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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Top Ten Reasons: Sandy Hook was an Elaborate Hoax by Vivian Lee,Sofia Smallstorm,James Tracy and Jim Fetzer from Veterans Today


Top Ten Reasons: Sandy Hook was an Elaborate Hoax

by Vivian Lee, Sofia Smallstorm, James Tracy, Jim Fetzer and the Sandy Hook Research Group

“[T]he names and ‘contextually identifying information of involved children’ were withheld, including descriptions of the children, their clothing and their belongings”–Reuben F. Bradford, Commissioner, Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection
Everyone must check inThe New York Times, our nation’s newspaper of record (which records the “official history” of the United States), has reported that, with its “final report,” the criminal investigation of Sandy Hook by the State of Connecticut is over. 
Remarkably, the report does not even include the names, the ages or the sex of the alleged victims of the shooting. There is no actual identification of any of the dead. Even the Danbury, CT, Newstimes found it unsatisfying.
And the 52 “autopsy photos” that accompany the report are redacted. The New York Times itself now appears to be responsible for a stunning display of journalistic incompetence on a matter of enormous public concern. 
Anyone with the inclination can comb through hundreds of years of American crime reports and will not find an instance in the which the names, the ages or the sex of the victims is not given–with the exception of victims of sex crimes.  Withholding this information is part of a pattern of deception and deceit that extends to the Clerk of Newtown making secret arrangements with the state legislature to avoid releasing death certificates to the public, attempts to withhold the 911 calls and gag orders imposed upon those responsible for tearing down the building itself:

In a letter accompanying the report, Reuben F. Bradford, the commissioner of the state’s Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, said the names and “contextually identifying information of involved children” were withheld, including descriptions of the children, their clothing and their belongings. “All visual images depicting the deceased have been withheld,” he added, “as well as written descriptions whose disclosure would be highly offensive to a reasonable person and would violate the constitutional rights of the families.”
The commissioner said that balancing the “often competing interests of government transparency and individual privacy has been difficult,” but the situation is completely absurd.  This appears to be only the latest in a series of obscene measures being adopted to conceal from the public that the Sandy Hook “massacre” was in fact an elaborately staged hoax, which no one who takes a serious look at the evidence can reasonably deny because, in view of what we have now proven about the event, no alternative explanation is reasonable.
The basic principle that applies here is inference to the best explanation. Consider the totality of the evidence in this case.  Is the evidence more probable on the hypothesis that Sandy Hook was a real event or that it was instead an exercise (or a “drill”) , which was presented as though it had been a real event?  The hypothesis that confers the highest probability on the evidence is the preferable, which, when the evidence has “settled down,” is acceptable as true in the tentative and fallible fashion of science. Here are the “top ten” reasons that support the conclusion that Sandy Hook was staged and not real, where no children or adults appear to have died there.

1. Proof of death has been suppressed

UntitledTwenty-eight people allegedly died: 27 children and adults, including Adam Lanza,  at the school, and his mother, Nancy Lanza, in her home at 36 Yogananda Street, Newtown. However, there is no direct proof of their death: no photographic evidence or video footage was released to confirm the official story that these 28 persons actually died. In fact, no video surveillance footage shows anything—not even Adam shooting out the front plate-glass window or walking through the halls like Rambo, even though this is a school that had updated its security system at the start of the 2012-13 academic year.
The best the authorities could come up with was a heavily redacted report that includes numerous photos of the inside of the school, with a few dings that look like bullet holes, several bullets on the floor, and many black images with white numbers, which we are supposed to associate with dead people. One photo (left) shows the blown-out glass window through which Adam Lanza presumably entered the premises. But how did he get past the furniture, with all his weaponry, without moving anything out of position?
Compounding the situation, the parents were not even allowed to view their children’s bodies to identify them. Instead, they were reportedly shown photographs of the deceased. This was done, according to the Medical Examiner, Wayne Carver, in order to “control the situation.” But what was there about the situation that required “control”? No parent of our acquaintance would have agreed to accept the death of a child without viewing the body. James Tracy has published a discussion of the medical examiner’s performance.  According to Carver:
Uh, we did not bring the bodies and the families into contact. We took pictures of them, uhm, of their facial features. We have, uh, uh—it’s easier on the families when you do that. Un, there is, uh, a time and place for the up close and personal in the grieving process, but to accomplish this we thought it would be best to do it this way and, uh, you can sort of, uh … You can control a situation depending on the photographer, and I have very good photographers. Uh, but uh—
Remarkably, the state has done its best to avoid releasing the death certificates and even recordings of the 911 calls. Death certificates were eventually “released” but not to the public or those who might want to investigate the case further, where only a short, general summary was available. According to The New York Times, in relation to the 911 calls, “no children are identified by name, no callers indicate that they can see a child being shot, and the only injury described is that of an educator’s being shot in the foot.”
Moreover, the funerals were all “closed casket,” with one exception—that of Noah Pozner. As recounted in interviews with the families, the circumstances of their last encounters with their children (or with their caskets) are strange to say the least. The “love fest” at the white coffin of Grace McDonnell was detailed on CNN for Anderson Cooper:
Veronique Pozner gave her account of her last look at her son Noah to the Jewish Daily Forward on 26 December 2013.

Veronique asked the medical examiners not to autopsy her son; she felt that his body had suffered too many indignities. At his funeral, Noah was dressed in a suit and tie. A Jewish friend of Veronique’s at work enjoined Rabbi Praver to allow him to be wrapped in a blue tallis, even though he had not yet had a bar mitzvah. The family placed stuffed animals, a blanket and letters to Noah into the casket. Lastly, Veronique put a clear plastic rock with a white angel inside — an “angel stone” — in his right hand. She asked the funeral director to place an identical one in his left, which was badly mangled.
Just before the ceremony, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy came to the funeral home to pay his respects. Veronique took him by the arm and brought him to the casket. Noah’s famously long eyelashes — which she spoke about in her eulogy — rested lightly on his cheeks and a cloth covered the place where the lower half of his face had been. “I just needed it to be real for [the governor],” she says. “This was a live, warm, energetic little boy whose life was snuffed out in a fraction of a second because our schools are so defenseless.”

