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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Chapter 24 Brainwashing saves a U.S. President: The Tavistock Institute for Human Relations by Dr. John Coleman from antimatrix.org

Brainwashing saves a U.S. President

I would venture to suggest that even after all my years of exposing Reese and his work; fully 95 percent of Americans don't know who he is or what harm he has done to the United States.
This substantial number of our citizens is even today totally unaware of how they have been manipulated and forced to accept "new ideas", "new cultures", and "new religions". They have been grossly violated and don't know it. They are still being violated and still don't know what is happening, especially when it comes to opinion making through polling.
To illustrate my contention, former President Clinton was able to survive scandal after scandal on the basis of the polls showing that the American people didn't care enough about his outlandish behavior to call for impeachment proceedings. Could this be right? Could it be true that people really don't care about public morals anymore? Of course not!

The situation is a contrived one taught by Tavistock Institute and every polltaker is trained in Tavistock methods of opinion making and manipulation of public opinion, so that the answers "come out right."
We can add President G.W. Bush to the "survivors". He has not been removed from office notwithstanding the blatant lies that were used to start an illegal (unconstitutional) in Iraq. It is unconstitutional because war was never constitutionally declared.
Also, there is no provision in the U.S. Constitution for the United States to attack another nation that has not committed acts of belligerency against it. How has President Bush got away with not being impeached? The answers lie in the Tavistock Institute and its mass brainwashing capabilities.
One of the early tasks undertaken by Tavistock after it launched total war on the U.S. in 1946 was to force acceptance of "alternate life styles" on the American people. Tavistock documents showed how the leaders of a campaign to force legal public acceptance of groups, whose behavior was until the changes were forced through by the Congress, recognized as a crime in almost every State in the Union, and in some States, remains as a crime. I am referring to the "gay lifestyle" as it has come to be known.
The careful profiling that was done before this "change" program was launched was not believed by the uninitiated, who dismissed it as "lurid science fiction", even though it were spelled out in the simplest of terms. A vast majority of Americans never heard (and still do not know in 2005) that the Tavistock Institute went to war against them in 1946, nor that the people have been losing that war ever since.
Tavistock turned its attention to the United States at the close of WWII. The methods that brought Germany down, were now unleashed against the United States. The massive brainwashing of our nation was called "Long Range Penetration " and "Inner Directional Conditioning."
The main purpose of this endeavor was to install Socialist programs at every level of government; ushering in the New Dark Age a New World Order inside a One World Government Communist dictatorship.
Particularly, it was designed to break down the sanctity of marriage and family life. And it was aimed at the Constitution, also, to "make it of no effect." Homosexuality, lesbianism, and abortion are Tavistock-designed programs, as are aimed at "changing" the U.S. Constitution.
Much of Tavistock's programs are based on getting the "right" candidates elected; this being achieved with the help of its trained pollsters with their cleverly loaded questions. Tavistock's "gay lifestyle" blueprint called for several "task force" units who would assist the media in painting over the homosexual onslaught and making the "new lifestyle" crusaders seem "just like any other people."
"Talk shows" are now an integral part of such plans, but back then, they were not as widely used to bring about social changes as they are today. The leaders selected by Tavistock to promote tremendous changes on the social and political scene via talk shows, were Phil Donahue and Geraldo Riviera, Bill O'Reilly, Barbara Walters and scores of other people whose names have become household names in America. It was they who presented people who were to run for office; people who hitherto, would have been laughed off the platform. But now, thanks to the skillful use of polling, such persons are taken seriously.
The minuscule planning that went into priming the public through T.V. talk show hosts, cost millions of dollars spent in putting this Tavistock-forced social change long-range plan into effect, and as the results show, Tavistock did its homework well. With all of my experience, I am still amazed at how this great coup was pulled off.
Entire communities across the nation were profiled; guests for talk shows and their audiences were selected by profile matching, without ever being aware of what was being done without their knowledge and consent. Americans were bamboozled on a grand scale and didn't know it then and still don't know it! Nor did they know that they were being whipsawed by the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations.
