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An American Affidavit

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Deep State Inc. Chapter 8:

 You Know Something is Wrong When…An American Affidavit of Probable Cause by Anna Maria Riezinger and James Clinton Belcher
                       Part Eight:
               The Great Fraud

After the First World War ended, the Congress and various Presidents kept declaring “states of
emergency” and “states of war” as a justification for retaining control of all the assets that
rightfully belong to the American States and the American State Citizens. That explains how
and why all our assets were in the possession of the United States of America, Inc. when it
declared bankruptcy in 1933.

1933 – The GREAT FRAUD

In which billions of people died, suffered, went hungry, and lost everything they had for bank

Coming out of World War I the “government” Money Machine was still running full tilt and the
bankers saw no reason to stop it, They let the money flow like water in the streets and the
roaring Twenties and massive, leveraged investment speculation was the result.

         The Roaring Twenties

Like building a house of cards, the bankers let the markets build and build and build while the
innocent sought out riskier and riskier investments in the grossly overvalued stock market, and the greedy (but also innocent) ones among us used highly leveraged options to trade at all, hoping to make a fortune overnight.

And then, in late October of 1929, the Federal Reserve abruptly choked off the money supply.

As a direct result, they were able to put thousands of competitors out of business, buy up
massive amounts of real estate for pennies, and hire labor for almost nothing.It was Banker Paradise!

The Conference of Governors

            March 6, 1933 -

The United States of America, Inc. had 48 federal “State” franchises run under names styled
like this: “State of Wisconsin” or “State of Ohio”. These were identical to local franchises
operated by any other national corporation. Think of McDonald's or Wendy's or Burger King
and you will have the picture.

FDR was “President” of The United States of America, Inc. and the “Governors” of these
“States” were all franchise managers. On March 6
, 1933, Roosevelt told them all that The
United States of America (Incorporated) was bankrupt. The “Governors” all immediately
“pledged”--that word again-- “the good faith and credit” of “their states and the citizenry

Obviously, they could not pledge the good faith or the credit of living American State Citizens
nor of their organic states, either-- and they didn't. They pledged the resources of their
“states”--the federal “State” franchisees and
their citizens—the “United States Citizens” who
happened to be residing on the land of the organic states.

That did not prevent the from making
full use of their semantic deceit and laying false claims and titles under color of law against the
land and private property of American States and American States Citizens.

By 1940, the “Congress” figured out a way of redefining American State Citizens as US
corporations, that is, as property belonging to the Congress.

Remember? Back in 1871, the corporate “Congress” claimed to own all United States
corporations and their assets? By “redefining” you and your assets as a corporation, they could
enslave you—literally own “you”, and still avoid the prohibitions against slavery, because there
is no law that forbids enslavement of corporations. Senate Document 43, 73
rd Congress. 1st Session, states: “The ownership (trusteeship) of all  property is in the State (which “State?”); individual so-called “ownership” is only by virtue of Government, i.e., law, amounting to mere user, and use must be in accordance with law and subordinate to the necessities pf the State.”

Communism: they steal everything and they pay for everything.

Fascism: they steal everything and make you pay for everything, too.

       Thompkins v. Erie Railroad

The rats have avoided the requirements of The Constitution for the united States of America by
falsely claiming that Americans chose to be “United States Citizens” and that we entered into
private contracts allowing these mostly foreign owned commercial corporations to enslave us
and plunder our estates in “equitable exchange” for “benefits” like Social Security—all of
which were deceitfully imposed on us as “government mandates” --complete with the taxes
needed to pay for them.  Here's what they did with the courts...
Flesh and blood Americans living on the land of the American States are owed Common Law
Courts under The Constitution for the united States of America, Article VII. Only Common
Law is competent to decide issues involving living people and their private property. But, in
1938, the “United States Supreme Court” – which is “supreme” only over the federal
corporation, not the People – decided Thompkins v. Erie Railroad, and admitted that, “there is
no General federal Common Law...”
Our Common Law Courts today exist only on paper, purposefully left unfunded and without
paid staff. The American People have not had access to the courts and law forms they are owed
for decades. Our “State Courthouses” are filled with foreign courts operating exclusively in
international jurisdictions.
We've been kidnapped into these foreign jurisdictions and subjected to statutory law—which, as the name implies, is law for entities created by statutes. Like Testamentary trusts: JOHN QUINCY ADAMS. Like Transmitting Utilities: GEORGE F. SCHNIEDELMEYER.