2. Emergency protocols were not followed

There is no evidence of any frantic effort to save lives or to remove bodies to hospitals; instead the scene outside the school looked calm and largely bloodless—with police and other personnel milling around casually and a severe shortage of dead or injured victims. One Sandy Hook researcher decided to call Lt. Paul Vance to ask who cleaned up the blood, which would have been considered to be a bio-hazard, and got the reply, “What blood?” Here is Jim Fetzer’s interview with Kelley from Tulsa on “The Real Deal” where she discusses this, which also includes several of the 911 calls:
Kelley was onto a real issue. Under the CT Medical Waste Tracking Act of 1988, a paper trail must kept by all parties involved in the clean up and must be tracked all the way to the incinerator with names and dates.
In a Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) like Sandy Hook, the proper protocol is START triage (Simple Triage and Rapid Treatment) using tarps of different colors with the aim being to save lives and get the injured to the hospital for treatment.  Not even the black tarps for the dead were used, much less the red ones for those who needed immediate treatment.  As Sofia Smallstorm has documented, nothing at all like this occurred at Sandy Hook: the appropriate protocols were not followed:
Sandy Hook Fire Chief Bill Halstead was ready to help the victims but could recall only two wounded people. A few survivors were reportedly taken to the hospital, but, oddly, these people were never interviewed. There were no first-hand accounts that proved anyone was killed or injured. Nonetheless, according to Lt. Vance, 18 children were pronounced dead at the scene, two children were removed to “an area hospital” and were pronounced dead at the hospital, and seven adults were pronounced dead at the scene, including the shooter (NBC).
No emergency vehicles were present at the school or even lined up in the fire lane for a rescue attempt—the parking lot was filled with parked cars, police cars and possibly media vehicles. Such rescue activity as occurred was centered, not on the school premises, but at the nearby Firehouse. Emergency vehicles at the Firehouse were jammed together impeding access to the school, in case anyone might have thought about attempting a rescue. The scene at the Firehouse was quite peculiar, with people milling around and circling through the building, walking out one door and into another, to give the impression of lots of people and lots of action:

3. Drill protocols were followed instead

We are now living in a security state, and the school system is among its beneficiaries. While we used to have “fire drills” from time to time, we now have “lockdown drills” implemented by school districts, with some states requiring a set number of drills by law. Private security firms, which operate for profit, now conduct “crisis preparedness assessments” at the tax-payer’s expense.
Larger scenarios are also developed as active-shooter drills, in which local law enforcement can take part in storming a school in pursuit of an active-actor-shooter. One such plan available on the web is “Operation Closed Campus” developed in Iowa following guidance set forth by the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) of the US Department of Homeland Security.
According to protocol, everyone at the drill must check in, identification badges are issued to personnel and observers, and drinking water and restrooms are available. Personnel include the director, staff, controllers, evaluators, actors, media personnel and “players” (agency employees) both in uniforms and civilian clothes. This protocol appears to have been followed at Sandy Hook, where many participants wore ID/identification badges on lanyards, a huge check-in sign is visible and even Porta Potties are at the ready.
An emergency preparedness drill took place on 14 December 2012, 9 AM to 4 PM/ET, in Bridgeport, CT, which is a 20 minute drive from Sandy Hook. The course was run by the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection/Emergency Management and Homeland Security, entitled “Planning for the Needs of Children in Disasters.”
The Sandy Hook “shooting” appears to have been an Integrated Capstone Event (ICE), an exercise run by FEMA to coordinate federal, state and local emergency response teams in the case of a mass-casualty event. As such, it would have utilized actors and media partners to simulate a tragedy in order to train participants, and also in order to observe the reaction of the citizenry.

4. There was foreknowledge of the event

The Connecticut state emergency system was taken over long before the “massacre” occurred, with a frequency change implemented five hours in advance of the “shooting.” Normal police and EMS dispatch protocol, using the Alpha Phonetic System for communications between officers and dispatchers, was replaced with staged transmissions by non-trained personnel. 
In addition, tweets about the shooting began before it occurred, a tribute was apparently uploaded one month before the event, and web pages honoring the victims, including a Facebook page R.I.P. Victoria Soto, were established before they had “officially” died. 
A Sandy Hook timeline has been reconstructed at memoryholeblog.com, detailing major developments and highlighting the numerous inconsistencies in reports by the media.

5. There were contradictory reports about the weapons

According to initial reports in the media, weapons used in the shooting included four handguns recovered at the scene, the only guns taken into the school (NBC). Then an AR-15 was said to have been found in the trunk of Lanza’s car (NBC). Then it was reported that Lanza may have carried only two handguns and that a rifle was also found in the school (NBC).
Dr. Carver's bizarre presss conference
Wayne Carver, the Medical Examiner, said that all the victims were shot with the “long weapon.” Lt. Paul Vance then said that a Bushmaster AR-15 assault weapon with high capacity magazines was used “most of the time” and that Lanza was carrying “many high-capacity clips” for the weapon (Huffington Post).
In January 2013, Connecticut state police released a statement indicating that they had found four guns inside the school: a Bushmaster .223 caliber XM 15-E2S semi-automatic rifle with high capacity 30 round clips, a Glock 10-mm handgun and a Sig-Sauer P226 9mm handgun. They said they also found an Izhmash Canta-12 12-gauge shotgun in Lanza’s car (NBC).
This shotgun is also shown in a video aired on the night of 14 December 2013  by NBC. An evidence collection team and a policeman find the gun in the trunk of Lanza’s Honda Civic—the policeman handles the gun without gloves and ejects the ammunition on the spot. Some have seen two long guns in the trunk in the NBC video: the 12-gauge shotgun and the Bushmaster rifle.
Lt. Vance then asserted that Lanza had killed all his victims with the .223-caliber semi-automatic rifle (ctpost.com). Regarding the confusion, Vance told reporters, “It’s all these conspiracy theorists that are trying to mucky up the waters.” Perhaps “The Top Prize for Fantastical Reporting” goes to Fox News, however, which announced that a 12-gauge shotgun along with two magazines containing 70 rounds of Winchester 12-gauge shotgun rounds had been found in the glove compartment of Adam Lanza’s Honda Civicthat’s right, in the glove compartment.

