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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

156. Kinship Is Mythical: The Underground History of American Education by John Taylor Gatto from archive.org

Kinship Is Mythical 

Aryans, said Maine, were not overly sentimental about children. They maintained the 
right to kill or sell their children and carried this custom with them as they spread over 
the earth, almost up to the outskirts of modern Beijing. These Great Ones had an 
intensely practical streak, tending to extract from every association its maximum payoff. 

This pragmatism led them to extend privileges of kinship to every association in which a 
good chance of profit might lurk. This casual disregard of blood ties led to powerful 
alliances much more adaptable to local circumstance than any pure blood-allegiance 
system could be, such as the one the Japanese practice. In other words, Anglo-Saxons 
were prepared to call anyone "family" for a price. Similarly, Anglo-Saxon ties to priests 
and gods were mostly ceremonial. All rules, ethics, and morals were kept flexible, 
relative to the needs of the moment. This lack of commitment to much of anything except 
possessions allowed Aryans to overturn local ways in which people held to principles and 
to local faith. 

Pragmatism was an impressive and effective technological advance in politics, if not in 
morality. In the science of society, the leadership reserved the right to lie, cheat, deceive, 
be generally faithless wherever advantage presented itself, and not only to do these things 
to the enemy but to one's own people if need be — a moral code well suited to a fast- 
moving warrior people. But a price had to be paid. Over time, the idea of real kinship 
became more and more fictitious, family life characterized as much by ritual and 
ceremony as love. And in many places, said Maine, kinship, owing to mass adoption of 
children from conquered peoples, became mythical for whole clans. Nobody was who 
they said they were or thought themselves to be. 

It is surely one of the grim ironies of history that the root identity of American elites was 
crystalizing at the turn of the century around blood relationships to a warrior people so 
indifferent to blood relationships, they often had no idea who they really were. With 
Anglo-Saxons, the abstract principle always counted for more than flesh and blood. 

Once the character of the Aryans was known, there remained only the exciting task of 
establishing the homeland, the ancient forge of these virile conquerors. The behavioral 
ideals they willed their descendants — to impose upon lesser peoples — were written 

clearly enough on the chalkboards of the new schooling. Total submission led the list. 
But giving the Aryans a birthplace (assuming it was the right one) would complete the 
circle of triumph. To the elite mind, that job was over by 1880. The ancient ancestor 
could now be fixed by common agreement somewhere in the cold North around the 
Baltic Sea. Some said Scandinavia. Some said North-Central Germany. But the chief 
detectives holding the Anglo/ American franchise on truth homed in on that zone between 
the Elbe and the Oder Rivers, to the lands comprising the regions of modern Prussia! 

The Machine Gun Builds Hotchkiss 

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