          The Mortgage Fraud

          1934 to Present -

1. Section 103(b)(E)(2) of the Depository Institutions Deregulation and Monetary Control
Act of 1980, Public Law 96-221 admits that “in the United States, neither paper
currency nor deposits have value as commodities. Intrinsically, a dollar bill is a piece of
paper and deposits are merely book entries.”

2. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) defines all such “deposits” as bank
liabilities, however, the bank provably NEVER pays these liabilities.

3. So the bank never actually “loans” anything of equitable value and contributes nothing
but a minor accounting service when they set up a mortgage.

4. Additionally, FDIC Rules prevent banks from loaning their own assets or the assets of
their depositors – proving again that the banks do not and cannot provide value—for--
value and have no valid security interest.

5. The “lender” in any loan “loan” transaction “in the United States” NEVER lends
anything of “reasonably equal” value to the Borrower and any contract formed is
defective for false advertising, semantic deceit, non-disclosure, and lack of equitable

6. See First National Bank of Montgomery v. Jerome Daly, 1968 (Credit river Decision)
where attorney Jerome Daly proved the fraud. Daly based his defense on the argument
that the bank had not actually loaned him any money but had simply created credit on its
books. Daly argues that the bank had thus not given him anything of value and was not
entitled to the property that secured the loan.

7. The jury and the justice of the peace in Martin v. Mahoney, agreed. The jury returned a
verdict for the defendant, and the justice of the Peace declared that the mortgage was
“null and void” and that the bank was not entitled to possession of the property securing
the mortgage. The Justice admitted in his order that his decision might run counter to
provisions in the Minnesota Constitution and some Minnesota statutes, but contended
that such provisions were “repugnant” to the Constitution of the United States and the
Minnesota Bill of Rights.

                       Mr Banker ~
"Let me loan you your own assets, given me a security interest for free, and pay me five times
what the property is worth, and then, the "State of Minnesota" will own your property free and


A process by which one party uses another party's assets to secure a loan, via establishment of
an unseen lien which does not require transfer of the actual property title and which is not
detected as long as the first party makes their payments.

The "Government" -- that is, the governmental services corporations, have hypothecated debt
against your private property assets and because they claim to "represent" you, they have
obligated you to pay their debts for them when they go bankrupt and default.

That is what FDR did when he bankrupted the "United States of America, Inc." and that is what
the IMF (International Monetary Fund) will try to do when they bankrupt the "UNITED

The biggest lie of all.....is that politicians have the authority to indebt future generations of

This is the reason that Americans are born in debt, live in debt, and die in debt -- it's called
gross fiduciary trust fraud and it is being committed against you by people on your own

   What are "Civil Rights" ?

Black Americans were never really freed after the Civil War. They were given a new, specially
created citizenship -- "US citizenship" -- and "civil rights" granted by the Congress, not the
Natural and Unalienable Rights guaranteed to American State Citizens. The United States, Inc.
laid claim to them and their estates as unclaimed chattel and hypothecated "US Government"
debt against their labor and possessions in the international Jurisdiction of the Sea.

Here's what the corporate "Constitution" actually says:

Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment
for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

All they did was redefine "criminals" as slaves. They did nothing to abolish slavery itself.

In fact, they enshrined slavery as a permanent part of their national law and gave themselves
the right to arbitrarily redefine both "crimes" and "criminals" such that a child picking dandelions could be arrested as a criminal and enslaved for life.

It's time for the "United States Congress" to be brought home and overhauled, for members to
be deputized as true fiduciary officers, and for Senators to be held accountable to the States on
the Land again.

When African Americans demanded "Equal civil Rights" -- didn't anyone wonder, "Equal to

They were demanding rights equal to those enjoyed by American State Citizens, so the
"Congress" granted them, while retaining the ability to cancel any "rights" at all, at any time.

