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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

THE "BOSS HOG" LIST: The Pegasus File by David G. Guyatt from Nexus Magazine

One of the most flamboyant individuals involved in the cocaine trail from Columbia through Honduras to Panama and on into the United States, was Barry Seal. Seal flew an assortment of aircraft, offloading shipments of weapons in South America and picking up deliveries of cocaine for his return flight to the US on behalf of Col. North's Enterprise. His primary base of operations was Mena Airport, Arkansas.
A CIA "asset", Seal was later arrested and became a DEA informer. Prior to his killing in 1986 - allegedly by a Medellín cartel assassination squad in revenge for informing on them - Seal openly boasted he had information that implicated high-level government officials, including then-Vice President Bush, in the Enterprise's narcotics-trafficking business.
Tatum would soon get to meet Barry Seal and become close friends. Tatum recalls being present during a meeting between Oliver North, Felix Rodríguez, Amiram Nir and General Alvarez from Honduras, when North stated that Vice President Bush was going to have his son Jeb arrange "something out of Columbia". This conversation focused on Barry Seal's increasingly notorious activities. When Tatum later heard Seal had died, he immediately understood who was behind the killing. The discussion also made it clear that VP Bush, Governor Clinton and his three respective "handlers" were knee-deep in the cocaine venture and making fistloads of money.
Unknown to all those present, Seal had earlier provided Tatum with a list of names of those high-level government officials deeply involved with or responsible for controlling the narcotics business. Seal called them the "Boss Hogs". Tatum has kept this list a tightly-held secret until recent weeks. The list cites the surnames only, and is reproduced above, as I received it, complete with misspellings as written. I have appended their full names and titles in brackets.
  • Casey (William Casey, Director Central Intelligence)
  • Clair-George (Clair Elroy George, Head of CIA's Central American Task Force)
  • Bush (Vice President George Bush)
  • Kissinger (Dr Henry Kissinger, Chairman, Kissinger Associates; former US Secretary of State; former National Security Adviser)
  • Haig (General Alexander Haig, former Secretary of State)
  • Greg (Donald Gregg, former National Security Adviser to VP Bush, Ambassador to Korea and alleged joint "Controller" of Panama's Manuel Noriega, along with William Casey)
  • Clairage (Duane "Dewey" Clarradge, CIA)
  • Fernandez (Joseph Fernandez, CIA Costa Rica Station Chief)
  • North (Lt Col. Oliver North, National Security Council aide)
  • Singlaub (John Singlaub, CIA covert operator)
  • Colby (William Colby, Director Central Intelligence, 1973-76)
  • Secord (Richard V. Secord, regarded as a "brilliant" CIA black operative)
  • Weld (William Weld, head of Criminal Division, US Department of Justice; instrumental in "blocking" Senate investigations into narcotics, according to testimony of former Senate special investigator, Jack Blum)
  • Rodriguez (Felix Rodríguez, CIA officer with close connection to VP Bush)
  • Peroot (General Peroot, Defense Intelligence Agency)
Most, if not all of these names are readily familiar to Contragate investigators and journalists covering this story. Allegations regarding the involvement of former President George Bush in the cocaine business are by no means new - they abound in plentiful supply. The fact that Bush pardoned a number of his closest advisors, who were facing criminal prosecution and possible imprisonment, late on Christmas Eve 1992, just weeks before Bill Clinton's inauguration, left a sour taste in the mouths of many. If prosecuted, they clearly would have fingered the President himself.

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