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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Part 3 of 4: Did Plasmoid Gas and Infrared Beams Cause the WTC Destruction? By Barry Ball, Barbara Ellis, and Russ Hallberg WTC Research Legislative Alliance

Part 3 of 4: Did Plasmoid Gas and Infrared Beams Cause the WTC Destruction?

By Barry Ball, Barbara Ellis, and Russ Hallberg
WTC Research Legislative Alliance
That World Trade Center buildings 1, 2, and 7 were brought down by a combination of plasmoid gas and infrared beams is a theory first reported in early 2002 by 9/11 researcher/writer Christopher Bollyn an article for the website American Free Press. Others have followed his lead, at least on the laser-beam portion of directed-energy weapons pulverizing those 110-story skyscrapers.(1)
Basically, this theory posits that two infrared beams—each placed to meet in one spot targeted by an invisible cloud of plasmoid gas—were in position to destroy the buildings the moment aircraft struck it. The cloud was directly in front of the aircraft leading them. In less than an hour two-thirds of each tower disintegrated into curb-high dust throughout Lower Manhattan—concrete, steel, combustibles and people. WTC 7, not hit by aircraft, collapsed in 6.5 seconds on its footprint.(2)
The evidence rests heavily on an unnamed German physicist who had been a researcher with the Soviet counterpart to the CIA. Interviewed by Agence France-Presse, he reported a demonstration in Weimar of Soviet Union experiments in 1991 with beams that could transform small solid objects to dust. The Soviets staged the experiment benefit of the U.S. Air Force Electronic Security Command officials to indicate how they could bring down missiles and Stealth bombers. They bolstered such claims by saying that in 1969 they had destroyed a wall with this technology where the Ussuri River divides China from their country.(3)

Those dismissive of Soviet science/technology and/or this research still must reckon with what every beginning chemistry student learns about spectrometer operations; they parallel this theory in principle. To measure chemical elements in a sample, the spectrometer uses electricity and magnetic fields to break molecules into minuscule, dust-like electron particles (ionization). If a spectrometer can do this, consider what a super-powered pair of beams can do to transform concrete, steel, office furnishings, and people into dust and ash.(4)
The German physicist suggested a pair of fluorine-powered laser beams were responsible at least for the Towers’ destruction.(5)
Bollyn underpins stories about laser beams by bringing up what he knows about “infrared-radiation” weaponry being developed by researchers working under contract by the U.S. Department of Defense. He points out that the far-off infrared waves, like a microwave oven, produce heat and “cause increased molecular vibrational activity.” (6)
He describes the Soviet experiment, leaving readers to speculate about results if plasmoid gas and those laser beams were paired to vaporize buildings in general and the WTC Towers in particular:
“The physicist placed a slightly warmed plate on the floor of a kitchen in an apartment on the fifth floor, just below the roof. GRU headquarters in Weimar (DDR), where the infrared beam originated was less than one mile away on the other side of the valley and the second transmitter or reflector was 200 meters away, with no obstacles between. An infrared beam weapons requires two sources.
“The TV and the oven were turned on and the TV’s remote control was put in the refrigerator. The physicist left the room and watched the TV screen, which went black for a few seconds. The physicist left the apartment for a half hour to allow AFESC personnel to examine the results.
“The plate had been reduced to dust that was difficult to pick up even with a vacuum cleaner, according to the physicist. ‘The plate was not “destroyed suddenly as if hit by a bullet. Rather, it disintegrated in a process taking about 15 minutes.’
“….If the WTC had been struck by a similar weapon, then it is very likely, according to the physicist, that one of the transmitters could have been placed in a high building nearby or on a moving platform such as a satellite, plane, or ship, and the reflector, or second source, on a ship or across the East River.” (7)
So where does the plasmoid cloud fit in? And what is it?
What Are Plasmoid?
