Ebola hoax: hidden purpose of the operation

Ebola hoax: hidden purpose of the operation
by Jon Rappoport
October 17, 2014
“The Reality Manufacturing Company paints a mural of reality for the masses; the Company paints a bigger and bigger mural, entangling more people in more systems…” (The Magician Awakes, Jon Rappoport)
Behind every phony pandemic, there are a number of agendas in play.
In this case, the Globalist heavy hitters, who are dedicated to managing the planet, view things this way:
***Use a crisis to build a larger structure than previously existed.
As in: one global healthcare system. All-encompassing.
The propaganda? “We can’t defeat Ebola unless all nations form one system that allows prevention and quarantine and immediate treatment anywhere on Earth.”
In that sense, Ebola is the occasion for adding wings to the system.
Ditto for every so-called epidemic.
“Well, we faced down and ultimately defeated virus X. But at great cost of life. Now we have to build better bridges between the healthcare systems of nations—and finally, we need one great Dispensary that adjudicates where drugs and vaccines go, who is quarantined, which borders are sealed off, at any point on the globe.”
We’re talking about a very high-level op here.
The Globalist dream? A single cradle-to-grave maze every person on earth follows, as a docile patient taking orders, submitting to diagnoses, taking vaccines and drugs, allowing their bodies and minds and energies and strength and independence to be drained away.

A single global medical system is the ideal structure of control.
Crisis A? Build a bigger system. Crisis B? Add to that system. Crisis C? Add more to the system.
And of course—invent each crisis.
The “medical crisis” is ideal, because it seems to involve no political agenda, no partisan position, no motive other than “helping those in need.”
You’ll be hearing phrases like “the pitfalls of privatized medicine,” and “uncaring corporations,” and “the UN has to step in to solve the Ebola crisis,” and “international cooperation.”
Realize that behind these phrases, there is another op in progress. It has nothing to do with predatory corporations or greedy doctors. It has everything to do with building Medical Central for planet Earth.
Under that system, up the line, a patient would have no choice about whether to accept a diagnosis or take a drug or vaccine.
The watchword will be: compliance.
For “the greater good.”
Over the past hundred years, no force has been more powerful in shaping modern medicine than the Rockefeller empire.
In his 2003 Memoirs, David Rockefeller wrote: “Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure—one world, if you will. If that is the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”
Rockefeller is acutely aware that one of the prime strategies for bringing his dream (nightmare) to fruition is: a one-world, all-embracing medical apparatus.
There are some who welcome such an enterprise, naively believing it will mean greater health for all.
For them, I cite (as I frequently do) Dr. Barbara Starfield’s shattering review: “Is US health really the best in the world?”
Starfield was a revered public-health expert working at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. Her review was published on July 26, 2000, in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

power outside the matrix

Starfield concluded that, every year in the US, the medical system directly kills 225,000 people. Every year.
That’s 2.25 MILLION deaths per decade.
So imagine, if you will, what would happen if the Globalist dream of one “healthcare” system for the planet came true.
And don’t imagine such a system would involve solving the ongoing, endemic causes of death in most of the world: contaminated water, starvation, lack of basic sanitation, overcrowding, poverty.
The World Health Organization has had decades to make a significant dent in those grinding problems. But they talk; they appoint task forces; they study; they demand the distribution of more (toxic) medicines, and vaccines that push already-compromised immune systems over the cliff.
Jon Rappoport
The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at www.nomorefakenews.com
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34 comments on “Ebola hoax: hidden purpose of the operation

  1. Atossa says:
    In the book of Revelation, the end time evil world empire is called Babylon
    which is political, economic and religious in it’s global scope.
    Interestingly, Babylon is also involved in global ” pharmakeia ” = drugs.
    The fall of Babylon ushers in the end of the age.
    • Steve Stars says:
      It is interesting to note that Dr. Anthony Fauci who has been the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.now (way WAY too long) for over 30 years!
      Fauci used to boast about his fine Jesuit education, but doesn’t do that much anymore.
      Form his Wiki page:
      In 1968, he came to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as a clinical associate in the Laboratory of Clinical Investigation (LCI) in NIAID. In 1974, he became Head of the Clinical Physiology Section, LCI, and in 1980 was appointed Chief of the Laboratory of Immunoregulation, a position he still holds. In 1984, he became Director of NIAID, which has the responsibility for an extensive research portfolio of basic and applied research on infectious and immune-mediated illnesses.
