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An American Affidavit

Friday, February 23, 2018

The Deep State Inc.Chpater 11:

 You Know Something is Wrong When…An American Affidavit of Probable Cause by Anna Maria Rietzinger and James Clinton Belcher
                                       Part Eleven:
                          Going Forward
                   The Indian Answer

What To Do When THEY Have the Guns and Clubs?

The Golden Rule

Mahatma Gandhi

Show their violent and dishonorable and criminal nature to the world. Then let the world take care of the problem and clean your own house.

The Principle of Non-Aggression:
Non-Violent Protest and Objection

1. Labor Strikes and Work Stoppages

2. Boycotts of Products, Payments, and Manufacturers

3. Peaceful Demonstrations, Marches, Occupations, and Educational Efforts

4. Refusal to Obey Illegal Licensing, Registration, Taxation, and Control

5. Refusal to Enforce Unlawful Orders

6. Refusal to Operate outside Lawful Jurisdiction

7. Operation of Lawful County Governments

8. Operation of Lawful State Governments

9. Operation of Lawful Grand Juries, Courts, and Enforcement Agencies, including Citizen's Arrest

                  The Icelandic Answer

The tiny country of Iceland found itself in a similar crux. Their answer? Arrest the bankers responsible, issue new national currency, and go on. It was just as simple. And the rest of the world both understood and applauded their actions.

                  The Power of “No!”

Many people have the understandable
impulse to go out and express rage over what has been
done to them and in their names, but any violence only plays into the hands of those guilty of these crimes. They have the guns and the tanks and the tasers and the clubs. They also presume to have the moral authority and responsibility to stop “rebellion and insurrection”---moreover, they get paid out of your pockets for doing so.

We must literally be “gentle as doves and wise as serpents”. Remember hat these Babylonian usurpers worship duality. For their process to work there has to be a black and a white, a Republican and a Democrat, a Christian and a Muslim, a pillar and a post. Without duality, they
can't function and their entire system grinds to a halt. Without duality and mirror images and semantic deceit, they can no longer confuse the issues and the people. They can't divide and conquer.

The correct and only strategy that works against them is precisely that employed not so long ago by Gandhi: non-violent non-cooperation.

They say that you have to pay income taxes? No, you don't. They say that you have to have a driver's license to travel from point to point? No, you don't. They say you have to buy health insurance from them? No, you don't. They say you have to know, obey, and pay for enforcing
80,000,000 “laws”? No, you don't. They say you have to register your private property, including your children? No, you don't....
They didn't create you. They don't even own you. You are not their employee. By what authority do they address you and demand that you do anything at all? So long as you are not harming anyone or damaging property, they have no right to even speak to you unless spoken

When did you knowingly, willingly, and under conditions of full disclosure sign any contract subjecting your will to theirs? When and where did you give them consent to charge their debts
to your account?

Ask them. Drag them out into the open air and make them show you the contract obligating you. If they say “the Constitution”---ask, which Constitution? Which “State”? Ask them to show you your signature on the document in question.

Be tough-minded, polite, and determined, remembering always that most of the people involved in implementing this system have no idea that they are doing anything wrong. Show them mercy in their ignorance and educated them. Help them understand to the extent possible.

In this way, we dismantle and undermine the system of duality from the ground up. When we stop thinking in terms of “us versus them” and “black versus white” and “Republican versus Democrat” and “Christian versus Muslim” and “American versus Iranian”--we deprive the
criminals among us of their power to manipulate and control and feed upon us all.

We must recognize that there is one human family, one planet, one sea, one global Jurisdiction of the Air, and that all true Law among all Men can be reduced down to three simple precepts:

1. Keep the peace.

2. Love others as you would be loved.

3. Do no harm.

By honoring these simple Natural Laws we put an end to the endless conflicts and criminality. We protect ourselves and everyone else from being used as instruments of evil. We end the system of duality and enslavement without firing a shot.

~ The Number One National security Risk: Ignorance ~

That's right. Our most urgent security concern is our own ignorance. That is what makes us vulnerable and a prey to monsters. Except for ignorance, not one of the deceits exposed here would last as long as a snowball in the sun. The perpetrators wouldn't even try to foist off their ploys. We'd know better, so they'd know better, and we could all get on with doing our jobs in life.

So why are we so ignorant?

