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Saturday, September 22, 2018

1258-1260: But Which "God"? from Lincoln County Watch

Friday, September 21, 2018

1258-1260: But Which "God"? from Lincoln County Watch

By Anna Von Reitz

I don't know how this is possible, but it is very clear that a great many people have remained ignorant about their professed religion as well as their government.

The Bible tells us explicitly and by inference that there are multiple "gods" out there plying their wares.  Why say, "have no other gods before me" if there aren't other "gods" being offered to you for you to worship? 

"God" is a title, not a name. 

So when someone (especially the vermin) start talking about "God" you have to inquire, "Which God?" the same way you have to ask, "Which United States?"

The True and Living God we know as the Creator, whose name and title in Ancient Hebrew and Aramaic is: "Yahavah",  means, "Yah, the Creator"--- or some "other" God?

Yahavah's Son is "Yashuah" sometimes transliterated as "Yeshuah"--- which means "Yah's Anointed One". 

There is only one Living God.

All other gods are dead. 

They are little idols, like carved wooden statues, or the coins in your pockets --- "representations" of reality, not reality itself.

"Christ" means "Anointed One" --- but again, whose anointed one?  The Anointed One of Yah?  Or the Anointed One of Sam Spade?

Likewise, "Christians" translates as "Followers of the Anointed One" -- but which Anointed One? 

The Satanists have built a whole "parallel" religion to mirror the faith of the Apostles---which was never a "religion" and never a "church".

They have taught us to use the name "Jesus" instead of "Yahshuah" and they have taught us to worship "God" and "Jehovah" instead of "Yahavah" and they have taught us to say "Amen" --- the name of an Egyptian deity at the end of every prayer, to make sure our prayers get dropped in the "Dead Letter Box" the moment they leave our lips.

Then we wonder why prayers go unanswered?

Instead, worship "in spirit" and "in truth" --- with your living heart and soul, not with twisted words.  Just try.  You will discover that you know how to pray without words.  And then you will discover that "double-mindedness" vanishes and that in union with Yahavah, all things are possible.

Make good things manifest according to the ultimate and unfathomable goodness of our Creator.  Bypass all the fear and ugliness and go straight home to your Father, and let the sons of the Devil go home to theirs, too. 

Yah, the One, lives in you and makes you part of All.  There is only one "God" --- one Creator, one Life, one Ordering Principle. 

All else is deception and idolatry and just plain old hot air.

If these vermin would deceive you about "which" United States of America they are talking about, would they hesitate a moment to deceive you about which "God" they are serving? 

Or which "law" they are observing? 

Do you think it is amusing that cannibals want you to drink blood from your communion cup?  Instead of remembering "as often as you drink (wine)" --- Yah's Anointed One?

What would happen if every time wine touched your lips, you remembered Him? And every time you had a piece of bread?  

Do you think it is a coincidence that churches have converted the faith of living men into the doctrine and rules of dead institutions? 

That they have also mis-represented their laws as "God's Laws"?

Or that the leaders of these institutions have set themselves above you and sought to place themselves between you and Yah as middlemen and arbiters?

Do you think it is funny that they have sought to keep you from communion and placed a price on it and also sold forgiveness which they have never earned? 

That they have turned your body, the House of Yah, into a bonded slave for them and called a business Joint Venture a "marriage"?

Where is your common sense? 

How could you believe in, much less consent to this?

There is no end to their blasphemy and evil, their recklessness and greed--- but if you would save yourselves and save your country, you must wake up.

You must repent of all this error and discern the gaping Pit prepared for them. 
You must come out of Babylon and know which "God" you serve.

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Lazy Man's Guide to the Last 150 Years in America

By Anna Von Reitz

Lazy Man's Guide to the Last 150 Years in America

1861 -- a bogus mercenary "conflict" begins on our shores, and the perps pass it off on us as a "Civil War" even though no war was ever declared by our Congress and no Peace Treaties ever signed.  It's a con and a set up for more fraud games.

1863 -- Lincoln declares the Northern Federal States of States bankrupt, but neglects to fully disclose and inform people about the actual identity and nature of these business entities. A false presumption gets started that our States are bankrupt, and that our assets are up for grabs, when in fact our States were never involved and not eligible for bankruptcy protection.

1865 - The Territorial "Rump" Congress sets up bogus quasi-civilian, quasi-military courts and ten new Southern military "districts" run by "District Court Judges" appointed by military commanders.  This is the beginning of the Slow Creep of the Talmudic Court System insinuating itself where it should never be. 

The overall  is similar to what would happen if your Lawn Maintenance Service Company ran up unimaginable debts, went bankrupt, forged your Name as Co-Signer of all their loans, gave your address to their Creditors, then stepped back and let you bear the burden of paying their bills.  

