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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Breaking: Israel makes arrests in new probe linked to Netanyahu case By Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor from Veterans Today

Breaking: Israel makes arrests in new probe linked to Netanyahu case

… from Press TV, Tehran
Bibi can dish out the fire and brimestone. We will now see how he can take it.
[ Editor’s Note: Israeli police are using Chinese water torture on Bibi now. The more he denies he has done nothing wrong, they just open another case to tie around his neck.
This recent move was not the beginning of an investigation, but with arrests being made, which means plea deals will come in play to give evidence against others. It also shows the Israeli public that the police are not intimidated by Bibi in the slightest.
If there is anyone the knows how corrupt Israel is, it is the police and the Israeli people. Of course with the Likuds, they know it, but like it, as they are always scrambling for money, either for running for office or feathering their nest if they get booted out.
With the Netanyahus even trying to write off their wine and ice cream on the public account, it shows they have the entitlement disease, or as others would say, the supremacist disease, that they are above the laws for us mere mortals.
The Real Talmud, not the cleaned up one for the goyim, lays this out in spades. It says God’s laws pertaining to men, do not include the goyim as they are “in-between” man and beast. Bibi has stretched this to include all the Jews that are not Likudites, writing his own political Talumd.
Non-Lukidte Jews are not down at the level of the Palestinians, ie. beasts, but “in-between”. Bibi does not believe in “You just can’t make this stuff up”. He’s what is known as a “situational ethics” man, something common in political circles ]im W. Dean ]
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Will Bibi finally be thrown off the roof?
– First published … February 18, 2018
Several suspects have been arrested by the Israeli police in a new probe linked to a wider corruption case involving Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

A police statement said Sunday that those arrested were “senior figures” of the Bezeq communications group, the largest telecommunication company operating in the occupied Palestinian territories.
The statement would not elaborate on further details but said the officials were arrested as part of a new joint investigation with the Israel Securities Authority, the body which has been probing allegations of corruption against Netanyahu.
Bezeq said it had no additional information on the new probe while Netanyahu’s office denied the new allegations.
Media reports said the new probe was linked to ongoing investigations about Netanyahu’s involvement in an affair with Bezeq in which the premier received positive coverage on the Bezeq-affiliated news website Walla in return for giving concessions to the communications company.
Police said earlier this week that there was ample evidence for bringing charges of bribery, fraud and breach of public trust against Netanyahu. The Israeli premier faces similar allegations of seeking favorable coverage in the top-selling newspaper Yediot Aharonot.
The publisher of the daily, Arnon Moses, who is believed to have reached a deal with Netanyahu, could also be indicted over bribery.
It is now up to the regime’s attorney general to decide whether to indict Netanyahu based on police recommendations. Although such a process could take months, it could inflict a huge blow to Netanyahu’s aspirations for remaining in power.
He has denied all of the allegations, saying they are part of wider political game to oust him. The premier has also refused to step down from his post as many say his position is no longer tenable in light of the recurrent corruption scandals.

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