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Friday, April 27, 2018

928: Basic Package of Editable Forms By Anna Von Reitz

928: Basic Package of Editable Forms

By Anna Von Reitz

Here is the basic package of editable forms I have been working on.  Please tweak or forever hold your peace.  These or very similar progenitors of these forms have been used to set free many thousands of Americans and put them and their assets beyond the reach of the fraudsters.  We want to make the number zoom into the many millions who need and will want to come home.

( Webmaster's note:  These are word documents. They will not display in your browser. You need to download them to your computer, then use Microsoft Word or Open Office to edit, then print them. When you click the link for each document it will download to your downloads folder. From there you can save them to any folder you want.)

1. Diagram of the Fraud   
http://annavonreitz.com/documents/Diagram of Fraud.docx

2. Example Recording Cover Sheet  
3. Example of Acknowledgement, Acceptance and Deed of Re-Conveyance
4. Example of Certificate of Assumed Name
5.Example of Act of Expatriation for JOHN MARK DOE
6. Example of Act of Expatriation for JOHN M. DOE
7. Example of Act of Expatriation for JOHN DOE
8. Example Baby Land Deed

This is the basic package everyone needs to fill out and record with the local land recording office to reclaim their birthright political status and reclaim their Good Names and Estates.  Please note: do not register anything. Only record

If your local land recording district or county land recording office won't record your paperwork, look for a county that will.  Often it is only a matter of traveling a few miles or sending it through the mail. 

Worst comes to worst, do the paperwork, make a black and white copy for your files, and send the originals to yourself via a Registered Mail Letter.  When the letter comes back, DON'T OPEN IT.  Put it in your folder with your file copy.  The Post Office and the Registered Mail Number serve the recording function.  

Let's begins with the Diagram of the Fraud -- people need to see how it starts with the "missing" Trade Name.  This process brings forward the Trade Name and "finds" it again, and then allows us to reclaim our "reversionary trust interest" in all the derivative NAMES free and clear. 

Virtually all land recording offices now require a Recording Cover Sheet.  This gives an example of the first Recording Cover Sheet needed to file the Acknowledgement, Acceptance and Deed of Re-Conveyance.  All subsequent filings need to be done with a Recording Cover Sheet as "Extensions" of the original Deed Document Number that will be issued once the Deed of Re-Conveyance is recorded. 

For example, the next Recording Cover Sheet would be identical, except the document title would be:  Certificate of Assumed Name - Extension 891039-1
(this number will be whatever number was assigned to your Deed of Re-Conveyance and will associate the Certificate of Assumed Name with the Deed in the recording system.)

The Deed seizes upon the Trade Name and brings it back to the land and soil jurisdiction. 

The Certificate of Assumed Name seizes upon the derivative NAMES and returns them to control of the living man. 

The Act of Expatriation explicitly renounces Territorial and Municipal "citizenship" and returns the derivative NAMES and ACCOUNTS to the land and soil. 

The Baby Deed of Land Recording is to help new parents and put an end to the "salvaging" of American babies by these corporate vermin. Simply have a Third Party -- grandparent, uncle, family friend--- do the notarization and record the Baby Deed as another Extension of the Father's Deed of Re-Conveyance.  If the Father refuses to claim his Trade Name and Estate, or is dead or disabled,
the Baby Deed can be attached to the Mother's Deed of Re-Conveyance. 

See this article and over 900 others on Anna's website here: www.annavonreitz.com
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  1. There are 3 examples of act of expatriation🤔
    1. From municipal us
    2. Territorial us
    3. What's this 3rd?
    1. No she is listing Expat. of individual entities.

      My old license is
      JOHN, MARK

      MY vehicle registration is
      DOE, JOHN, M

      Both are also different entities.

    2. Does that mean you need to make a form for every combination of your name that is on all your docs. and records e.g... drivers lic, car reg, mortgage docs etc...?
    3. I would just make 1 form listing every version you can find, then record and send a copy notice to the corresponding agencies if they produced one of the names on the list.
      I'm not on the expatriation train personally, if anything Id serve notice that you are not operating their NAME any longer so call it a resignation, your mostly dealing with corporations and agents of such public/private franchises acting as government and taking you to task through contracts and commercial process, Your establishing a private standing on the land VS a public standing lost in the commercial matrix. So you have people arguing I'm not this and not that well what proof do have your anything else SO its a good start to establish an actual standing on the land.
    4. Why not just name just a few versions of your name, then just tell them "or any conceivable "Derivaitive" of that name, or in any order , punctuation, grammar, or intentionally deceptive and semantic deceit....!! Derivatives, usually covers everything...!! And you never know what they will come up next when it concerns names...!!
  2. Thank you Anna. What if you are born in one state but moved across the country to another state at a young age and still live in that state? Where do you need to do the recording?
    1. regardless of what state you were born in, you do the recording at the county office where you live now.
    2. And if they won't record it, then record it in Lamar County, GA. They'll record anything.
  3. I have been trying to figure this out too. I’m also wondering, what if you don’t own any real property? How will I conduct myself in commerce to obtain one once I’ve removed myself from that system?
    1. good question, you may own a vehicle, clothes and furniture etc that qualifies as property as well
    2. That's a good question guys, because once we lose our strawman there is no way to set off your debts using "Acceptance" or Subrogation....!! Who are you going to name as a subrogee if you are charged with a crime...!! Judge Anna hasn't addressed this yet..!! Without an ID you don't even exsist in commerce...dont think so...try and cash a check, even at your own bank, if your DL is one day past the expiration date....all of a sudden, your a stranger to everyone, and can possible be anyone once that ID goes past the expiration date...!! It's the same thing in the hazardous waste Dept of govt.....all products, like paints (volatile organics), paint thinners, acetone, oil, and any product that involve petroleum products or by products have an expiration date on them...And guess what, one day the paint is legally good, the next day after the expiration date on the can, it is legally defined as "hazardous waste" , even if it has never been opened, and will cost you a fortune to dispose of, especially if you buy by the barrel like many Corp do...all of a sudden that 55 gal drum will cost you 3 times more to dispose of it legally, than you bought it for....back in 1986 when I was a HW Specialist (inspector), there was a small business owner I visited who had a barrel of paint stripper, because his business was refurbishing funiture, he told me they wanted almost a $1000 to get rid of one barrel of waste....he said he just couldn't afford it.. you know what that leads to....illigal dumping....massive illegal dumping, especially in the military...just dump everything in the sea, or down a wastewater drain pipe...!! I know because I would be at the headworks of the wastewater treatment plant I worked at once in awhile, when all of a sudden, there was an unmistakable and overwhelming toxic order of gasoline that would come by....do you have any idea what a hazardous waste product like gasoline can do to a treatment plant that functions only on biology to clean up the raw sewage and reduce all waste by 50% which is the function of any treatment plant....good bacteria, eat up bad bacteria, and that is the main process being used to treat water, besides plain physicis....heavy stuff sinks, and lighter stuff floats, which is captured and dealt with leaving only mostly human waste to deal with....you can litterally wipe out an entire plant that way, until it is useless until you completely remove all that illegal waste from the sewer system or catch who is doing it....!!!
    3. Everyone. The house, land car, coffee cup and etc. are just physical things. You cannot have rights without property and you cannot have property without rights. That said. My body is my property. "I" am not my body. Like all my property, they are my right. Right is the exclusive use and enjoyment of my property to all others.

      Do not let the tangible (physical) or intangible things confuse what rights and property are, rights and property are the control and enjoyment of those things.
    4. Automobile is classified as consumer goods
  4. Anna, if we have already recorded the previous forms, do we record these forms anew? Just trying to understand the difference if any between the old and the new forms.
    1. 1FreeMan...i am currently in the process of asking for that "non resident alien" status passport from that agency on a FISA. I told them I know you have approved some because I know people who have them... but what was it you said had to be filed right on the form or just left blank, so I can nail her down....i meant it when I said I'm getting to the bottom of this....!!! I'm currently waiting for a response...!!
    2. James, hope you have a lot of time on your hands. They will never respond and tell you what to do and how to do it. To them that is legal advice which they will never give you. Not sure what you are referring to on the form. You need to fill out the DS-11 form with your c/o non US address, don't provide the SSN and don't admit to your mother and father being US citizens, add w/o prejudice all rights reserved and sign under penalty of perjury under 26 USC 1746(1) which is w/o the US. This is all very basic. The real power is not in the application but in the ES (Explanatory Statement) in which you state your correct State Citizenship status and refute your presumed federal US citizenship. You also need to know how to answer their demand for the SSN and give it to them w/o giving it to them legally with another ES. This is why they cannot provide you any of this information on how to complete an ES.
      BTW: you do not want a non-resident alien passport. Just look up the IRS definition of a statutory non-resident alien.
    3. "NOT" any kind of citizen. Just national.
    4. For the NCSN passport you need to apply as a State Citizen as per article 4 section 2 of the Constitution.
    5. I thought we were never supposed to use that word ever..."Citizen"...why to you have to mention Citizen at all....We are men and woman, not citizens...!!
    6. That's what the Constitution calls you right here:
      The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States. Article 4 Section 2a.
      And that's the only Citizenship they will recognize and State passport they will issue. However, notice that it is Citizen with a capital C and not a lowercase c as in US citizen. We are also called Citizens of these United States which is also Constitutional.
    7. 1Freeman- hopefully Anna my reply to your inquiry, as I am sure you’re not alone.

      Two months or so ago I sent my documents to Lamar County Georgia and a week later the MANDATORY FSIA Notice was released and so I called Deputy Clerk to set aside those documents and said I would be forwarding new ones for filing. Add to that, and admittedly, I NEVER had filed/recorded anything before so the idea of properly recording an “extension” was not understood clearly so I ended up recording ALL the documents as one filing at BPA Book number 84 pages 99-105. Is this acceptable? It is on the public record-declared/expressed/intended.

      The “extension” procedure is more clearly explained in this article and I wonder if I do need to redo these documents for the substantive corrections as well as the procedural ones referenced in the article:

      “For example, the next Recording Cover Sheet would be identical, except the document title would be: Certificate of Assumed Name - Extension 891039-1 (this number will be whatever number was assigned to your Deed of Re-Conveyance and will associate the Certificate of Assumed Name with the Deed in the recording system.)”