6. Adam Lanza cannot have done the shooting

Adam Lanza, reportedly a frail young man weighing 120 pounds with Asperger’s Syndrome, is said to have carried massive weaponry on his person when he shot his way into the Sandy Hook school and proceeded to kill 26 people and then himself. This after he supposedly killed his mother before driving to the school.
Adam Lanza
According to State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky, Lanza killed his 26 victims with the Bushmaster .223-caliber rifle and then killed himself with his Glock 10-mm handgun. Lanza was also supposedly carrying three 30-round magazines for the Bushmaster as well as a Sig-Sauer 9 mm handgun (see above). The victims were shot multiple times each in a fusillade of bullets from these military-style weapons. In order to wreak this havoc, he fired more than 150 rounds, and he must have carried more rounds in addition. Lanza was reportedly found dead wearing a bulletproof vest and military-style clothing (AP).
As Mike Powers, a professional military investigator and ballistics expert, has observed, this young man of slight build could not have carried all these heavy, bulky weapons and ammunition on his person. Furthermore, since first responders were supposedly inside the school within seven minutes, there was not enough time for Lanza to have carried out the shooting as reported. In an interview with Joyce Riley, Powers states that Lanza could not have fired so many times continuously without destabilizing himself from the intense noise from the Bushmaster. As a novice, he could not have shot an AR-15 with such speed and accuracy, supposedly changing magazines 8-10 times without a stoppage.
According to Lt. Vance on the night of the shooting, one victim survived. So in less than seven minutes—or less than five minutes according to the media—Lanza killed 26 people and then himself, producing only one injured victim. This is a 96% kill ratio, which is unheard-of accuracy among the most experienced marksmen. Powers thinks the whole scenario is a physical impossibility. He is not even convinced that Adam Lanza was a real person. The story of the shooting should not be taken seriously.
The final travesty involves the weapons and other paraphernalia that were allegedly found in the Lanza house. The “arsenal” supposedly included guns, Samurai swords, knives, a bayonet and more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition, according to search warrants released. Other items of interest were ear and eye protection, binoculars, holsters, manuals, paper targets, a military-style uniform and Lanza’s NRA certificate (Fox). Lanza had reportedly compiled a spreadsheet 7 feet long and 4 feet wide in 9-point type detailing 500 victims of other mass murders (CBS). We are supposed to believe this, and, at the same time, that Adam Lanza was a shy, quiet kid who didn’t like noise and chaos, as promoted by the PBS Frontline Special, “Raising Adam Lanza.”

7. Key participants displayed inappropriate behavior

There are many bizarre media reports and interviews of those associated with the “shooting.” Some examples:

Wayne Carver—Medical Examiner Wayne Carver’s surreal press conference is one of the most startling of all the media offerings. Widely available on youtube, this event shows H. Wayne Carver II, a public official of some standing, clowning and acting outlandish—grinning strangely, making irrelevant comments, and basically appearing unknowledgeable and unprofessional.
Robbie Parker—Perhaps the most famous press conference is that of Robbie Parker, the alleged father of victim Emilie Parker, speaking on a CNN report of December 15, 2012. He chuckles as he walks up to the camera, then gets into character by hyperventilating, and finally feigns distress as he talks about his daughter—and about the fund set up to help raise money “for Emilie.”
The families—In addition to Robbie and Alissa Parker, other parents and family members take their turn in the spotlight, including (but not limited to) Mark and Jackie Barden, Jimmy Greene and Nelba Marquez-Greene, Ian and Nicole Hockley, Neil Heslin (alleged father of Jesse Lewis), Chris and Lynn McDonnell, Veronique Pozner, Carlee Soto, and David and Francine Wheeler. Anderson Cooper is the interviewer in two notable instances: his conversation with the McDonnells mentioned above, and an interview with Veronique Pozner, remarkable for its green-screen effects such as Anderson’s disappearing nose.
The school nurse—Numerous reports offer detailed and totally fictitious information, some of which was later abandoned in favor of more tenable versions. On the evening of December 14, a USA Today reporter said she had spoken with the school nurse, whom she had met on the street. The nurse told her that the gunman had come into her office, “they met eyes, she jumped under her desk,” and he walked out.  The nurse said that the gunman was the son of the kindergarten teacher, who was known to her and “an absolutely loving person.” It later developed that Nancy Lanza had not been a kindergarten teacher at all, and that neither Nancy nor Adam had any connection to Sandy Hook school whatsoever.
Dawn Hochsprung—In an embarrassing fiction, The Newtown Bee reported on 14 December 2013  that Dawn Hochsprung, the Sandy Hook school principal, told the paper that a masked man had entered the school with a rifle and started shooting multiple shots – more than she could count – that went “on and on.” Of course, Dawn Hochsprung was allegedly killed by Adam Lanza and so could not easily have provided this statement. In fact, Dawn was said to have acted heroically, dying while lunging at the gunman—although one wonders who witnessed and reported this act of heroism. On 17 December 2013, The Bee retracted the report and apologized:
An early online report from the scene at the December 14 shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School quoted a woman who identified herself to our reporter as the principal of the school. The woman was not the school’s principal, Dawn Hochsprung, who was killed in the Friday morning attack. The quote was removed from subsequent online versions of the story, but the original story did remain in our online archive for three days before being deleted. We apologize for whatever confusion this may have caused our readers and for any pain or anguish it may have caused the Hochsprung family.
Gene Rosen—Gene Rosen is one of the most prolific of the Sandy Hook media stars, giving animated and conflicting statements to a series of reporters (in English and Spanish). Considered a “good Samaritan” by the mainstream media, Gene supposedly harbored six children who ran away from the school, rode to his house on a school bus, sat down on his lawn and proceeded to cry and tell him that their teacher, Miss Soto, was dead. Strangely, Rosen took the children inside and gave them some toys to play with, instead of calling 911 like any normal person.
The Gene Rosen videos are important for the official narrative, in that they corroborate many of its details: the staccato gunfire (and thus a semi-automatic weapon) and heresay evidence from the children (Lanza had a big gun and a little gun, Vicki Soto was killed, etc.).These incriminating videos are some of the best evidence that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax.

8. Photos at scene and of victims look staged or fake

The only photo we have seen of any children being evacuated from the school was apparently taken earlier in the fall during a drill (no coats, smiling faces). Shannon Hicks, a photographer for The Newtown Bee, took the photo and claims to have taken many others of the event—which have not been released.
Shannon Hicks
Hicks reportedly took this photo “as an associate editor” and then, when another editor arrived, “changed into her firefighting gear and tried to help.” The account was promoted by NPR.
Parker family
Perhaps more insidious are the photographs of the children who allegedly died at Sandy Hook, many of which are concoctions prepared on Photoshop. Some of the most problematic involve the Parker family, with Emilie’s red-and-black dress supposedly worn by her younger sister for the visit with Obama.
The photograph of Victoria Soto’s class of students has been shown to be an elaborate composite:
And many of the individual images of the children released to the media are peculiar—some look outdated and may be old photos.  In a very sloppy slip-up, a photo of a real child, Lily Gaubert (right, below), who is alive and well, was promoted in the media as an image of Allison Wyatt (left, below), an alleged victim. Lily’s mother discovered the error and made it public.
Allison Wyatt vs. Lily Gaubert
And the ridiculously fraudulent photographs of Adam Lanza clearly do not depict a real person:

9. The crime scene was completely destroyed

As with Ground Zero after 9/11, Sandy Hook Elementary and all the evidence have been completely obliterated; $50 million in CT state funds were allocated for the demolition and rebuilding of Sandy Hook school. This would never have been tolerated if an actual crime had been committed—at least one that was meant to be investigated. The demolition of the school has now been declared complete.
Sandy Hook demolition
Employees who worked on the project were required to sign non-disclosure agreements. They were not only prohibited from removing anything from the site, but they were forbidden from discussing publicly anything they may have observed or not observed during the demolition, such as an absence of bullet marks on the walls or blood on the floor of the classrooms.