Finally, after three years of preparation, the Tavistock sodomist / lesbian onslaught that was launched against a totally unsuspecting American people can be likened to the storm that burst upon the unsuspecting French nation at the time of the French Revolution.
The well-planned and executed campaign began in Florida, according to plan, and, exactly as planned, Anita Bryant came forward to take up the cudgels against the invaders from the "gay community" - words carefully selected by Tavistock, which have now become fully acceptable. Before this episode, the word "gay" was never used to describe homosexuals or their behavior.
Tavistock was founded in 1921 as a successor to Wellington House that had pulled off a great coup in 1914 and 1917, and as already related, getting Britain and America into a savage war against Germany.
Tavistock was to serve as a primary research vehicle for British intelligence services, still the best in the world. Major, later Brigadier General John Rawlings Reese commissioned by the monarch was chosen to run the project and the British royal family funded the project with help from the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds.
In the middle of WWII, Tavistock received additional funding from David Rockefeller, in return for help in taking over the former Reynard Heydrich's German secret intelligence service. The whole apparatus and personnel of the brilliant top Nazi security service was bodily transported to Washington, D.C., in violation of the supreme law of the land. It now began to be called "Interpol."
During the Second World War, both the London and Sussex facilities of Tavistock, served as headquarters for the British Army's Psychological Warfare Bureau.
The significance of this is that through the "best friend" arrangement between Churchill and Roosevelt, Tavistock was able to take full control of U.S. intelligence and military policies through Special Operations Executive (SOE) and maintained this control throughout the Second World War. Eisenhower was selected by the Committee of 300 to become the commanding general of the allied forces in Europe, but only after extensive profiling by Tavistock. He was then appointed to the White House. Eisenhower was allowed to retain his seat in the White House until, with his usefulness expended, as memories of the war receded, he was dumped. Eisenhower's bitterness over the treatment he received at the hands of the Committee of 300 and the Tavistock Institute is reflected in his statements about the dangers posed by the military-industrial complex--a veiled reference to his former bosses, the "Olympians."
The "Committee of 300" book, tells the full story of this hitherto ultra-secret, ultra-elite body of men who rule the world. The Committee of 300 has at its disposal a vast, interlocking network of banks, finance houses, the print and electronic media, large groups of "think tanks", new science scientists who are in reality the modern-day
creators of what passes for public opinion created through its national poll opinion makers, and so on. Today, over 450 of the top Fortune 500 companies are in the grip of the Committee of 300.
These include Petro-Canada, the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, Halliburton, Root, Kellogg and Brown, British Petroleum, Shell, Xerox, Rank, Raytheon, ITT, Eagle Insurance, all the largest insurance companies, all of the top companies and or organizations in the U.S., Britain and Canada. The so-called environmental movement is entirely controlled by the Committee, through the Tavistock Institute.
Most people tend to believe that "brainwashing" is a Korean/Chinese technique. It isn't. Brainwashing dates back to Tavistock as the originator of the art. The science of behavioral modifications had its origin in Tavistock, which trained an army of intelligence personnel to go out and do likewise.
The United States, perhaps more than any other country, has felt the weight of Tavistock's fist in our national life at almost every level, and its grip on this country has not been lessened: If anything, with the advent of William Jefferson Clinton, and Bush, father and son, it has been considerably tightened. We were truly brainwashed in 1992 and 1996. We are truly a brainwashed nation in 2005. The United States is the principal victim of long-range penetration warfare using the Reese techniques.
Other victim-countries are Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe,) Angola, South Africa, the Philippines, South Korea, Central America, Iran, Iraq, Serbia, Yugoslavia, and Venezuela.
The technique isn't working in Iraq and Iran, and by and large, Muslim countries seem less receptive to Tavistock mass population control methods than Western countries.
There is no doubt that their strict adherence to the laws of the Koran and their Islamic faith is what foiled Tavistock's plans for the Middle East, at least, temporarily. Therefore, a concerted drive was mounted to wage war on the Muslim world.
That Reese succeeded in forcing changes on a large number of countries is mirrored in events that have since transpired. At home, Tavistock reshaped a whole series of major U.S. institutions, both private and government, among them our intelligence agencies, units of the Pentagon, Congressional committees, large corporations, the entertainment world, and so on.

Tavistock's assault on the U.S.


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