      It would appear as well that filing in the “extension” procedure might increase the recording fee(s) too as each document is in effect a new “first” page recording because of the new cover sheet, not sure?
    8. Thank you for your response and Congratulations to your Success!
      I still have to find out where to go with my German BC to have it Authenticated. US or Germany
      This subject is never addressed, we are a Country of immigrants, I can't be the only one asking! Thank you!
    9. Blue, it does not matter where or how you record any document in the public as long as you record it in the public. If you have a case going on, just fill it into the case and get a certified copy back out and woila, you have recorded your document in the public. Whether it is one document or part of a package of documents, as long as it is recorded, it is recorded. And all rules of evidence in any US court say that it is valid as evidence.
    10. Ingrid, wie gehts? Since you 'naturalized' as a US citizen, you were berthed into the US and the certificate of naturalization is now your 'Berth Certificate'. Send to it the SOS in DC for authentication. Now the problem is you cannot surrender this certificate because you only get one and it would cost you a fortune to get another one. So here are 2 solutions.
      1. Go online and order your international BC and COLB in Germany. Once received send them back to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Germany and have both authenticated/legalized/certified or whatever they call it but not apostille. When you get them back send them to the SOS in DC for authentication with an official translation who will send it back to you and direct you to the German embassy in DC. Send both to them for authentication who will also send them back to you and direct you back to Germany. Take that rejection letter and send it back to the SOS in DC and tell them it has already been authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Germany and you need them to authenticate it. Once they finally authenticate them now you can surrender them to the treasury.
      2. First apply for your ncsn passport at destinationfreedom.org. You will submit your certificate of naturalization together with your DS-11 application and who will return it to you with your new ncsn passport. Now that you have your new passport you no longer need your certificate and can surrender it.
    11. Ingrid, just in...according to one of the LLF lawyers:
      Surrendering now is not essential, and will just get lost in the bankruptcy most likely. Anna has said that on several occasions. More important to take care of the NAMES and Names first.
    12. 1Freeman-thank you for confirming. I do have a few adjustments to make to the already recorded documents in addition to noticing that there is a new paragraph added to the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT, ACCEPTANCE, DEED OF RE-CONVEYANCE herein and will review them all soon and amend and re-record as necessary.

      When this document package is finalized i then intend to have an authenticated record made, send to georgia sos then DC- sos...to make it a bullet proof record.
    13. 1FreeMan thank you for info (for Ingrid) and also, that the Surrendering is not essential now. But does it have o be done? The passport is for 10 years, if I surrender my only Certificate, what I am going to do when renewing the passport?
      Also not sure if there is an "International BC" :-) I am going to find out :-)
    14. Daga, do not surrender your certificate because it is very costly to replace. You can however, submit it with your non-US Passport application because they will send it back to you as soon as they issue your passport. You can still appoint Mnuchin as your fiduciary and send the letters to both IRS commissioners to withdraw from taxes and acquire your account. Most countries now have a BC in English. The COLB will always be in the native language and need official translation. Just go online to your country and find out.
    15. 1FreeMan - thank you for your answer!
      ... and acquire your account ... are you referring to "asking" Mnuchin to open new account for me as State National and send me that number? (as per Anna' s directive?) ... which is not Treasury Direct Accounts -- TDA - correct? I am still confused on that... I asked couple people who did Surrendering letter to Mnuchin, if they acquire new account, but no answer from them ...(is it suppose to replace my SSN?) ....
    16. No, Daga, it is part of the process of filing your 1096/1099-A and 1040-V with CID. The first 1099-A for the treasury is to acquire your account. Then you send Copy B to the treasury. That's all.
    17. 1FreeMan Thank you!
      Is the account be the same "number" - only the status will change (to State National)? ... sorry for asking - to me it's like sending papers I do not know exactly where their are going to end and what their are going to accomplish, since you don' t receive anything "back" (account # or whatever) - very hard for m to do :-) But thank you million time!
    18. No, it should be the number of your registered mailing and no you do not receive anything back except your green return receipt form your mailing.
  5. This is amazing. Thank you.
  6. awwsome, thank you Anna & team!!! May our numbers grow exponentially NOW standing on the land & soil Wholely as One living body, mind and spirit!!!
  7. What an incredible gift!
    Many Thanks!
  8. The Certificate of Assumed name has two errors in it.
    The first changing "THEN" to "THAN" and further down correcting the "Unites" to "United".


    Returnee – DOE certificate of ownership

    Under the form of creating a qualification or attaching a condition, the Unites (United) States and United States of America however styled or construed cannot, in effect, inflict a punishment for a past act which was not punishable at the time it was committed and which was not the knowing, willing, and consensual act of the actual Holder in Due Course of the given name and estate.
    1. CORRECT and save your master documents before printing. Also be sure to change all documents from "His" to "Her" and "he" to "she" for female reference.
    2. A very silly question . Re: Wording on the Deed of Reconveyance.
      "I, the living man..."
      I assume that if one is female one should write, "I, the living woman..." *OR* is the word 'man' used in the generic sense of an earthly Being? Thanks!
    3. Ellie, I have seen Anna write living woman on her own documents.
    4. Thanks. That's good enough for me.
    5. This from Anna via Paul Stramer:

      In law man can stand for woman, but sure, go ahead and change the word as appropriate.
  9. I am eternally grateful for ALL the intensive work that you and your team have shared with us to freedom! Many Blessings !!!
  10. Having never personally filed any documents at the land office, do they keep the originals? Do we need to take in two copies of what we want to file, notarized, and have them both signed by them? How does this work?
    1. You can always request a copy of any filing, but they have to do it because it needs their stamp to validate it..of course if you want it certified that will be extra....its govt, what else are they good at except charging people money....??
    2. So I found out the land recording office scans all the original paperwork into their computer system and digitizes everything. The next day, usually, they will mail you back all the original documents after recording.
      They talk about deed stamps, making sure everything is worded correctly in the proper legalese, they then want to charge you X amount of dollars based on each one thousand dollars of your property’s value.
      Hmm, filing this may get interesting next week.
  11. Folks, I would recommend adding this to the CERTIFICATE OF ASSUMED NAME right after the first paragraph:
    The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States. - Constitution for the United States of America Article 4 Section 2a.
    This way you don't have to go scrambling for your state's session laws. What's good for Alaska is good for your state.
    1. This is a GREAT idea and will undoubtedly eliminate a lot of questions at the land office. Thank you very much.
    2. Thank You 1 Freeman!!
  12. Then why is pot legal in half the state's and not the other half 1FreeMan...!! Pot is a privaledge, isn t it.....????
    1. James, it is only illegal or a privilege for US citizens. For NCSNs it is your right and you can do whatever you want as long as you do not harm someone else or their property. American common law.
  13. Anna, Is this process the same in Canada as the US. I know the Trade Mark Name is used against us no matter where we live. I could file the paperwork at the City Hall in my city in Canada. I also live in Panama but I am not a citizen of the country just a indefinite legalized contract. Been here 9 yrs - 1/2 a year each year.
  14. Anna, thank you so much. This is very timely for me as I have 2 grandchildren close by(boy 8, girl 7) and their mother, my daughter, is in a custody battle with their father, who turned out to be a narcissistic porno perv, and we want to prevent him from having any contact with the children. I have started the process, currently waiting for their birth certs to come back from the fed dept of state, and was looking at your "baby deed of land recording" this morning. Question: can I complete the form as the Grandfather leaving the perv father out of the picture? And question: at the top of the form what is the babies "ILB private identity code"?? I don't know where that comes from. Question,3: can I do all this process for my grandies since my daughter is still waiting on her B/Cs from Texas. I was born in Arkansas, my daughter in Texas and her 2 in Georgia.Her ex by the way is Romanian so not born here but a
    naturalized citizen.
    thank you so much for any help you can extend to me.
  15. What implications does doing something like this have on many people's everyday lives. Once you've 'resigned' from the company, what sort of impact does this have on things like driver's licenses, passports, bank accounts/credit cards, corporate employment and Social Security numbers, 401k's, etc. - all of which are based on corporate ID (SS#). For example, an incorporated bank is simply a subsidiary of the US, Inc. If we resign from US, Inc. have we now rescinded all other agreements with subsidiaries. Can our children still go to public schools? If you do this and don't do the same for your children, can the government technically come and take them away?

