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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Deborah Tavares: “The Plan to Burn up Northern California” by Ann Kreilkamp from exopermaculture.com


Deborah Tavares: “The Plan to Burn up Northern California”

This morning I got an email from an old friend and former Green Acres neighbor, Julia, who has since moved to California and has now shifted from the Bay Area to Arcata, near the Oregon border. She sent me a link to a video, with the headline, “This Is Interesting.”

When I clicked on the link, I discovered it was a Jeff Rense interview with Deborah Tavares . Tried to recall where I had heard that name before, and then remembered: fellow blogger and friend Laura Bruno, who used to live in Northern California, had sent me info on Deborah as an activist who knew all about Agenda 21. This was back when I was still learning the true extent of the nefarious New World Order plan to herd us like sheep into tiny boxes in crowded cities and turn us into robots. (Do I exaggerate?) Not that I’m not still learning, but I knew I had heard her name before when I started to listen to the video during my morning yoga.

After 24 minutes, I couldn’t listen to it anymore. My stomach was hurting. I couldn’t stomach the information. It was simply too awful, all that she was saying about smart meters and the fact that Sebastopol (where she lived) is/was the center of resistance to them.
At the time I assumed that her video was in response to the fires still ravaging northern California, and naturally, wondered if the fires first started in Sebastopol.
When searching for info on Deborah Tavares just now I found out that she has not been heard from in a while, and that this video was actually first put up in 2015! Which makes me and others wonder what happened to her.

After finishing yoga in silence, I emailed Julia telling her I couldn’t stomach going beyond the first 24 minutes, and to ask if she had listened to the entire video;  if so, would she mind letting me know what was in it? Here is her reply, and frankly, it sounds like something out of a dystopian fantasy novel. Julia:
Yes-that is about as far as I got and had a very similar reaction because it hit me with an overwhelming sense of helplessness. It just didn’t make sense how they all started at once. I drove down to San Francisco last week right as the fires were starting for a work conference. Dorsie went with me and he was driving on highway 5 near Vacaville. The smoke was thick and you could smell death at that point on the highway. Dorsie became extremely agitated and angry. I didn’t have the reaction. I was definitely hit was extreme sadness, but I remained calm.
I was able to see old friends and co-workers which was nice, but the bay area causes my heart to palpitate and I don’t want to go back anytime soon. I’m scared to witness the devastation. While on the trip, I had a homeless woman stare me down and come at me with a shopping cart. I knew she was going to attack me at least a half a block away. I tried to get out of her way as she approached, but she ran right for me and slammed her shopping cart into my thigh. She quickly dashed off-just one powerful hit with the cart. I have a large thick black bruise.
To get out of town, our only route back home was to take highway 1 north-it took two days and the route was just as precarious as it was beautiful. We avoided the smoke, but holy hell-I’m exhausted. The trip made me feel completely out of the protective flow of the universe until I arrived home which now includes two dogs, three cats, my daughter, her boyfriend and Dorsie.
and of course-ME TOO-right?
At this point I asked Julia, would it be okay if I posted on this whole thing, including her response to me? “Yes.”
So, that’s when I began to get all this down, and ran into the fact that the video was from two years ago. Does this interview’s title, “The Plan to Burn up Northern California,” now signal it as predictive programming?

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