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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Mike Palecek, ed., "You are The Man!", PENN Magazine (October 2018)

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Mike Palecek, ed., "You are The Man!", PENN Magazine (October 2018)


Take a Peek at some photos of the cities of Syria. 

They are in ruins, look like Dresden after the Americans took a shot at saving the world for democracy.

Much of the world is rubble because of us.

Because of 9/11. 
Because of what we believe, and what we believe is largely false.

... The mind of an American rules the world.

The President? Warren Buffett? Tiger Woods? Katie Couric? Jon Stewart? The Michelin Man?

No, stupid, it’s you.
You are king of the world, god, superman, King Midas, all that.
It’s you.
You are more than just a legend in your own mind.
You are The Man.

And when the CIA through the CIA propaganda machine called Radio Free Europe or the American Free Press tells you the Russians are coming or the criminals are coming or terrorists or the Iranians or Iraqis or Afghans on nuclear-powered blue donkeys or big bees, and you believe it — well, then, Zeke, that’s how the world will go.

You are powerful, the most powerful yahoo who has ever lived in the history of living.
And you are an idiot.

And the world is going to burn.
You are not an idiot-on-purpose, but an idiot none-the-less.

The CIA, the persons in the CIA, are smart.
But they are evil.
The actual Evil Empire.
And they control you.
The most powerful person in the world.

If you were not an idiot they could not do that.
But you are an idiot.

And that’s a bummer, man.
That’s ... a bummer.

... Sometimes [every day?] you get the feeling that what you
are doing is not working, right? 
The forces of evil are still going strong and your
spitballs do not seem to be having an affect.

And so, what’s the use and maybe it’s time to go fishing forever
or spend the rest of one’s life traveling the back roads of Wisconsin and discover the meaning of life and/or Bigfoot. Or at least read Joe Bageant’s entire works.

Or hit the road and watch every one of Todd Snider’s concerts.
B double E double R-U-N.
Beer Run.

Actually that’s not a bad idea.
He’s probably the best since John Prine and John Prine
is still going [strong] by the way.

But, you don’t, for probably several reasons.
And so, here we are.

Penn Magazine is named in honor of Penn Jones, Jr., one of the first 
researchers into the John F. Kennedy murder, 
an honest newsman, who did not lie to us.

Penn Magazine
October 2018

Also here, in flip-page format:

Mike Palecek, editor
Chuck Gregory, publisher

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