    This feels like a really big deal but no one is really talking about the impact and ramifications of doing something like this.
    1. Hey red, you are thinking of this backwards. You are resigning from being a slave to returning to your true position of owner. As owner you own it all and are entitled to everything you have paid for. If you worked in a restaurant chain as a servant and one day were told that your long lost uncle actually owned the restaurant chain and has left it to you in his will, would you now be allowed to eat at your own restaurant? Of course! You would stop working for the chain and let the chain work for you instead. And you would never have to pay again to eat there for the rest of your life as long as you own that chain. You simply sign the check and it is paid because you are the owner. Get the picture? Once you surrender your Fed slave person, you make Mnuchin your fiduciary responsible for all the bills of the fed person and you continue to operate as a beneficiary of the fed person instead. In a trust there is a trustee & fiduciary who is responsible for all the bills of the trust (Mnuchin). But you are the only contributing beneficiary and settlor of the trust entitled to all of the benefits because they used your assets to create the trust. That's the part they never tell you about. So going forward you use By:, For:, As:. By: Your Given Name, For: THE NAME TRUST, as: Authorized Representative. It is like you are running a company called YOUR NAME and signed as the only Authorized Rep for that company.
    2. Philosophically, I get it. Academically, I get it. The day-to-day practical application eludes me. The world we live in is very different than the restaurant you describe. The manager of the restaurant isn't a criminal psychopath who has a legion of thugs with guns, judges with courtrooms, and wardens with jails whose sole purposes are to monetize you every step of the way, should you attempt to take the ownership of your restaurant. No, not only will they actively work to prevent this, they will also deprive you of liberty, happiness, and perhaps even your life for any and all activities related to attempting to own the business that is rightfully yours. We know of the examples that have already been made.
      Well-meaning people have gone through the reclamation process and either by taking action or making some type of misstep - like not paying taxes, or simply answering a call to your name as you are about to walk out of a courtroom, and boom, there you are kidnapped and gang pressed back into the foreign legion.
      The paperwork I would call complicated, yet, very doable. Conducting yourself in the appropriate manner once ‘resigned’ from the company, however, seems to be a very complex undertaking. Sign things in this way, refer to yourself in that way, speak to other USA Inc. corporate officers in such and such a way etc, etc.
      You see, most of us are/have been institutionalized and life outside the system is so complex and completely foreign that all aspects of what we had previously known about conducting ourselves must be thoroughly thought through and relearned – far from a restaurant analogy. This relearning must be done in order to keep yourself and your family safe and protected. And, to most that is seemingly unsurmountable.
      Example – while I’ve seen it written in other parts of the site, I did not see anything in this bundle of documents saying anything about appointing Mnuchin as your fiduciary (maybe I missed it). That kinda seems like a big deal to not include in the instructions. It also strikes me that not doing this and then conducting yourself as usual and using the USA, Inc. system (i.e. SS#, drivers licenses) may not be the best idea (again, the whole gang pressed thing).
      Sadly, for these reasons, and as much as it is my desire, I am not prepared to undertake this endeavor. Perhaps some of the dialogue and materials around this topic should begin to shift away from the paperwork and into the practical aspects of being a national on the land and what that actually means in practical terms to so many who have no idea.
    3. Red, it is a new language and mode of life you have yet to be trained in how to operate. It's like being transferred to France for your job and not knowing French and they won't speak your language. Terrifying at first until you learn the language and can operate in it and then have fun with it. Once you get the hang of this, you will enjoy it. The real enjoyment will be when the pupil is ready, the teacher will emerge and you can help others and free them out from under their burdens like helping them get out of jail or upsetting a courtroom so bad that the judge says she is taking a 5 minute recess which turns into 25 minutes and clears the courtroom before returning to talk to the individual who dared to ask one simple question "Will the prosecutor certify my right of subrogation?" and then next day is released from jail. The best part is when you actually see the tables turned upside down like when one of our guys got his 3 star ncsn passport card and showed it to the cop who pulled him over and simply asked him to run it through NCIC. When the cop came back he started apologizing profusely for stopping him and asked him if he needed an escort to where he was going. Or like completely trashing the IRS and getting a court order dismissal for LOJ for all years and using that to cancel liens and refund levies with interest and then helping them go after every dime in taxes that was ever stolen from them under duress. Of course you have to learn by doing it for yourself and your family first. Like when you fly and they tell you to put on the oxygen mask first before you can help others. The forms you missed are all being put together as we speak so all docs you need will be in one place. You can also hire one of Amma's LLF Lawyers to guide you through the whole process which I did and would highly recommend for your peace of mind.
    4. If your right 1FreeMan....then why is it that every single patriot site always comes with a "caveat" telling you pretty much that all there material is for info purposes only and not for "legal advice"...because they know everyone handles things differently even if they have their paperwork correct....the courts job is to test everyone's "standing" and see if you have the "balls" to stick with your believes until you stare down the judge...who is going to flinch first....redpill has a very good point, especially if he has a family...!! I did it because I was single with no one to worry about except me...and that is a big deal..!! Because, it still cost me time in jail....twice, before I finally knew what I was doing..!! Just because you have paperwork, doesn't mean everyone is just going to say,...have a nice day Mr Smith. Maybe next time the court will trap you into jurisdiction...People who work for the DA's office are going these days and they tend to look at things as a "challenge" and want nothing better to do than "Mark" you for termination...!! Especially the woman...My friend had to face a charge of elder abuse with his own father because the father had had it with his 50 year old son living free with him still...and the DA was a sad looking woman who was probably bullied all her life....hee nickname in the court was "Alcatraze "..!! Does that sound like a DA who will give up easy...she ran roughshod over a judge pro tem who came from a different jurisdiction and couldn't believe this assistant DA and the things she wanted when in his court, they don't even bother with that according to this judge...he was a nice guy and thought the whole thing got out of hand...but he still had to plea to a misdeamonor and 3 years probation...and trust me he was scared for those 3 years until they passed....and it cost him money...!! Subrogation is the first thing I've seen that they are immediately afraid of for the first time.... but that doesn't take Anna's materials to succeed..!! It can stand all by itself if you know what it means and willing to stand on it...if I'm ever dragged into court again, I guarantee you, the court will not move forward on me until that issue is settled...!!!
    5. Answer to RedPill from Anna:

      You are "retiring" from the presumption of federal service obligations. You don't lose anything-- you simply change the permanent domicile of your Names/NAMES and take control of your property. Right now the federal corporations are holding everything you think you own in trust. They are bankrupt so your stuff is all in the slush pile of assets underwriting their bankruptcy. You need to claim back your Good Name and Estate and your retirement accounts and everything else or at some point it will all be latched upon by Secondary Creditors to pay THEIR debts. I can't make it any clearer for you. Claim your property or you stand to lose it and find yourself owing an $80,000 debt accrued against your name and ESTATE without your knowledge or consent.
    6. James, I have a family too and that is exactly why I am doing this to protect them. I was getting to a point with the IRS that I would have gotten into serious trouble and possible jail time. I had to find solutions and fast and I did. They are history now and my wife is very relieved. Imagine if you knew then what you know now. You could have beat jail by demanding your right of subrogation. You could have gotten your ncsn passport and filed a Judicial Notice and Demand serving them notice that states something like this:
      Judicial Notice is hereby given that I declare under penalty of perjury pursuant to 26 U.S.C. 1746 (1) that I am not a U.S. citizen. To my knowledge I have never elected to be a U.S. citizen. I do not believe that there is any evidence that I am a U.S. citizen and I believe that none exits.
      Accordingly, Judicial Notice is hereby given of the enclosed evidence (see Exhibit A) from the Department of State as determined, confirmed, certified, authenticated and attested to by the Secretary of State under his seal and signature as the sole executive authority to determine citizenship, that the Secretary has determined that I am not a U.S. Federal (14th Amendment) citizen but a State Citizen of New York according to Article 4 Section 2a of the Constitution for the united States of America (unincorporated). As it states in the certification, this certification is intended to satisfy the following provisions:
      • Rule 44, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
      • Rule 27, Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure
      • Rule 902, Federal Rules of Evidence, under Title 28, United States Code Annotated
      Further Judicial Notice is hereby given that this court has no jurisdiction over me as a live man upon the land and a non U.S. citizen and that this court must prove its jurisdiction on the record before it may proceed.
      This is Judicial Notice that I hereby demand that this court prove it has jurisdiction or dismiss this case and eliminate the record.
      Respectfully submitted,
      Without prejudice, all rights reserved.
      By: __________________________
      You could have added Anna's docs as further evidence and support of your ncsn position.
      Which brings me to my next point, I don't know what your charges were for, but are you aware that jurisdiction can be challenged at any time, before, during or even after a case has been decided? You can go back and reverse these proceedings and get a full dismissal and all charges eliminated off your record since they merely assumed that you were a US citizen without presenting any proof whatsoever. Use the above sample Judicial Notice and Demand that they present evidence of US citizenship or dismiss the case. But I would highly recommend you correct your public record and spring for the ncsn passport before you even try.
    7. Pure Gold right there, Thank you 1freeman!!!! You're awesome!!
      File copied & saved and ready to be put to good use!
      Much gratitude, Love & peace
    8. A question regarding Anna's response to redpill: What would be the way to shut down any tax bill from "them" if one hasn't done Anna's suggested recordings?

