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Monday, November 25, 2019

A Republican Form of Government Section 52 — “Committees of Safety” from Anna Von Reitz

Section 52 — “Committees of Safety”
Prior to the start of the Revolutionary War, colonists formed local “committees of safety” to prepare themselves “if trouble comes”, which at that point was brewing. So they set up networks of Minutemen and pass words and secret storage facilities.
It was in fact the object of the British troops marching on Concord and Lexington to find and secure such a storage of arms and gunpowder and to arrest those presumed responsible for its existence.

There are some people who haven’t noticed the passage of over 200 years and they still think that forming such committees and making such preparations is a sensible and viable response today as it was then.
Let’s be very clear — pitting the might of the US Armed Forces against farmers armed with deer rifles is not a desirable or reasonable option.
Ironically, what sparked the onset of the Revolutionary War was a committee supposedly promoting “safety”. What landed Schaeffer Cox in jail for 26 years was a “contingency plan” based on a “what if” scenario that never happened.
People who get involved in your Assemblies and who start preaching violence need to be treated to a Bevins Declaration on the spot, and if they persist, you must throw them out on their ears, draw a line, and disassociate yourselves from them. It’s hard, but it’s necessary.
Such people are far more dangerous than the dangers they fear. Why? Because they can knowingly or unknowingly provide the open door — the means and excuse — for exactly what they are afraid of.
Those who are so angry and fearful that they sneak around looking over their shoulders and stockpiling weapons need help, but not the kind of help a State Assembly can give them.
In this day and age, we have a different kind of war to fight, a war of Evil in High Places, of middlemen (bankers and politicians and military personnel) usurping the power of lawful national governments, of false information, of deceit, of propaganda, or commodity rigging, of bankruptcy fraud, of judicial corruption, of counterfeiting of currencies, of odious debt...the list goes on.
The real essence of “war”, even political genocide, takes place on paper now, in board rooms, and in bars and men’s clubs where the low-life scum sit comfortably and discuss their latest plan to squeeze the last drops out of the working classes and how best to mischaracterize the “enemy” — that is, all the honest working people they prey upon — in the morning paper.
Today’s Committee of Safety consists of those who know the actual law — not the “rule of law” — and keep it.
Today’s Committee of Safety consists of honest alternative journalists who work hard to expose the men behind the curtains.
Today’s heroes are those who are competent to go into courts and slay paper dragons.
Today’s heroes are the military personnel who know the truth and who won’t follow illegal and immoral orders.
Updated: May 22, 2019 Table of Contents Page 181 of 209
The Jural Assembly Handbook By: Anna Von Reitz
Today’s heroes are those who educate themselves and shine up their Shinola Sensors and share the necessary information by word of mouth.
There’s nothing wrong with setting aside extra supplies for your family. There’s no reason you should give up your deer rifles. There is no harm in considering the public safety of your communities, water supplies, use of public buildings in emergencies, food banks, and similar efforts are all fine.
As State Assemblies we have every reason and right to promote true Public Safety. As anyone who has been through an actual disaster can tell you, FEMA is not about Public Safety nor any direct and effective relief, so there is a role for State Assemblies to play in terms of community preparedness, but not with the intention of warring against a government that we have ourselves created.
This is our own Bug-A-Boo and it is up to us to take up the means of control which we already have, to make it perform as it should.
Think about it. Our States of the Union have been at peace since 1814. It’s best for everyone concerned if we stay at peace and simply, lawfully, take up the task of minding our own store.
We need to seize upon and exercise our lawful rights and we all need to learn how to enforce those rights and guarantees that are already ours.
In that lies the true safety of everyone concerned, including our sons and daughters in the US military services and our neighbors working to perform other government services.
The unique structure of the American Government places us in the crucial position of upholding the rights of everyone else — including those of us who are currently serving in the capacity of “US Citizens”.
Without us knot-heads exercising our “natural and unalienable rights” on the land and soil of the American States, those natural and unalienable rights disappear for everyone concerned, and all that is left is “civil rights” given by oligarchs and taken away by oligarchs.
Is that what our service members have fought and died to defend? The petty interests of petty despots in Washington, DC?
Or is it about preserving something far better, far nobler, and far greater than that current sideshow of self-interest and politics?
Once all the US Citizens wake up and realize that we are actually the ones covering their backs and preserving their right to come home and enjoy freedom, and we wake up and realize that they are also doing the same for us, then this idiocy of shadow boxing can disappear.
We can step back, and from the larger perspective, see how foreign governments acting in Breach of Trust and in violation of commercial contracts, treaties, and obligations, have occupied middleman positions and worked both sides against the middle to benefit themselves — and all at our expense.
We can identify our actual enemies and the enemies of all Mankind and we can then take appropriate action to eradicate these banal evils; we can do so lawfully, peacefully, and with impunity, using the tools that we already have.
This is, as we have always said, a matter of criminals and criminality, not a matter of politics at all. Our lawful national government has been overtaken and “substituted for” by our own
Updated: May 22, 2019 Table of Contents Page 182 of 209
The Jural Assembly Handbook By: Anna Von Reitz
employees run amok. There are cures for that, that do not involve guns or “Committees of Safety”.
When we empower ourselves and apply the actual Law instead of getting mired down in the “Rule of Law” — which is nothing but the policies and procedures of courts — we win. We win peacefully, decisively, and forever.
Let the simple truth be our armor and let the Divine Providence that established our many sovereign republican states be with us yet, and may we all realize that we give each other the only safety there is, by sharing and by caring and by taking right action every day that we live.
—Posted: April 24, 2019
Updated: May 22, 2019 Table of Contents Page 183 of 209
The Jural Assembly Handbook By: Anna Von Reitz
Section 53 — The Actual Legislative History

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