10. Deceased children sang at the Super Bowl

Recent research has resulted in a “Sandy Hoax Surprise,” a convincing youtube video identifying eight alleged Sandy Hook victims and six of their brothers singing in the Newtown children’s choir at the 2013 Super Bowl.
One more victim has been identified since the original video, making a total of 15 out of the 21 children in the choir who were from the Sandy Hook “families.” The newly recognized “victims” are all older than they appear in their photos, giving credence to the theory that the children’s photographs were outdated images.
The Newtown children, whoever they are, seem quite happy to be singing at the Super Bowl, smiling and running across the field after the event—giving no sign of the trauma they had been through less than two months prior. So are these children actually alive? One can only hope. 

Cui bono?

The evidence demonstrates (1) that proof of death has been suppressed, (2) that emergency protocols were not followed, (3) that drill protocols were followed, (4) that there was foreknowledge of the event, (5) that there was confusion over what weapons were used, (6) that the suspect cannot possibly have carried out the shooting as claimed, (7) that strange behavior was displayed by officials, witnesses and relatives, (8) that there are many odd photos of participants, (9) that the crime scene was destroyed under conditions of secrecy and (10) that some of the children appeared at the Super Bowl.
With the possible exception of (5) and (9), all of these features would have low probabilities had Sandy Hook been a massacre but high probabilities were it merely a drill.  Some of them are decisive by themselves, such as (1), (2), (3), (4) and (6)–not to mention (10).  EMTs cannot make determinations of whether a victim is dead or alive, so there should have been a surge of EMTs into the building to rush those little bodies off to hospitals where doctors could determine their condition.  But that was not done–and nothing else about this event supports the conclusion that it was real. On the contrary, virtually everything indicates that this was a drill.
Going in circles
The probability of the evidence on the hypothesis that this was a drill is overwhelmingly greater than on the hypothesis that it was an actual massacre. And the evidence appears to have “settled down” and point in the same direction. No alternative is reasonable, which means it has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt. So who did it and why? This is the final question. If the perpetrator had been Adam Lanza, then he had no apparent motive, as even “the final report” acknowledged.  When considering cui bono (who benefits), a large amount of money is at stake–and much of it has already been distributed.
Follow the Money
First of all, the construction industry got a boost, with the $50 million in Connecticut state funds allocated for the destruction of Sandy Hook School and to rebuild a new school on the premises. And this from a state with a projected budget deficit of $1.1 billion for the coming year.
The Sandy Hook School Support Fund has raised approximately $12 million and distributed it to the Newtown-Sandy Hook Community Foundation, overseen by Ken Feinberg, “a victim compensation master with a national reputation,” according to United Way Western Connecticut. And the Support Fund posted its condolences on 11 December 2013, which was three days before the actual event.
The estimated payout was $281,000 paid to each of the victims’ families, who have raised additional funds from their own websites—some of which were apparently advertised on the web in advance of the shooting. At present, all of the victims, both children and adults, have memorial funds that are currently collecting money.
“Sandy Hook Promise,” which actively solicits money for family members and others “impacted by this tragedy,” as well as for lobbying for “mental wellness and gun safety,” currently boasts over 300,000 people who have made the “Sandy Hook Promise” to turn the “tragedy into a moment of transformation.”
The federal government has also forked over a lot of taxpayer money, including a $150,000 federal grant to Newtown to pay for two “school resource officers” (aka police), and $2.5 million in federal funds from the Department of Justice to compensate the local entities for their trouble: $663,444 to the Connecticut State Police, $602,293 to the town of Newtown, $882,812 to the town of Monroe and $296,838 to other partner agencies.
In addition, the Department of Education has awarded a total of $3.2 million to the Newtown Public School District under Project SERV (School Emergency Response to Violence) to help with ongoing recovery efforts following the shooting. See these reports: US Department of Education awards 1.3 million grant; US Department of Education awards 1.9 million grant. This hush money is sure to keep the lid on things for now.
Gun Control
The families have been out in force, appearing on television and in print, lobbying for gun control in the states and the US capitol. By now, their stories are known to everyone in America. This has created an impression that the Sandy Hook hoax was about gun control. Meanwhile, however, the gun industry has benefited immensely.
Efforts to increase security in schools—and even arm teachers—are underway. The New York Times reports that around 1,500 state gun bills have been introduced since the time of the shooting, and 109 have become law. However, nearly two-thirds of these laws ease legal restrictions and support the rights of gun owners. 
This may well have been an unintentional consequence of an intentional plan. Nonetheless, it is not clear that the Sandy Hook event was carried out solely with the aim of disarming the American public. Perhaps we are seeing a kind of Homeland-Gladio—implementing a strategy of tension with real and simulated events. Remarkably, one of the earliest school safety/gun control proposals came from the family of Noah Pozner:
New Proposal from Noah Pozner family
Both the gun industry and the already immense and rapidly growing “security industry” have also benefitted from the Sandy Hook “shooting,” as we, the citizens of the United States, lose more of our Constitutional rights. A more subtle but nonetheless insidious effect relates to the promotion of mental health screening and the consequent medication of the “mentally unstable” in our society, based upon an event that did not take place, where President Obama has signed an on-going series of executive orders to implement a political agenda. For the latest, check this one out.
The emergence of the Department of Homeland Security as a major threat to democracy cannot go without comment. Even though a subcommittee of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Intelligence released a report on 3 October 2012 establishing the virtual non-existence of domestic terrorist threats, DHS has acquired more than 2 billion rounds of .40 calibre hollow-point ammunition. Sandy Hook appears to be part of a complex and evolving scenario, beginning with 9/11, to establish an enhanced Police State. Whether or not it succeeds depends on public awareness and political action.

