Ebola hoax: the feared “bleeding” symptom

Ebola hoax: the feared “bleeding” symptom
by Jon Rappoport
October 19, 2014
As I’ve demonstrated in several articles, the diagnostic tests for Ebola are unreliable and useless.
What does this mean?
It means that, for any patient labeled “Ebola,” there is no verification. No confirmation. None. Zero.
Asserting the patient “has Ebola” is meaningless, because there is no concrete evidence.
Once you remove the Ebola virus from the equation, all you have left is symptoms. Symptoms in West Africans, and in those few people in the US and Europe who are labeled with “Ebola.”
Symptoms like diarrhea, fever, cough, fatigue, vomiting, bleeding.
Obviously, these symptoms can result from a number of different causes, none of which needs to be a virus.
Let’s take bleeding, for example.
This is the hyped symptom that evokes the most fear, and convinces people that these patients “must be different and unique. They could only be bleeding because the Ebola virus is causing it.”
Not true.
Consider antibiotics.

Here is a quote from a study, “Potential for bleeding with the new beta-lactam antibiotics,” Ann Intern Med December 1986; 105(6):924-31:
“Several new beta-lactam antibiotics impair normal hemostasis [body processes that stop bleeding]… These antibiotics often cause the template bleeding time to be markedly prolonged (greater than 20 minutes)… dangerous bleeding due to impaired platelet aggregation requires treatment with platelet concentrates.”
Here is a summary from MedlinePlus:
“The Clostridium difficile bacteria normally lives in the intestine. However, too much of these bacteria may grow when you take antibiotics. The bacteria give off a strong toxin that causes inflammation and bleeding in the lining of the colon… Any antibiotic can cause this condition. The drugs responsible for the problem most of the time are ampicillin, clindamycin, fluoroquinolones, and cephalosporins…”
So let’s look at the level of antibiotic use in West Africa and the Third World.
Voice of America, February 26, 2014, “…antibiotics have become the automatic choice for treating a child with a fever.”
AAPS (American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists): “For instance, in most areas of West Africa, antibiotics are commonly sold as over-the-counter medications.”
TWN (Third World Network): “…a survey carried out in 1999 showed that nearly one out of two antidiarrheal products in Third World countries contained an unnecessary antibiotic [and chronic diarrhea in the Third World is a leading cause of death, so you can be sure that these antidiarrheal drugs are consumed in great quantities].
“…75 products (including some antibiotics) which had been pulled out or banned in one or more European countries were identified in the Third World in 1991.”
Of course, banned antibiotics would be exceptionally toxic.
In West Africa, antibiotic use is sky-high…and antibiotics do cause bleeding.
Bleeding where? In the digestive tract.
In light of that, consider the following excerpt from the healthgrades.com article, “What is vomiting blood?”
“Vomiting blood indicates the presence of bleeding in the digestive tract…
“Vomiting blood may be caused by many different conditions, and the severity varies among individuals. The material vomited may be bright red or it may be dark colored like coffee grounds…”
Yes, it turns out that any source of internal bleeding in the digestive tract—such as overuse of antibiotics—can cause a person to vomit blood.
“The uniqueness” of “Ebola-blood-vomiting” is a fairy tale.

What else could cause the “Ebola” bleeding symptom in West Africa?
We have the fact that organophosphate insecticides are being widely used for indoor spraying, in West African homes and, surely, in clinics, to kill mosquitos. One study reports: “With high DDT resistance present throughout much of West Africa, carbamates and organophosphates are increasingly important alternatives to pyrethroids for indoor residual spraying (IRS).”
Among the effects, from severe exposure to organophosphates: diarrhea, tremors, staggering gait, blood disorders, death—all of which have been described in reference to Ebola.
And then there is this: “In nine patients suffering from organophosphate intoxication, platelet function and blood coagulation parameters were investigated…In five of nine patients a marked bleeding tendency was observed. The bleeding tendency in organophosphate intoxication is probably mainly caused by the defective platelet function.” (Klin Wochenschur, Sept. 3, 1984;62 (17):814-20, author: m. Zieman)
Bleeding. Not from a virus.