      He played a significant role in the early 2000s in creating the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief.[3]
      Fauci and Gallo were working together in 1984 to create the HIV program, and according the HHS Secretary Margaret Heckler’s live interview on PBS Frontline they were feeding her all the prompts and information to create the “AIDS Virus” press conference. (4.23/ 84)
      From what I understand, Gallo and Fauci both belong to a Jesuit fraternity called “The Sword Of Loyola”
      The sorcery (pharmakeia in Greek) of Babylon that deceives the nations. Rev. 22;15
  2. From Qu├ębec says:
    You it the nail on the head!
  3. phoenixarising says:
    You seem to be on top of it. If memory serves me….Wasn’t Ebola around back in the 70’s and people died from the virus? One characteristic of this outbreak was that it ended almost as soon as it appeared.
    As the U.S.Corporation expands, or rather reaches out with it’s venomous tentacles of opportunity. Is it a fact that they own the patent for this Ebola that was created in a laboratory? Another item is that India recently banned Bill Gates from dispensing his poisonous shots there. If the patent is listed for ownership then a cure patent must not be far behind unless it is in place already.
    To me there are no coincidences but synchronicities and in this case I smell a rat of the Gates form. An alleged humanitarian/philanthropist/DoGooder.
    I just am not in panic mode or many of the people I have communicated with either. The concern is definitely there but we will never fall into the fear mode. The known psy/ops and false flag events are not working for the cabal anymore and this has them scurrying for another idea. The old “Sleight of Hand/Smoke & Mirrors” are dead. Hopefully the architects and minions of the NWO aren’t far behind.
  4. Steve Stars says:
    Jon, I couldn’t agree more. We saw that with HIV/AID$ and the “pandemic” scares with H1N1. It almost seemed as if they were testing the system with H1N1, using this scam to identify any doctor or health care official who was vocalizing logic and real concerns and then would NOT go along with the international mindset and agenda. That way they could easily identify dissenters and advance a strategy of demoting them or pushing them out of the system, thereby limiting their influence for the next round of the germ scare dictatorship. Thus, they are weeding out dissent and science, as they progress.
    It reminds me of a story (I suppose may be true) as to how officers were trained for the Nazi SS positions of leadership. According to the legend, each young SS recruit was given a German Shepherd puppy to train, feed and be his constant companion for about one year. They stayed together constantly and worked as a team. When the year of training was completed, the SS recruit was given a pistol and told to shoot the dog. If he failed to immediately follow orders, he was rejected as an SS officer.
    Does this fit the scenario here with millions of people? They don’t want anyone in the way of autocratic authority.
    • lassy says:
      would you mind if i shared your comment with others, will make sure you are attributed as the writer?
    • serena says:
      back in the day, when AIDS was 1st upon the scene, they were dressing in their space suits and preaching panic and “we’re ALL at risk”. you know the rest of the story — same for hep B-state DEMAND for immunizations of kids inspite of the method of transmission–we’re ALL AT RISK.
      let’s see how far they CAN take this scatology.
  5. mothman777 says:
    The American FDA and other demonic individuals who have prevented access to the 1939 Beam Ray Rife Machine to this day, which could completely cure 100% of even the most advanced cases of every type of cancer, and every known pathogenic disease in the world, have murdered many hundreds of millions since then.
    When we consider that the UN has stated that 50% of the entire world population will have cancer in the next decade or two, considering that that will amount to 4 billion people with cancer, the vast majority of whom will surely die the most horrific and totally needless deaths by torture from radio and chemo, which currently gives only a minuscule 2-4% ‘cure’ rate, and with many of those ‘cured’ later developing cancer again from the horrific effects of the chemo itself, and also taking into account the hundreds, even thousands of millions who have also died from pathogenic diseases around the world since 1939, then the number of those deliberately murdered, or sometimes killed by neglect in a very small percentage of those numbers, then the true number killed by iatrogenic effect of allopathic ‘medicine” is several BILLIONS needlessly dead, that being in the vast majority of cases due to a very deliberate and murderous genocidal policy by TPTB. And it could never just be about the money.
    I want to see everyone educated on this, and then hundreds of millions of people very physically demanding the release of this technology by the US government, demanding that this technology be provided for them, using any physical force necessary to force the government to release that technology. Don’t ever think that mere rational discussion will persuade the government to stop murdering you all, as killing you off is one of their major intentional functions, and they are not going to let that position of power go without a major physical struggle. It has never been about keeping the population down to preserve the quality of life for the ‘rest’.
    As Karl Marx stated; “The only purpose of all other races and peoples, both great and small, is to perish in a revolutionary holocaust”.