Vivian Lee, Ph.D., is a Sandy Hook researcher and professor at an East Coast University. Sofia Smallstorm is an independent researcher, who produced and directed “Unraveling Sandy Hook.” James Tracy, Ph.D., maintains a web site at memoryholeblog.com. And Jim Fetzer, Ph.D., a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth.
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    Wow: much detail. Thanks.
    although I know that numerology or Luciferan Numerology is real & utilized by Zio-Satanists-Freemasons & similar cults but personally I have a mental block in analyzing or understanding it. Remember not everyone understands everything!!! If that were not the case then everyone would’ve had the knowledge of doctors & experts of all sorts which we know is not the case. Its just an impossibility!!!
    Friday the 13th: is what I have read referenced a lot as one of the most significant days in the year when such Satanists schedule their Satanic deeds like human sacrifices-murders-etc. I heard there is only one or 2 Friday the 13th in a year. Right?
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  2. Sandy Hoax Fraudster Update:
    “I hope this does not come crashing down on the people of NewTown …..”
    ++ “we took pictures of the victims’ official pictures….” (= we didn’t take the victims pictures)
    Sandy Hook Hoax Song:
    No dead bodies were seen by any parents!!!

  3. Any serious Sandy Hook researcher ought to see, or at least research and investigate, the films Blackbird: released 09/09/2012, i.e. totals 12/14 when you flip the 9′s to 6′s, starring Alexia Fast (12/09/92 totals 12/14 if flip 9′s to 6′s) and Connor Jessup (23/06/94 totals 4/20 backwards), Jack Reacher (2012), also with Alexia Fast, as Sandy: “I’m not a hooker!” and Bad Kids Go to Hell: released (limited)10/27/12 and (full) 12/07/12, both totaling 10/12 or Columbus Day. Also, Criminal Minds Season 4 Episode 20, (there’s your 4/20) “Conflicted,” starring Jackson Rathbone (of Twilight fame) playing a serial killer named “Adam” who targets students. His birthday is December 14, the day of Sandy Hook. The date of his birth is 12/14/84 in fact, which
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    • although I don’t understand the numerology you are referring to but obviously these hoaxes are all Hollywood productions. Right???

      • All Hollywood films or TV shows are oriented around embedding their plans for false flags. The names of the characters in the films, the birth dates of the actors, or where they are from (city or country), the filming locations are ritualistically chosen to send a specific subliminal message, the dates they select to release the film are chosen according to kabbalistic numerology, the length of the film, the name of the director (like Chris Columbus for Harry Potter) the phases of the moon, the dates the trailers are released, the DVD’s and BD’s are released, etc. Every thing the Illuminati does is ordered according to numerology, hence they leave their fingerprints all over their crime scenes. Also, always look for rainbows. When they want to signify
        read more ...

        • If some character is named Jack, think Australia. The flag of Australia has the Union Jack in the corner, a jack is the name for an adult male kangaroo or wallaby. This is why they came out with the film “Kangaroo Jack,” which is about the tsunami they have planned for Australia on 4/20. Also connected to “jack rabbit” and Easter bunnies.
          Frank: Frank is short for Francis, and St. Francis in Spanish is San Francisco. So oftentimes they signal their plans for San Francisco with a character named Frank, as in Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) in the RED films.
          Lily. Since lilies are associated with Easter, (and death/funerals), always take note of characters or actresses named Lily. As in the two kids in the apocalyptic tsunami film, 2012.
          read more ...

          • Take note of any and all references to Christopher Columbus. All references to Nike or Victory, and Paradise.
            Columbus means dove, and the dove is associated with Noah and the flood, and the dove is also associated with baptism, which means to be fully immersed, so take note off all references to doves, like the dove with an olive branch in its mouth in Spielberg’s Poltergeist, or the reference in Angels and Demons, in front of the church of St. Agnes.
            Also references to surfing, since surfers always chase big waves (tsunami imagery).
            Take note of unicorn references, like in Lady Gaga and Ke$ha videos revealing foreknowledge of Boston Marathon, or in the Despicable Me films, because the unicorn is the symbol of the Boston Athletic Association,
            read more ...

  4. You can always get Sandy Hoax updates by copy pasting below line in Google Images:
    “Sandy Hook hoax proof”

  5. Outstanding article. The link in the 2nd-last paragraph may hold the key to the real purpose of Sandy Hook — gov’t to snoop through everyone’s health records, for political purposes. It bears repeating:
    I have a question. Since the state as well as the families have fraudulently been collecting donations, why don’t some of the ripped-off donors get together and SUE them? They have legal standing. Similarly, insurance fraud investigators should get on this. How much life insurance money has been collected?
    Comments: I happened to be home when the Sandy Hook news first flashed. I have participated, as a radio communicator, in many drills over the years, as well as in
    read more ...

    • Also, if gun control was on the agenda, it worked. CT quickly passed a law to register guns, They had until Dec. 31 to register them, or be considered felons. But I think the mental health agenda is worse.

      • The primary purpose of the Sandy Hook ritual was to publish intentions of the Illuminati to hit the Eastern seaboard with a megatsunami on Pascha/Easter 2014. The Boston Marathon was about the exact same thing. The HAARP earthquake near Hatillo, Puerto Rico a few days ago as well. Sandy Hook 12/14/2012 totals 10/12 or Columbus Day. Likewise for the Navy Yard shooting 9/16/2013—it totals 10/12. Columbus is said by some to have been born on Halloween, 1451. 31/10/1451 totals 3/11/11, the date of the Japanese tsunami attack. Halloween in 2012, i.e. 10/31/12, totals 12/14 backwards, connecting Halloween to Sandy Hook 12/14 and Columbus. Sandy Hook 12/14/12 makes 12/26, the date of the Sumatra tsunami attack, 26/12/04, which makes 4/20 backwards. 11/3/2004
        read more ...

        • You could be right, about Easter. But right now, I have my eye on several other near-term dates:
          A. Jan. 22, Davos world economic forum opens. (1/22; 22 is a multiple of 11, so it’s like 1/11).
          B. Feb. 2 (2/2) Imbolc satanic holiday, aka Groundhog Day. Superbowl. Feb. 2 often means human sacrifice, commonly by fire. Last year, in 2013, the Christopher Dorner manhunt spectacle in Los Angeles, started Feb.1, with Anderson Cooper getting Dorner’s manifesto, and Dorner being honorably discharged from the Navy Reserve. It ended badly on Feb. 13, with Dorner’s body found in a cabin that the LAPD deliberately BURNED down. Note that date too, Feb. 13, nice Masonic date. Dorner was the black version of Adam Lanza, on the opposite coast from Adam Lanza, and died just 2
          read more ...