Re-enslaving black Americans proved to be so profitable that Congress sat up many nights
trying to figure out how they could pull the same deal on while folks -- and Circa 1940, they
came up with a scheme to do just that.

Sheppard-Towner Act
Social Security Act 1935
Old Age Pension Act 1939
The Buck Act
The Alien Registration Act

~ Seven Steps to Enslavement ~
Step 1 - Make laws requiring all the corporate federal State franchises to register live births.

Step 2 - Seize upon the given names of all the babies -- babies of American State Citizens as
well as United States Citizens -- and create new legal fiction entities operated under the same

Step 3 - Charge off all kinds of private corporate debt as public debt hypothecated against
"Joseph Jacob Lew"....establish commercial liens against "him" and "his assets"...then claim
that he has gone missing, presumed "lost at sea"...and presumed dead....

Step 4 - Roll over all the assets of "Joseph Jacob Lew" into an ESTATE trust also named after
the original living American, only styled as "JOSEPH JACOB LEW" -- a trust created under
Washington DC Municipal Statute 2, Vital Statistics, Section 7-201, paragraph 10 -- owned and
operated by the UNITED STATES, INC.
This is all done to enable the perpetrators to plunder "his" ESTATE -- which is by definition a
corporation, an estate trust, and therefore in their control and their jurisdiction of the sea.

Step 5 - Everyone involved in the fraud pretends that the living American State Citizen is dead
and that his assets belong to the government services corporation.

Step 6 - Run this fraud for decades then start over again. "Redefine" the individual ESTATE
trusts as "transmitting utilities" created under United Nations laws and name these new
corporate entities after living Americans, using only middle initials as identifiers: JOSEPH J.

Step 7 - Bar Association Members bring charges against all these legal fiction entities as if
they were the living man or woman - a crime known as "personage"

All the charges are addressed to the legal fiction "person" operated under your given name and
are never actually addressed to you at all.

This is how Americans born on the land of the American States have been systematically
reduced to living as "United States Citizens", redefined as corporations subject to statutory
laws, defrauded of their property, and kidnapped into the foreign jurisdiction of the sea.

We are attacked as babies in our cradles, long before we are able to defend ourselves, by evil
and self-interested men who direct ignorant people to commit evil in our names. This step-by-
step process begins within hours of birth.

~ Your Given Name is Your Private Property ~
When someone gives you something -- as in , gives you a bicycle for your tenth birthday, it
belongs to you. It's yours, whether or not you paid for it, whether or not you like it, whether or
not it's your favorite color.

It is the same way with your "given" name. The name is given and is meant as a bequest. Each
name is in fact a description when properly understood.

Though most contemporary names are typically much shorter and simpler, they nonetheless provide descriptive information and
express the gift of a parent to their child. Nothing could be more intimate or sacred.

A large share of the abuse that the banks and their governmental services companies have
promoted has been the theft of our given names and the pretension that our Mothers knowingly
naked their corporation the Trustee of our ESTATES and allowed these same entities to issue
bonds based on the value of our ESTATES -- that is, to enslave and indebt us.

They have even claimed to own our given names via registration, but in fact, our Mothers had
already given our names to us and absent that gift, the names would not exist. It wasn't
available to give to any corporation. It was already yours.

This outrageous identity theft scheme is a fiduciary trust fraud that has been operated against innocent Americans by privately owned and operated baking cartels and governmental services corporations trading upon "The Constitution for the united States of America".

Americans have literally been enslaved and their assets have been plundered and falsely
indebted by charlatans merely claiming to "represent" them and pretending to occupy elected public offices when in fact occupying "similarly named" private corporate offices instead.

The US Army has allowed this to go on, even though it is obligated by commercial contract, the
Geneva Conventions, the Lieber Code, and the Hague Conventions to protect American State
Citizens and the private property assets and is required under Law of War and Law of Nations
to return all conscripted civilian property to the rightful owners unharmed and free of debt or

We have shown you how these corporations mis-represent and prey upon your estates and
plunder the individual public trusts they create and operate in your name. there is also a scam at
a national level....

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