    • Ken Anton says:
      ‘Cancer Vortex’ illustrates several naturopathic cures for cancer that work vs the traditional slash/burn/poison allopathic therapies which ultimately kill most cancer patients. The book cautions people to avoid the ‘cancer vortex’ of orthodox therapy, educate themselves and make a bold choice for preventing cancer or curing it as many have done.
  6. Brilliant assessment! It is time We chose a new and far better path on this planet!
    Again, I offer ideas to end the tyranny of the useless eliters:
    T.A.P. – You’re It!
    “Revolution in ideas, not blood.”
    “Did You give an oath and find it’s bait and switch? Well, there is no oath then, is there?”
    “ALL money systems promote the most psychopathic to the top of the money/power heap – THEY will do ANYTHING to get there.”
    “The love of money is the root of all evil; remove the soil in which the root grows…”
    “If the universe is made of mostly “dark” energy…can We use it to run Our cars?”
    “If You want peace, take the PROFIT out of war.”
  7. Linda M says:
    Yes!!! Ira Levin’s fiction novel, “This Perfect Day”, based on this same premise is becoming more prophetic than fiction.
  8. Sherlock says:
    The world is becoming one big hospital with fruitcakes in charge of “curing” us. And If you don’t like it, there’s something wrong with you. Some of yours chemical levels must be reajusted in your brain, Don’t worry, a bunch of INSANE “peers“ who say that you are insane will take care of you. They have a drug for every problem in life. Swallow those pills and turn into a zombie… for “the greater good.”
    • theodorewesson says:
      Just to add…
      “…in the disputes between the East and West concerning the Russian opponents of the Soviet regime… [m]any dissidents went to lunatic asylums and were treated as mentally sick. Western doctors and the press accused Soviet doctors of being blind instruments of the regime and of having broken the solemn oath of their calling. The Russian doctors thought the West had gone mad in reproaching their behavior. For them, anyone who opposed such an efficient police power must be mentally disturbed. In their view, only those who had what Seneca called Libido morienti (the death wish) would dare to provoke the State. The Russian doctors were convinced that they were undertaking a humanitarian mission by placing the opponents of the regime in asylums and thereby reducing their aggression–the only hope for their survival. To reduce the outstanding to mediocrity was always a medical and human duty in a state where mediocrity had the better chance of survival.” — “Man: The Fallen Ape” by Branko Bokun
      see also…
      Soviet psychiatric drug for dissidents given to US patients
      • nmaat433 says:
        So..I was aware of punitive psychiatry & psychotronics (which I believe are currently being used by the US govt against Targeted Individuals) but I wasn’t aware of that quote about ‘reducing the outstanding to mediocrity’..it makes so much sense. It’s puts into perspective the adage:It’s not WHAT you know but WHO you know..I believe that mediocrity is encouraged in every facet of this society & it puts into a curious light why certain demographics are systemically oppressed. Just the opposite of what is posited and what most think. Interesting that I’ve been thinking this for some time & apparently this has been understood for some time. Thanks for the reference.
    • nmaat433 says:
      So true..the psychologically crippled cannot compete with the sane so they need to bring you down to their level. Misery does indeed love company.
  9. jameson says:
    This article and the comments are pinpoint accurate. I had not thought of these long range plans and the constant testing to see what our society will accept and or endure. i want to say that I do not like being treated like a lab rat but the reality is, we are very much like the rat in the maze for these social engineers who intend to rule the planet. I hope that enough people are awakening and saying NO.
  10. Christine says:
    I just left this comment elsewhere, then came to your blog to find this article. It appears we are thinking similarly.
    I’ve been wondering if they have some ulterior motive to revamp hospitals, so the government has more say, more towards socialized medicine, more laws, etc. over how medical is delivered, an expanded Obamacare. I have heard they plan to revise/rework Obamacare, so who knows what they want to add…in addition to the already 40,000 new laws….in an attempt to standardize all hospitals, what nurses can/can’t do, restrict access to care. This is the first time in my life I have ever even heard of Ebola. It would be sad if all this is fake but ends up causing a lowering in our standard of care. Everything is backwards from what we think. Whenever I hear of a case outside of hot and humid temps as in Africa, I doubt it.
    • Cate says:
      Obamacare is a part of the UN tri-pronged approach to reduce the population of the world. It WILL lower survival rates.
      But Ebola is not fake. It is very real, and the nature of this spread can only mean someone, somewhere is letting it [in].
  11. daddy warbucks says:
    If this following information is true, why is it being ignored by our so-called representatives and MSM (who, along with their families, also happen to be breathing the same air as the rest of us)?