Plasmoid itself is a derivative of plasma which comes from gas, one of the three forms of matter (solids, liquids, gases). Plasma is formed when that gas is heated to the breakup point (ionization) so that its atoms lose control of their electrons. Each atom then contains electrified nuclei and particles with both positive and negative charges. Thus, plasma’s form has changed into an electron-charged gas, making it able to conduct electricity and also “be affected by a magnetic field.” (8)
Though unidentified until 1954, plasmoids have always been around in electric storms that produce ordinary thunder and lightning or in tornadoes. They are plasma gases visible at the ends of lightning bolts and known as “ball lightning.” (9)
One expert in electrical storms says ball lightning is “associated with clouds” and, interestingly, notes that they
“…behave electrically usually, sometimes leave [carbon] deposits, bore holes, pass through holes much smaller than themselves, and sometimes pass through glass without a trace.” (10)
Tornados have the same characteristic, he points out, “either by passing through the materials or by sitting over one area for a period of time.” In one Soviet Union tornado, described in his research, the carbon fiber in the dust around the holes left by ball lightning had radiation levels “three times above normal.” (11)
Plasmoids were officially identified a half-century ago (1954-56) by American physicist Winston H. Bostick, Ph.D. He was brilliant enough to draw notice from Nobel laureate Arthur Compton who became his doctoral advisor for a cosmic-ray dissertation at the University of Chicago.(12)
His post-graduate credentials are a good fit with nuclear and space-age weaponry—and those researching and producing them. Though of draft age (25), Bostick escaped WWII service from 1941-48 by being a researcher at MIT’s radiation laboratory. From 1948-54, he served as an associate professor in physics at Tufts University while doing research on plasma effects. From 1954-56, he served both on the research staffs of the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory at the University of California and the U.S. Air Force Weapons Research Laboratory in Albuquerque, N.M. At Livermore, his work, sponsored by the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, led to the discovery of plasmoids.(13)
But it was when he announced use of a “plasma gun” to propel lab-made plasmoids that earned him international fame in 1956. He had just been hired as a physics professor at New Jersey’s Stevens Institute of Technology for a career that was to span 20 years until retirement in 1986.(14)
Few lay people paid much attention to someone able to control and blast plasma (cloaked in a plasmoid) anywhere, especially when the discovery was couched in scientific terms. Undoubtedly, the public thought it might involve blood-bank donations. The science community largely seems to have had its focus elsewhere. But not contractors working for the U.S. Department of Defense when Bostick revealed that plasma could be directed at a target and might “undergo fission and possess spin.” (15)
They were astonished by the “shot’s” speed (450,000 mph), that it used man-made controls, but especially its nuclear weapons potential. As he explained his work:
“A plasma gun has been developed which projects ionized matter (metallic and deuterium ions) at speeds up to 2×107 cm per second. There is some evidence to support the hypothesis that the plasma projected by this gun comes off in an expanding torus which is shaped by its own magnetic field.
“When the plasma gun is fired into a DC magnetic field, the plasma forms a compact geometrical configuration (a plasma-magnetic entity called a plasmoid) which proceeds across the magnetic field.
“Plasmoids appear to be plasma cylinders elongated in the direction of the magnetic field. Plasmoids possess a measurable magnetic moment, a measurable translational speed, a transverse electric field, and a measurable size.
“Plasmoids can interact with each other, seemingly by reflecting off one another. Their orbits can also be made to curve toward one another. Plasmoids can be made to spiral to a stop if projected into a gas at about 10-3 mm Hg pressure. Plasmoids can also be made to smash each other into fragments.”(16)
Interestingly, in 1958, in what looked like an innocuous article involving astronomy, Bostick not only replicated that lab work, but added new material about increasing a plasmoid’s speed—that it could whiz over both magnetic and non-magnetic fields:
“A technique has been developed whereby ionized gas (plasma) can be projected, by magnetic forces, at speeds of 3×107 cm/sec through a vacuum region free from a magnetic field. The plasma has also been projected across magnetic fields in vacuum at speeds of 107 cm/sec.” (17)
From formation to completion, he had developed plasmoids into ring-like clouds closely resembling ball lighting.(18)
This is how that transformational process is explained today:
“In his laboratory experiment Bostick created a simple “plasma gun” consisting of a 4-inch diameter glass jar around which he wound a wire carrying an electric current that created a small magnetic field. Most of the air was removed from the jar and two titanium wires were connected to a high-voltage, high-current electric power source.