          • I can appreciate that you are looking nearer-term for smaller false flags, but the reason I keep harping on 4/20 is because it is not about some small event involving a few people or even a few thousand people, but I am talking about worldwide volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, meteors, and tsunamis targeting millions of people. The 9/11 and 3/11 fire and water rituals were merely opening salvos, small warning shots across the bow.
            They have been planning 4/20 for several decades, and 9/11 was about 4/20, 12/26 Indonesia was about 4/20, 3/11 Japan was about 4/20, 1/12 Haiti was about 4/20, and many more—too many events to list.
            The film 2012, which was released on 11/13/09, pretty well sums up their plans for apocalyptic-like worldwide floods on 4/19-4/20.
            read more ...

    • Victims – 9 were found alive in the Superbowl video. But is it possible there were some real victims? Like 9/11, a mix of real and fake? Has someone checked on all victims to see if there were any real kids who might have disappeared that day? Not dead, but disappeared, as in kidnapped? Just to rule it out?

    • By the way, after 2 hours of initial TV footage, I’d had enough. It was the biggest pile of BS I’ve ever seen, and I have not watched one single moment of Sandy Hook coverage since. I change channels every time it’s on.

    • After the first 2 hours, instead of TV, I read Internet reports. When a photo collage of the little victims was put up, I noticed two odd things right away. 1st, every child was smiling broadly, no frowns. 2nd, and this is a related point, all kids were cute, too cute. I mean, statistically, there should have been at least one homely child in the bunch, but there was not even one homely kid. So these kids were pre-selected cute kids, the better to wring our hearts and our wallets. I don’t have the computer skills to check for digital fakery, but that wasn’t even necessary in this case. Common sense was enough.

  6. Can someone please explain to me how such an elaborate hoax could be executed without one person involved going rogue and leaking information? Just to be clear, I am not doubting the possibility of a hoax or conspiracy, obviously there are many discrepancies in the whole story and there is definitely something off. But I’m just wondering how so many people could be involved in this “show” without there being some sort of leak. Is it simply that people are threatened and warned not to reveal anything?

  7. Kathy McGinnis that article is a must read. Excellent find! The comments below it are quite interesting!

  8. William St. George
    Psychologically people let their guard down when confronted by MSM, Experts, Authority . . . until one of these entities betrays their trust in a painful way. Then they become skeptical and use their intelligence instead of their capacity for credulity and obedience. This is why very intelligent people often believe very incredible things such as Sandy Hook was a terrible tragedy. Or 9/11 was the work of Islamic Terrorists. Or it is good they put fluoride in the drinking water so we do not get tooth decay. Actually the list is almost infinite in length. As a rule of thumb disbelieving everything that comes from MSM, Experts and Authority would be a less dangerous though not exactly intelligent course of action.

  9. This is from Tape 2 of the Sandy Hook 911 tapes that were recently released…The Audio was cleaned up and you can hear an operator in the background asking what I believe is “There’s a rumor its fake?” She is then told to hang up the phone …..Very strange. Have a listen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMyRctPwO78

  10. I’m having a “Why didn’t I archive that?” moment.
    A few days ago, I saw a photo of a man, holding a portrait, recently appearing before a group, maybe testifying before a congressional committee.
    The portrait was a commercial photo studio photo of a man, perhaps 30, holding a boy of six months. The man, holding the portrait, claimed that it was of him and his son, who at the age of six years, was one of the children killed at Sandy Hook.
    The problem with the photo was that the man was obviously in his mid-50s. In seven years, he aged 25 years!
    Did anyone else here pick up on this? Or am I having a senior moment?

    • I’ve seen it as well and fairly recent. It might have been in another article on this site. It’s very strange! Another example of acting…

      • On the subject of acting, I saw the live press conference with Robbie Parker and there was a long pause between the last person to speak and Robbie Parker coming outside. I thought it couldn’t be him when I saw this guy laughing and smiling. Maybe RP could not go through with it. That would be really hard. But it turned out to be him and I didn’t think much about it until people started pointing out how strange it was and my reaction was the same. I also saw an interview that Katie Cleric did with a family that lost their little boy. His brother cried so hard and he was just a young boy himself. It broke my heart and was very convincing. So it is not easy to believe that this was a hoax, its hard to go there.

        • The little boy was sad that Katie Cleric lost her job and he was sobbing uncontrollably. I’m just like you. I cry all the time. Hoaxes are hard to deal with, aren’t they? You have such a wonderful heart and thank you for crying in the kid’s behalf.

        • William St. George
          Ever cry during a film or feel like fleeing when a scary scene came along? That’s acting. It takes skill and training as a rule though some are born natural actors. It is not easy for most people to act grieved unless they are. A really great actor or actress can evoke just about any emotion or feeling from anyone. Alec Guinness or Emma Thompson.

          • I cry all the time during movies so it’s not hard to suck me in. Just yesterday I cried watching We Bought a Zoo. My daughter thinks I’m a sap.

    • Martin,
      I featured it recently in the article, “Sandy Hook + American gullibility = coming Gulag USA”

    • Rest assured, you are not having a senior moment. My spouse and I both saw it as well. It was a WTH moment! While I realize that a traumatic event can take its toll on someone, it will not cause them to appear that they have aged 25 years, or more.
      Several days after the Sandy Hook incident, I was online looking a slide show of memorials for the children. There were the customary teddy bears, flowers, candles, signs, etc. One sign in particular caught my attention immediately. It was a handmade sign with a hand drawn heart on it and the printed words: THANK YOU FOR YOUR SACRIFICE. Thank you for your sacrifice????? I tried to find the slideshow a day later to show my spouse, it was gone.

  11. Usually that particular Adam Lanza photo has blue eyes, is someone trying to make it more consistent with the other long faced wideeyed photoshopped one with brown eyes? Also the predated sites and blogs don’t prove anything as dates were proven to be changeable sometimes by substituting new ones onto older sites. I’m surprised that was included in the top ten.

  12. Correction:
    Actually The top Hollywood job was the Boston Mara-Con & Not Sandy Hoax:
    Indisputable Photo Evidence That the Boston Marathon Bombing Was Staged
    Are You a Believer Or Do you Think?

  13. This Just In !
    The troubled state law enforcement agency that oversaw the investigation of the Newtown massacre will now be run by an outsider who has overseen prisons but has never served as a police officer.
    Dora Schriro, a former Department of Homeland Security official who currently heads the New York City Corrections Department, was appointed Monday by Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy as commissioner of the state’s Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP) starting on Jan. 31. She will oversee more than 1,000 state troopers and five other public safety agencies.
    read more ...