Cause One:  Public Schools operated outside local control. To paraphrase Malcolm X -- only a fool let's his enemies educated his children. While the federal government is not supposed to be our enemy, it is a foreign entity with its own axes to grind. The current state of ignorance about our
government, treaties, laws, and history is the result of federal "State" franchises taking over education and more and more federal encroachment into the education process. The result has
been inexorable "dumbing down" of the American People, so as to more rapidly manipulate and control and defraud us.

Cause Two:  Over the last two decades thousands of American news media outlets have been bought up and paced under new management, with the result that today only six corporations and 272
executives control 90% of the media: television, radio, and newspapers. This leads to monopoly conditions in the market place and the boring sameness that we are all-too familiar with. Worse,
all six of these major media corporations are foreign-owned. As above -- only a fool lets his media resources be owned and operated by foreigners.

~ The Number Two National Security Risk ~
Mercenary Armies Disguised as Government Agencies

Over the course of the Obama Administration there has been an insane build up and stockpiling of arms on American soil by "federal agencies". As you now know, these agencies are only service providers -- corporate subcontractors, not legitimate public agencies at all.

In buying billions of rounds of ammunition for these agencies including BATF, IRS, FEMA, FBI, NSA, DHS, and a general proliferation in the number of agencies, the Obama Administration has been in effect creating commercial mercenary armies in our midst.

Federal employees are not allowed to have the free run of the land jurisdiction and they are certainly not allowed to be armed and swaggering around in paramilitary style. This includes "State" and "local" police forces, which are in fact all employed under the corporate umbrella.

The only "federal" agents allowed free egress on state soil are U.S. Marshals -- and only when they are sworn to uphold The constitution for the united States of America and in pursuit of their duty to protect the U.S. Mail. Period.

       ~ The Number Three National Security Risk ~
           Bar Associations Run as Criminal Cartels

Instead of functioning as they should to promote and enforce high professional and ethical standards the Bar Associations have forced their members to commit personage and barratry against the American People and have used these means to plunder both public and private assets.

We have held these private institutions in ill-deserved esteem and have mis-placed the public trust in them to operate according to the treaties and charters which allow them to exist on our shores. Clearly, they have operated as criminal syndicates and deserve to be permanently outlawed.

                  About Your Rulership

There seems to be a need for new answers even if those new answers are very old answers.

The Bible ad the Hindu Vedas and American Indian Wisdom Tradition all tell us that it is our purpose in life is to fins Truth and take care of the planet.

Should it surprise us that when we do other things we are unhappy and alienated and unfulfilled? In our heart of hearts we know what we should be doing and how we should be  living – and aren't. We need to change that.

We cannot own land. We come from the land and we return to it. All pretensions otherwise whether individual or corporate are merely lies. At most we have the right to enjoy the fruits of  our own labors and those homes and other improvements we make for ourselves and our heirs.

In the same way we cannot claim to be better than anyone else on account of strength or wealth or religion or creed or color or sex or age or beauty or occupation. There are many flowers in the garden.

Who is to say that the king is better or any happier than his housekeeper? That the work of the man who cleans the toilets is any less important than that of an astronaut?

Then too, who knows the mystery of our individual souls? Each one of us has our hand-tailored blessings and our individual grief and our own lessons to learn.

The sooner we learn to recognize our own blessings and stop chasing after or stealing or simply
retaining through ignorance those blessings that belong to others the happier we will be and the happier our planet will be. If something isn't yours—give it away. Set it free. Because only then will your hands be free to grasp the blessings that are yours and which will give you lasting joy.

If you don't use a tool, give it to someone who will. Those jewels you hoarded away in a dark box—what good are they and what joy can they bring if they never see the light of day? The song in your heart that you stifle because you think it is not good enough? Sing it anyway.

Artists are like songbirds. If you have it left in you to see the beauty or ears left to hear the song then you are not dead and never will be. Open your eyes. Look around. Take a deep breath. Who is in control of your world if you're not?

When you see the orphans or the homeless animals or the ruined farm fields it's not somebody else's problem. It's yours. When you see criminals preying upon the helpless and the innocent it's not someone else's responsibility to stop them. It's yours. Don't ever think that you can't do,
whatever you need to do to change your own life or to change the world.

Each one of you are literally kings and queens. It's only because you have abdicated your own throne that the world is the sorry disjointed unfair and ugly place that it is. It is up to you to make other choices and dream other dreams.

A Crown for Every Occasion!