1868 - The British Territorial United States re-writes its own constitution and issues it as a Scottish-sponsored incorporation charter---all without disclosing this to the people of this country.  This Scottish commercial corporation merely doing business "as" The United States of America (Incorporated) takes over and usurps upon the lawful government using semantic deceits and fraud to accomplish its aims.

1907 - The first Scottish corporate "ringer" pretending to be the actual United States of America, goes bankrupt and the perps in the British Territorial version of the [Territorial] United States Congress (get the joke now?) arrange for their creditors to accept title to our land as surety for their debts.

This is the First Fraudulent Bankruptcy since Lincolns' bankruptcy in 1863---- and it causes the First World War.

Again, the situation is similar to what would happen if your Lawn Maintenance Service Company went out and charged your credit to the utter limit, sought bankruptcy protection for itself, forged your Name as Co-Signer of all its loans---and left you to pay the bill.

1913 - their creditors, not ours, come to our shores and they start the Federal Reserve nightmare and begin devaluing our currency --- though we weren't involved in any of this stinking scheme. They start printing paper "notes" --- I.O.U's for future payment -- and exchanging these for American Silver Dollars without disclosure or consent.  They also charge interest for this "service" to us,  the targets of this fraud and Breach of Trust.

1925 - a Roman Catholic Church Delaware Corporation doing business as "the" United States of America (Inc.) is formed to take over where the Scottish fraudsters left off.

This one oversees the run up of the "Roaring Twenties" and the 1933 Stock Market Crash and the entire debacle of the Great Depression.

This is the Second Fraudulent Bankruptcy since Lincoln's Big Fix in 1863.

Again, the situation is similar to what would happen if your Lawn Maintenance Service Company, racked up astronomical bills,  went bankrupt, forged your Name as Co-Signer of all their loans, then stepped back and let you take it in the shorts.  

1933- 1946: Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his cronies offer the labor and private assets of their "States of States" and the "citizenry thereof" --- and via a blatant process of unlawful conversion, they conveniently presume that everyone in this country is a "United States Citizen"--- though then as now, the vast bulk of us never were.

The perps deliberately lie and act under color of law to ensnare as many Americans as possible to act as franchises of their venal, bankrupt corporations and the "US Trustees" assist them in the pillaging and plundering of innocent  Americans.

1953 - The bankruptcy of the First Scottish Shill Corp settles. The vermin in the Territorial Congress pretend that they can't locate all the people whose land should be returned to them free and clear.  Instead, they roll everything over into giant land trusts and "manage" the assets "for" the "absent owners". And they also charge the actual landlords for all this "service" the vermin are giving us without our knowledge or consent.

1999 - The bankruptcy of the Second Roman Catholic Church Shill Corp settles.

2008 - the MERS fraud comes home to roost and we all suffer The Big Short. And once again, the perpetrators trot out the American People as the ones responsible for their debts. 

Now, I won't bore you with the maddening proliferation of Shill Corporations and "derivatives" that took place following this, and all the "assets" that these crooks dreamed up and put on the books that simply don't exist, but the same people who think they can print money out of thin air also think that they can create new land and real estate assets simply by giving the same assets a new name and taxing all the various names ("titles") that they bestowed on the same property.  All sorts of crazy stuff goes on.  Karen Hudes, a Bar Attorney working for the World Bank---a foreigner absolutely forbidden and prohibited from holding any Office related to our Government --- claims that she represents us. We say, basically, "Like Hell she does."  Deutsch Bank gets stuck handling all the "derivatives"--- that is, bogus assets made of paper and lies.  Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of Canada get caught money-laundering slave labor and human trafficking for the Queen of the Damned and the Pope.... Prince Philip gets caught benefitting himself from insurance and bankruptcy fraud via "Life Force Value Annuities" to the tune of $950 trillion, give or take a few "T".... its all crime and craziness beyond imagining.

I don't know how Donald Trump is keeping an even keel. Lesser men would have run screaming into the bushes a long time before this.

2009: The Federal Reserve Board of Governors declares the Federal Reserve System TM bankrupt --- remember all those I.O.U.'s they printed?  All those prior to 2009 Federal Reserve Notes?  Oh, oops.  The vermin skipped town.  Welched on all those "Promises to Pay" us back for all the American Silver they received in supposedly "equitable" exchange for their BS.  

Now tell me again, why is the "Federal Reserve" still in existence?  Why are the banks still in existence?  Why hasn't the "corporate veil" been stripped away like wet tissue paper in a high wind?

2013-16: The Municipal UNITED STATES, INC. and cohort Municipal "governmental services corporations"  enter involuntary bankruptcy liquidation.  

Again, the situation is similar to what would happen if your Lawn Maintenance Service Company ran up unimaginably huge bills, went bankrupt, and forged your Name as Co-Signer of all their loans--- stepped back and left you to pay their debts. 