    U.S. Government Patented Ebola! Why? – Western Journalism
    http://www.westernjournalism.com/u-s-government-patented-ebola/ – .
    Who has the most to gain by a worldwide outbreak of Ebola?
    Weaponized Ebola?
    So when is MSM going to ask Bill and Melinda some hard questions about this catastrophe?
    When is George Soros going to be dragged in for hearings?
    Strange New “2014” Addition to the Georgia Guidestones (Updated …
    http://www.vigilantcitizen.com/ sinistersites/ new-strange-2014-addition-georgia-guidestones/
    Sep 23, 2014 … A new block on which is inscribed “2014” was recently added to the Georgia Guidestones. This eerie and mysterious monument just became …
    [Go to startpage.com and search for]:
    US bioweapons lab with links to the Bill and Melinda Gates …
    dublinsmick.wordpress.com/ 2014/ 07/ 25/ us-bioweapons-lab-with-links-to-the-bill-and-melinda-gates-foundation -at-core-of-ebola-epidemic/
    There’s much more being talked about this, the NWO globalist elite’s plan involves depopulating the world by 7 billion people, Google it.
    [Go to startpage.com and search for]:
    Surprise! Ebola outbreak connected to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and George Soros.
    Not enough serum? … or only available for the chosen ones (as pre-determined). Are you a member of the ‘club’?
    Good luck on this one folks, we sure won’t be invited into their plush D.U.M.B.s accommodations (they have already been provisioned.
    “The Club of Rome, the Bilderberg and even the New York Times are all advocating for extreme depopulation. The only remaining question is how far are the global elite willing to go to carry out their depopulation goals?”
    The bigger the federal government gets the worse things get, the faster the USA is going broke, getting more dangerous, getting sick and sliding into tyranny.
    American citizens are on the globalist’s menu as is Syria, Russia and China. MSM people are going to realize, at some point, that they are also not members either in the Skull and Bones, NWO elite club.
    [Go to startpage.com and search for]:
    The Elite’s Flawed Depopulation Agenda Is Quickly Morphing Into Genocide
    Aug 08, 2014
    by Dave Hodges
    http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/ 2014/ 08/ 08/ the-elites-flawed-depopulation-agenda-is-quickly-morphing-into-genoci de/
    “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”
    Ephesians 6:12 – KJV
    “We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. … It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries. ”
    -David Rockefeller, Baden-Baden, Germany in June 1991
    …and George Bush Sr. New World Order Speech Sept 11, 1991
    Sept. 11?
  12. daddy warbucks says:
    Understand the problem and your already on your way to fixing it.
    Check out the last 30 seconds of 2, then watch the whole thing:
    youtube: Obama and Rockefeller 1

    youtube: Obama and Rockefeller 2

    Do you think the US taxpayer funded NSA, DOJ and DHS are working for the benefit of the US citizen and up holding the US Constitution and Bill Of Rights?
    Our US military (being defunded, demoralized and weakened) are now fighting against an enemy that is trained, funded, given tactical weapons, infrastructure and support (and probably top secret planning) from our own federal government?
    … and now being exposed to Ebola by the thousands.
    • theodorewesson says:
      You had me until… “…and now being exposed to Ebola by the thousands.
      Actually, I would say that, 99.999999% of all so-called ebola cases and so-called flu cases, are “bacteria cases,” “fungal cases,” or “pollution cases,” or “tainted food cases,” or “eating GMO cases,” or “weak immune system cases,” or “toxic vaccine cases,” or “dehydration in hazmat suit cases,” or “pesticides sprayed inside airplane cases (*),” or something else. But they aren’t the so-called ebola nor the so-called flu.
      (*) See the section title “Airline Pesticides” in “The SARS Epidemic: Are Viruses Taking the Rap for Industrial Poisons?” by Jim West, December 7, 2003
  13. mary says:
    great article, we all need to wake up, . It appears to me that “they” are not even trying anymore to give any where near sane, logical , medically informed decisions. It appears to me their “gig” is up and has been exposed.. All of us who are aware need to continually raise our consciences , and while we are at it we need to continually include the entire conscience of the world…its a game, their moves have become too obvious and insane….thanks to Jon for all you have done, and continue to do, you are appreciated.
    • Sherlock says:
      I agree, but in my opinion, they have ever been anywhere near of something called “logical”. :P They seem to be less cautious and more in the open, but they move faster. It’s like they are telling us: “This is what we are doing to you folks”. At least we know how they perform their magic trick named “Ebola”.