Just in case you have any doubts – here's what the Supreme court says about your sovereignty:

“First Amendment rights are indeed fundamental, for 'We the people' are the sovereigns,
not those who sit in the seats of the mighty.”
U.S. 601 (1973)(2). --- Justice DOUGLAS, (Supreme Court of the United States) dissenting:

“Sovereigns are equal. It is the duty of a sovereign, not to submit his rights to the decision
of a co-sovereign. He is the sole arbiter of his own rights. He acknowledges no superior,
but god alone. To his equals, he shows respect, but not submission.”
EXCHANGE v. McFADDON, 11 U.S. 116 (1812)(2). – PINKNEY, Attorney General.

“Sovereignty itself is, of course, not subject to law, for it is the author and source of law;
but in our system, while sovereign powers are delegated to the agencies of government,
sovereignty itself remains with the people, by whom and for whom all government exists
and acts.”
DOWNES v. BIDWELL, 182 U.S. 244 (1901)(2). – Chief Justice Fuller (Supreme
Court of the United States) with whom concurred Harlan, Brewer and Peckham, dissenting:

“We acknowledged that “[t]he immunity of a truly independent sovereign from suit in its
own courts has been enjoyed as a mater of absolute right for centuries. Only the
sovereign's own consent could qualify the absolute character of that immunity.” ibid., that
“the notion that immunity from suit is an attribute of sovereignty is reflected in our
cases,” id., at 415, and that “[t]his explanation adequately supports the conclusion that no
sovereign may be sued in its own courts without its consent,”
id., at 416. ALDEN v.
MAINE, 527 U.S. 706 (1999)(2). Justice KENNEDY (Supreme Court of the United States)

Chief Justice Jay took a less vehement tone in his opinion, but he, too, denied the
applicability of the doctrine of sovereign immunity to the States. He explained the
doctrine as a incident of European feudalism, and said that by contrast, “[n]o such ideas
obtain here; at the Revolution, the sovereignty devolved on the people; and they are truly
the sovereigns of the country, but they are sovereigns without subjects (unless the African
slaves among us may be so called) and have none to govern but themselves; the citizens of
America are equal as fellow citizens, and as joint tenants in the sovereignty.”
MAINE, 527 U.S. 706 (1999)(20). Justice SOUTER (Supreme Court of the United States)
STEVENS, GINSBURG, and Justice BREYER join, dissenting:

So you are sovereign and the Supreme Court agrees. Just be aware—you can't be “sovereign” and a “citizen” at the same time. The term “sovereign citizen” is an oxymoron. Those who use this label are either ignorant or insulting, and you are neither one.

Rules of Rulership

1.  You control what you consume.

You don't have to ingest garbage media presentations of any kind including “The Evening News”, don't have to eat bad food, drink fluoridated water, take drugs just because they are  prescribed by a man in a white coat, buy a new car because a car company thinks it is time to
upgrade, drink alcohol, smoke, or do anything else that profits something or someone else at your expense.

2.  You control what you believe.

You have two eyes, two ears, a brain, and a built-in Shinola Sensor. If your government, church, mosque, synagogue, gang or club of any kind preaches violence, practices deceit, promotes slavery, or otherwise violates common sense and decency, it is time to vote with your
feet and stop empowering that group.

3.  You control how you react.

You can't always control circumstances around you and you can never control what some other individual thinks, does, or feels—but you are always in absolute control of how you react. You don't have to allow manipulation of your emotions or your responses. You can step back and
choose how you are going to interpret your realty.

4.  You control your focus.

You choose who and what you give your attention to. Governments and news media are constantly trying to scare you and brow beat you into buying whatever they are selling, however, you have the ability to turn them “off” and focus on what matters to you. By choosing positive things to focus on and by focusing on things that you control directly—like eating nutritious food, brushing your teeth, reading a good book, growing a garden, playing a musical instrument, taking a walk in the park – you increase your joy in life and gain a better understanding of your ability to rule your Self and your world.

5. You control what you value.

You have the ability to discern what really matters to you – and what doesn't. Do you give a rat's butt who wins the Grammy Awards this year? Really? It's okay either way. We are all different. Just realize that you have the conscious ability to determine what matters to you and
the equal ability to act accordingly.

6. You control what you accept.

You don't have to say “yes” to anything. Ever. The world offers you all sorts of deals, good and bad. It's up to you to decide what you will accept and what you will reject. The more self-respect and self-knowledge you possess, the better.

