word to anyone.

The "Federal Reserve" which was always "federal" in the same sense as "Federal Express"
began operating familiar agencies like the "US Department of Labor" and the "U.S. Department
of Agriculture" and the "U.S. Small Business Administration" for private gain and to
manipulate markets, to lock up competing resources, to establish monopolies for themselves,
to but off unions, and to establish punitive regulatory schemes.

As a first step, they killed off the American Railroads because they could make more money
selling oil & gas products to an inefficient truck fleet. With Theodore Roosevelt's help they
kicked off the American Conservation movement -- to gain control of resources and lock them
away from development by competitors. It was never about pristine vistas and clean water. It
was about locking up mineral deposits and stealing water rights. The EPA and the FDA were
later created for similar reasons -- not to protect the public; but to protect markets and promote
profits for the perpetrators and their friends.

Pure and simple -- the Federal Reserve banks bought o governmental services corporation that
never had a valid contract with the continental United States in the first place and pretended to
be the government. But they are not and never were and never can be. They are nothing but con
artists who have defrauded us, stolen our assets in exchange for worthless paper, manipulated
commodity markets, controlled transportation, crippled development, and piled up mountains if
odious debt against us, our organic states, and our property assets.

                    Odious Debt:

debt established by false pretenses, semantic deceit or other means of fraud, of which the
victims are unaware, and from which they o not profit. Such debts are void by definition and
cannot be collected.

     What National Debt?

In a debt-credit system every debt creates an answering credit. If there's a 25 trillion dollar
National debt, there is also a 25 trillion dollar National credit.

So, lets talk about National credit which is owed by the banks and their pals to the American
People and the organic States of the Union.

The essence of fraudulent convertible debt is to create what appears to be a debt, but which is
in fact a credit, then get the victim to assume the fake debt and pay it, which leaves the
perpetrator in possession of an equal amount of "extra credit" which they are then free to invest
and use for their own profit.

Every month across America utility companies double bill for their charges. They charge off all
their operating expenses against the credit of the American People at the U.S. Treasury, and
then they send those same people "billing statements" which appear to be bills for services
rendered. They make sure that the victims pay up by threatening them with disconnection. then
they invest the purloined additional credit for the benefit of their organization, In this way they
build up immense capital credit fund accounts in the names of each victim, but the
customer/victims are never allowed to touch these accounts or make is of the credit.

Variations of this same swindle have been used by the banks and the government agencies to
milk and bilk the American People for three generations.

These corporations have fed on us like parasites and grown fat and powerful from glutting in
our credit and our assets.

United State Federal Reserve System

The Federal Reserve banks and their Cronies in “Congress” pass the “Federal Reserve Act” and
establish a fiat currency money system to be used by the United States, Inc. and its many
franchises as legal tender.

The banks are given a license for 100 years to print money and receive the full face value of the
bills, plus interest as additional profit.

So it cost them about 4 cents to print each “Federal Reserve Note”--and they got the full face value of the bill back plus interest from the Americans.

This was done despite every law against usury despite the requirement for real money plainly
stated in The constitution for the united States of America that was (and is) still in effect and
still owed to the American States on the land.


Federal Reserve notes like United States Notes and George F. Schniedelmeyer Notes are
nothing but I.O.U.'s –promises to pay later.

Ummm...Can you pay a debt with an I.O.U.? What happens when you do that?

The Federal Reserve Association and its “Board of Governors” designed the “Federal Reserve
System” as means to entrap the Americans into eternal indebtedness that could only increase
exponentially. Every time anyone “paid” a debt with a “Federal Reserve Note” they accrue
MORE debt for themselves.

And they had no other practical choice other than to use “Federal Reserve Notes” because the
Federal Reserve System has a legalized monopoly.

The “Federal Reserve System” took no risk, paid nobody for anything, and simply “collected”
the debt.

This means that they cheated Americans out of their labor and resources in exchange for
promises to pay-- siphoned it all off in “exchange” for worthless paper.


In 2009 the “Federal Reserve System” transferred the bulk of its assets to a new entity
organized under the UNITED NATIONS, INC. doing business as the FEDERAL RESERVE,
INC. doing business as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC., and declared the old
version bankrupt—leaving the hapless Americans to pay “their” National Debt.

What are we supposed to pay it with?

According to “Congress”--with MORE NOTES!
Backed by the good Faith if the US “Congress”

This is an obvious criminal fraud scheme, but nobody is doing anything about it... EXCEPT...

The 133 Nations already spearheading the BRICs Initiative...over half the world's
population....China, Russia, India, Brazil...

They are all looking at the Brits, the Canadians, the Aussies and most of all at the Americans
wondering... When are you going to WAKE UP???

            Time to WAKE UP!

“A nation of well-informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rights which God
has given them cannot be enslaved, It is in the region of ignorance that tyranny begins...”
--- Benjamin Franklin

“Be thankful we're not getting all the government we're paying for.”
--- Will Rogers
              Non-Existent “War Powers”
                 and “Emergency Powers”

In 1917 the corporate Congress under the sway of their new banker bosses made another gross
power grab and claimed to have “war powers” that were never granted ot them and which
strictly speaking do not exist.

Nonetheless, they passed the “Wars Powers Act” and gratuitously “conscripted” all the private
property in America “for the war effort”. “ Conscripted” means they “borrowed” every man,
woman, cat, and chicken coop in America for military use. The US Army became an Army of
Occupation at that point.

They also came under the Hague Conventions which require them to protect all non-combatant
civilians and their private property assets—including their “Natural and Unalienable Rights”
which are material assets of the National Trust—and to act as a faithful Usufruct under the
Rules of Usufruct established by the Hague conventions and to return all civilian property
unharmed and unencumbered by any debt resulting from their use of it.

The Hague conventions IV, Article 55, and the Laws of War II-- Article 3-- forbidding
“changing status” to a “public citizen of the United States, Inc.” are both provisions that the
members of “Congress” and the Joint Chiefs of Staff would rather ignore, but really can't They
also can't ignore Section 21 of the Applications Appendix of the Trading With the Enemy Act
which specifically excluded American State Citizens from being classified as “enemies”.

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