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Fluoride is a poison. Fluoride was poison yesterday. Fluoride is poison today. Fluoride will be poison tomorrow. When in doubt, get it out.

An American Affidavit

Sunday, June 25, 2017


I am not an attorney (thank God, for I am not unlawful criminal) and what follows is not legal advice for I were to give any such advice, the BAR attorneys would play crybaby and say that I am practicing law without a license......which is sort of funny as these these BAR attorneys are not practicing law rather advocates of codes and statutes that fixes the game for them....
so take what follows as entertainment value, for afterall it is all just one fucking (pardon my cuss) joke and we are the butt of that joke, as we are the ones being blindly trespassed upon, our estates stolen for the profits and pleasures of criminal swine (BAR attorneys)
If you are currently engaged in a court battle, understand it is entirely fixed and you will never, or I should say rarely win, and if you do it does not matter cause they will come back in another form through another entity.
it is my humble yet educated opinion, having been a\n avid student of intellectual properties these past ten years, that you fully inform these assholes conducting these unlawful acts against you and your property, that you know what is going on. that you know you are being deprived of your administrative processes, that your equal protection and due process is being violated - and that is ok .....i know I cannot beat you in a system entirely fixed by patented processes. Yes, I did execute the documents as alleged, but the documents I executed was not in a mortgage in real property, but instead as evidenced by the intentionally concealed MERS/NB credit security agreement is a mortgage in copyright, and that you Mr asshole crooked judge is actually an adminstrator of royalties, MY STOLEN ROYALTIES .....but you go ahead and keep doing what you are doing, you may take my house from me, but know for certain, criminal asshole BAR attorney, judge,servicer, county and state actors that I will be pursuing my admin remedies through Treasury and the IRS - and i will collapse all those tax shelters you are hiding behind, because I have every right to, as the now knowing sole benficiary that you made the unknowing passive investor, to which you sucked, stole and raped all my earnings, proceeds and profits from........
So go ahead, keep doing what you are doing, but know for 1000
% certainty, I will be back, except it will not be me, it will the federal govt coming back after you, and me, well i will be sitting in the lap of luxury having taken back what is lawfully mine....
I firmly believe you have to go tat these people attempting to take your home away with confidence of knowledge, fantastic knowledge upon which admin actions are taken that these fuckers cannot do one thing to prevent you from doing so
....that is entertainment

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