7. You control what you cherish for the future.

This is part of what you value, of course, but on a larger scale. It's up to you to envision what kind of world you want to pass on to your children – and take the steps to make sure that is the kind of world you pass on.

             The Words “Of” and “For”

About now there are a bunch of people feeling like their heads are going to explode. There are those staggering around with both hands over their ears in a tragic state of denial, and there are those who are nodding with a knowing disgusted look.

There are predictable stages of waking up. The first stage involves retraining your mind to realize with certainty that those people in Washington, DC who you elected in good faith to fill
public offices as deputies representing your State don't represent you. They are corporate officers of a commercial corporation under contract to provide governmental services. They have the same limitations and motivations as any other corporate executives.

The fact that they do precious little that is good for you has probably reared its ugly head many times before, but now you know for sure that it is literal and true. They are in Washington, DC to serve themselves, not the public. They are participating in a foreign government in a foreign
jurisdiction and that is all there is to it. They aren't “your” Congress, and within your lifetime, they never were. It is all smoke, mirrors, and fraud. Baloney. Shinola. Calling an orange a kumquat doesn't change a thing in actual fact.

If you vote for them in any of their corporate elections, you contractually hand over your authority to them to exercise it as they please without accountability to you. You also give them another excuse to claim that you are a citizen of the Federal United States instead of the Continental United States and therefore subject to them and chattel belonging to their
corporation, obligated to pay whatever debts they obligate you to pay—without question, no less.

We've been dumbed-down so long we don't even know what our real flag looks like, but now you do:

The Civil Peacetime Flag of the United States

The Continental United States are at peace and you should be flying this flag instead of the Stars & Stripes if you are a State Citizen.

For the next few weeks, months, maybe up to a year, you will be struggling to overcome assumptions left over from years of indoctrination. Americas is still beautiful, but run down and
weak as a result of corporate corruption and criminality on the part of the banks and the lawyers and the Congress.

You will keep being tempted to get involved in political parties and voting rituals that are meaningless wastes of time and money. You will keep turning toward Washington, DC hoping to hear better news—when you should be turning toward Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where
your actual capitol is still located.

You will catch yourself thinking that the “Stars and Stripes” is your flag, when in fact, the Civil Flag with vertical stripes and blue stars on a white ground is yours. [It's not the Coast Guard flag as some have argued. The Coast Guard started out as a Civil Maritime Force to prevent
exactly the kind of inland piracy we have suffered. That's why the Coast guard took the Civil  Flag instead of the Stars and Stripes as the basis of its service flag.]

The rats will try to keep you from using your flag because it keeps them from usurping your jurisdiction. They will tell you that the Civil Flag is a patriot myth and that the land jurisdiction of the Continental United States doesn't have its own flag with vertical stripes.

They can argue with Nathaniel Hawthorne who described the Civil Flag of the continental United States in a time before all this self-serving British Bunko began.

After you start flying the correct flag and retraining your entire thinking process and all the assumptions you've been fed about how the world is supposed to work, you need to reorganize your county on the land, beginning at the Township level and then the County and then the

You don't live in any “County of...” or “State of....” anything.

You don't live in Jackson County or Macon County or Clark County.

You live in the Alaska State or Illinois State or the Colorado State.

Anytime you see the word “of” it refers to an incorporated State of State – a franchise of some corporate entity, and that automatically means that it is functioning in the international Jurisdiction of the Sea, not the land.

You can't make a blueberry pie out of lemons and can't act in behalf of the people of the Continental United States while occupying a private corporate office in a governmental services corporation franchise merely calling itself the State of Something.

Likewise, when you see the word “for” you know that whatever entity or document is being presented, it is being presented in behalf of some other entity or entities. Even The Constitution for the united States of America is a document being presented literally “for” the States of America, that is, for those States signing it. It would not apply to any State that refused to sign it.

When you see a name like, “THE SUPERIOR COURT FOR THE STATE OF ARKANSAS” you immediately know that (1) it is a corporation, and (2) it is acting in behalf of another corporation doing business as the “STATE OF ARKANSAS”. How do you know this? The use of the word “for” and the capitalization of the title.

                 Crimes Against Humanity

All the issues discussed by this affidavit are crimes against humanity by criminal corporate organizations. Everything from identity theft to securities fraud to bogus mortgages, foreclosures, and evictions—it is all crime against humanity.

