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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

29 Zionist Strikes (Zionism is Not Judaism)

29 Zionist Strikes (Zionism is Not Judaism)

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Strike 02: Memoranda for the President on 9/11: Time for the Truth — False Flag Deep State Truth! UPDATE 9: Criminal Grand Jury Is ON!

Strike 03: #UNRIG: Roster of Senators and Representatives Who Place Israel First in Betrayal of Their Oath to the US Constitution and in Betrayal of Every One of Their Constituents

Strike 04: Jonas E. Alexis, “The Israeli Regime Invades Kansas Public Schools,” Veterans Today, 14 November 2017.
Strike 05: Robert Steele: How the Deep State controls social media and digitally assassinates critics – #GoogleGestapo – Censorship & Crowd-Stalking Made Easy (Trump Revolution 17)
Strike 06: Yoda: Netanyahu to USA Progressive Jews – “Fuck Off” (Zionist Strike 6)
Strike 07: Haaretz: Time for Jews to Boycott Israel (Zionist Strike 7)
Strike 08/09: Paul Adams: Zionism in America – Strike 8, Strike 9
Strike 10: Henry Siegman: Zionism Strike 10 — The Implications of President Trump’s Jerusalem Ploy
Strike 11: Zionism Strike 11: Supreme Court Kills Laws Favoring Israel
Strike 12: Mongoose: Is Bill Maher a Zionist Agent of Influence? Is This Zionism Strike 12?
Strike 13: Overlooked.
Strike 14: Paul Adams: Are 9% of Members of Congress & Senior Executives Dual US-Israel Citizens? Zionism Strike 14!
Strike 15: Thomas L. Are: Zionist Bigotry Zionism Strike 15
Strike 16: Matthew Jamison: The End of Israel (Says Henry Kissinger), The End of the US-Israel Alliance — Zionism Strike 16?
Strike 17: CNN (Cuomo) Flips for Trump, Slams Netanyahu Live — Zionism Strike 17!
Strike 18: Mongoose: Zionism Strike 18 – Israel Commits Suicide — Apartheid Set in Stone, All Jews Worldwide Now Suspect as Agents of the “Jewish State”
Strike 19: Mongoose: Zionism Strike 19 — Jewish Diaspora Rejects Neo-Nazi Apartheid Jewish “State”
Strike 20: Mongoose: Zionist Strike 20: RIft Between US Jews and Zionist Apartheid Government of Israel Grows
Strike 21: Robert Steele: Zionist Strike 21 – Time to Cut Them Off
Strike 22: DefDog: Zionists Help Dictators Hunt Dissidents and Gays World-Wide Zionist Strike 22
Strike 23: CounterPunch: Zionist Lobby Busted – Art of the Smear – Strike 23
Strike 24: Mongoose: Zion Strike #24 – Israeli Sniper Shoots AP Cameraman Wearing a Press Vest
Strike 25: Mongoose: Zion Strike 25 – Texas Fires Teacher for Refusing to Sign Pro-Israel Oath
Strike 26: Mongoose: Three More Israels? Netanyahu’s Zion Strike 26?
Strike 27: Mongoose: Zion Strike 27 – US Police Pressured to End Zionist Training — Investigation May Emerge into Zionist Mind-Control of Police Trained in Israel
Strike 28: Zionism Strike 28: 88 Members of the House of Representative Suck Up to Zionist Israel and Demand an Ambassador Censor to Monitor Criticism of Zionist Apartheid Genocidal Israel, a Mafia State
Strike 29: Zionist Strike 29: Israel Credibly Accused of Killing US Soldiers in Syria — False Flag to Blackmail President Donald Trump Into Staying in Syria?
Robert Steele: Zionism in America – Seven Strikes and Counting… (Trump Revolution 21)
Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro: Zionism is Not Judaism, Zionism is Toxic to Judaism
Michelle Goldberg: Anti-Zionism Isn’t the Same as Anti-Semitism (in the Zionist NYT No Less)
Cynthia McKinney: Washington DC Occupied by Zionists
David Icke: Rothschild Zionism – Names Names, All Enemies of the USA?
Christopher Bollyn: The Zionist Criminal Network
Ted Broer: When George Bush, Sr. Took on the Zionist Lobby, and Paid For It
Ted Broer: How Zionists Flim-Flammed the Christian Evangelicals
Mongoose: Christian Zionism — 100 Years of Idiots Duped by Zionists [Remember the USS Liberty — That Is The Beast in Action]
Robert Steele: Zionism, Judaism, & the Apartheid Genocidal State of Isreal — A Super Article by Lynda Burstein Brayer
Mongoose: Video Highlights (10:45) On Zionist Espionage in USA
Mongoose: How Deep Is Zionist Penetration of US High-Tech?
Mongoose: Best Available Copy of Zionist Plan for Middle East Sucking Bone Marrow from the USA
Mongoose: The Zionist Mass Immigration Agenda – “Diversity” = Genocide for Everyone EXCEPT White Zionists in Israel
Ron Unz: American Pravda – 9/11 Conspiracy Theories and the Zionist Control of America
Yoda: EXPLOSIVE – The Full Undercover Documentary on the Zionist Lobby That Subverts the US Economy, Government, Media, and Society

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