2017 - The Territorial version known as the USA, Inc. enters bankruptcy reorganization. 

[I hate to be monotonous, but this part of the story is monotonous, because the same thing has happened and been allowed to happen over and over and over again. This is nothing but an unimaginably huge national scale credit and identity theft swindle and it has been allowed to go on and on and on and on --- so hear it AGAIN in hopes that everyone reading this will know what went on here and have it memorized....]

The situation is similar to what would happen if your Lawn Maintenance Service Company deliberately ran up huge bills,  went bankrupt,  and forged your Name as Co-Signer of all their loans....yada, yada, yada. 

It's not bad enough that you've got one of these crime syndicates bilking you senseless, you've got two of these organized crime syndicates on your weary backs, doing the same thing, competing with each other and taking turns---and to add to the irony, you are their employers.

They are your employees. 

You are paying them to do this to you. 

Hello?  Good morning, America.  Wake up. If coffee won't do it, I recommend a string of fire crackers.

Remember the Scottish Shill Corp calling itself "The United States of America" (Incorporated) back in 1868? 

Well, the same parties responsible then just tried to set up a Municipal version called "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and the Bank of France set up its version "THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and pretty soon every joker in the western world will think they have some excuse to infringe on the Good Name of our lawful Government, and to practice more identity theft against us, and to try to rook us into assuming their debts. Again.

Can you all hear and see the words "Non-Assumpsit" plainly written here and elsewhere and recorded all over the world?

Can you hear the words, "Odious Debt Returned for Cause"? 

The score stands 0:0:0.  And you are surely beginning to see the pattern in very bright colors and high relief? 

They go to the banks and claim you are their "Surety" --- their "Co-Signer"---and the guilty as sin colluding banks let them do this.  As long as you don't wake up and say, "Not me, Pilgrim." -- they get away with this Gross Breach of Trust and this Gross Abuse of the Commercial Service Contract known as The Constitution for the united States of America ---- which all of the same vermin are supposed to be "defending" with their lives from enemies both foreign and domestic.

In the words of my cat, "Pffft-thut!"

Original Federal United States Government?  Moth-balled since the so-called "Civil War".

Municipal United States Government?  Incompetent as a result of bankruptcy.

Territorial United States Government?  Incompetent as a result of bankruptcy.  

All three layers of "federal government" have sequentially failed and by Operation of Law, we are finally rid of them. Our Federation of States is the only lawful and sovereign Government left standing since September 9, 1776.  

The Delegation of Power returns to those who delegated it in the first place --- to The United States of America [Unincorporated] and to our States of the Union which were never involved in any of this venal, criminal, shameless nastiness, and to the People of this country, who never deserved to be made part of it, at all.

We have Acknowledged and Accepted the return of our Delegated Powers.

We also discovered absolute proof that the Queen abdicated her Christian Throne three days after her Coronation, pulled a giant fraud on the people of the United Kingdom, and occupied The Chair of the Estates instead.  She has been ruling in deceit and Color of Law since 1953 --- which renders everything that she and her Government have done ever since then legally and lawfully invalid, null and void, ab initio.  Including what they did to us. Including all the years that our land was held under corporate franchise "titles" and "managed" by "federal" agency subcontractors and buried in foreign land trusts. 

That's all profit and leases and fees and taxes and mortgages and insurances and stocks and bonds owed back to us, the actual owners of the assets.

We are claiming our land back and our labor back and all of our other assets.
We are going after the black-robed devils who have served their Courts of Baal on our shores and attacked our innocent people under Color of Law. 

Guess who was really at the bottom of the Big Short?   Lehman Brothers were just the surface scum.  Who was playing "JAWS" underneath surface? 

Wells Fargo Securities -- pretending to be just a nice, little ole "National Banking Association" or "NA"---- that just happened to be owned by the Office of U.S. Attorney General, writing unauthorized credit agreements for itself and using our land assets as the collateral.   

Make no mistake --- there is going to be a settlement of these issues.

The vermin in "Congress" should all be locked in their rooms and down on their knees praying that Donald Trump succeeds and stays the course. They should be doing everything they can to help him.  When he tells them to do something, they should say, "Yes, Sir! Right away, Sir!" --- because if they don't, they are going to find out what democracy is really all about--- and its not a National Debate about High School drunkenness and groping three decades ago.  

Get your own affairs in Order, claim back your Good Name and estate, boot up your lawful land jurisdiction County and State Governments via organizing your local Jural Assemblies, and support the rest of us in our work, so that we can continue to do the necessary research and continue to make the necessary international claims.

It costs me thousands every month to keep this operation running.  I know many of you are suffering and facing a long winter ahead.  But as you can observe, the Banksters and their political pawns are still stalling and caterwauling, trying to hang on to money and power even after their crimes are exposed for the whole world to see, still choking and sputtering and scheming---- and their new favorite buzzword:  "resisting".