      (I've done them, but am thinking that there must be a way for the many uninformed people who haven't done the recordings.)
    9. Genevieve, that's simple. Use the US Tax Court process and get them to issue you a COURT ORDER DISMISSAL FOR LACK OF JURISDICTION. The whole process takes about 6 weeks from start to finish. Any fanmail you receive from your not so favorite uncle, just send it back to him with a copy of the order and tell them to take a very long walk off of a very short pier. Here are the instructions:
      Have fun!
    10. Yes 1FreeMan I would have done much better with all this info...But that being said, like I said before the courts, at least in California, know the power of a "Judicial Notice, which I did give them by hiring a professional servicing agency who told me he has walked right into open court and handed judges service of process...hes never failed to serve process, except for me....mine was the first time no one would except service of process...one to the judge, one to the DA, and one to the Court Clerk....all refused..!! He wanted to know what a "judicial notice" was....It totally shocked him...But this is Calif....the most liberal state in the Union...and the greediest and most corrupt...judges here are outright defying President Trumps EO Orders...!! That's what I'm facing in this state...!! If your to smart to deal with, they will simply just throw you in jail until you come to your senses...!! It is totally unlawful for public servants while at work to deny being judicially served...but they all did it and got away with it..!!
    11. James, you NEVER serve a JN directly to a judge or a prosecutor or a clerk but file it with the court into the case which they cannot refuse. If they ever do, you simply say "File on demand." and they reach under the counter and get out their stamp and stamp it "FILED ON DEMAND". The judge only gets a courtesy copy and everyone else a regular copy. They refused service because you set off alarm bells and did not follow standard procedure. Even just mailing it to the court registered mail return receipt would have proven service already even if they had returned it.
    12. Correction to the above JN: I was just advised by my LLF Lawyer not to use State Citizen but American non-citizen state national. Not that is is not accurate but it confuses them anytime you use the word citizen. Apparently they believe that you are either a citizen or you are not and cannot differentiate a State Citizen according to Article 4 Section 2a.
      Also, he recommended adding a statement that you do not consent to these proceedings. So just replace the last line (with some added enhancements) :
      This is Judicial Notice that I do not consent to these proceedings and I hereby demand that this court prove it has jurisdiction on the record or dismiss this case with prejudice and eliminate the record.
    13. Guess what 1FreeMan.....i tried that also, and sent all filings to the judge and court clerk....Regestered mail with return receipt signiture, and the whole packet came back "REFUSED"(not even for cause) unopened, and even stuck me with the return fee because the post office wouldnt let me have it until I paid the deliquint expenses...i had no choice but to pay it to find out how she got away with it....this was a foreclosure case, and I had only a few days to accomplish this. There were 4 people living there besides me and I put the $$40,000 down payment for the house to help a friend keep his place he was renting and the owner was going to sell it, and he never had money or credit. So I gave him the money, but then he had to involve another friend to actually buy it, because he had no credit and his other friend did. So he bought the house using my down payment and never put me on title like he said he would do after the sale....lowlifes theives....because of that there was nothing but fights at that place for 10 years. Then after 6 months went by, the guy with credit that bought the house needed more money along with the other friend of mine that asked for the $40,000 and both of them conspired to get another loan for $50,000 and leave me and my brother out of it...and this time it was an ARM LOAN...which eventually lead to a foreclosure as the payments went up...then who did they depend on to get them out of their mess...you guessed it ..me..!! And he has an attorney sister that makes a quarter of a million a year, but was ignorant about law and said the banks can do whatever they want...good advice....so I took the whole think on and was winning even though neither one of them helped me financially...not one dime and I was broke by that time to...but I put the the law firm that was disgising itself as the trustee for both B of A and HSBC, working in collusion with this huge law firm, which was nothing more than a "foreclosure mill" with the judge involved directly, because I found out later that she went into foreclosure herself with the exact same parties, but finally secured a loan from them after it went to auction twice, and before it went for the third time, she miraculously got a loan for $125,000 which paid off the $80,000 back payments she owed , plus keeping her $400,000 million home...not much conflict of interest was there...!! Long story short, she knew what was coming down the pike since I put the agency (law firm ) in default and recorded it, along with "Intentent to preserve interest in the property" which was all ignored by the judge , because the judge actually made the court clerk sent me a simple one page form marking a checkmark in a box, saying I had no interest or standing in the foreclosure, when that was the exact thing I was chargcharging all of them with because the "original NOTE" was lost due to all the fraud the banks pulled with "Bundling" MBST and then selling them as derivatives , and getting the rating agencies to rate their securities "triple A " and selling them all to China...This is no longer the United States or America...in order to avoid WW3 "WE" had to sell America, and especially Calif. to China...totally!!!
    14. On "paper" which you all say is so important, China is now the proud owner of America....thats why I will never file anymore paperwork or put my neck on the line unless someone here will give me proof they did it in Calif. and will sign something , like judge Anna and her legal team, that they will all cover me if I wind up in jail because I'm all alone with no help from anyone....are you willing to back my play 1FreeMan or judge Anna...?? Otherwise, I would rather remain in the shadows...there is simply to much fraud and corruption going on behind everyone's back....wait until China really takes control and see what happens to all your filings....patriots are the first ones they will come after...!! No thanks...i live good , and for the first time free of friends that need money , or any friends at all...thats how I feel....sorry, but I've been born again strong...i don't need or want anyone...period..!!Unless someone proves to me by signing a legal contract that they will exhaust all financiers and their time to get me out of jail, everyone can take a long walk off a short pier, because my brother is useless...completely..And he won't file any of Anna's paperwork either, or anything dealing with court....so no I will not file any of her paperwork until I get that guarantee...especially in Calif...And as a side note, do you know that a bill has just been introduced to split Calif...into 3 separate states....!! This state is out of control, and I'm only one man, with no wife , no family left except my absolutely pathetic twin brother...!! So who wants to step up for me 1FreeMan....!!!!!!!!!!
    15. Both the judge and court clerk committed a crime , because when something is sent through the mail, registered, they are not allowed as public servants to refuse process of service like any of us....and the judge made the court clerk take all the liability by making her sign the reason why they denied my filing by using her stamp, no signiture...But the judge took no liability at all.. on top of that they moved up the eviction by a full month, leaving us no time to do anything, except wait for the settings to come...But when he came I told him you will be committing a crime because they are in default to and I have filed a preservation of interest in the property, closing the title...and somehow the real estate agency was still able to sell the property because they gave it a whole new property designation, so none of my filings show up on the property..Its as if it was a whole new property, giving it new boundaries.....i was told the entire area was owned by the cartel....straight out of a cops mouth...because the area is rural with lots of property to grow weed or anything else....!!!
    16. James, somehow your first comment did not post. So I sill copy it here from the email:
      I won't file anything with no one giving my back if something goes wrong...been there, done that....especially when they always want to charge me instead of my brother, even if he's the one that commits a crime....now if I can depend on Anna or you, then maybe I will...but until I get a confirmation from Anna or you I w not take a chance with agencies out of control and with lethal weapons..!!

      My response:
      James, that is exactly why you need to insulate yourself. What if your twin brother commits another crime and you get charged? It seems I have a lot of people's backs so I have no problem confirming this to you as well with everyone here as a witness. But if I am to have your back, then you must agree to do everything exactly as I recommend to the letter and do your own homework or we do not have an agreement as you are still responsible for your own actions. I cannot guarantee you anything other than my help and assistance through the process or it something goes wrong which I highly doubt if you follow my instructions to the letter. I have already helped 2 people in other states get out of jail, one with 2 felonies and a misdemeanor whose criminal case was just dismissed and sealed and one with an outstanding warrant in another state who was released the next day after he demanded his right of subrogation. Both were absolute novices when it came to this and knew zero about anything. Real sheeple. I have also helped save another individual from jail who was about to be recommitted for tax evasion and forging a judge's signature on an order. They not only did not commit him at his sentencing hearing but lowered his monthly payments and gave him a year to pay. We are now working on his tax court dismissal to wipe the slate clean and dismiss all the charges. You will also need to be completely transparent with me about your past charges, not on this post but by posting your email here so I can contact you and we can communicate in private. Once this is over and done, I have no doubt that you will be more than happy to post the results here so all can benefit from your experience and you will pay it forward by helping others.
    17. Well , thank you, but I need to sleep on it a few days... once bitten, twice shy...and I have been through the mill...and I'm tired..!! MY computer is outdated like Paul's and cannot be updated anymore....!!
    18. Thank you All for this very informative conversation. What courage and respect you all have!

      As an aside, James, any old computer can be updated with a very inexpensive device called an 'XTRA PC'. It is a USB gadget with 64 GB of memory and a Linux OS. It saves a person hundreds of dollars in IT services and new computers. I installed it on 2 dinosaur computers of mine and the results are frickin amazing. Check it out.

    19. Ellie, thanks for the great tip. I've been looking for a way to add more memory to my old laptop but it is already memory maxed out and still slow as anything. You can probably imagine with all the stuff I have on it. I was also contemplating switching over my OS to Linux to speed it up. This has Linux built in. Beautiful! FYI, I just placed my order for the fastest one and if you order 2 you get the 2nd one at half price. I will use the 2nd one on another laptop and have 2 fast computers going at the same time, Now I just have figure out how to work them together to access the same files.
    20. Freeman: I am highly interested in having one of Anna's LLF lawyers assist me with this process. Would you kindly post the appropriate information here or you can email me at livingreconnected@gmail.com. Thank you so much.
    21. Thats tricky. I solved that one by keeping all files in my Amazon (or any) Cloud an downloading as needed. Much more efficient and doesn't sock up all your memory.This system has it's drawbacks but overall so much nicer than Dial Up speed, eh? Let me know if I help further.
    22. Ellie, just sent you an email with his info.
    23. Ellie S......i forgot to say I have a Mac PowerBook G4....will that update work with a Mac.....!!!
    24. I'm pretty sure that it works for MACs and PCs - go to the website. HAve a good night.
  16. Anna please respond... shouldn't we put a "Red Fox Stamp" (and print the "City, State" in red ink across the stamp) at the top right corner of the Cover Sheet and put our "Civil Flag" at the top left corner???

    Anyone else have any comments on this as well?
    1. Native, a Red Fox Stamp is hard to get and expensive and unnecessary. If you want to use a stamp, you can use a regular $1 stamp since the USPO is gold backed. A civil flag would add a nice touch but also not necessary. My motto is: If Anna ain't doin' it, it ain't necessary. No public "servant", and I use that term very loosely, will quake in their boots and say "Oh no, they used a Red Fox Stamp! Now I will have to obey the law!" But they are YOUR documents, so if you decree it to be YOUR law, then do it. This is true self governance.
    2. Native America...if you really think you need more confidence, you can place a 3 cent stamp at the end of each page with you signature through it in blue, purple, or gold, meaning your the postmaster General and you had the last word..!! Everyone has problems , especially when it comes to overeach by govt agencies, which means no one can really guarantee anything when your dragged against your will by a cop who carries a lethal weapon, and determined to arrest you....some cops just have bad days and you just may be the last draw for him...after all they are human , usually married, with kids and a mortgage , etc....thats enough to stress anyone out especially if he is fighting with his spouse....we aren t just fighting the law guys...we are dealing with the human condition of stress by Corp that have no more loyalty to anyone.....everyone is expendable at anytime, no matter how many good years you have, it only takes one bad mistake to lose your job...!!!
  17. Folks, just got off the phone with my LLF lawyer who is working on these forms directly with Anna. The forms posted here are just the beginning of a complete package of do-it-yourself, connect-the-dots and color-by-numbers set of forms with complete instructions so anyone can complete them on their own. However realizing that not everyone is up to speed, computer savvy or comfortable completing forms like these, the LLF will be available for those who need assistance in completing their forms and personal assistance. All details are being worked out as we speak so stay tuned...
    1. Are you speaking of the gentleman who’s phone number ends in 9757? If so I have also spoken to him.
    2. So more documents are on the way?
  18. Thanks for the heads up 1Freeman. I imagined(hoped) that's what was the reasoning behind not hearing anything from him in the last month.
    1. This comment has been removed by the author.
    2. Kelli, who are you referring to?
  19. I'm sorry, I was referring to your LLF Lawyer that I assumed was the same man you referred to me and others to work with. Is he one and the same?
    1. Kelli, why would I refer you or anyone else to a Fed Agent? And why would your "red flag buttons" start to play your my mind? You are making no sense.
  20. I'm sorry, no offence intended hence the "lol" but I see how it could be considered as a jab, and that's not what I meant in any way shape or form. Not feeling so well last couple days, forgive me
    But the good news is we rcvd our ncsn passports & cards today, Yea!!
    Now we just need to File for Certified Copies from the US Dept of State correct?
    Btw I had 3 stars on card- husband has 4....so wish I knew what this means and if this IS a positive or negative in their system.
    Also both Passports say "see endorsement page 27" but NO endorsement are recorded on that page. Is this as it should be or how yours is as well?
    1. NP. Congratulations! The number of stars have to do with level of security clearance but we don't know for sure yet. Did you both submit an authenticated COLB? All Passports say "see endorsement page 27". That's normal.
    2. No, neither of us did. Does that make a difference in status claimed?
      Also I noticed on our cards, "u s a u s a" (vertical) along the left side of name with only random letters being in BOLD, and not all. However the number of random bolded letters equal the number of "stars" on each card, perhaps a code? Any ideas? here's an example:
      3 star card
      U (bold)
      S (not bold)
      A (not bold)
      U (not bold)
      S (Bold)
      A (Bold)
    3. Yes, that appears to be the pattern. I filed mine with a COLB authenticated at the state level and was issued a 5 star card. The bolding of the letters is double confirmation of the number of stars in case you decide to 'add' a few stars to your card.
    4. Interesting, thanks. Being that the front is the "public" side and the back is the "private" side on all gov issued id's, im intrigued and wanting to dissect all info on private side especially,lol
      Do we request our certified or authenticated copies of passport application/ES from Us dept of state or from the Sec of State in Birth state or state currently living in? I apologize, I remember youve already shared this info, however I must not have written it down, and can't seem to find it anywhere😮
    5. When you figure it out, please let us all know. Certified for establishing sovereign issues like non US jurisdiction in court cases ($50). Apostille for Hague convention agreements, i.e. if you want open a foreign bank account and avoid IRS FATCA compliance ($8). Here are the instructions:
    6. This comment has been removed by the author.
    7. This comment has been removed by the author.
    8. This comment has been removed by the author.
    9. Kelli Miller-
      Congratulations you American non-Citizen National(s)!
      I used a authenticated bc and received 3 stars and the "usausa" configuration you reference is all bold except second group "us" so, if a secondary confirmation of the number of stars than i'm missing a star or perhaps no connection- unsure but happy nontheless.

