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Friday, June 30, 2017

Texas Boys State Votes to Secede Gary North from Specific Answers

Texas Boys State Votes to Secede

Gary North - June 28, 2017
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Boys State is an annual one-week summer assembly of high school seniors held in every state in the union except Hawaii. It is sponsored by the American Legion.
The boys for one week organize themselves into rival political parties. Then they conduct mock civil government.
I attended in 1958 in California. It had a profound effect on me. I gained my self-confidence that week. I was elected to state office.
In my day, the two parties were Tories and Whigs. The head of the Whig party was Stacy Keach. The head of the Tory party was Dwight Chapin. Chapin later served as Pres. Nixon's appointments secretary, and he went to jail as part of the dirty tricks campaign. I almost was hired by Chapin. It just didn't quite work out. I think that was for the best.

Nobody who worked on Ron Paul's staff ever went to jail. That was good enough for me.
In 1963, Bill Clinton went to Boys State, and was elected as the Arkansas representative to go to Boys Nation. There, he shook hands with Pres. Kennedy.
This summer, the Texas Boys State meeting voted to secede from the union. This is mind-boggling.
Texas is a big Boys State assembly. There were about 1,100 boys who attended. In my day, it was about 800.
I suppose some of the boys voted for secession as a lark. Maybe they figured it would get publicity. It certainly did. I have never heard of any Boys State assembly that voted for secession. Of course, if there was any state assembly to do it, it was Texas.
Sometimes Boys State serves as an early warning system. Back in 2007, the Colorado Boys State voted to legalize marijuana. Less than a decade later, Colorado legalized marijuana.
I don't think Texas is going to secede, but I think the secession mentality is going to spread. That favors state's rights over federal power. That is altogether a good thing.
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