    • Back in 2004, a federal judge in Missouri refused to admit sworn testimony from her, saying she and other correction officials can’t be trusted to tell the truth because of previous misleading statements under oath in a lawsuit filed by an inmate, according to a report in the Riverfront Times of St. Louis.
      The judge, Carol Jackson, said the defendants, including Schriro, had “demonstrated unreliability.” “It is beyond dispute that defendants’ affidavits contained false statements,” she wrote.
      Schriro was also investigated in Arizona for her response to a prison hostage standoff which lasted for 15 days. In that incident in January, 2004, two inmates took control of a kitchen and then a security tower, and held two guards. One of the guards, a woman, was raped by an inmate during the standoff.
      Schriro refused
      read more ...


    • Well, we seem to have performances (not genuine responses) from person who are faking membership in families that appear to be either participants in an elaborate charade or families of actors. I don’t know what it is you don’t understand. This is the most through and comprehensive discussion of Sandy Hook ever published. If you can’t see that this was a hoax, then I think the problem lies not in the evidence but elsewhere. You seem to be looking for reasons to believe that is was a bona fide event–in spite of the sign “Everyone must check in!”, the name tags on lanyards, the milling around and even Portapotties. Do you think these were arrangement for this massacre only or are standard? I am sorry, but this says something about you.

  15. If I understood Sofia correctly, she quotes the medical examiner as saying, “I hope this does not come crashing down on Sandy Hook.” or something to that effect.
    So, one can imagine Crawford walking in on the scene expecting to see dead kids, but instead is handed a script which he could not possibly memorize in the time he had. Hence the stumbling and bumbling.
    The two pistols become a long gun, definitely a long, long gun. Bad memory or leaving a clue?
    Disturbing is the fact that most everyone in the town seems to be in on the charade, at least the drill part.
    And we are left to wonder, how can they call themselves Americans? when so many of them are so willing to sell the rest of us out?

  16. “Crime is common. Logic is rare. Therefore it is upon the logic rather than upon the crime that you should dwell.”
    ― Arthur Conan Doyle

  17. Is everyone so intent on proving that Sandy Hook was a massive psy-op that they do not see the larger picture? When you see obvious staged false flags, ask yourself: Why in Connecticut? Why at a school called Sandy Hook? Why on a Friday, on 12/14/2012? Of all the places in the country, why choose this little school in this little town, on this particular day? Ask yourself this about all false flags. If they are all staged, and pre-meditated years in advance, then they have their choice of what location, what date, what day of the week, what time, what phase of the moon, the names and birthdates of the actors they employ, etc. Why did they do Boston on 4/15? Why not 3/15 or 5/15? Why Boston and not Birmingham? If these psychological rituals are all staged, then they possess the ability to exert control over most
    read more ...

    • Cyprian Crawford
      Wow, I am fascinated at your insights!

      • I am also fascinated.
        Sadly, ‘they’ are enjoying their highly ‘planned entertainment’ as we the people struggle to maintain sanity and health.

      • Greetings Tyron!
        Is everyone able to see all the Facebook comments at the top, or only those who are on Facebook and have a “Facebook social plug-in”? I don’t want to post everything twice, but the comments embedded on the VT site are limited to 1500 words.
        Tyron, I can be reached via email at cyprian700(at)yahoo(dot)com, and also my name (in the upper left corner of this post) is on FB.

    • Cyprian, I saw your work and warning over on VNN. Numerology is such a precise game. Great job breaking down this code. I think the 4/20 and Easter is going to be East Coast, that is where they keep dumping the storms. Now, will this be about who will be their ‘messiah’ coming forth? The Bushes are too egotistical to sit this out.

      • Greetings franktalk,
        I don’t think I’ve ever posted on VNN. (I assume this stands for Vanguard News). Indications are that plans for 4/19-4/20 are not just East coast, but worldwide flood attacks. See upcoming film Noah, with Russell Crowe. The eastern seaboard would presumably come from a Canary Islands earthquake/eruption sending a tsunami across the Atlantic. Columbus sailed from Spain, the land of rabbits (Easter bunny ref.) and stopped in the Canary Islands on all 4 voyages before arriving in the Americas. This is why 3/11/2004 was done in Madrid, then 3/11/11 in Japan to associate tsunami with Columbus and Spanish-owned Canaries. Coney Island, NY is Rabbit Island, as coney is an archaic term for a rabbit. Sydney is also a major target, Paris, San Francisco and the West Coat (Vancouver, Seattle, Astoria, down
        read more ...

  18. Adam Lanza = Lee Harvey Oswald
    +++ SandyHoax was 2012 Hollywood’s best seller!!!

    • Pierce Brosnan is Adam Lanza. Have you ever seen or heard of the film The Ghost Writer? It premiered for the very first time at the Berlin Film Festival on 12 February 2010. 12/02/2010 makes 12/14 backwards. Pierce Brosnan’s character in this film is named Adam Peter Lang, which is nearly identical to Adam Peter Lanza.
      I could cite many more instances. Who’s genuinely interested in knowing the truth, and has ears to hear?

      • I do and I am. VNN is Veterans News Now.

        • The Ghost Writer 2010
          Release dates: 12 February 2010 (Berlin Film Festival) 12/2/2010 12/14 backwards or forwards
          19 March 2010 (USA) 03.19.2010 … 3/22 3.19.10 … 4/19
          16 April 2010 (UK) 16.04.2010 … 3/11
          What actor plays the Ghost Writer?
          Ewan McGregor born 31.03.1971 … 3/22, (Skull and Bones: i.e. 3/11/11) 31.03.71 … 4/20
          All the dates I have been mentioning are here: 3/11, 3/22, 4/19, 4/20.
          This is also why they chose Ewan McGregor as the Illuminati Camerlengo in Angels and Demons, because his birth date implies a 3/22 (3/11/11 tsunami) on 4/20.

          • Alchemy and the phoenix also play a prominent role in occult-author Dan Brown’s series of books, The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, and The Lost Symbol.
            Notice in the film Angels and Demons, the Illuminati has plans to kill four cardinals, the preferiti, one of whom is likely slated to become the next pope. The Illuminati-hired assassin brands each of the four cardinals on the chest prior to their execution, according to the four classical elements of antiquity: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. When he plans to drown the last cardinal, he brands his chest with the word “Water,” dumping him handcuffed in Bernini’s Four Rivers Fountain in the Piazza Navona to drown. The statue in this fountain is of the four river gods, with an Egyptian obelisk, with the emblem of a dove and an olive branch. This, of course, refers
            read more ...

  19. Ladies and Gentlemen:
    A very special treat tonight as my wife, an MSN news junkie who firmly believes the sun rise and sets upon CNN’s ass is going to debunk Mr. Fetzer & Company.
    She states unequivocally after reading this article that Sandy hoax was either the sloppiest case of police investigation ever or
    Now, if I can get her to look at Dr Fetzer’s Kennedy assassination, maybe one day I can convince her that 19 sand people living in caves in Afghanistan did not do 9/11!