Ironically, this has been enforced and allowed by those most obligated to protect us: the Department of Defense. America has been run under the Lieber Code, Geneva Conventions, and Hague Conventions since the Civil War. DoD and its predecessors have had their paws on
the helm of our Ship of State throughout and have failed their duty to us and to our soldiers and our veterans, too.

                    The Crime of the Century

You might think that the vast white collar crime perpetuated against the Americans, Brits, Canadians, Australians, and Europeans counts as “the” crime of the century”, but fraud and coercion, extortion and even imprisonment and murder of individuals pales when compared to
the crimes perpetuated by recent Presidents, most notably George W. bush and potentially,  Barack Obama.

Under Bush's auspices an obvious False Flag attack against the World Trade Center and the murder of thousands of innocent Americans and people from around the world who happened to be present on September 11th, 2001 – but that is still not the “crime of the century”.

The crime of the century is the deliberate pollution of Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, and large portions of North Africa with American nuclear waste. The perpetrators took what they called  “spent” nuclear waste materials from storage in underground salt mines in western United
States and packed it into artillery shell casings which they exploded all over the Middle East and North Africa.

George W. Bush, Richard Chaney,and Harry Reid are fundamentally responsible for pollution that will maim and kill innocent people in these countries for the next 60,000 years. Unless we find means to neutralize and/or recapture this radioactive waste, 2400 future generations of innocent human beings will suffer birth defects, organ failures, radiation
sickness, and death because these monsters lacked both brains and hearts.

Almost as an after-thought, at least 100,000 American soldiers and their families are suffering  the same fate and being lied to by the Veteran's Administration and told that their obvious symptoms – children born as Cyclops, with missing organs, without teeth—loss of their own
teeth and hair, bizarre caners, loss of short term memory, hormonal imbalances, weird blood coagulation diseases, skin rashes and lesions that won't go away, etc., etc., etc.,--is in no way “service related”.

“Sorry folks, we did the damage, but we won't admit it and we won't pay for your medical care or that of your family members.”

Just like Agent Orange. Just like Mustard Gas. Just like so many, many other outrages committed by “our” government and its allies against our sons and daughters who have been left adrift, maimed, miserable, and sick—after being lied to by these vermin and in good faith doing what they believed to be their duty in defense of their country.

To add insult to injury, the perpetrators buy million dollar life insurance policies on every American, Canadian, Aussie, German, Japanese....with our tax money, so that when we die, they profit.

How much is a life worth? When will we stop destroying what we can never repair or rebuild?

When will the government corporations responsible including the UNITED NATIONS (INC) doing business as the IMF doing business as the UNITED STATES (INC.) and its buddies in the FEDERAL RESERVE doing business as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. be forced to try to compensate the people they have harmed: the soldiers they have betrayed, the widows and children left behind, the innocent civilians murdered and maimed?

All these government corporations with very few exceptions have taken part in war-for-profit schemes and they have all functioned as criminal syndicates. Almost all of them deserve immediate liquidation and only those that confess and redeem themselves merit reconstitution.

This is the crux of the mater presented to Pope Benedict XVI in 2009 and it remains the crux ofthe matter before Pope Francis today.

                      The Root of ALL Evil

The reason we have war in our midst is that it is extremely profitable for some people and some
governments. The only way to get rid of it is to make it unprofitable for them. As remedy for
war and a means of ending motivation for war, we suggest that a mammoth tax be levied
against any nation that provokes, promotes, supplies, or participates in war or armed conflict of
any kind, to be enforced by all the other nations of the world, and made payable to a Victims
Restitution Fund that must be paid out directly to the other nations harmed and to the individual
victims of any such conflict.

                          Te Deum.

The remedy is simple, straight forward, and could be Implemented tomorrow by the United Nations Security Council, if the members of that body were not the perpetrators of these wrongs. As the circumstance makes clear, the United Nations is part of the problem, not the
solution. The United Nations is the same problem on a different scale.

The solution must come from outside The Box. It must arise from the thinking, living, breathing, willing people of the world—people who will change their way of thinking and their way of life and teach others to do the same.

                --- The Last Big Lie ---

Representative government isn't really possible. Nobody can ever represent you, because you are far too unique and changeable.

Your feelings, interests, and opinions change almost daily, and certainly via the passage of time, your material interests shift as well. Absent a continuous stream of communication detailing your exact needs and wishes no deputy can honestly and reliably act as your agent in
any state legislature nor in Congress nor in Parliament.