      • Ebola (based on the H1N1 “Swine Flu” trick performed in 2009)
      • Knowledge – Hegelian Dialectic
      Problem – manufacture a crisis and take advantage of one already in place in order to get the desired Reaction of public outcry whereby the public demands a Solution which as been predetermined from the beginning.
      • Transfer of money from the audience to the phamaceutical companies and few bank accounts.
      • More power and control to the government and less freedom and privacy for the people.
      • A good script or a poor storyline full of big holes. It doesn’t matter.
      • A deadly virus named “Ebola” coming from a country having one of the lowest life-expectancy rates in the world.
      • Unreliable & useless tests to diagnose Ebola.
      • Medias under your control and crisis actors.
      • A corrupt system.
      • Update the Wiki page of the « Ebola czar » with zero healthcare experience. Locate the «lobbying » section and remove : «… Got paid to help fuel the housing bubble. (Already done).
      • Protective gear (optional).
      • Procedures (optional).
      • Good number of the audience asleep or distracted.
      • Own a patent on the virus. Just in case you need it in the future.
      1) Problem
      Manufacture a pandemic named “Ebola” via controlled medias under. They must cover this intensely all day long for many weeks. It would be preferable to include “probable and suspected” cases of Ebola in your official number. Use the emotional aspect as much as possible, because an emotional response bypasses logic and rationnal thought. Tell lies to the public. Some big, some obvious. Repeat them again and again until they become real.
      2) Reaction:
      Fear and panic in the general population. Most people accept the narrative and ask for solutions. At this point, you can instigate a debate in the public domain on how to tackle it. Make sure the solution proposed by the ruling party is « blue » and the solution offered by the opposition is « light blue ». Nothing must be said or done about the many other colors that neither left or right is discussing.
      3) Solution
      Vaccination campaign. The non-approved vaccine is ready just in time. Get vaccinated now!
      Note: To produce a greater effect, add a second “Hegelian Dialectic” at the end…
      1) Problem
      Take advantage of a crisis already in place to bring to build a larger structure than previously existed.
      2) Reaction
      Widespread acceptance. Some doesn’t care at all, others are not impressed. There’s some people talking about the Ebola Rabies Ancient Rage Vaccine Lyssa (Lyssa was the godness of rage, fury, raging madness, madness of rabies).
      3) Solution:
      A Medical Central for planet Earth as mentioned in this article written by Jon.
  14. WG says:
    Who’s going to pay for this? If the entire world had the same healthcare as the U.S. then worldwide healthcare spending would essentially equal worldwide GDP.
  15. brad says:
    As usual, your insights are spot on and cut right to the chase; it all seems so transparent when looked at in the ‘big picture’ sense. But a vast majority see world events and history as natural or chance occurrences, if they think about it at all. Surely none of this could be planned and orchestrated. And we’re a trusting lot regarding ‘authority’ figures; surely they’re operating in our best interest. Unless some ‘x-factor’ kicks in and wakes people up, you’re likely to be a modern day prophet, and your ‘prophecies’ will become history.
  16. Tim Mcgauley says:
    Not a good idea to argue with what scripture has written regarding end-times (which we are in now). When the KING stated pestilence(s) HE meant it. Doesn’t state who or what brings it about, but the fact is they are here. Those other out-breaks were just test runs – this is the real thing. The globalists need to cull out the 7 billion that are here! IMHO if the various diseases don’t kill, the so-called vaccine probably will!! Good time to repent, and cling to the KING immediately. HE is the (only) ONE that can preserve you and your family in this chaos!!
  17. A. Bingham says:
    A very important read in order to understand the emerging global health governance structure.
    Agency Through Adaptation: Explaining The Rockefeller and Gates Foundation’s Influence in the Governance of Global Health and Agricultural Development by Michael Stevenson
  18. jtremaine says:
    Yes all very true. Also the purpose of the 2008 financial crisis and bank bailout was to prevent Obama from prosecuting the BUSH-CHENE-RUMSFELD triad for war crimes, or a 9-11 investigation. The New World Empire springs new confabulations on the public every so often to cover up what they have done and what they are doing while you are in a new state of fear and panic.
  19. Miss Lissa says:
    What a great point! The way the “New World Order” will be achieved will probably be thru a global pandemic. It’s one of the only scenarios where there is no religious/racial/political agenda. The only sure-fire way to “unite” the world against a common enemy. I’m sure the mark of the beast will end up being the only thing that will allow you to PROVE that you’ve been vaccinated/screened etc. so those of us who chose not to get it will become the leapers of society & be cast out. Makes perfect sense.

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