What about vaccines? A number of vaccination campaigns have been carried out in West Africa. I have found no in-depth independent investigations of the ingredients in these vaccines. But for example, a simple flu vaccine, Fluvirin, carries the risk of “hemorrhage” (see page 7).
Several other routine vaccines can cause vomiting. The HiB, for example.
(See generationrescue.org, “Vaccine Ingredients and Side Effects,” assembled from manufacturers’ own documents.)
There is much more to learn about these vaccination campaigns.

We have this sketchy report—From the (Liberian) Daily Observer, Oct. 14, “Breaking: Formaldehyde in Water Allegedly Causing Ebola-like symptoms”:
“A man in Schieffelin, a community located in Margibi County on the Robertsfield Highway, has been arrested for attempting to put formaldehyde into a well used by the community.
“Reports say around 10 a.m., he approached the well with powder in a bottle. Mobbed by the community, he confessed that he had been paid to put formaldehyde into the well, and that he was not the only one. He reportedly told community dwellers, ‘We are many.’ There are are agents in Harbel, Dolostown, Cotton Tree and other communities around the country, he said.
“State radio, ELBC, reports that least 10 people in the Dolostown community have died after drinking water from poisoned wells.”
If this report is true, and hopefully more information will be forthcoming, that is another source of bleeding.
The ATSDR (US Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry) in its Guidelines for medical management of formaldehyde poisoning, lists these symptoms: “nausea, vomiting, pain, bleeding, CNS depression, coma…”

There are other sources of poisoning in West Africa. Their components and effects need further investigation.
For example: Firestone.
For nearly a century, the company has run a giant rubber plantation in Liberia. According to one estimate, Firestone controls 10% of the arable land in the country.
Aside from the wretched living and working conditions of the locals, who tap the trees for rubber, and bring their young children to work in order to meet Firestone daily quotas, there is the issue of massive pollution.
From irinnews: “LIBERIA: Community demands answers on rubber pollution”:
“MONROVIA, 4 June 2009 (IRIN) – People living next to Firestone Natural Rubber Company’s plantation in Harbel, 45km outside of Liberia’s capital Monrovia, say pollution from the concession is destroying their health, ruining their livelihoods and even killing residents.
“Firestone’s Liberia rubber concession is the second largest rubber producer in Africa and employs some 14,000 Liberians.
“Residents of the town of Kpanyarh, just next to Firestone’s rubber plantation in Harbel, say the creek from which they fish and drink their water in the dry season has been contaminated with toxins.
“’We used to fish and drink the water,’ 67-year-old Kpanyarh resident John Powell told IRIN on a visit to the creek which runs just outside the town. He said the water became toxic in October 2008. ‘We can’t drink it any longer. Some of our people have already died from this. We have drawn Firestone’s attention to our plight but they have ignored it.’
“In mid-May on an IRIN visit to the area, acidic fumes emanating from the creek caused people’s eyes to water and made it difficult to breathe.”
From BBC News: “The three-month investigation found that a plant south-east of the capital Monrovia was responsible for high [toxic] levels of orthophosphate in creeks.”
From laborrights.org: Because of lack of drinkable water on the plantation, “this situation leaves tappers and other unskilled employees and their families with no option but to drink from shallow wells and creeks.”
And of course, those creeks are heavily polluted.
Who knows how many and what toxic chemicals have been released from the Firestone plantation into the surrounding creeks and rivers?
A further investigation in West Africa could well turn up more reasons for bleeding—none of which has anything to do with a virus. The region is rife with industrial operations which produce major pollutants—mining, offshore oil exploration and drilling, rubber-tapping, etc.

power outside the matrix

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, once you put the virus hypothesis aside—because the standardly used diagnostic tests are useless in determining the presence or quantity of Ebola virus in any patient—you begin to look for other sources that explain what is happening to people in the area who are suffering and dying.
Combine what I’ve described above with other chronic conditions in West Africa—severe malnutrition, starvation, lack of basic sanitation, grinding poverty, severe overcrowded living conditions, prior immune-suppressing vaccine campaigns—and the result is an ongoing catastrophe.
A catastrophe that can produce all the symptoms of “Ebola” or a dozen other diseases, without the need of a virus to explain them.
The “virus” becomes the cover story, used to conceal and sustain what is really going on.
And at the highest level of control, what is going on is the continued invasion and capture of the land, the resources, and the people.
Keeping the people who remain alive in a state too weak to fight back is the plan and the strategy.
Those in charge simply say, “All the death and devastation? It’s a virus. We have nothing to do with that. We’re locking down the country to prevent its spread.”
Whereas, the lockdown is actually another phase of the invasion.
Jon Rappoport
The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at NoMoreFakeNews.com.
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11 comments on “Ebola hoax: the feared “bleeding” symptom

