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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Four Bombs Not One? Oklahoma City 4/19/95

     Templeton residents who believe that they are being served by the mainstream media in regards to accurate reporting may wish to revisit events on April 19 1995 in the State of Oklahoma.  It was on this date Timothy McVeigh was alleged to have taken down the Alfred P. Murray Building with a truck bomb composed of ammonium nitrate and fuel.  Few people know that at least three other bombs were involved that day in what to that time was the largest terrorist event on American soil.  Six years later 9/11 and the alleged controlled demolition of WTC I, WTC2 and Building Seven would eclipse Oklahoma City for that dubious title.
     Here is a short segment showing what our mainstream media may have missed.
     As you can see from the video the American Public has pretty much been left in the dark concerning events of Oklahoma City. 
     Would we have been better prepared for events on 9/11 had honest reporting been done on April 19 1995? 
     Were some of the same characters involved in both events? 
      More on the Oklahoma City bombing details.
     It is hoped all Templeton residents will find the time to look at events such as Oklahoma City and 9/11 more closely.
     In retrospect these events seem to match up with our eroding rights under our Constitution.
      When our Constitution is gone it is highly unlikely we will get another Constitution in our lifetime.
     A special thanks to Pauly’s Templeton Watch for enabling information that otherwise may never have seen the light of day to be shared by all.    

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