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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

“Cracking Down” on Independent Media: Global Research Needs Your Support

“Cracking Down” on Independent Media: Global Research Needs Your Support

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Global Research
Dear Readers,
We often receive words of encouragement from those of you who regularly check our website or are subscribed to our daily newsletter. As we do not follow a mainstream narrative, the recent online trend has generally been to “crack down” on independent news sites such as GlobalResearch.ca, negatively effecting our reach and our revenue. We appreciate the moral support
all the more so in the face of these new challenges.
Moral support goes a long way, but, examining our current monthly cash deficit, financial support would also greatly be appreciated.
If you value what we do and the perspective we bring to world events every day (for free!), please donate or become a member now by clicking below. We would not be here without your support!

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We understand that times are tough for everyone. If a financial contribution is not something you can currently envision, but you would like to help out, please see below for details on becoming a Global Research Volunteer…
With measures being put in place to reduce our reach (such as tacit online censorship of independent media) there are a number of ways you can help us make sure that the questions we ask continue to be heard:
  • Establish an email list of some fifty friends and family and forward the Global Research Newsletter and/or your favourite Global Research articles to this list on a daily basis.
  • Use the various instruments of online posting and social media creatively to “spread the word”. Click the “like” and “share” buttons on our article pages for starters.
  • Post one or more Global Research articles to internet discussion groups and blogs to build a dialogue around the subject matters we cover.
  • Do you have friends who would benefit from our articles? Consider signing them up for our daily newsletter.
  • Are you part of a community group or organized discussion group? Submit a topic we have covered or a specific article from our website for discussion at your next meeting.
Thank you for your contribution to independent media!

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