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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Who is Bill Still?

     Well it looks like a two man race for President of the United States this year 2012.  Both candidates seem to have corporate sponsorship and most likely will have no problem coming up with funds to catch the interest of the voting public. 
     A candidate that would appear to have no chance at all is Libertarian candidate for President Bill Still.  Bill Still if you remember is the man who brought us The Money Masters an excellent documentary on who controls the money in our country and around the world.  Here are some of Bill’s ideas for correcting problems right here in good old USA.
     Many of us won’t vote for Bill for many reasons but mostly because he is not a Republican or a Democrat.  Even if Bill was really God he would not get our vote because we have been conditioned to trust the two major parties, I mean look how great things have been going with the candidates these two parties have given us.   
     Most of us don’t realize how close we are to World War Three because the mainstream news has been able to perform prefrontal lobotomies right through our newspapers and T.V. screens thus keeping us from facts that might make us very nervous.
       Mr. Still shows how we have lost control of our money supply and what we must do to get it back in his recent award winning documentary “Secrets of Oz”.  If you follow the money you will realize why we may be close to WWIII.
     We may not vote for Bill Still for a variety of reasons but his award winning documentary “The Money Masters” is the best on who has been stealing your cash for decades. 
     Bill Still probably was not the most popular kid in his class but I bet if you left your lunch money with Bill and asked him not to spend it for an extra pizza for himself or give it away to a large corporation interested in taking over the world that lunch money was most likely safe with Bill. 
     If you have made it this far you now know about a third candidate for President of the United States Bill Still.  Who knew?   

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