“On flicking the power switch, a 10,000 ampere electric current passed through the titanium wires, instantly vaporizing them and creating a puff of ionized gas (a plasma) traveling at 450,000 miles per hour. Bostick noted that the puffs of plasma formed distinctive shapes that resembled galaxies at various stages of aging and formation.” (19)
One of the shapes was what the lay public call “orbs,” the circular white spots that often turn up in digital snapshots. Some involved with the paranormal and/or supernatural regard them as restless spirits of the dead hovering near their old haunts—often protective, sometimes menacing, but seemingly always interested in visits from the living. Photographic investigators indicate they might be airborne particles picked up by a camera’s flash. But some regard orbs as objects packed with electrical energy.(20)
Bollyn quotes a physicist who suggested that orbs were the eyes and directional fingers marking the very floors of WTC 1 and 2 for the skyscrapers’ total destruction by a pair of laser beams’ deadly rendezvous. In 2008, a photograph accompanying an article on orbs purportedly whizzing around the World Trade Center’s destruction during the 9/11, did closely resemble both Bostick’s plasmoids and ball lighting.(21)
The article describes what seems to be ball-lightning with its traditional characteristic: plasma encased in a plasmoid cloud (aka “scalar cloud”). Prior to Bostwick’s discovery of plasmoids, plasma was usually described as just containing atoms with positive and negative particles. The orb was suspected by the article’s author of containing not just those properties, but “some kind of directed-energy device” that could ionize air and spray “soft metal flakes that make the [orb] invisible to radar.” (22)
As one science writer speculated about this phenomenon:
“The high electric potentials used to create air ions [in the orb’s plasma] are achieved by using capacitors to develop a high voltage (c.20,000 volts), low-current charge at an electrode. Such voltages can also generate ozone and NOx …. So this ionized air … is much more conductive than the previous non-ionized air.
“The ionization of air or gas creates plasma with conductive properties similar to that of metals. … the more density the more particles. This means that these particles which are colliding into each other will become more charged because there are more of them present to collide. What [the Defense Department is] ultimately trying to do [in space] is create a charged-particle field, plasma beam weapons….
“We know that these orbs can be used as transmitters and receivers because they have great refractory and optical properties. They also are capable of transmitting digital or analog sound and video. The[se] satellites can be programmed to track and monitor various areas. This is probably what they were doing at the time of the [9/11] attacks. …
“[They also] can dud-out electronics or cause large, electrical blackouts. It is standard practice in modern warfare to use electromagnetic jamming to disrupt the enemy’s electronic circuitry. Such a temporary disruption may have been applied for a few seconds only (in order to obscure missile approach) or even during … 102 minutes to obscure also the tower collapses. … no cell-phones worked properly that day, nor did the firefighters’ walkie-talkies.” (23)
The author included photographs with orbs hovering around the WTC scene. Unfortunately for him, so many accusations have been made about photo misinterpretations or the use of PhotoShop software to doctor 9/11 pictures, that credibility is too often in doubt about such illustrations.(24)
As to orb propulsion, the difference seems to be that unlike Nature or a lab gun directing a plasmoid cloud’s energy, that same author suggests that the orb’s guidance system involves laser beams. That these may be several generations beyond those Soviet-styled infrared beams that transformed a dish into dust.(25)
Linking Plasmoid Gas and Infrared Beams
Turn back now to the laser or infrared beams portion of this theory as the accessory to plasmoid gas in the WTC destruction.
Impossible? Not really, considering the U.S. has hundreds of Bostwicks doing research at the eight U.S. national laboratories like Lawrence Livermore at the University of California/Berkley. Each has multi-millions in undisclosed funds for secret military projects.
Too much evidence suggests that scientists have been working feverishly for military contractors in the 50 years since Bostwick’s discoveries, to master weather and produce space weapons to rule the world by controlling the environment and populations. The aim and claim seem to be security for the few, not for sustainability of the planet or they would have shared results with non-military audiences.
Bollyn notes that American and Israeli contractors have teamed since 1995 to develop an advanced, mobile infrared beam THEL (Tactical high-Energy Laser) to put both countries on the “leading edge” of directed-energy weapons. And he quotes author Jeff Hecht’s 1984 book Beam Weapons: The Next Arms Race who wrote: “The military ‘destructor beam’ definitely is in our future tactical arsenal.” Hecht provided the key features for what is said to be an anti-missile weapon:
• Firing energy “bullets” at or near the speed of light
• Redirecting rapid fire toward multiple targets
• Long range capability
• Transmitting lethal doses of energy in nanoseconds.