At best, some of those elected make a good faith effort to represent the needs and best interests of the people who elected them. Most of those pretending to represent their states and their constituents couldn't give a fig about either one.

As a result of being both materially impossible and unenforceable as a practical matter representative government doesn't work and it never has worked. It's another obvious fraud scheme devised as a means to give people the illusion of power, while in fact buying them off so that only a few individuals exercise any control—and they can then be bought off in turn.

That is precisely what has happened throughout the history of “representative government” and it is a large part of the problem we are facing today. Shining a search light on the cockroaches in Congress may serve the halcyon purpose of deterring them from doing evil, but very little can be invoked to encourage them to do good.

Even among those who earnestly wish to do what is right, there are severe limitations in terms of ability, education, and intellect that moderate against the accomplishment of many obvious and supremely desirable goals.

For example, Ron Paul has stood virtually alone in calling for an end to the whole Federal Reserve System, which should be as obvious as calling for the ouster of a fox from a hen house. Notice that half the remaining members of Congress were in on the supply of readily available chicken thighs and breast meat, while the other half lacked the gumption, courage,
and intelligence to stand with Dr. Paul.

This is “representative government” in action. It doesn't work in reality, because it is never possible to recruit people with the requisite mindset, purity, and dedication. Instead, any nexus of power relentlessly attracts idiots and psychopaths bent on self-aggrandizement and petty self-interest.

As it stands, the war-mongers—the arms dealers, the professionals at the misnamed “Department of Defense”, and all the industrialists and subcontractors who supply support materials and technical expertise lobby the members of Congress relentlessly and spend the big
bucks on campaign contributions to make sure that “their” representatives in Congress remain like fixed stars on Capitol hill, while those who strive to represent all the little people back home are sent home with tin hats as souvenirs for their efforts.

This, too, is “representative government” in action. It's not bad enough that these elected officials can't actually and reliably represent you, huge organizations are buying them off to represent their interests instead—often in diametric opposition to what is good for anyone else
on Earth.

On top of all this, less than 30% on average of the populace is involved in any aspect of defining or electing or directing the government at any level. How “representative” is a system in which 70% or more of the people are not even participating?

So not only is our system of government badly broken by fraud, deceit, and ignorance, any fix will be both temporary and inadequate to resolve the actual problem, which is “representative government” itself.

Assuming that a lawful and functioning government of people, by the people, and for the people can be re-established, how do we address this fundamental flaw?

We can outlaw lobbyists acting in behalf of organization.

We can set term limits.

We can make war unprofitable. We can present ourselves, as ourselves, and weigh in as participants in our own government to a far greater extent.

Beyond that, new technology makes it possible for us to make direct decisions impacting us and those we love. We could for example, directly vote on whether or not to declare war; what percentage of the budget to spend on defense, and how much foreign aid to expend. We could
hold a once-a-year national referendum setting the basic framework for government spending and imposing our priorities upon our servants, instead of letting them run rampant with our credit cards at the behest of lobbyists.

By presenting ourselves we can put an end to the farce and fraud of being represented, and stop being helplessly dependent upon others to be honest and conscientious about their duty to us.

                  Going Forward....

“To make and end is to make a beginning....the end is where we start from.”
----Inspector Morse

We are at the end of a dark and desperate and dishonest time in America. What we make of it from here is ours to say.

The Civil War, the First World War, the Second World War, and all the others wars for profit that have been heaped on our weary heads and through our gullibility visited upon the other
nations of the world at the behest of bankers, lawyers, and politicians, must at last come to an end—not in another blood bath here or elsewhere, but in the orderly and determined and worldwide suppression of the criminals responsible.

The evidence against the bankers and member of the Bar Association is now completely overwhelming. They have no way to hide from their own criminality and no safe harbor left in the world.

It is perhaps ironic and unavoidable that those we have entrusted with the job of dispensing justice have as a group become the worst criminals among us and those entrusted with the global finance have, if possible, been more corrupt and inhumane than the members of the Bar

We should learn from this history and as we go forward provide ourselves with more effective mechanisms to disperse power and more efficient checks and balances, but for the immediate task at hand the following steps are apparent:

1. Force members of “Congress” to either occupy the public offices they were in good faith elected to serve and to accept their accountability as Deputies serving as fiscal officers of the Continental States, or otherwise admit their allegiance to foreign governments and corporate
interests and release all pretension of claim, interest, or authority related to us and the land jurisdiction of the Several States. Call for special elections to fill vacancies caused by lack of allegiance or membership in the Bar Associations.