  1. Red Dust says:
    Reblogged this on Scratch Living and commented:
    I didn’t know bleeding could be caused from antibiotics. That explains blood in my urine tests for years! I used to get bladder infections and phenomena a couple times a year, I was given antibiotics. It’s been over 20 years since I’ve used antibiotics or been in for bladder or lung infections.
  2. Livia says:
    I enjoyed your article Mr Rappoprort, thank you. One thought if I may: Do you (or anyone) has details about the mortality before “Ebola” and nowadays? I think we should know that present mortality numbers is higher than it was before the “pandemic” or about on same level. Because if present rate is higher I think there should be another (additonal) reason of it. And I think it is not ebola.
    I [went to startpage.com and searched for] formaldehyde a couple of days ago. It was interesting that it looks many vaccines have formaldehyde content in them. A theory: A mistake is enough, like an ovedosed formaldehyde content in them (and I’ve personaly met “vaccina-mistake” in past). And ebola would be a convenient cover up story.
    You mentioned article of Liberian Daily Observer about poisoning well, if I remember well, that article mentioned something about vaccination, too like vaccinaton killed people, those who got that shot went ill, went into coma and died with ebola-like symphtomes.
    I am sorry to asking you about it. As can be seen, english is not my original language and I am not good enough [using startpage.com to search for] things, so if you have an opinion or additional details about mortality numbers before and now and maybe about vaccination-types there, would be so kind to publish it please?
  3. From Québec says:
    Jon, you blow my mind! Your articles are breathtaking.
    Have you ever thought of having a Daily Show on the WEB? I can tell you that your SHOW would become number ONE on the Internet in less than a month.
    Please consider that.
  4. Very interesting observation, however two nurses were infected after treating Dallas, TX patient and Nurses and health officials are hammering the CDC for breaching protocol procedures. All a hoax?
  5. Max Pont says:
    Is this use of bleed-causing antibiotics + other toxic chemicals much higher in West Africa compared to all other parts of the planet? If not, why haven’t we seen similar “Ebola” symptoms all over the world?
    I am not convinced.
  6. Ab Irato says:
    Fascinating research. A podcaster at fakeologist.com has turned me on to your articles. I now know why she speaks so often of your work. Your work is closer to the truth then the mainstream and makes far more sense. Combine it with media fakery and propaganda from all the networks and you have an excellent method of control.
  7. davidcrowe says:
    As evidence that the Ebola tests are useless, consider this: http://www.plosone.org/article/info%3Adoi%2F10.1371%2Fjournal.pone.0009126
    over 19% of people living in the forests of Gabon test positive, based on a random survey, and high percentages in other parts of Gabon. While Gabon has had a handful of Ebola cases, clearly these were mostly healthy people in this study, leading the researchers to conclude that Ebola is not very pathogenic … they did not even consider the possibility that the test is crap.
  8. Janiece Kennedy says:
    I am so appreciative and grateful that you spend your time and space in this way. An artist of the first degree. You must possess the accumulation of many generations of such applied intellect. I am so pleased to have the honor of reading and understanding your work.
  9. james says:
    So what they are doing in Africa and other countries abroad they are also currently or soon will be slowly and quietly doing here. Here is an article about water being poisoned in central California;
    Center for Biological Diversity
    For Immediate Release, October 6, 2014
    Contact: Hollin Kretzmann
    Documents Reveal Billions of Gallons of Oil Industry Wastewater Illegally Injected Into Central California Aquifers
    Tests Find Elevated Arsenic, Thallium Levels in Nearby Water Wells
    SAN FRANCISCO— Almost 3 billion gallons of oil industry wastewater have been illegally dumped into central California aquifers that supply drinking water and farming irrigation, according to state documents obtained by the Center for Biological Diversity. The wastewater entered the aquifers through at least nine injection disposal wells used by the oil industry to dispose of waste contaminated with fracking fluids and other pollutants.
    The documents also reveal that Central Valley Water Board testing found high levels of arsenic, thallium and nitrates — contaminants sometimes found in oil industry wastewater — in water-supply wells near these waste-disposal operations.