  20. One important fact I believe has been overlooked is ” Where has the blood gone”? In the state of CT it is required by LAW through the Medical Waste Tracking Act or MWTA of 1988. That all bio hazard medical wastes have an extremely tight paper trail of ALL whom come into contact …from crime scene to incinerator . All one needs to do is get the information and find the folks who signed their names,,,,, Here is the site and there is a complete PDF file which outlines the procedures Take a look here. http://www.epa.gov/osw/nonhaz/industrial/medical/tracking.htm

  21. I put the wrong you tube up, the one I was looking at “Noah Pozner still alive Sandy Hook ripped apart school. . .”
    However, VT and Jim Fetzer really have put it to bed for me.

  22. Thanks to all the work and putting this together. The false flag was obvious, but I was unsure whether the kids were killed or not. But the above examples and the lack of evidence are very convincing. It was another you-tube video nailed it for me.
    Thank you Jim and all the other researchers for nailing this.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPJwMuCnbio (Pozner charade with bad music)

  23. I think Rosen’s performance is a perfect example of who is really behind this and what their character is like. What a scum bag. I believe the audio records also reveal that many of the “cops” there were speaking HEBREW (the Israeli version, not authentic Hebrew but that is another topic altogether).

  24. This is a valuable piece of investigative journalism based on the restrictions of evidence and testimony. Even with all the false flag shootings that proceeded it I would not have been surprised if they shot the children. But then the facts on the ground started coming out.
    I was still unsure, but people all over the internet did their home work and I solute you all. The knowledge of all the other false flags and the reports from hardworking journalists (I am including bloggers and utube folks in that title) have convinced me. No one died.
    Then other than silly music, I found this work ( even though I am not an expert on media) that cemented it for me.
    read more ...

  25. Preston James, Ph.D
    Once again Professor Fetzer assembles a team who has completely blown the lid off another USG criminal conspiracy. This time it’s the Sandy Hook Hoax, a staged virtual mass shooting with no dead bodies, no dead kids, no dead teachers, no Adam Lanza, no Nancy Lanza. This op was done by the same folks that have staged numerous other virtual mass shootings, intermixed with some real ones to keep folks confused, and this secret mjtf anti-terror squad/cell began their evil twisted careers with the faked death and witness protection escape for Elvis.
    Obvious Lt. Vance is a soulless scumster and pathological liar, too, his lies and threats to researchers and other evidence suggest that he was brought into this crime/scam long before it was deployed. He and the folks responsible for this scam including all the actors who received payoff of 500-750K each should all be charged with RICO
    read more ...

    • Preston, you’ve got a great mind, put it to work and come up with an article detailing how we ALL can truly expose this information to the doubting Thomases and useful idiots who infest America. This team of truth seekers has done a fantastic job. Now, the dissemination of the information must proceed mach schnell (around 760 mph).
      We’ve seen that some people need to regurgitate information over and over and over before they can sorta accept, at arms length, the overall concept of America being taken over by a palette of slime merchants.
      Put on your thinking cap, help us all be better agents for the dissemination of information that can help America overthrow the baddies that have mucked up this nation. If we can use this information as our buttress, we can start tipping over the plethora of false flags that have convinced a lot of Americans that the end is near. It’s near only
      read more ...

  26. A great investigative work.
    The question is always the same. You know it was a hoax. I know it was a hoax.
    Is it even remotely possible that Obama does not know it is a hoax?
    With all the resources of the congress critters, is it possible any of them do not know?
    I would think such a hoax is treasonable.

    • NO way Obama does not realize this event was a total hoax. No way. Notice how eerily quiet the White House has been on this issue? Notice how we don’t see massive reaction by the perps against these investigators? Oh, we do see some inane disinfo’s quite frequently on sites like VT, but for all the moving and shaking being done by the alternative community, no, we are seeing almost no resistance to these investigations. However, what we are seeing is a determined mindset from the communist Obama to hurry up and oppress us with more executive orders. Congress is totally worthless, all whored out and don’t ya just love these “bipartisan” legislations? Isn’t it swell that Congress is sooooooooooo much in agreement? That signifies that Adelson and his ilk are signing checks at a record clip these days.
      Yet, where do we go from here? How do we ramp up the effort to inform all Americans?

      read more ...

  27. “Employees who worked on the project were required to sign non-disclosure agreements. They were not only prohibited from removing anything from the site, but they were forbidden from discussing publicly anything they may have observed or not observed during the demolition …”
    Wow, non-disclosure agreements for crimes. I wish George Orwell could see that.

  28. Just like the Kennedy limousine; the world trade center debris; Boston bombing hoax; now the Sandy Hook tomfoolery. Gather, clean up and discard the evidence quickly so no one can see or examine. The government no longer holds any accountability with its citizens unless you are one of them.
    I know why they do this, but I am wondering how any decent human being could generate enough indecency to agree to organize, or take part in something like these hoaxes.
    Despite innocent individuals collateral tragedies, if they are true, there is an equal amount of amusement as there is sadness. To live and not speak the truth about the amputee actors taking part in the
    Boston hoax is to be an accomplice to the crime.
    Excellent article Mr. Fetzer as usual. Not only are your articles admirable, but you courage to stand tall and not recede from the issues makes you a hero in my book.
    read more ...

    • Sorry-one more thing–I worked in medicine for 35+ years. I have seen many people die. Thus, watched many family members react to those unexpected sudden deaths as well as expected long-term agonizing suffering deaths. Gunshots, car wrecks, beating, stabbings, abusive, children, adults, teenagers whatever, and there is no two alike. I have worked with coroners during my training, and as a medic, to my current position.
      I have never witnessed a coroner as this one act so insensitive to a human tragedy as this is. Not one ever chuckled like this clown. How unprofessional this guy is. It is clear he is uncomfortable, and not in his comfort zone. He is having a great deal of trouble sticking to the script he doesn’t agree with anyway. Plus, no one human being regardless of position or title would ever keep me from viewing my son or daughter for one last time. It is NOT better that way
      read more ...

      • darn right, if it were real, people would have been throwing “cops” to the ground to find and see their deceased children, with the force of the mother who lifted a VW off her child many years ago. no one I know would have sat back taking directions and “NO!” as anything legitemate “authority”, theyed have beat em senseless instantly, if they felt they had to.

  29. The evil ones reaching for control of the world, notoriously use children as targets. In most cases they actually do kill them.

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