      Tuesday i sent off the FOIA request, 8-12 week time frame.
    10. Well, blue, that blows our theory on the usausa coding. But sharing is how we learn. Did you send authenticated BC or COLB? So far we have only seen 5 stars with authenticated COLB. Nevertheless, 3 stars is still good and no comparison to your old corporate passport. Congratulations! You are no longer a federal 14th amendment US citizen and have an American NCSN passport to prove it.
    11. 1Freeman- I used an authenticated bc (long form) but as Kelli indicated neither of them used authenticated COLB or BC and received a 3 and 4 star passport card(s). Trying to decipher and comprehend the machinations of gov't is it's own science, no?

      However, there now is ON THE RECORD from the highest level of gov't confirming and establishing as evidence/fact that I am not a 14th amendment citizen-THIS IS AWESOME and when you consider that afterwards you by FOIA retrieve the passport record which in fact complies with the various Rules of civil/criminal/evidence procedure...and when the need arises, yes, submit into the case(s) under Mandatory Judicial Notice- as close to a silver bullet and greatest return on your investment you'll find...destinationfreedom.com. $560 and 6 weeks later, providing no hiccups, you'll have a non Citizen state national passport for those interested. Couple the NCSN passport process with what Anna and team have shared within this article and... Welcome Home Maze-runner...where would you like to go now? LOL...
    12. That's awesome Blue sky, Congratulations!!! Correcting the Record at this level is Huge indeed!!
      Yes, agreed, sharing our failures along with our wins IS how we learn and overcome this criminal mind system of bondage through illegal conversion and deceit!
      The "Stars" are used by the Military generally for "public" recognition to honor personal conduct of servicemen correct?
      Would a "Public" charge on the record for say DUI or other civil matter converted via acceptance of guilt into "criminal offence" by an individual maybe affects the number of stars possibly? It would explain the difference in Stars my husband and I both have. We both had legal trouble way back between ages of 18-21 when we thought we really knew everything,lol
      He has 2 public charges on record and rcvd 3 stars.
      I have 1, and rcvd 4 stars.
      Chime in Blue and/or 1freeman if your NAMES public record number of "offenses" or no record and squeaky clean hence 5 stars??? Just a thought
    13. That would be an interesting connection, Kelli, except for the fact that a NCSN is no longer linked to your SSN and NAME or its record, or shouldn't be. Yes, I have a squeaky clean record and even have zero points on my DL although I was classified as a Tax Protestor at one point. And yes, I got 5 Stars, but again there should be no connection. The gentleman I helped get out of jail and his criminal case dismissed, also got his NCSN passport with 4 stars while he had just been released from jail but his case with 2 felonies and 1 misdemeanor was not dismissed yet. Perhaps because he never got a grand jury indictment which we made sure we prevented. On the other hand another individual who was on supervised release, got his NCSN passport denied. I believe he could have fought it but it was wiser to get the court order and then use that to get all charges dropped and then reapply. Perhaps they were afraid he would leave the country and though unlawful, made a knee jerk reaction to deny his passport. Unfortunately, we are still dealing with criminals.
    14. Good observation Kelly-There are a couple charges on the ens legis’ record here, and at least initially then, it appears there may be some correlation with charges vs STARS. I’m guessing the “type” of charge might affect the STAR distribution scheme. [As I understand, these “charges” remain part of the record until and such time we go back and correct those records too?] So, if in fact there is a correlation, then we’re curious to know what the various levels of security clearance represent and what we are permitted or restricted from doing, yeah? Have either of you personally and successfully used the ncsn passport card to open a non-resident foreign bank account, purchase a protective firearm, present to a local pol-ic-y(e) enforcer? I have not yet, it’s on the to do list…
  21. is anyone having a problem with the " diagram of fraud"? is it supposed to be editable? i can't even get it to download properly. Should it be included with the others in the packet?
  22. Tommy, I was able to download the diagram without issue and I think it is meant as a general overview of the how the fraud is perpetrated, not as part of the paperwork to be submitted.
  23. Well everybody I found the exact why to fill out a NCSN passport....Heres the site...

  24. Nobody ever answered the question...what is an ILB identity code
  25. Sorry, this is the correct site..i didn't get the complete site before when I copied it...!!

    1. James. Like I said, there are many people who give you free advice who do not know what they are talking about. This guy is one of them. If you put zeroes in for your SSN they will reject your application because you SSN is not zeroes.
    2. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. As I go through the rest it is just error upon error. It is worth exactly what you paid for it.
    3. People are commenting that when they stick to their guns they are indeed receiving them...why would they lie...only people selling something lie..!! These people commenting have no motive to lie..!!
    4. 1FreeMan....everytime something happens in the media concerning anything strange, they always tell us...."if you know something than say something"..!! But your not saying anything, because it's obvious you don't want to help anybody on this site...."IF YOU KNOW SOMETHING THAN SAY SOMETHING..!! People need help on this site, including you..!! If judge Anna gives her time and experience for free, why aren t you..there are damn few people on this site that can afford anything, including me...what is it you want...!!
    5. James, the article this guy admits in the first paragraph that he does not understand the differences yet. This means he has never applied for the passport himself. So how could anyone take advice from him? It is the blind leading the blind. I have been saying something at every turn but you have not been wanting to listen because you simply don't want to pay for a professional's service to assist you. It is not my service. I paid for the service myself. I don't get paid anything, not even a referral fee. Further I have been offering my services for free to any who asks as many of this blog can testify to. However, I cannot just give you 8 hours of learning and hand over a 9 page Explanatory Statement and a 2 page SSN Explanatory Statement which I signed a non disclosure agreement for to get. Perhaps you better wait until Anna puts out her instructions on how to secure a NCSN passport.
    6. James, I don't understand why you feel 1freeman doesn't "say anything" on this site to help others for free???? This IS EXACTLY & consistently what he HAS kindly and freely been providing to all of us ON THIS SITE. He has never asked to be compensated and has provided us all with very VALUABLE and VALID support in successfully executing our administrative processes, and achieving our individual/collective results as effectively, safely and timely as possible.

      THIS IS PRICELESS advice he shares to those that actually are ready and willing to do the work necessary to free themselves from this beast system, and to avoid ALL the pitfalls and landmines that have been purposely put in place to keep us from achieving our desired results.

      After looking over the link you provided, and after simply, painlessly, and effectively completing the passport process provided by http://destinationfreedom.org I AGREE with 1freeman's warning and advice to you and others regarding this "copycat" process NOT achieving the desired results without having to jump through and over many hurdles administratively first, I DO NOT recommend and I highly advise that this process will potentially cause more harm and problems for people, than help them.

      The process at destination freedom ONLY costs 1000. IF YOU are wanting Christopher to "fill out" the DS11 forms & ES FOR YOU. The actual, highly effective & priceless cost to attend both of the required online workshops is "400. for an individual and possibly at a discount for couples to attend from same computer. The paperwork was/is very simple to edit with your own info, and in total with DS11 took us a few hours to complete. Very simple process, with desired results achieved! No BS, No worries!!! We received in 5 weeks, with NO problems or hassles. What IS THAT alone worth to those seeking this very VALUABLE remedy?????It's priceless to us after 10 years of weak processes with much loss in mental, emotional and physical assets along the way!
      I learned something very valuable from Winston Shrout a long time ago that has ALWAYS stayed with me...."Arguing IS for FOOLS" and in this system IT IS purposely designed for ARGUING like a FOOL. Don't be a FOOL or ARGUE with FOOLS....its pointless and will get you nowhere but possibly somewhere YOU DON'T want to be. But like all else it's a choice, choose mindfully.
      Much gratitude, love and peace
    7. Kelli: Great post. I couldn't agree with you more regarding 1FreeMan's generosity.

      Also, I attended the first of two workshops given by Christopher Gronski of Destination Freedom (no internet connection for the second one--GRRR!) and even though I was familiar with the information presented, Christopher did a really good job of putting it together in a lovely flow. He's an excellent presenter and I'm really looking forward to his second workshop.

      I've been studying his Explanatory Statement and have needed to change some things because my circumstances are a bit different from those in the ES, but believe me, I won't be sending it off until I've attended the second workshop and spoken with Christopher.

      I'd also like to thank you, Kelli, for all the sharing you do here. I've appreciated your spirit of helpfulness, too. And while I'm at it: Thank you, james pansini!