2. Require the members of the actual Congress acting as Deputies of the Continental States which are and have been at peace for 150 years to formally declare peace throughout the American dominions.

3.Require the members of the properly seated united States of America in Congress Assembled acting as Deputies of the Continental States to reinstate the Coast Guard as a completely Civil Maritime detachment under separate command, specifically charged with responsibility to
prevent inland piracy and press-ganging on our shores. To similarly reform the Office of the Provost Marshal and to promulgate clear-cut rules and specific prohibitions against military operations within the States on the land and the use of Federal Agency personnel stationed
within these States.

4. Fully staff and reoccupy all public courts of the land jurisdiction at the county and State and District levels, clearly marking and delineating the difference between public and private and Federal United States Courts versus public and Continental united States Courts so that average
people can readily and without confusion understand the nature and jurisdiction of the specific courts. If individuals wish to continue in their chosen profession as lawyers they will have to decide whether to work for the public courts or the Continental United States or the private
courts of the Federal United States, never the twain to meet. All Bar Association Members mustbe retrained to thoroughly understand that neither they nor their COURTS have nay jurisdiction whatsoever related to American State Citizens not their private assets, that their COURTS are
not competent to function under Article VII, and that they may not hold any public office serving or related to the Continental United States while holding any title bestowed by a foreign government, including “Esquire”.

5. the general populace must be brought up to speed regarding the foreign nature and proper functioning of the Federal United States, so as to expedite mutual respect and understanding of the respective roles and contractual responsibilities due to both the land and the sea
jurisdictions. This includes making available reliable, simple, and complete educational courses in history, civics, and government as part of the public school curriculum.

6. All “State Legislators” elected to fill offices in the “Federal State of” franchises must, similar to members of Congress, choose whether they are acting in behalf of the Federal United States or the Continental United States, and either take their appropriate Oath or depart from any
pretension of public office related to the State on the land, for example, the California State. It may be appropriate for two “State” level “legislatures” to convene—one acting as deputies of
the land counties of the actual State, and another acting as a local franchise of the Federal United States and it voting districts, but in no case should there be an obfuscation or confusion due to the use of similar names used to deceive people about the nature and jurisdiction of these
two respective “State Legislatures” and so to use mischaracterization and semantic deceit as a means to defraud the living people of their property assets and their due.

7. The same kind of restructuring and separation must take place at the County level, too, with all the same caveats in place and fully observed. It may be legitimate for the Federal United States to have clearly defined outposts and service centers and administrative organizations
operating within the Continental united States, but it is not appropriate for Federal franchises and agencies to use similar names that confuse the identity of such “Federal Counties” with actual land jurisdiction counties.

8. Commercial corporations must either be totally outlawed or strictly and efficiently policed to ensure compliance with their charters and lawful stated purposes. Commercial corporations have always been of dubious value as they exist to allow the investors, managers, and
shareholders to avoid true accountability for their actions. These structures—it has been claimed—promote private investment in and capitalization of new technology and infrastructure, but it can also be claimed that such “privileged” organizations more often make
use of their relative immunity from prosecution to indulge in reckless, immoral, and even criminal behavior serving to suppress competition, cheat consumers, and poison the environment without bearing full liability for their actions. The system of private insurance which predates the rise of modern corporate structures by hundreds of years was sufficient protection for investors and shareholders to capitalize modern industry throughout the world without recourse to any corporate veil, and it continues to be employed by virtually all incorporated entities, so we are left with the deduction that a corporate charter is little more
than a license to lie, cheat, steal, pollute, and commit other crimes—and get away with it. This being the apparent reality and our current experience with governmental services corporations
providing substantial proof, we must ask ourselves what purpose, value, or benefit do commercial corporate structures offer society as a whole? Would we not all be better off to force commercial ventures to assume full commercial liability for their acts?

9. Escaping accountability for one's actions is a hallmark of criminal intent, and from our direct experience with modern commercial corporations we have seen that intent realized. One possible answer would be to make corporations charter in local communities and be held
directly accountable to the people of those communities. Another answer would be to limit the size of corporate entities, so as to avoid monopoly-prone markets dominated by multi-national conglomerates. Whatever we do and however we go forward it is important for America and
the rest of the world to face up to the problems that commercial corporations create for human societies and economies when they are not well-regulated.

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