I'll take care of their continued "resistance".

With enough thrust, believe me, pigs really can fly.

This is going to be the permanent end of the banker's constipation problems.  No more "Doctrine of Scarcity" applied to everyone but them and their cronies.

Help us knock this whole situation over the Goal Poles and past the Tipping Point.  Send us whatever help you can.  Send us prayers.  Send us information. Send us donations-- we still need them.  Send to my PayPal account: avannavon@gmail.com  or via Snail Mail to: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652. 

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Witches V. Satanists

By Anna Von Reitz

I have already explained --- many times --- how Satanists operate: they pretend to BE their targeted enemy, do their dirty work, and leave their "target" (also called, "the mark" in slang) to take the blame.

When the Phoenicians (aka "phonies") fled to Britain once their activities in Portugal and Spain were discovered and they were forced to hot foot it out of those countries circa 600 BC, one of the first groups to suffer their competition were the native Druids and witches of the British Isles.

Contrary to what you have been taught, and largely because of this Phoenician Satanist invasion of Britain, there are good witches --- both Green and White.

These groups known originally as "Covenants" left to themselves are peaceful students of Nature who study Nature's Creator through contemplation and exploration of the Creation. They were known as "The Wise" because they inevitably learned many things about how the physical and energetic world operates.  They loved music and poetry and created beautiful works of art that mirrored back the handiwork of the True God.

White Witches devoted their lives to discerning and overcoming and outsmarting and deflecting evil powers of all kinds. 

Green Witches devoted their lives to healing and learning the healing properties of plants and foods and waters and sounds.  They were our first pharmacists and midwives.

All this is a far cry from the foul and nasty reputation of "witches" who eat little children and cook them in ovens, witches who deceive wayfarers on the highway to rob them and lure them to their deaths, who spoil the milk and deflower virgins, who spread disease from town to town, who peddle recreational drugs, who put "curses" on everything, who engage in gross orgies, who set fire to the grain storages to hide the fact that they've robbed them and who carry gossip and speak ill of others and cause feuds and bear false witness and.....

Oh, but, hey, we've heard all this before, haven't we?  Burning children in ovens....where have we heard of that?  Deceivers, liars, curse-mongers---sound familiar?  Wild orgies and perverse sex?  Drugs?  Disease?  Robberies?  Arson? Murder?

This is nothing but the same-old-story of the Satanists infiltrating the pre-existing benign culture of the Druids, polluting it from within, and ultimately destroying it.

It's the same thing they did to Judah (Torah) by pretending to be "Jewish" (Talmud) in the run up to the Second World War. 

It's the same thing they tried to do with "ISIS" in the Middle East against the Muslims.

And it's the same thing they are trying to do with the Catholic Church right now, today. 

They pretend to be their virtuous enemies, gain a toe-hold like a parasite, then corrupt their targets as much as possible, misrepresent them as much as possible, and then skate off, leaving "the mark" to be blamed and to pay the price of their wrong-doing. 

The witches of Britain have taken it in the shorts like everyone else, been infiltrated and soiled by these worms, and blamed accordingly.  I feel like I have to say this explicitly for people so they don't go running off on any literal "witch hunts" or get confused between Satanists and Druids.

Enough innocent people have suffered already.  We owe it to the millions of dead and the billions who have been robbed to get it straight and turn our Shinola Sensors on. 

We know how the Satanists operate, so, if we are thoughtful and observant, we can see behind all the smokescreens and mirrors and storefronts --- and catch them red-handed.  It's not always easy, but if we are tuned up and watching closely, we can nab them like any other criminal.

All we have to do is watch for their "fruits" --- missing children, dead babies, whores, broken families, drugs, sexual perversions, necromancy, tree worship, human sacrifices, pollution, deceit, vampirism, lawlessness, and so on and on.

And what is the bottom of all this insanity and cruelty and egotism? 

Their completely whack job teaching that is we are bad enough, we will force the Creator to come rescue us from ourselves.  Just like the horrible little kid who gets their parent's attention by doing awful things? Like that.  According to the Satanists (and they try to sell this to Muslims, too) we will bring the Messiah sooner if we are unrelentingly, horribly bad.

Apparently, they never read the Torah.  If they had, they would know that the True God honors free will.  He isn't here to save us from ourselves. He gives us all the choices and we choose.  If we choose wisely, we reap the rewards. If we don't, well, we reap that outcome, too.

Don't mistake Satanists for Witches nor for Muslims nor for actual Hebrews; don't imagine that Satanists wearing the robes of Catholic priests are Catholic. Every once in a while, they take a shot at the Lutherans and Baptists, too.

Instead, be alert and stay awake. Use your mind and heart and powers of observation to ferret the vermin out no matter which costume, race, or religion they use this week.  Just observe their fruits and keep tracking.

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