      Bless everyone on this crazy-making journey toward greater truth and freedom.
    8. Thanks for the kudos ladies. You are making me blush! Again if money is an issue, then get to it and do the tax court process and start claiming some refunds. How much taxes have you paid over the years? How much will that add up to with compound interest over all those years? For example, if one has paid an average of $2,000/yr in taxes withheld from their paychecks since 2000, that's 17 x $2,000 = $34,000 + interest which would bring this over $40,000. That's nothing to poo poo or sneeze at. What else are you doing right now to earn that kind of money filing a few pieces of paperwork at no cost other than postage? What more can I say?
    9. Right now I have two liens at the county recorders office ....three from the IRS and one from the FTB..!! No matter what I've tried they won't release those liens and I don't feel like typing up legal papers all over again....right now I'm in the perfect place and conditions and couldn't be better....I am not going to Risk anything just to receive a few dollars because everyone has just stopped bothering me...remember I've been in this movement before computers were even invented and paid high prices for it..that is why I can see refills point...!! Every state is different, every judge is different, and every jurisdiction is different....there is no uniform rule of law anywhere...its completely up to a judge and the DA's office.....By the way, I contacted a special dept of the DA's dept concerning "real estate fraud" right after 2008 depression (not ressession) in 2013. By then you would think that they knew the whole thing by then...so I told him before I tell you my problem, can you tell me what two documents you have to have in order to have a legal mortgage.....this is a guy of the special RE fraud unit....he couldn't answer it...!!! He said it was beyond his pay grade...!! We are dealing with not and in high places that don't understand anything even if it's their job to know.....thats why I'm afraid..!! I'm in to good a position to take anymore chances, and to old...as long as I don't get noticed anymore, I'm fine...What they really want is for me to have money again so they can get it...but not this time...and it's my turn to get free stuff....totally free medical, food stamps, and low housing rent...thats right, they owe me and I'm going to milk it like they did to me...trust me ,people are extremely jealous of what I have, and we survive very easily with all that help....ive earned it....!!!
    10. James, using the free tax court process you can get rid of the all the liens, file for damages in US court of federal claims and get rid of the FTB lien as well. I don't see any risk whatsoever because they are the ones giving you a judge's signed court order for dismissal for LOJ to de-neuter them from ever looking cross eyed at you again. If you charges were IRS related, they would have reverse those as well. But it's your call.
    11. 1 Free Man...i do appriatiate all your input and for being up that passport...its just that I have absolutely no one coving my back if something happens...my twin brother is worse than useless to me...He is afraid of his shadow.. At least you have your wife to depend on if something did happen... I was being buried by a case years ago until I finally got a friend to come to court with me...my brother absouluty refused...and so did everyone else..!! No one wants to be in open water (Admiralty courts) alone and without paddles...!! But that is the hand I have been dealt...if he had more balls, we could win any case just because we are identical twins...they could go through their whole case, then realized they charged the wrong guy which would make them look very foolish...but I didn't get lucky enough to have a brother like that...he was even to afraid to come to jail and put money on my books...i realized at that point that no one will ever have my back...i truely am all alone on the sea...abondoned...!! Just like Anna says...i can never come home..ever..!! Despite the advice I give from time to time, I won t take anymore chances with anything...Right now we have over $17,000 That the state is holding for us because it was part of our inheritance when our dad died, and was missed by our attorney. It is from metropolitan life insurance , that they claim could not find heirs, which is bull because it should have gone to our dad when our mother died...but attorneys have told me that insurance companies are notorious for this because after 3 years of not collecting it, it goes to the State Dept as "unclaimed " money..!!Once that happens, the insurance Co. is off the hook for the money..!! Now the state is responsible and before we can get it now we have to give the state a ton of info that will wind up alerting the IRS and the FTB and they already know it's ours but until we ask for it it remains in the states possession....and that's why the FTB and ITS have been after us..!! But if we can't have it, no one will get it, including them...it just remains in the states hands forever...unless you can get my brother to do something about getting it back using the docs offered here 1FreMan, I won't take anymore chances....period..!! He was the one that should have been in jail in the first place, not me...and he knew it but still let them take me....nice brother...!!
    12. James, life insurance proceeds are tax free and excludable from gross income under 26 U.S. Code § 101 (a). The only info they want is to confirm your identity so they have no liability for paying it out to the wrong person. I had the same thing with abandoned funds while I was in collections and under 100% levy by the IRS, the state still sent me a direct check. I hear what you are saying but your logic does not make any sense. Especially if you are all by yourself, you need to protect yourself especially if no one has your back and the best way to do this is with a court order from the tax court that they have no jurisdiction over you and a letter from USDC that they have no jurisdiction over the IRS. Double protection for free! If I were you I would secure these 2 items first and then you are free to go after the life insurance, the liens and anything else because you are a free man since you have neutralized their authority. For added protection get the ncsn passport and file all of Anna's docs and they cannot touch you ever again. You are no longer a US citizen subject to their jurisdiction and a Foreign Sovereign and an Internationally Protected Person. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Quit living your life like a fugitive.
    13. James, I tend to agree with 1Freeman here; your dealings now are solely with the Dept. of Unclaimed Funds of your State. Since this is insurance it is not taxable which makes it less attractive and less watched IMO. Life Ins. is practically untouchable, according to my understanding. Your only problem would come from any bank that you put it in. You could instead use a brokerage account, which is also less attractive to collectors.
      If I were you, I would call the Unclaimed Funds in your state capitol and ask their employees some questions, and then you will be in a better position to make a decision about making a Claim. I doubt liens can be placed on unclaimed funds.
    14. 1FreeMan....yea, life insurance proceeds are not taxable if the insurance company still has it...But once they send it unclaimed to the State, which is only after 3 years, then the State has their own rules, and I spoke with him directly, and he said it takes about 180 days or more to get the money because they have to contact the IRS and FTB to see if you have leins, because if you do they will get it and I believe it...they want that money so bad they can taste it....its an easy steal.....an attorney told me the same thing...he said the whole thing was aggravating because it happened to him.. That's when he told me it's typical for an insurance co that owes family members the claim, that they would rather give it to the state, so they don't have to come out of pocket anymore, plus they are probably given an incentive by the IRS to turn it over to the State as soon as possible....!!!
    15. James, again, this is why you need a judge's signed order issued from the US tax court in your name that they have no jurisdiction over you. Now they cannot touch it. Problem solved for no cost and no risk except some postage.
  26. Your wecome...you just saved $1000!!!
    1. I read more on the site I gave you and read the comments from people having trouble getting these passports...The trouble is all about the social security # being all zeros....they make a big deal out of this because the IRS is involved in passports...and if they give you a passport without a ss# , they have to take you off their rolls...you just have to stick to your guns and tell them it is a felony under the privacy act for anyone to be forced to give their ss# to anyone, including govt....but I will get into this more when I start doing it....but that site is great for learning how to get that passport.....it solves just about all our problems, and for only $60....!!! Everyone has to get that passport at all cost....it is invaluable...!! No wonder why the IRS never bothers you again after getting it....
    2. This comment has been removed by the author.
    3. The $60 is for the passport itself, not the site....!! That form , like all critical govt forms, always threatens you with penalties of pergery to scare us all off...dont buy into it..!!
    4. James, don't know where you are getting the $60 fee from because that is the fee to expedite your application. As a first time applicant your fee is $145 for the book and $65 for just the card or $175 for both. You really want both unless you do not plan to get out of the country by air (card is not valid for air travel). And the card is what you use when you get pulled over to prove your status with a police officer. I also recommend expediting it so they don't have take all the time in the world time to delay the process and take forever to issue your passport. I got mine in 3 weeks from application. Also the certification of your application is $50 but you want this doc to rub the judge's nose in to never poop on your rug ever again. See the fee schedule here and note that the Execution Fee of $25 fee went up to $35 on April 2nd:
    5. James, they already have your SSN and still link it to your passport. When you submit the DS-11, they write your SSN in red at the bottom of the application which you will see written on the certified copy of your application. It is how you provide it that matters. They want you to own it so they can legally attach it. So again it is how you provide it that matters because unless you do, they will not issue the passport no matter what commenters say on the blog posts. I am working with a guy right now who did exactly what you said and refused to give his SSN and threatened high and lo of felonies and all he got for his troubles was a declination letter that until such time he provided the SSN, they were not going to issue his passport. This is what you learn in the course how to provide the SSN w/o providing it legally on paper. That's the key.
  27. As far as the so called two letters they will send us supposedly, I'm sure I can figure out how to answer it...along with your help or judge Annas...!!
    1. OK, I don't know what the 2 letters are but I would guess that they may try to trick you by sending them to your...corp fiction person name...to see if you respond.
  28. are these same forms able to be used here in Australia????
    1. Steve, I would say yes, because you are part of the Five Eyes UKUSA Agreement
      You are certainly under the IMF/IRS. However, you may need to do some local tweaking such as notarization, post office rules, etc.
  29. Should the "mandatory notice..foreign sovereign immunities act" be included in the packet to the land office??? i cannot get that in an editable form either.
    1. Here you go, Tommy.
    2. 1Freeman
      thank you very much. that worked for me and I just completed the form and printed it out.
    3. Thank You again 1Freeman! You and Kelli are absolutely GOLD!
      I am so grateful for all the expertise and knowledge you both share! People on here that whine about the position they are in while still clinging to it should re-evaluate why they are even here? You are not Psychiatrists...! I am having trouble getting the USDC to respond to my query of Jurisdiction...I have sent 3 letters a week or two apart no response. The California Chief Judges just sent back the " we don't give legal advice" and "don't contact this court again on this issue" letters. I am waiting for this before I take on the IRS, so now I have to file this year because I have a "un-collectible status" agreement with them to keep filing on time and claim zero on withholdings and pay any tax due in order to maintain such agreement...otherwise the 2 liens they have ( 42,000) become due now of course! So frustrating they feel they don't have to respond to a direct question!
    4. Doonstr, don't both with the local judges. Just send it to the Chief Justice in DC. Did you file your tax court petition yet ?
    5. No I was waiting to hear from USDC Judge first? I have it filled out but I didn't want a firestorm on my head without the no jurisdiction letter...am I doing it right?
    6. Also 1Freeman have you seen this "new" stuff from the IRS;
    7. You are doing it backwards. You will get your court order dismissal way before you see any response from USDC. So get that out ASAP! This will resolve all you tax issues. The USDC letter is only insurance in case you get called into court for an IRS issue. First things first.
    8. Wow! Ok! Nothing like needing your hand held...! Should I still file for this year since I haven't done the petition? Does it matter? I also have the State of CA going back thru all my years since I have been here claiming I owe various amounts 4-5 years later..and they of course use the 1040 to establish their numbers on...
    9. If you read through this you will see that it only addresses taxpayers and US citizens which are one and the same. It does address NCSNs nor can it.
    10. Thank You for your time and responses. I am such a neophyte! Do I just send this petition in the packet and send Certified return receipt requested? Also I don't seem to be able to find the address for that mailing to go to..lastly, do I sign By:and my name or just usual signature?
    11. Unless you are about to apply for a mortgage or a car loan, my question to you would be: do you want to file and contract with them to fork over more of your hard earned money? If your answer is yes, then go ahead. If your answer is no, then stop listening to them altogether. Once you get your court order, simply send a copy to the FTB and tell them to take a long hike in the woods at night in the rain w/o a compass or gps. I would also recommend filing Anna's docs surrendering the fed person and sending a copy to both IRS commissioners and send a copy of all of these with your green card return receipts, which are proofs of acceptance, to the FTB RMRR with a letter that accordingly you are revoking your election to pay CA income taxes nunc pro tunc to the first day you ever paid CA income tax. Just use the same wording as the commissioner letters.
    12. It depends on how fast you want to get your court order. I fedexed it to the court. If you don't want to pay that much you can do priority mail or simply proof/certificate of mailing. No need to waste $ on RMRR because the court will post it on the docket at ustaxcourt.gov as soon as they received it. Your are simply putting 5 pieces of paper in the mail. The address is on the first page of the petition in the instructions. But don't follow any of the other instructions especially DO NOT PAY THE $60 FEE! Even when they issue you an order to pay. Ignore it. Make sure you sign 3 times, the petition, form 4 and form 5. Yes, qualify your Given name autograph with a by: line as follows by: Lname, Fname Mname. If you want more detailed instructions just post your email and I will mail them to you.
    13. God Bless YOU! llwharton14@gmail.com I am doing the best I can! Please send address too as I only have 4 pages for the Petition...not sure what I am missing?
    14. I'm sorry. You are right. There are only 4 pages to file. The packet is 5 pages because it includes an instruction page as the first page which you need to discard. I will email you all the details.
    15. 1Freeman, I sent irs a copy of judge's Order, along with copy of the irs letter saying they found no Liens on us, and a letter asking irs then what authority they had to send our tax refunds to the dept. of Ed. and telling them to cease and desist. I am waiting to see how they respond to that, to make sure these 'refunds' do not get passed along to DoE.
    16. Wow, Abby, you got the signed court order already? That was fast. now you need to file Form 843 Claim for refund to demand these funds levied in error be refunded with interest.
    17. It sounds like Abby didnt understand/comprehend that the "judges order" she received was only the "motion to dismiss for LOJ" And NOT the final decision/order, as you kindly explained to her and for everyones benefit. I could be absolutely wrong.
      We petitiined on feb 20th and we are still in motion to dismiss phase til later this week....then certified copies of final order need to be requested and received.
      My petition actually took another turn than my husbands, and a "Answer" by respondent was added to docket first before "motion to dismiss" was filed....interesting, but only caused a 1 week delay of overall result desired. Still on track.
    18. Kelli, as Cary at the Tx Rep says, they try to make a mountain out of a molehill. I submitted my and my wife's petitions together. Some smart aleck local IRS attorn-on-me acting as respondent, filed a Motion for a More Definite Statement on both of us on 4/12. Excuse me, I thought, how much more definite could I be? Well, lo and behold, when it came in the mail, on the same day, 4/12, the court denied his motion, but only on my wife and not on me (yet). My LLF lawyer confirmed this and thought it was the funniest thing. Cary said the answer to this is to just file an amended petition with the same wording. But I am waiting to see of the court will dismiss mine too since just they dismissed my wife's and this appears to be their precedent. You should get a copy of the answer in the mail unless you signed up for the electronic registration per the instructions they sent you. If so you should be able to access and download electronically. My gut is they are desperate to try to close this loophole. But they cannot bypass their own guidelines or they would be a house divided against itself. This illicit house of cards is doomed to collapse anyway. The sooner the better, I say.
    19. Yes, Agreed 100%!! Those were my thoughts as well re:trying to close the loophole....lucky us right?
    20. I concur, this is a loophole that i am sure the U.S. Tax Court is working feverishly to try and close, especially if the number of people seeking this specific remedy provided in the various texas republic calls are true. Must be a paper/court nightmare...GOOD.