• Needing only a mix of deuterium-fluoride for fuel, not conventional ammunition, to power the generator
• Portability (two shipping containers) (26)
In midst of such weapon proliferation—even weather control— any concern for global welfare has always been cosmetic fiction to pacify the public. By 1976, the conquest of space and realization of space wars raised concern monumental enough for 100 major and minor powers (except for Israel) to adopt a United Nations resolution prohibiting military or “any other hostile use of environmental modification techniques.” China, Russia, and the United States signed this treaty in 1977; the U.S. and Russia ratified it by 1980, China in June 2005. That today’s drone bombers, directed by Stateside technicians, can target houses in Pakistan and Afghanistan villages indicates the worthlessness of such agreements.(27)
Ever since 1994, that particular treaty has not deterred military minds from researching and producing methods to “direct and control” the weather, including hurricanes and perhaps trigger other natural phenomenon such as floods, droughts, and earthquakes. Current headquarters for the U.S. is in Gokona, Alaska where an extensive barbed-wire protective fence surrounds acres of a British-built “electromagnetic farm” of huge antennas and transmitter stations. The Pentagon calls the project HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program).(28)
In the Soviet example, when those two infrared beams intersected, a significant energy field was created. Couple those energy beams with that contained in, say, a Category 3 hurricane and all that power might well turn skyscrapers such as WTC 1 and 2 into dust. Instead of having to wait on an unpredictable hurricane to show up to provide necessary energy levels, one could be generated, directed, and positioned by this kind of weaponry.
Military-directed Hurricanes
That being so, one suspicion of efforts to “fool Mother Nature” on 9/11 involve Hurricane Erin are held by Judy Wood, a renown 9/11 investigator and engineering professor, and others.(29)
This storm was warming up to Category 3 status in the Caribbean and tracked by the National Hurricane Center, beginning on September 2, 2001. It appeared to be heading for the Northeastern Seaboard, via Bermuda. By September 10, it hovered in place all day off New York harbor. In retrospect, suspicions have been raised that this “pause” was not caused by Nature so much as a man-made source generating Class 3 energy and directing it into position.(30)
Aerial photographs do show single, huge, roof-to-basement holes drilled into WTC 3, 5, and 6, and nearby buildings; WTC 4 was sheared in half with the destroyed wing showing the same sized crater. Whether carbon fiber was found amid all the dust may never be known because of inexplicable federal action classifying that kind of evidence. Even assigning structural failure to fire, thermite/ nanothermite, or falling debris has yet to explain those cylindrical holes or what sheared WTC 4 in half. Given the likeness of orbs to lightning-ball energies, however, and the possibility of man-made controls of plasmoidic matter—and the weather—the puzzle might well be solved one day soon.(31)
As to the super-charged beams, this particular theory suggests that they pulled in even more energy from that Class 3 hurricane conveniently hovering nearby. Under such a super-sized electric bombardment, the molecular structure even of such gigantic targets and anything “within the field” (concrete, steel, interior combustibles, people) were “changed” into dust or ashes within the hour. Just like that Soviet plate destroyed years before by the two intersecting infrared beams in Weimar.
The theorists’ views about the linkage between plasmoid gas and infrared laser beams is further supported by the Towers’ small pile of rubble and the heavy blizzard of Tower dust and ashes cloaking and choking New York City.
This theory posits that powerful outside forces such as plasmoid gas and infrared laser beams were paired by the perpetrators to transform not just the Towers, but the other WTC structures largely into ashes and dust.
Questions raised about this theory undoubtedly will be raised. Among them are:
• Because the Towers weren’t destroyed until at least an hour after the aircraft impact, why would a plasmoid-gas cloud “directional” be needed?
• The indication that an electro-magnetic force based in Alaska could be directed to New York City and not impact electricity across the country needs some explaining.
• September 11, 2001 was a cloudless day in Manhattan, judging from the photographs. If a Class 3 hurricane were anywhere in the vicinity, why wasn’t such a terrible storm reported?
[NEXT: Part 4 of 4: Did a Fluorine-Based Weapon Destroy the WTC? ]
The three authors are founders of the Portland 911 Legislative Alliance. Barry Ball has been a Portland 911 group facilitator/activist and co-author of the 9/11 investigation bill and its presenter House members and the research director of the House Science & Technological Committee in Washington last September.
Barbara Ellis, Ph.D, is a long-time journalist (LIFE magazine, Washington, D.C. Evening Star, Beirut Daily Star) and was a technical-journalism professor (Oregon State University/Louisiana’s McNeese State University). She was a 2004 nominee for the Pulitzer Prize in history (The Moving Appeal) and, now, the principal of a writing/editing/pr firm.
Russ Hallberg is a Portland activist (impeachment/911/depleted uranium, low-level radiation studies). He says: “My history-teacher mother taught me well about false-flag operations and the 1898 sinking of the USS Maine.”
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