    “Clean water is one of California’s most crucial resources, and these documents make it clear that state regulators have utterly failed to protect our water from oil industry pollution,” said Hollin Kretzmann, a Center attorney. “Much more testing is needed to gauge the full extent of water pollution and the threat to public health. But Governor Brown should move quickly to halt fracking to ward off a surge in oil industry wastewater that California simply isn’t prepared to dispose of safely.”
    The state’s Water Board confirmed beyond doubt that at least nine wastewater disposal wells have been injecting waste into aquifers that contain high-quality water that is supposed to be protected under federal and state law.
    Thallium is an extremely toxic chemical commonly used in rat poison. Arsenic is a toxic chemical that can cause cancer. Some studies show that even low-level exposure to arsenic in drinking water can compromise the immune system’s ability to fight illness.
    “Arsenic and thallium are extremely dangerous chemicals,” said Timothy Krantz, a professor of environmental studies at the University of Redlands. “The fact that high concentrations are showing up in multiple water wells close to wastewater injection sites raises major concerns about the health and safety of nearby residents.”
    The Center obtained a letter from the State Water Resources Control Board to the Environmental Protection Agency. The letter says that the Central Valley Regional Water Board has confirmed that injection wells have been dumping oil industry waste into aquifers that are legally protected under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act. The state Water Board also concedes that another 19 wells may also have contaminated protected aquifers, and dozens more have been injecting waste into aquifers of unknown quality.
    The Central Valley Water Board tested eight water-supply wells out of more than 100 in the vicinity of these injection wells. Arsenic, nitrate and thallium exceeded the maximum contaminant level in half the water samples.
    While the current extent of contamination is cause for grave concern, the long-term threat posed by the unlawful wastewater disposal may be even more devastating. Benzene, toluene and other harmful chemicals used in fracking fluid are routinely found in flowback water coming out of oil wells in California, often at levels hundreds of times higher than what is considered safe, and this flowback fluid is sent to wastewater disposal wells. Underground migration of chemicals like benzene can take years.
    In July the state’s Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources shut down 11 Kern County oil field injection wells and began scrutinizing almost 100 others that were potentially contaminating protected groundwater. The Environmental Protection Agency, which has ultimate legal authority over underground injection, ordered state officials to provide an assessment of the water-contamination risk within 60 days, and the letter from the state Water Board confirms that illegal contamination has occurred at multiple sites.
    California’s oil and gas fields produce billions of gallons of contaminated wastewater each year, and much of this contaminated fluid is injected underground. California has an estimated 2,583 wastewater injections wells, of which 1,552 are currently active. Wastewater injection wells are located throughout the state, from the Chico area in Northern California to Los Angeles in the south, and even include offshore wells near Santa Barbara.
    The Center for Biological Diversity is a national, nonprofit conservation organization with more than 775,000 members and online activists dedicated to the protection of endangered species and wild places.
  10. From Québec says:
    Jon, did you listenned to Robert David Steele’s interview today on the Alex Jones Show? He believes there is a military 15 minutes test for Ebola that is very accurate… and he believes that Ebola is real in USA.
    Steele altogether is not a bad guy, he seems honest and he is right on many things, but he doesn’t seem to be very qualified to talk about medecine.
    I wish you would contact him to brief him on Ebola, because his appearance on the show today could be very devastating and misleading to the huge public that listens to the show..
  11. joejoev says:
    Excellent article, it seems that they are trying to get as many people to get the flu shot here for now, they want to fill up the emergency rooms, with fearful parents, that will take any vaccine advised there, its like the so called ‘healthy child visits they have for the children’, except this is for all of us, and later they will push the useless Ebola vaccine.

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