      For comparison, I am in the "motion to dismiss" phase to and the only correspondence received has been the ORDER to pay the $60 filing fee providing until April 30th to do so or the case may be dismissed. I sent the 2nd request to the U.S.D.C. Judge Howell and no reply yet.

    I found the below phrase after the signature portion of the document. I don't understand what it means and haven't been able to find a practical meaning for it online.


    Would someone kindly explain what this is and why it is necessary to have on this form?

    Thank you all for your valuable help.
    1. Ellie....when using the banks commercial instraments, we are all considered "private bankers" or we shouldn't be using them...So it's presumed by the courts that you do indeed know what you are doing as a banker..!! So I assume that the beginning phrase means that you are the HOME OFFICE, AND THE MAIN ADMINISTRATOR....!! UCC 1-308 used to be 1-103, meaning "without prejudice" meaning you aren t waiving any of your rights away by singing a contract and UCC 1-201 is a long part of the code with over 45 parts to it which explains the GENERAL DEFINITIONS AND PRICIPLES OF INTERPRETATIONS of the code.....probably the main one they are talking about is #4....Bank means any person (corporation)involved in the business of banking...!!!But I find # 22 and 23 very enlightening as they refer to persons/corporations who are insolvent and cannot pay their debts at law under the rules of bankruptcy, and includes the intent to liquidate the assets of the DEBTOR (the UNITED STATES right now) for the benefit of the CREITOR (the American people)...and yet here we are still answering to a completely bankrupt entity like it is business as usual.....maybe this is what Mrs Hurds was warning judge Anna about when she earned her, that whatever happens from this point on will be your fault...it looks to me that is exactly what is happening.....we lost the "rule of law" completely...!! This is a CORPORATE DICTATORSHIP NOW...!!! It isn t having the least amount of effect on our situation and not being honored by anyone....I just read a book called the "Deep State" who says that they are so thoroughly entrenched that even the presidents are helpless to stop them....they are in control of all the "intelligence agencies" which means they control the flow of disinformation and narrative they want the public to believe...!! And they have proven very good at it....!!
    2. james, maybe you can see something that I cannot see. But as I understood all of Anna's efforts from the beginning, all of her court actions on our behalf, all of her Letters, Notices, etc. - - I understood her to 'say' in her wording that it was ''on behalf of all of us'' that she was speaking up for; and filing for, and all the other 'legal' actions she was taking.

      So did I misunderstand all that? What was the purpose in all that work she did, if we are now having to do all this stuff, file all this stuff, to get everything back on our own, on an individual one-at-a-time basis?
      I am now trying to figure out what purpose did all of her work serve to accomplish...to now be told we must reclaim our own stuff for our own selves?....And if we don't, then we are right back where we always WERE?
      That brings me to the question then, did all her work and efforts come to nought; and so now this is a new tactic being tried - rally some millions of troops to bombard the courts and other places, to see if that shakes things up? Is that what is now being tried?
    3. No matter what she did, this is not America anymore....it is fully owned and controlled by China, because of all the fraudulent "mortgage backed secrurities" and fraudulently rating them with Triple A ratings, America had to be sold or at least control by China or we would be in WW3 right now...!! Th a t is prob a by why people are getting success right now, but it won't be for long...the Federal Reserve, is working with China to be the next reserve currency...and with the CIA and FBI and the ND A all on board to help them get it, it will happen..Then watch what happens to all these people...!!China won t put up with shot from what they perceive that all Americans are totally corrupt and after only one thing...money..!! See what I said above to 1FreeMan..!!
  31. after recording at the clerks office how do the agencies that matter receive the recording information? Are we to semd copies to SOS or IRS etc.?
    1. This comment has been removed by the author.
  32. ok, i started reading comments about the passports and how to fill in the application and have done it. but, how can you tell the passport we want from a standard us citizen passport? anyone? thanks.
  33. Mark, only if and when necessary. Re: the passport, you can't. There is no physical difference between a US citizen passport and ncsn passport in appearance. It is all in the coding so they can see it on their screen and out of the public purview. They hide it in plain site. The application purposely does not show it either. That is why you have to include an Explanatory Statement stating exactly what your position is and is not. They teach how to do this at destinationfreedom.org where I got mine.
    1. so where is this explanatory statement???
  34. Tommy, it is provided with the course, 9 pages and quite extensive.
  35. The entire world, including the US is in chap 7 bankruptcy and we have to do all this paperwork for WHAT AGAIN...Forgive if I seek naive but generally Corp in chap 7 banjruptcy (not 11 this time) are totally insolvent and have no authority or standing to enforce anything...otherwise, what good are bankruptcy laws or any other laws for that matter.....why is it necessary to deal with a bankrupt organization when under the rules of bankruptcy they are "DEAD" THEMSELVES..!! Judge Anna, why did you even go through all that trouble if no one is playing by law or rules, that I can see....!!! I claimed bankruptcy one time in my lige, and I had no credit or standing to do anything for 10 years....this Corp is beyond bankruptcy...why do we still notice them....they don't exsist...you are just giving life to a "DEAD " ENTITY...!! HOW DO YOU JUSTIFY THAT..!!
    1. Wait a minute, James, you may just have hit something. Chapter 7 is liquidation of unsecured claims, not secured claims with underlying assets which would only be chapter 11 or 13 reorganization. Would this mean that we are no longer considered as the underlying assets for their claims?
    2. That's my understanding and if judge Anna tru ely has perfected liens to prove it, why can't we just use her liens as proof that the international court of Haugh has certified them as valid...let everyone else sort this out...all we seem to be doing is dealing with DEBTORS that cannot pay there DEBTS at law...and we are the TRUE CREDITORS....she gave us the Court # to use awhile back...!! I don't know, what do you think...!!! They wrote the code which overrode our constitution laws....now they don't even want to follow international law and the UCC which 200 countries are using.......isnt that called "PIRACY ON THE HIGH SEAS"...!!!
    3. James, you can. You can download them all right here, go ahead and add yourself as a Lien Claimant and file them:
      You can even download Anna's universal payment bond right here:
      But what are you going to do with them? If you are not even willing to file any other paperwork for yourself, why would you want to bother filing Anna's liens? Now be honest with yourself, which of Anna's documents have you filed for yourself so far? Anything?
    4. This comment has been removed by the author.
    5. 1FreeMan I gave you a long answer to your question a little while ago up a ways on this site...go see my answer....!!!
    6. It comes right after your comment on using America non-citizen national instead of Non-citizen American national....!!
  36. Everyone is dealing with "illusions" and making them real by your tacit approval instead of calling them out for what they are....you are litterally giving them life by going along with this nonsence....!! This is more than just "civil" 1FreeMan..It is Criminal as hell....Treasonous and seditious...punishible by death...!! What happened to that part of the law....!!! That's why I said it's time to FIRE every single judge and start over so we can bring criminal claims against everyone that took part in this form of govt, even if they didn't know....ignorance of the law is no excuse....!!! Its that what we have been taught....!!! They have been trapped now....what the hell is the problem....!!! I guarantee you, when the time comes, your paperwork won't hold water because they will be a whole set of new rules....bet on it..!!
    1. james, as you can probably tell, all along I've had this feeling that there is just something not quite right about doing all this filing and claiming etc. And everytime I sit down to formulate a check-list of 'things to do' something always blocks me; like its not the right thing for me to do.
      And I would get this feeling that I should just wait and see where all the dust settles.
      Now, maybe you are clearing the air here.
    2. I think you are being smart Abby...Lets wait and see what happens when the dust settles...!! This is not America anymore...its fully owed by China...!!
    3. james, well we already know that Anna said there is no more need to have BC's authenticated. I think more things will change along the way. At any rate, we don't know who will be running our country or who really owns it, like what has been given away that is still a big secret.
      This whole rabbit hole is much deeper than any of us knows. IMO
  37. thank you 1freeman, next i need to learn how to enforce and notify, is filing with clerk recorder sufficient notice?
    1. Mark, what are you looking to enforce?
  38. Not when it comes to the banks or govt...the county recorders office is good only when one slave is dealing with another slave...it won t have any effect on a foreclosure...none at all....!! If it does, I'd like to hear about it....!!!
  39. Concerning the Cert of Assumed Name, the 3rd page paragraph at the end of document stating "The provisions and copyrights are in effect from ...." What is this date supposed to refer to? Current date document is signed & notorized?
  40. Thank you so much Anna! This is the first time that I see a complete package with links, that makes everything so much easier!
    I have a German Birth Certificate and I am a United States Citizen, what to do? My BC is original but not authenticated, need help with that, or do I use the Citizen # for these forms.
    I am married, do we both need our own set of forms?
    Grateful for your answer
    God Bless you for all you do!
  41. Anna, I forgot to click notify me! Sorry! Just and add on to my above question!
    thank you!
  42. Why is everyone so concened about the damn money...that is what got us into this mess in the first place...what good is it to collect on back pay or anything else if no one goes to prison....this should be the "main objective" ...ortherwise what are we trying to achieve for the country if we don't start putting ITS agents , the directors, and the commissioners in jail for long prison sentences...!!We aren t in this just to protect ourselves...should we just let all these govt agencies just get away with murder....if I sent a letter to judge Anna telling her you owe me $20,000 For refusing to give me that money just because I said so , and then wait for her to ignore the letter than file a Lein against her for not answering, which is the equivalent of "silent" aquiesence....!! That's what they are getting away with all this fraud..No one wants to charge these guys with criminal complaints when they ask for money through the mail which even though I'm not a judge like Anna, I could come up with at least half a dozen criminal charges and that's just the beginning....do you see them signing anything with a wet ink signiture....doesnt qualify as RICO..!! IT'S A CRIMINAL SYNDACATE...!! All they are doing is strongarming the intended victim, which is us....and it reduces the Corp tax liability when we only work for a retail store and not govt...the Corp are also on the hook for forcing every employee to fill out a W-4 Form...!! Come on guys....we arent solving any problems this way...1FreeMan, I'm glad you got your money and they backed off of you...But now your just going to let the criminal get away with it...all he's going to do is find easier prey and destroy another family....it needs to end, here and now...you already have the proof that they were trying to collect something that didn t belong to them under conditions of extreme duress...the next person isn t going to be near as lucky...i told judge Anna to start a class action suit for all of us, just to make a statement that we mean business....but she refuses to do it....and don't give me that hogwash about personal LIABILITY...I wonder where we would all be if Jesus thought that way...only for himself....if judge Anna can communicate with heads of state and the pope, and Karen Hurds, what the he'll is she so damn afraid of by being a class action criminal lawsuit...
    1. James, a class action suit is a settlement suit. From what it sounds like you are not looking to settle anything but insist on criminal prosecution. How are you going to file an indictment by a grand jury in a court owned by the same criminals you are looking to indict? This is why Trump will be using Military Law to process and convict the over 25,000 sealed indictments already in place. Stay tuned...
  43. .shes a judge...she can bring it on her own without the DA, who is nothing but an unlawfully unregistered foreign agents working for a foreign principle....Why are you like this judge Anna....Nobody cares about law until they are in jail....money means nothing to criminals if they can always get away with it....i would rather donate money every month for you to bring criminal charges, instead of giving us history lessons...ive had enough college and schooling...its time to back it up with action like Rod Class did...what the he'll are you worried about..you don't think the "lord" has your back....yee of little faith...!! Quit putting the pressure on us and go for broke...Trump already did it to the latest Commissioner and Director ...The commissioner was pressured so hard about the fraud he was pulling he resigned his position before he went to jail...but The director is still holding her ground, but wouldnt answer one question by the Senate except standing on her right of the 5th amendment to not be a witness against herself...last time I heard, she is afraid of going to prison..Now if Trump can threaten then why can't you as a judge...especially since you have over 8,000 people coming to your site according to Paul...is that right Paul or is it more...!!! People in both the IRS and the Internal Revenue Service need to be put in prison, especially since they are in bankruptcy...if the courts are finally starting to let us get REMEDY there is something going on...certainly, the international court knows...why don't you bring criminal charges against them there, in that venue, under Trumps brand new EO which states that anyone who is guilty of crimes against humanity needs to go to GITMO..!! There you are...right on a platter for you judge Anna...and you have ex judges to help you , and others that support your "living law firm" ...what happened, did they all die....its time to close ranks and stick together in mass with you as the leader....how was that Abby...!!!
    1. james, I posted a nice answer to your post here; I don't know why it 'didn't stick'. Anyhow, you have a great point here !
  44. WE need new and completely trained and formally educated "Grand Jurys" that are well informed and not bullied by the prosecutor and courts....These so called "Grand Juries" we have now are nothing but extensions of the DA's dept....A TRUE "Grand Jury" answers to no one and doesn't take orders from anyone, especially the DA's dept......that is called "Jury tampering"..!! The constitution gave us 3 votes....not one!! In fact the 1st vote is the least important...the ballot vote..!! The next two votes are , or were supposed to be the REMEDY for an out of control govt, before it came to war...!! Number 1) the "petit jury" made up of 12 jurors, who despite what every judge says, or instructs its juries, do in fact have the absolute right to judge both the LAW and the FACTS, and their conscious, otherwise what good are they...!! And the 3rd) is the most powerful of all, which is the "Grand Jury" who alone has the power to investigate anything or anyone they want, without being hindered by law enforcement or anyone for that matter.....but obviously, the forefathers were very shortsighted, never realizing how much technology was about to occur over the next 200 years, creating the chance to manipulate even the brightest minds of our world today, because of Television and the tech world which has corrupted good people by mind control without them even knowing or caring about law...!!! They had no amendment for that happening...once people's word (bond) with just a handshake is broken, contracts and attorneys are inevitable and will infect the land like logust on the LAND!!! Some people are born cons and even back in 1776 that was true, but the constitution never addressed that problem....and worse, fraud is so hard to prosecute, the courts are only concerned with anything they can prove "without a doubt" and quickly...!!
  45. I have a 'payment plan' since 2010 with the irs and owe around $25k still. Can you give me the paint by numbers steps to take? Or is each situation handled differently. I'm self employed and get customers from around the world.
  46. Unknown, here you go...
    The Top Ten Articles for Rapid Assistance http://annavonreitz.com/toptenarticles.pdf
  47. Paul, Can one use the editabe documents if they were born in Panama and have a mother and father that are American? TY!
  48. Unfortunately, these are all in WORD and some of us refuse to pay for this product.
  49. Q:
    What if the SOLB has given name separation on another line with surname over top?
    And the capital name is FAMILY,!GIVEN NAMEs and your bible says first middle last ? All different. My true name first, what do i put on ANC after i , ????
  50. Ref:
    Physicians handbook on birth and death registration,
    the US Department of commerce ,
    bureau of the census 1939

    States birth certificate. is counterfeit and the government warned people not to use it for identification. the division register divided the debt entity pagan corporation from the innocent child protected by the statement of birth by their one and only true name the God-given Christian name. the surname is surtax for pagans and by mixing it and setting off the surname with a,
    comma, the government creates an unholy alliance.
  51. This comment has been removed by the author.
  52. Hebrews 7:22 (king james version)
    “ by so much was Jesus made a surety of a better testament (will)

    By so much was Jesus made a surety of a better testament (will). Jesus for fill the law, or will of God.
    The Christian name is the better name (surety) .
    The surname is surtax, the pagan name is the lesser estate .


  1. Your article quality is good enough. Thanks for sharing this great article.

  2. Can someone help me with a question or two that I have with the UCC. PLEASE!
    My email is rjrun8@q.com

  3. Would I John George Doe being duly sworn make my intention known to be a state citizen but not a U.S. Citizen. I am a national of New Jersey and a state citizen of New Jersey. Furthermore I have always been a state citizen. Can anyone tell me if that should do. Thx!